How to choose the right turnstile entrance gates for different places?

Turnstile entrance gates for business building

Last updated on: January 4th, 2021 15:53 pm

Before one article I have systematically introduced the classification of turnstile entrance gates, here I will introduce how to choose the appropriate turnstile entrance gates for different places.

Now many high-end commercial office buildings, high-end residential areas and some intelligent factories pay more and more attention to the needs of commercial security and personnel safety. So the turnstile gate becomes a very important and necessary basic tool to implement these different requirements.

1. Commercial office buildings

Many high-end commercial office buildings have a large flow of people, high population density, frequent entry and exit for people who worked here every day. However, if use the access control turnstile gate for management, you can recognize people entering and exiting through their faces. This will not only convenient for the white-collar to enter or exit the building office, but also offer the companies from the building more security. MAIRSTURNSTILE provides such a solution system for high-end commercial office buildings, based on access control turnstile entrance gates, integrated management system with access control, attendance, visitors, strangers, temperature measurement and other functions to achieve intelligent, efficient access to the entrance and exit personnel control management.

flap barrier turnstile gate case

Because considering the complex traffic requirements of people entering and exiting the commercial office buildings, Mairs pedestrian turnstile entrance gates solution configuration IC card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other advanced recognition methods, office buildings can be set according to their own needs. As for the type of turnstile entrance gates: the office building turnstile gate usually chooses the swing turnstile gate or the flap barrier turnstile gate.

2. Smart Residential Department

The turnstile entrance gates of the department are generally installed in the open air, often wind and rain, so for waterproof, dustproof ability’s requirements are very strong. Mairs smart department turnstile entrance gates solution considering the application of each entrance and exit of the department and the use of bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers and so on.

The Mairs smart turnstile gate solution considering the application of the front door and side door and the use of pedestrians carrying bicycles, wheelchairs, stroller, provides tripod turnstile gates, intelligent unattended AI gate post machines, swing turnstile gates, etc multiple choices, and integrates access control systems, visitor systems, etc., households and visitors carry on the division management, helps the property to establish a standardized, the science and technology management system, enhances the household to the community security and the happiness.

tripod turnstile for department

Then for the smart residential department, choosing the tripod turnstile gate is the best choice. Because the tripod turnstile shape is very simple, only through 1 person at a time, can not follow into, the safety is high, of course, in the cost is also more appropriate, the waterproof and dustproof ability is stronger, suitable for the following conditions: high requirements for dustproof and waterproof. General flow of people, small or irregular space.

3. Smart factory

Large intelligent factories have a lot of employees, the flow of people is the largest in these scenes, and factory workers are characterized by greater mobility, most of them go to work on bicycles, motorcycles, easy to collide with the passage gate damage. Of course, for smart factories, access authority division for the different areas is also very important, unrelated personnel is forbidden to access specific occasions.

According to the above situation, Mairs put forward a comprehensive smart factory turnstile entrance gate solution, including factory gate passage, workshop passage, office area passage, to help enterprises to build civilized and safe industrial plant area.

swing turnstile gate for office building

Factory gate is generally in the open-air environment, must meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof and dustproof, the column type of swing turnstile gate, can effectively prevent violent impact pedestrian gate, car and people sharing same passage, adapt to all kinds of outdoor harsh environment. The impact force it’s can be bear is several times that of the ordinary swing gate.

The turnstile entrance gate usually needs to be installed outdoors to separate the factory area from the outside part. According to its special use environment, the column type swing turnstile gate has the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, high temperature and cold resistance, the whole machine is very strong, very destructive and corrosion-resistant.

At the same time, the turnstile entrance gates can also be integrated with the visitor access control system to effectively manage the authority of foreign visitors.

After reading all the contents above, I believe you can choose the right turnstile entrance gates in different places.