How to choose proper flap barrier?

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Last updated on: January 4th, 2021 15:17 pm

Most customers don’t know how to choose proper flap barrier turnstile gate, don’t know how many flap barrier turnstiles do they need? Mairsturnstile will show a brief introduction about this and hope can help you and solve your problem.

For security turnstiles gate users, a good access control turnstile gate is of great help to the efficiency of the whole company or enterprise. After all, good access control turnstile gate, for personnel management, personnel identification is a great help. And at present, how to choose the appropriate model from all kinds of turnstile gates, is an entangled problem. Today, let’s see how to choose the right model from the types of turnstile gates. I hope Mairsturnstile can give you some help.

Flap turnstile gate is commonly used in some residential areas, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs, tourist attractions and other open places, it has a good control effect on the passage of personnel, flap turnstile gate is also extremely convenient to use. According to all kinds of requirements, the flap barrier gate selects various identification equipment, control equipment and software to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Flap turnstile is widely used in entrance and exit control because of its beauty, easy maintenance advantages and so on, so we can feel its popularity when we take the subway. So, how does to choose and buy a flap turnstile gate? What are the principles? How to use the flap turnstile gate properly? Let’s study it together, so what should we pay attention to in the flap turnstile gate selection? The analysis as follows:

1. Security

The infrared photoelectric detection of flap turnstile gate solves the phenomenon of gate clamping and has good protection measures for the human body. At the same time, different circuit control systems are selected according to different usage situations and personnel needs, such as in some kindergartens, Primary schools and so on need to have anti-clamp infrared switch function, good protection for children.

2. Service life

The service life of the flap barrier gate will also have an inevitable relationship with the maintenance, but the selection depends on its core structure and circuit control design.

3. Aesthetics

In the choice of flap barrier gate, the appearance is often also a large factor. According to different occasions need to match the appearance, gate color, materials and so on.

4. Material

Generally used in the market are SUS304 stainless steel materials, but there are also some illegal businesses in order to save costs to use 201 materials to produce, in the choice must determine whether to use 304 materials, in addition, the thickness of materials must also be concerned.

5. Practical

The utility of the security turnstile gate is mainly formed by various components of the gate, and it will be more convenient and safe to choose the high-quality high-performance turnstile gate

6. Identification Methods

There are different ways of identification in different situations, such as IC card, ID card, fingerprint, iris and so on. In addition, according to the environment on the spot, we should also see what kind of controller to choose, some need network to see the entry and exit records, some do not need network, and inconvenient wiring can be achieved by IC card writing. Be sure to choose your own way before choosing.

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Selection and Purchase Principle

Applicability: in the purchase of flap turnstile gate entrance guard, as long as according to their own conditions to select, the true and appropriate is the best, It is not that the more expensive the more suitable, the environmental and management requirements determine the choice. If bought a flap barrier turnstile gate which price is high but not suitable, that is not a big loss? The loss outweighs the gain.

Cost performance: applicable to the installation of the channel, but also beautiful and affordable, is not better? Material and core performance are two important factors that determine the flap turnstile gate.

Installation environment: flap barrier gates have many styles used on specific occasions, such as prison flap barrier gates. According to the customer’s installation situation, such as some enterprises and institutions or supermarket park import, considering that some workers may have to pass the bicycle tram (swing barrier gate), the flap turnstile gate needs to be customized (or consider the use of wide channel swing barrier gate entrance guard).

Style: there are many types of flap barrier gate access control, there are diagonal flap barrier gate, round flap barrier gate, sharp flap barrier gate, of course, can also be customized flap barrier gate and so on. There are also some special styles, such as full height flap barrier gate, rail transit active ticket machine, prison flap barrier gate and so on. All kinds of flap barrier gates are dazzling, and then, the most important thing is to consider the cost-performance and applicability of these two aspects.

Aesthetics : like some hotels, government agencies and other occasions to compare advanced places, we need to take into account the beauty of the flap barrier gate, this is not only an appearance problem, but also bring people psychological feelings, so aesthetics can not be ignored.

The flap barrier gate is used more and more in real life. When the channel of flap barrier gate is used, the noise and impact problems in the working process of the flap barrier gate are reduced. Improve the service life, better play the advantages of the flap barrier gate, it is best to follow the following flap barrier gate use methods:

Flap barrier gate in the process of use, The cardholder swipes the card outside the yellow line. Don’t swipe the card at the infrared alarm of the wing brake. Only when the gate of the wing brake is opened to a certain degree and there is an indication arrow, and then you can enter. It is better not to stay in it. It is convenient to improve the fluency of the passage.

Cardholders do not fold, alter, or put cards and magnetic items together to avoid card failure, when the card is lost must contact the management to register from scratch, to avoid information leakage.

In the process of passage, do not follow into the flap barrier gate passage. Do not force the wing gate to dress up, avoid the gate clip injury, the front personnel have now passed the center point, the back personnel can swipe the card, swipe the card useful will have the arrow at the same time gate swing open, so can pass quickly, Don’t pass by with alarm or voice prompt. Machine problems immediately notify the management to check, professional engineers to maintain.

Cardholder swipe card in induction area, do not be too high, avoid induction, do not post this induction area swipe card, accurate is right hand card, parallel to induction area ,20-30 mm from induction area is the best, hear “Di” sound card to achieve credit card success.

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Flap barrier turnstile gate is also often required to maintain. Don’t think it’s omnipotent. Regular clear the internal and external dust of the chassis. (Refer to the maintenance and treatment method of swing barrier gate) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Flap barrier gate is a commonly used type of access control turnstile gate, also known as fast lane speed gate. Fast lane speed gate is a special mechanical device for the control of personnel entry authority, and can also be used together with swing barrier gate, tripod turnstile gate, full height turnstile gate and other security turnstile gates. Wide application, high-grade style, more stable performance, lower noise, fast running speed, anti-spanning and other functions, very favored by high-grade places;

With accurate logic sensors, can really achieve one person, one card, one gate. The automatic mute intelligent flap barrier turnstile gate adopts the high precision casting machine core, this machine core is the foreign famous brand, The start-up and shut-down time of the whole product running process are very stable, can realize the brake lock to close quickly, then Multi-function wing brake combined with multi-stage sensors can be compatible with the access control system, visitor system, attendance system and so on. Mairsturnstile flap turnstile gate style, MT356, MT240, MT221, MT357, MT358 are commonly used equipment. If you need to select the flap turnstile gate, please check flap barrier turnstile gate from Mairsturnstile. Customer selection to consider a few points as follow:

1.Width of application occasion

2.Decoration environment of application occasion

3.Functional requirements

4.Other Requirements to be achieved

Mairsturnstile reasonable compatibility of intelligent flap turnstile gate is more suitable for the expansion of its function. It can be compatible with access control card swipe system, fingerprint recognition system, face recognition system, visual intercom system, one-card management system, anti-static channel system and so on.

How to choose the appropriate type of flap barrier gate, in addition to considering the above-mentioned points, but also to see turnstile security solutions, in order to choose a flap barrier gate model which is cost-effective, more functional to meet the demands. When you choose the proper flap turnstile for your project, you need to check how to install flap barrier?

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Above is all the content of how to choose a proper flap turnstile gate, if you have any questions during the process of choosing a flap turnstile gate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Mairsturnstile provides all kinds of high-quality turnstile gates for sale with affordable turnstile gate prices. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.