During installation of optical turnstile gate, What should we pay attention to?

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Last updated on: January 4th, 2021 15:48 pm

Because the security of turnstile entrance gate is improving, optical turnstile gate has gradually entered people’s vision, villa area, high-end residential area, office building and so on are gradually installing optical turnstile gate.

The installation of the optical turnstile gate is very simple and easy, you can complete the installation without any professional skills.So you totally don’t worry about the installation of security turnstiles gate.

There was an article before that I also probably introduced the process of installing the security turnstile gate, how to install turnstile gate | security turnstiles installation for 2020, but here we still need to remind you that there are a lot of places we need to pay attention to in the process of installing the optical turnstile gate.

optical turnstile installation
Today I summarized some tips about it, hope to help the customer friends who confused about the installation of turnstile gate.

1. In the process of mechanism installation, if the mechanism is installed outdoors, it should be noted that the installation position of the chassis must be higher than the horizontal ground during the installation of the turnstile gate, which can prevent the chassis from entering water in Rain Water weather. If the power supply cord installed in the indoor chassis must be alone, at the same time to the smallpox line requires casing embedded in the wall or galvanized steel pipe to protect.

2. When buried wiring, the line arrangement should be as neat as possible, the signal line should not be parallel to the high power wire, the two ends of the line should be marked well, and all the shielding layer of the shielded cable should be securely grounded. Wire insulation should conform to line installation and laying environment.

3. When installing the gate, remember to align the left and right gates, and remember to power on test after installation, check the status and debug the function before it can be put into normal use. If the gate can not work properly, check the line, or check the chassis, check and repair in time.

4. Daily maintenance is a particularly important place for optical turnstile gates. People will be tired for a long time working, the machine will also have such problems after a long time working, so after the installation of the security turnstiles gate, it doesn’t mean that there is no need to manage maintenance, it needs us to regularly maintain, In order to ensure that the turnstile gate can work normally for a long time.

turnstile door installation

These are the details I can think of in installing of optical turnstile gate. If you have any other questions during installation of turnstile entrance gate, please contact us for discussion. We not only provide high-quality turnstile gate, but also provide the best service and after-sale support.