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Our advantage is that we can quickly customize a gate that meets your needs, and we can also provide you with actual renderings and installation dimensions in a short amount of time.

About Mairs Turnstile Installation

Currently, we can provide turnstile installation services in most states of the United States. We have a long-term cooperative turnstile installation team to provide turnstile installation services. If your installation location is within the United States, you can contact us for detailed installation information and fees. If you are not within the United States, we will provide turnstile installation circuit diagrams, turnstile wiring diagrams, and technical support.

Installation is a relatively simple task, and most customers choose to install it themselves to save some costs. We will provide installation drawings and wiring diagrams, as well as technical support. But there are still some customers who need this installation service. If you are not installing in these areas, you will need to find a suitable installation personnel to complete your installation. Of course, we will provide wiring diagrams and other technical support.

Most of our turnstiles are pre-assembled as a whole, which is beneficial for customer installation. Customers only need to connect the power cord when receiving the goods. If they have their own control system, they also need to connect their own control system to use it directly. Therefore, when purchasing our mairs products, there is no need to worry about installation issues.

We deeply cultivate the global market, providing turnstiles with excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness, completing your installation with the least amount of money, saving your costs, and protecting your safety. This is our pursuit. If you need to purchase and install turnstile gates, please contact us.

The turnstile installation is an important part of the entire product usage and service, as well as a crucial component of our mairs services. Therefore, all of our Mairs series of access control turnstiles not only have excellent performance, excellent quality, and high cost-effectiveness, but the most important feature is easy installation. From the video below, it can also be seen that when customers receive our products, they open the wooden box packaging and the basic components are assembled. Our turnstiles do not require complex assembly, only simple positioning and wiring can be used. Therefore, there is no need to worry about installation issues with the product.

We have also produced a detailed installation video, and all customers who have purchased our turnstile gate can follow the steps in the video to complete the installation step by step. Currently, it seems that through the explanation in the video and the guidance in the installation manual, almost no one will encounter any problems during the installation process, and the installation has been completed smoothly. We provide corresponding installation instructions and wiring diagrams with each product shipment, and you can also request an electronic version of the installation instructions from us. The process starts with the customer receiving the goods and opening the box. If you have any further questions about turnstile installation, we also provide 24-hour technical support.

Flap barrier installation

Generally, two flap barrier gates form a channel, so the flap barrier installation requires connecting the two flap barriers in series and then connecting the power cord to complete the installation. There is a detailed process for each step in the demo video, which you can send to your installation personnel or refer to for installation yourself.

Tripod turnstile installation

The tripod turnstile gate is a relatively simple construction turnstile gate, and installation is also relatively easy. Our tripod turnstile gate is a complete set of internal accessories, and customers only need to connect the corresponding access controller and power supply to complete the installation.

Swing turnstile installation

The Swing turnstile installation is similar to that of the speed gate turnstile, and it is relatively simple and easy. Generally, it can be easily completed by two people. You can refer to the steps in the video to complete the installation.

Speed gate installation

The speed gate turnstile is also composed of two devices forming a channel, so the speed gate turnstile installation requires connecting the two gates in series and then connecting the power cord to complete the installation. There is a detailed process for each step in the video, which you can send to your installation personnel or refer to for installation yourself.

Full height turnstile installation

The full height turnstile installation is relatively complex because it has a tall shape and heavy weight, so it usually requires 3-4 people to complete the installation. The wiring part is also simple, and there is no difference from other turnstile gates.

ESD turnstile installation

The ESD turnstile installation mainly involves the installation and debugging of software. It is necessary to first set the IP of the ESD tester to ensure that it is on the same local area network as the computer where the software is installed. The software installation package and database installation package will be sent to the customer in advance.

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