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How does a turnstile work?

How does a turnstile work? Security turnstiles are very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. But most people do not know and understand how do turnstiles work. What is its working mode? At first, I did not know the relevant knowledge… Read More »How does a turnstile work?

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How to make a turnstile 2021

How to make a turnstile, before understanding this problem, we need to first introduce the main components of a security turnstile gate. And then we will briefly introduce the process of customizing a gate from Mairsturnstile. Main Components of a security turnstile gate The turnstile gate is mainly… Read More »How to make a turnstile 2021

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Turnstile door Chassis’s structure and dimension design

The intelligent turnstile door is mainly used in the construction of public transportation, government construction, enterprise construction, public place construction, residential construction, other construction, and so on. We constantly break through the industry arc difficulties and domestic material surface treatment difficulties and work hard on the gate structure,… Read More »Turnstile door Chassis’s structure and dimension design

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Turnstile Buying Guide

For security turnstiles beginners, many people don’t know how to choose and buy what kind of turnstile gate. When we get in and out of public service places, we usually see a variety of pedestrian turnstile access control gates, which are widely used in factories,… Read More »Turnstile Buying Guide

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Best Library Turnstiles For Sale 2021

Where to buy library turnstiles? If you want to buy security turnstiles for library, please select the proper one from our products page: With the development of Internet of things technology, library management is constantly upgraded, from the initial swiping card technology, QR code scanning technology… Read More »Best Library Turnstiles For Sale 2021

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Airport Turnstile Security Solutions

Airport Turnstile Security Solutions? Mairsturnstile have rich industry experience and deep technology accumulation, provide customers with airport turnstile security solutions, office turnstile security solutions, factory turnstile security solutions, subway turnstile security solutions, residential turnstile security solutions, school turnstile security solutions… With the development of economic globalization and the continuous improvement of… Read More »Airport Turnstile Security Solutions

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How to install flap barrier?

Flap barrier installation Summary: How to install a flap barrier? As a professional manufacturer- Mairs make a brief introduction for you. The installation of flap barrier is divided into several parts:  Confirming the solution. line embedding. fixed flap barrier gate. controller wiring connection. As a kind of daily traffic management equipment, a… Read More »How to install flap barrier?

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During installation of optical turnstile gate, What should we pay attention to?

Because the security of turnstile entrance gate is improving, optical turnstile gate has gradually entered people’s vision, villa area, high-end residential area, office building and so on are gradually installing optical turnstile gate. The installation of the optical turnstile gate is very simple and easy, you can complete the… Read More »During installation of optical turnstile gate, What should we pay attention to?

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Types of Turnstiles 2021

Brief Introduction: Types of Turnstiles What are the types of turnstiles, and what are the advantages & disadvantages of each types of turnstiles gate, and which different occasions will use these types of turnstiles? See here for the most detailed description 2021. After my communication… Read More »Types of Turnstiles 2021

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How to choose the right turnstile entrance gates for different places?

Before one article I have systematically introduced the classification of turnstile entrance gates, here I will introduce how to choose the appropriate turnstile entrance gates for different places. Now many high-end commercial office buildings, high-end residential areas and some intelligent factories pay more and more attention to the needs… Read More »How to choose the right turnstile entrance gates for different places?

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How to install turnstile gate | Security Turnstiles installation for 2021

A Brief Introduction about the Installation of security turnstiles gate. People’s requirements for security are getting more and more, many places require to equip with the security turnstiles with access systems, and more and more places will install access control security turnstiles gates. For many customers who first touch the turnstile gate,… Read More »How to install turnstile gate | Security Turnstiles installation for 2021