Face recognition camera with card reader

Protection Level: IP55

Material: Aluminum alloy

System: Embedded Linux system

CPU: High-performance ARM framework 32-bit 2-core

Recognition time: Less than 300ms

Storage: Internal storage 512M, data storage 8GB

Lens focus: 6mm

Camera: Binocular camera, 200W pixels with WDR

Last updated on: December 19th, 2023 22:10 pm

Face Recognition Camera Biometric Access Control Terminal

This face recognition camera biometric access control terminal MT-F36 is a high-performance dynamic face recognition terminal, which is divided into gate installation and wall installation. The terminal integrates the functions of off-line face recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection, blacklist early-warning, photo taken after passing, and active object detection. It adopts WDR HD face recognition camera, which is fully adapted to harsh environments such as strong light, backlight, and weak light, with characteristics of fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and large list storage capacity.

It can be used with application management systems such as face-based site real-name management systems, face-based access control attendance management systems,s and visitor management systems, which is perfect for complex application scenarios that require temperature monitoring, identity recognition, and access control, such as communities, campuses, hospitals, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places, and constructions site. Mairs offers the best quality security turnstiles with a face recognition camera and biometric access control terminal.

This face recognition camera MT-F507 can be well integrated into our security turnstiles, which is a perfect combination. If you have special requirements for these cameras, we can also customize special functions according to your special needs. Of course, if you need more detailed information or our product manual, or want to customize a face recognition camera to meet your needs, please contact us directly.

Product Characteristics:

Adopt offline face recognition technology to recognize multiple races such as Asian, Caucasian, and Black.

Support functions such as face recognition whitelist access, blacklist early-warming, and photo were taken after passing.

Support external ID reader, which enables the function of the face-ID comparison.

Face recognition camera biometric access control terminal.

Support external IC/ID reader, which enables the function of the face-card comparison.

Support active object detection to prevent photo attacks.

Self-service face collection and batch import list allow the list management more effortless and time-saving.

Support image advertising.

Up to l00000 data(loop written).

Support remote upgrade USB update on the management side.

Open interface, support secondary development, and docking.

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