Face recognition access control

face recognition access control

Last updated on: February 24th, 2023 18:28 pm

What is face recognition access control?

Face recognition access control is a pedestrian access control management system formed by the combination of face recognition turnstile gate and various access control systems.

The face recognition turnstile formed by the combination of a face recognition device and pedestrian turnstile gate uses biometric technology to quickly identify and analyze human facial features and records, and then save them in the database. When the saved personnel pass, the face recognition equipment will quickly check, analyze and compare the faces. After successful verification, the instructions will be transmitted to the turnstile gate, and the turnstile gate will open the door according to the instructions, This is an advanced face recognition access control system on the market.

The system adopts an advanced face recognition algorithm and high-speed chip as the hardware platform for the operation of the recognition algorithm. Through the information collected at the entrance and exit, real-time face capture, and person certificate comparison, the verification of the unity of person and certificate is realized. In addition, fixed personnel brush their faces and pass through different places, and visitor personnel compare and register their ID cards, so as to solve the problem that fixed personnel needs to brush their ID cards or enter passwords every time. Those who fail to compare their ID cards need to be manually released after being manually confirmed by security personnel or staff.

Where to buy face recognition access control?

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Common supporting systems of face recognition turnstile

1. Access control system: the common mode of cooperation between face recognition pedestrian turnstile gate and access control system is the cooperation of relay switch signal.

2. Visitor system: it is a management software used to manage the internal and external personnel of the company to enter and exit the office building or office area. It is generally used in the lobby or elevator hall of the office building to master the visitor dynamics of the record management enterprise. It can well manage the free access of external irrelevant personnel and increase the safety of the place of use.

3. Attendance system: generally used in conjunction with an access control system. Generally, it cannot be connected with the turnstile access control system alone, except for customized products.

4. Ticketing system: very similar to access control systems, they all use identification hardware modes such as bar code, smart card, and biotechnology to identify permissions. It mainly cooperates with the pedestrian turnstile gate to realize more accurate and unmanned management of ticketing system applications.

5. Consumption system: open the gate by swiping a card or face recognition through the pedestrian turnstile gate, and link with the consumption system for real-time fee deduction and settlement.

6. Passage management software system: generally refers to the combination of pedestrian turnstile gate, visitor system, and access control and attendance system. At the same time, with a friendly computer management interface, LCD interface and gate customized control interface, the technical focus is software.

7. Video monitoring system: it is composed of five parts: camera, transmission, control, display, and information processing. It records the dynamic situation of the gate in the way of video storage, linkage the turnstile gate to make corresponding switching action in real-time, and take pictures to record the normal or abnormal conditions of the turnstile gate.

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Biometric technology is a solution for authentication based on human body characteristics. The biological characteristics of the human body include fingerprint, sound, face, retina, palmprint, skeleton, and so on. The core of the so-called biometrics is how to obtain these biometrics, convert them into digital information, store them in the computer, and use reliable matching algorithms to complete the process of verifying and identifying personal identity. In addition to face recognition, there are other biometric recognition methods, mainly reflected in:

1. Fingerprint identification (most widely used)

2. Face recognition (greatly affected by illumination and low recognition rate)

3. Vein recognition (started in recent years)

4. Iris recognition (high confidentiality)

5. Palmprint (not widely used)

Functions of face recognition access control

1. Information collection: the read portrait information of resident chip and the portrait information collected by the camera can be saved in the equipment and uploaded.

2. Comparison of authorized personnel: when the authorized personnel appears in the video area, the system detects the face, collects the on-site photos of the face, and compares the face with the database. When the face comparison passes, the system voice prompts “comparison succeeded”.

3. Personnel management: authorization registration is performed for fixed personnel, and the information of fixed personnel can be updated in real-time.

4. Picture capture: capture real-time pictures of people entering.

5. Synchronization: after the system connects to the client, the database of the synchronization client is automatically updated

6. Intelligent early warning: when an unauthorized person brushes his face, the system will compare it with the database after reading the information. When it is determined that he is an unauthorized person, the system will give a real-time early warning, and the system will prompt that the comparison fails.

7. Record query: background record query can be carried out at any time for incoming personnel.

8. Event query: output the report of personnel in and out during the event period to facilitate event personnel confirmation and event confirmation.

9. Access control: the system controls the pedestrian turnstile to open the door automatically when strangers or authorized personnel brush their faces successfully or automatically identify their faces; If the comparison fails, the system will not control the pedestrian turnstile to open the door automatically.

10. Active fill light function: under weak light conditions, the front fill light can be turned on manually.

Characteristics of face recognition access control

1. Uniqueness

Everyone has a face, which can not be copied or counterfeited, so it has higher security.

2. Good naturalness

Face recognition technology is the same as the biometrics used by humans (or even other organisms) for individual recognition. Other biometrics such as fingerprint and iris do not have this feature.

3. Simple and convenient

No need to carry the card, the recognition speed is fast, the operation is simple and convenient, and the trouble caused by losing and forgetting the identification card is avoided.

4. Non-contact

There is no need to contact the equipment and worry about the contact infection of the virus, which is both hygienic and safe.

5. Fast recognition speed and high accuracy

Due to the development of computer technology, the speed of face recognition can be improved to 0.25 seconds/person time, and the face-changing behaviors such as different angles, wearing glasses, and makeup can also modify the comparison data by adjusting the face recognition algorithm.

6. Face recognition has become an important data source in the era of big data

Through face recognition and comparison in a large number of areas, and using big data analysis, mining, and other technologies, you can fully grasp the behavior trajectory of specific objects or the activity range of specific people. In the process, there is no need for manual intervention, and it is completely handled by cloud computing and big data systems.

With the development and maturity of technology, face recognition has become the most popular technology category and direction in the era of artificial intelligence. It promotes the application of face recognition technology in all walks of life and replaces labor with machines, so as to greatly improve and promote efficiency and security in socialized behavior.

Therefore, if the face recognition technology is widely used in the identity recognition system of the access control system, it will greatly improve the security and reliability of the operation of the access control system, minimize the possibility of entering a place for illegal and criminal activities through identity impersonation, and greatly reduce the existing and potential technical loopholes, hidden dangers, and risks in the access control security system.

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Application scenario of face recognition access control

With the rapid development of science and technology, our living environment has changed, and our living standards are constantly improving. It is the so-called technology that changes lives, and the advent of face recognition is one of them. Subsequently, face recognition gates have also entered major venues… Today’s airports can “brush their faces” for customs clearance, subway stations have begun to “brush their faces” for ticket inspection, office buildings use “brush their faces” for attendance, community “brush their faces” for entering the house, etc. Face recognition not only brings convenience to mankind but also ensures the safety of passers-by.

At present, many fields use face recognition turnstiles to replace manual real name verification, which can realize efficient, convenient, and accurate management of entrances and exits and reduce the cost of manual management. The use of face recognition gate can be deployed from the front-end camera to connect the collected data with the public security system, which is helpful to carry out an investigation, prevent and a crackdown on criminal acts, strengthen the safety of public places and improve the case handling efficiency of public security personnel.

1. In high public transport occasions such as airports, railway stations, and customs, face recognition is combined with ID card real name system verification. Passengers’ self-service security inspection or ticket inspection and customs clearance replace manual inspection. Moreover, the recognition speed is very fast, which improves the convenience of passengers’ travel.

2. The office building is equipped with a face recognition turnstile, which can realize intelligent office. Users can bid farewell to the traditional card swiping method and only need to recognize faces to get in and out. This not only strengthens the management and service of office buildings but also improves the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can use the data collected through the gate to optimize the management scheme.

3. The application of a face recognition turnstile in the community makes the security means of the community more scientific and technological. It replaces the role of a security guard, identifies more accurately and without omission than a security guard, and better creates a convenient passage for the residents of the community, and prevents illegal entry of outsiders. When it is inconvenient for residents to find cards, forget to bring and lose door cards with large and small bags, they don’t have to worry. They can enter the door by showing their face, It is very convenient and can enhance the residents’ sense of security to the community.

4. Face recognition is applied to the construction site system. The system uses face recognition technology to brush faces in and out of the construction site, and multiple people pass at the same time. It has fast recognition speed, high recognition rate, large face capacity, convenience, and quickness. At the same time, it also avoids defects such as workers forgetting their cards or losing their cards, and others swiping their cards on behalf of others. At the same time, it is harmful to construction site workers.

Why use face recognition access control?

In many places, due to the large flow of people and dense personnel, the ordinary turnstile gate with a card reader is easy to cause card swiping congestion, and the loss of cards is easy to causes unnecessary trouble. However, the face recognition turnstile gate can quickly identify the passage and evacuate the flow of people, so as not to be late for work due to the slow identification, What’s more, there is no “lost face” that can’t brush your face. Compared with the traditional turnstile gate with a card reader, the face recognition turnstile gate is more convenient, fast, and efficient.

From the initial full manual control to today’s full-automatic control of access control turnstile gate, it can be said that it is a major development in the security industry. At present, the common pedestrian turnstile gate recognition methods on the market include card swiping recognition, fingerprint recognition, rainbow recognition, face recognition, etc.

In addition to the recognition of card readers, other items belong to biometric technology, So why did these biometric technologies appear on the basis of card reader recognition? Although the identification method of the card reader is convenient, it has many disadvantages, such as being easy to lose. If it is picked up by strangers, you can swipe your card in and out at will, resulting in certain unsafe factors.

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In addition, the card is easy to be copied. If people want to enter, it is easier to make a card. Under the above unstable factors, Biometric technology has been developed slowly. The biggest feature of biometric technology is uniqueness. We all know that fingerprints and faces are unique to the human body. Therefore, face recognition is slowly popularized.

With the rapid development of the social economy, the comfort and safety of the living environment have become the first choice for people to live. More and more attention has been paid to the important role of face recognition access control systems in a safe living environment.

At present, most access control system is mainly based on card equipment, fingerprint equipment, or password setting. These identification methods require personnel to operate at a close distance. When the user’s hands are occupied, it is very inconvenient. At the same time, it also brings the hidden dangers and high cost of card or password loss, forgetting, copying and theft.

The fingerprint identification, which was cracked by the fingerprint set that was popular on the Internet, makes people feel more panic and uneasy. How to make the access control system of the community realize security, intelligence and convenience have become the most expected thing of all citizens. At this time, the advent of a face recognition access control system not only truly solves the management of residents’ entry, exit, and visiting guests but also forms effective high-security management for anti-theft of the community and buildings.

Face recognition is a biometric technology for identity recognition based on human face feature information. Its uniqueness and good characteristics that are not easy to copy provide a necessary premise for identity recognition.

Face recognition access control system combines face recognition technology with the access control system and takes face recognition as the key to access control. It not only eliminates the trouble of forgetting the key or card but also saves a lot of costs because the face recognition access control system does not need any media to open the door. For example, personnel changes do not need to replace the door lock, key, IC card, etc., but only need to re-register the face;

In the application of community access control turnstile gate, the face recognition access control system has always been more advantageous than the IC card which only recognizes cards but does not recognize people, because of its simple operation, safety, convenience, intelligence, and the characteristics that it can be used indoors or outdoors.

In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, customs, finance, military, airports, enterprises, and other fields. Some experts further pointed out that the comprehensive application of face recognition has come, and it will become an important technology to facilitate people’s daily life. The wide application of face recognition technology in access control systems and identity recognition systems will greatly improve the security and reliability of access control system operation, minimize the possibility of entering a place for illegal and criminal activities through identity impersonation, and greatly reduce the existing and potential technical loopholes, hidden dangers, and risks in access control security system.

Above is all the content of face recognition access control solutions, if you have any questions about the library turnstile security solutions, please contact us to discuss.

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