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Face recognition access control? Security turnstiles manufacturers – Mairs makes a brief introduction about the Face recognition access control system.

Demand analysis of face recognition

As living standards continue to improve, people need a safer living environment. The important role of access control systems in safe living environments has been paid more and more attention. At present, the domestic access control system is mainly card equipment, fingerprint equipment, or password setting. These recognition methods require the close operation of personnel, which is extremely inconvenient when the user’s hands are occupied, At the same time, it also brings the hidden danger and high cost of losing, forgetting, copying, and stealing the card or password.

And fingerprint identification, by the online fingerprint set, cracked the “password”, more people feel panic. How to realize the security, intelligence, and convenience of the access control system of the community has become the most expected thing of all citizens. At this time, the appearance of the face recognition access control system really solves the management of the residents’ entering, leaving, and visiting guests, and at the same time, it also forms effective high-security management for the security of the community and buildings.

Advantages of face recognition technology

Face recognition is a kind of biometric technology based on human face feature information. Its uniqueness and good characteristics are not easy to copy provide the necessary premise for identity identification. Face recognition access control system combines face recognition technology with the access control system and uses face recognition as the key to access control. At the same time, the face recognition access control system does not need any media to open the door, and saves a lot of costs, such as personnel changes do not need to replace the door lock, key, IC card, only need to re-register the face;

In the community access control gate application, Because of the simple, safe, convenient, and intelligent operation, and the indoor and outdoor features, the face recognition access control system has many advantages. In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, customs, finance, military, airport, enterprises, and other fields.

Some experts further pointed out that the era of comprehensive application of face recognition has come, and it will become an important technology to facilitate people’s daily life. Face recognition technology is widely used in the identity recognition system of the access control system, which will greatly improve the security and reliability of the access control system.

Main features of face recognition


Everyone has a face and can not be copied, copied, so the security is higher.

Good nature

Face recognition technology uses the same biological features as humans (and even other organisms) for individual recognition. Other biological features such as fingerprints and iris do not have this feature.

Simple and convenient

No need to carry the card, recognition speed, simple and convenient operation, to avoid the loss, forget to bring the identification card trouble.


No contact with equipment, no fear of virus contact infection, both sanitary and safe.

Recognition speed, high precision

Due to the development of computer technology, the speed of face recognition can be increased to 0.25 seconds per person under the comparison of a fixed sample base, and the behavior of changing face from different angles, wearing glasses and makeup can also be corrected by adjusting the algorithm of face recognition.

Face recognition has become an important data source in the big data era

Through face recognition and comparison in a large number of regions, using big data analysis, mining, and other technologies, we can fully grasp the behavior trajectory of a specific object or the range of activities of a specific population, without the need for manual intervention in the process, completely handed over to cloud computing, big data system to deal with.

It promotes the application of face recognition technology in various industries and replaces socialized behavior. Therefore, if face recognition technology is widely used in the identity recognition system of an access control system, it will greatly improve the security and reliability of the access control system, reduce the possibility of entering a certain place for criminal activities through identity impersonation, and greatly reduce the existing and potential technical loopholes, hidden dangers and risks in the access control system.

face recognition camera

Application Scene and Product Description:

Application scene and product description of Face Recognition access control turnstile system.

Application scenarios:

With the rapid development of science and technology, our living environment has also changed, and living standards are constantly improving. As the so-called technology changes life, the advent of face recognition is one of them. Subsequently, face recognition gates have also entered various fields. Today’s airport can “brush face” customs clearance, a subway station has begun to “brush face” ticket, office buildings with “brush face” attendance, community “brush face” into the door, and so on. Face recognition not only brings convenience to human beings but also ensures the safety of passing personnel.

Nowadays, a face recognition gate is used instead of a manual to verify a real-name system in many fields, which can realize efficient, convenient, and accurate management of entrance and exit and reduce the cost of manual management. Using the face recognition gate, we can deploy from the front-end camera, connect the collected data with the public security system, help to carry out the investigation work, prevent and the crackdown on criminal behavior, strengthen the safety of public places and improve the efficiency of public security personnel.

  1. At the airport, railway station, customs, and other public transport occasions face recognition and real name verification of ID cards are combined to replace manual inspection with passengers’ self-service security inspection or ticket verification. Moreover, the recognition speed is very fast, which improves the convenience of passengers’ travel.
  2. Office building installed face recognition gate can achieve intelligent office, users can bid farewell to the traditional way of swiping cards, only need to recognize the face can enter and exit. This not only strengthens the management and service of office buildings but also improves the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can also use the data collected through the gate to optimize the management system solutions.
  3. The application of a face recognition gate in a residential area, it makes security means more scientific and technological. It replaces the role of the security guard, and the identification is more accurate and has no omission than the security guard. It can create a convenient passage for the residents of the community and prevent the illegal entry of foreign personnel. When the residents are carrying large bags and small bags, it is not convenient to find their cards, forget to bring them, or lose their door cards. They can enter the door with their faces exposed, It is very convenient and safe for the residents.
  4. Face recognition is applied to the construction site system. The system uses face recognition technology to realize face brushing in and out of the construction site, and multiple people pass at the same time. It has the advantages of fast recognition speed, high recognition rate, large face capacity, convenience, and fast. At the same time, it also avoids defects such as workers’ forgetting or losing cards, and others’ card swiping.

Product Description:

  1. All-day off-line dynamic face recognition 2 million pixels dynamic off-line human image recognition camera adopts the international advanced neural network algorithm (CNN), which is a product formed after tens of millions of algorithm training. It has the functions of image acquisition, face detection, face tracking, and face comparison. It not only has a high recognition rate but also has fast recognition speed.

The offline dynamic human image recognition machine can recognize pedestrians in motion without the special cooperation of pedestrians and computer control, which greatly improves the usability of portrait recognition. The product can be applied to any channel gate (wing gate, swing gate, three roller gate, etc.), access control, and advertising door, and can directly output the opening signal and the Wigan signal.

1) Camera Technical Parameters

2 million, 1 / 18 wide dynamic low illumination CMOS, image resolution 1920 (H) * 1050 (V), frame rate up to 25 frames;

All-weather identification: with a 4.5 mm high power lens and intelligent fill light, it can also identify direct sunlight and no light environment

Recognition distance: 0.5-3m; recognition speed ≤ 250ms, recognition rate ≥ 97%;

High performance embedded processor, which integrates image acquisition, face detection, face tracking, and face comparison, is not stuck;

Independent CNN neural network algorithm, dynamic identification does not need special cooperation;

It can be used offline and online. One computer can access 16 face cameras. The software includes the functions of adding, modifying, deleting, querying, and synchronizing to the recognition camera;

Support the output of panorama and local close-up images (successful comparison, no comparison, comparison failure, and composite image);

It supports 5000 / 20000 portrait database; recognition type: 1: n;

Support video overlay, support Wigan protocol;

The face is collected directly on the camera, and mobile phone photos or inch photos are also available without a face collector;

All faces are uploaded in batches;

Support temporary list management and control: set the validity period of face, which can be accurate to the time point, and it will automatically become invalid after exceeding the time point;

304 drawing stainless steel, high-end atmosphere;

Single head with a 7-inch LCD screen, two 5-inch screens, and an 8-inch multimedia advertising screen (optional)

Dcl2v power supply;

Appearance dimension of flat plate: 273mm * 155mm * 55mm

The external dimension of a small steel gun: 550mm, 114m (diameter)

Face recognition turnstile door from Mairsturnstile

Access Control Turnstile Gate:

Face recognition access control system must be combined with a security turnstile gate in order to effectively realize the safety management of personnel and channel. Next, let’s briefly introduce security turnstiles. A turnstile gate is a kind of hardware equipment used in modern advanced management systems. We call it to face recognition turnstile, It is usually integrated with a face recognition camera, induction card reader, and other high-end technologies, and is designed to meet the needs of modern management. It is widely used in factories, enterprises, dormitories, office buildings, and other places where there is a large flow of security personnel. The system has the advantages of advanced technology, easy to use, reliable and safe.

Tripod turnstile gate

The technical parameters are as follows:

1. size :1200 x280x980mm( bridge standard or Customizable)

2. 480*280*980 mm( vertical standard)2. Unlock time: 0.2 s;

3. Speed:40 people per minute;

4. Channel width:≤550 mm;

5. Input voltage:220 V, 50 Hz;

6. Drive voltage:24 v;

7. Ambient temperature:-25~70 percent;

8. power:32 W;

9. drive signal access:12 v dry contact;

The functional features of tripod turnstile:

  1. The mechanism design is reasonable and reliable, the noise is small, the internal hydraulic device is automatically cushioned, the operation is stable and the service life is long.
  2. It has the function of power off and rod drop, and can also be added to remote control to facilitate the management and handling of emergencies.
  3. There is a LED light on the lid of the box, when the valid card is brushed, there will be a green arrow indicating the direction of passage; if the illegal card is brushed, the red cross LED lamp is indicated.
  4. Can set “with memory” or not “with memory” function (when set to “with memory “, can be used in the scenic spot to brush a group ticket too many people occasion).

5. Has the function of automatic reset, that is, after obtaining the permission of the gate, the three-roll gate automatically cancels the permission and returns to the locked state.

6. Waterproof, sunscreen, cold, high-temperature resistance.

7. Has a personalized installation interface, compatible with IC、ID cards, and other smart cards.

8. Has a unified, standard external electrical interface, can be freely linked with various reading and writing equipment, easy system integration.

9. Can be extended to an automatic identification system to achieve access control, attendance, fees, and other functions.

Working principle of tripod turnstile:

Many users of the tripod turnstile gate will ask what is the working principle of the tripod turnstile gate?

What does the tripod turnstile gate use to control the flow of people in and out management, First of all, let us understand the classification of the tripod turnstile gate and the main core components?

Tripod turnstile gate classification: the movement control mode is divided into mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic types.

Mechanical: as the name implies, there is no electric part, pure mechanical operation principle, good safety, long service life, easy to repair and after-sale; shortcomings: can not connect peripheral equipment, small scope of use;

Semi-automatic: electric control part, can be connected to other peripherals, simple structure, easy to maintain, long service life, less after-sale problems; shortcomings are power on the need for manual pole; after swiping cards, the need for manpower to promote the gate passage;

Full automatic type: and the semi-automatic difference is power on, can be their own detection and pole, swipe card after the gate can be automatically popped open, the passage can easily pass the machine; shortcomings: complex mechanism, difficult after-sale, short working life;

The working principle of automatic tripod turnstile gate is as follows:

1. Mechanism base is supported by 1.5 mm square triangle support: this part is one of the main forces of the core, the strength requirement is very high; many of the peers are fixed with an iron sheet.

2. Mechanism is mainly composed of two 24V, 15W square electromagnets (opening and closing), No electricity, After receiving the opening signal, Exciting a 24- V voltage, Hold a voltage of 12 V on lock, Do not supply electricity after passage and one 12 V, 3W round electromagnet, A stroke switch and a hydraulic damper to reduce impact and noise, Noise 70 dB (greater than 30 dB less than 50 dB), turntable and brake rod composition;

3. Working principle of an electromagnet: when the coil is 24 V weak, it becomes an artificial electromagnet, the lock arm of the adsorption gate is unlocked, when the coil is cut off, the lock arm is reset and the tooth cam is stuck.

Regular state adjustment

Manual adjustment and electronic control adjustment, manual adjustment is to adjust the solenoid tail screw; electronic control adjustment has been electrified to the electromagnet.

The structure is simple, symmetrical, intuitive, easy to maintain and maintain;

The counter is counted accurately by the stroke switch. When the brake rod rotates to 30 degrees, the pedestrian completes almost one traffic action, the stroke switch is closed, the gate self-locking, so as to prevent the tail from following;

When adjusting the damper, the red point stays at the value of 5, the strength and speed of the brake rod reset are the best, the greater the value on the damper, the greater the strength of the damper, the slower the speed of rotation;

Mechanism 3 million operations without fault;

Speed:30~40 people per minute.

Flap barrier turnstile gate

The technical parameters are as follows:

Chassis Material: Domestic Standard 304 Stainless Steel / Lacquer

Working voltage: AC220±10 V 50AC220±10 percent HZ 100W

Drive motor:24 V brush motor

Dimensions :1400 long ,300 wide ,1000(M)

Arm length:260 MM

Channel width: MM 570

The direction of passage: One-way or two-way (set)

Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shade)-10℃~50℃ Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation

Gate opening and closing time :1 second

Speed :25-30 person/min (closed)40 person/min (open)

Baffle material: PU soft baffle and plastic acrylic baffle (optional)

Product Model: Sliding turnstile

Flap barrier, flap barrier gate for sale - Mairsturnstile

The functional features of the flap barrier

1. Has zero-bit self-check and abnormal alarm function, convenient for user maintenance and use.

2. Through the main control board built-in small press disk, programmable equipment running state.

3. This flap barrier gate is a new second-generation mechanism.

4. Dual anti-clamping function, mechanical anti-clamping, infrared induction anti-clamping function, in the process of telescopic arm reset resistance, the motor automatically stops working in the specified time, the default delay is reset again (until reset), the strength is small (≤3 Kg).

5. Break-in, trailing alarm, reverse break-in gate automatically closed.

6. Anti-collision function, when the opening signal is not received, the telescopic arm is automatically locked.

7. Telescopic arm synchronous adjustable (for double pendulum).

8. Has the function of automatic reset. After opening the gate, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian’s permission when the pedestrian is not passing within the specified time. Reset time is 1 S~60 S adjustable (system default time is 10 S), power-on channel automatically open (meet fire requirements), power-on channel automatically closed.

9. Infrared induction reset infrared induction anti-clamping function (optional 5 pairs or 7 pairs of infrared).

10. Has a standard fire input interface, the equipment after receiving the fire signal unconditional priority open

11. The ultra-bright direction indicator indicates traffic conditions.

12. It can be connected with a variety of equipment, such as the Doao Gate Ban System, the consumer system, the electronic ticket system, the biometric system, the electrostatic tester, and so on.

13. One-way or two-way control of access, infrared induction in and out of the channel.

Remote control and management can be achieved directly through management computers.

15. Voice alert function. Voice prompt language in the system board can be set several commonly used.

16. Counting function.

3) Swing turnstile gate wiring diagram

The technical parameters of flap barrier

1) supply voltage: AC220±10 V、50HZ

2) drive motor:24 V/40W DC motor

3) operating ambient temperature:-15 OC-60OC

4) relative humidity:≤90% relative humidity, non-condensation

5) input interface :12 V level signal or pulse width >100 ms 12 pulse signal drive current >10

6) communication interface: RS232 communication,

7) communication distance:≤10 m

8) swing turnstile gate width 600 mm, swing turnstile gate single-pole length 600-900 MM

9) speed :30 person/min (open mode),20 person/min (closed mode)

10)Gate opening and closing time: Mairsturnstile swing turnstile gate 0.8 seconds, swing gate 1-2 seconds

11)Product model: Swing turnstile gate MT343

The functional features of swing turnstile

1) Has zero-bit self-check function, convenient user maintenance, and use;

2) Illegal entry has alarm function;

3) The anti-scour function, when the opening signal is not received, the telescopic baffle (swing arm) is automatically locked;

4) The infrared/mechanical dual anti-clamp function, when the telescopic baffle (swing arm) reset process, in the specified time, the motor automatically stops working, and the strength is very small, at the same time issued an alarm signal;

5) Has the function of automatic reset, after the pedestrian reads the valid card if the system does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian permission;

6) A unified standard external electrical interface, can be linked with a variety of multi-and card readers, and through the management of computer remote control and management;

7)The whole system runs smoothly and with low noise.

swing turnstile gate with face recognition from Mairturnstile

Above is all the content of face recognition access control, if you have any questions about face recognition access control, please contact us to discuss.

As a professional flap barrier manufacturer, Mairs has engaged in all kinds of turnstile gate production and research for nearly ten years, with perfect system solutions, mature after-sales service systems. Mairs is committed to providing excellent service and technical support. In order to relieve the worries of customers, in terms of service assurance, our company provides two-year after-sales service, lifetime maintenance. During the above after-sales service period, our company promises to provide the following maintenance services to the above all of our products.

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