1.  Power: AC220V±10V,50/60HZ;

2. Operating Temperature: -45℃-60℃

3. Relative Humidity: ≤95%, No Condensation

4. Passage Width: 550mm( customized)

5. Motor: DC Brushless motor, 140W/24V

6. Gate Opening and Closing time: ≤ 0.4S

7. Infrared Sensors: 9 or 10  Pairs

8. Motor Operation Speed: 1600R/Min

9. Communication Connection: RS485 Communication

10. Protect Level: IP54

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Flap barrier mechanism, Automatic Flap Barrier Mechanism For Sale.

Mairs offers the best quality mechanism for flap barrier turnstile. Best design flap barrier mechanism.

Special design flap barrier mechanism and compact electrical and mechanical design with unique drive, ensure the durability and quiet operation of the product, its self-locking mechanism can also protect the security of access control. Mairs flap barrier mechanism has automatic detection, automatic fault detection, convenient for user maintenance and operation. This flap barrier turnstile mechanism can be applied to all access control systems, input interface for dry contact, and switch signal connection. Therefore, customers can integrate different systems, such as card readers, ticket systems, token systems, and so on. Of course, with emergency functions, It can be integrated with fire protection devices for safe release in case of emergency.

The flap barrier mechanism is one of the core components of the flap barrier turnstile gate, and the flap barrier mechanism controls the turnstile gate by controlling the swing of the wing arm.

The flap barrier mechanism of the flap turnstile gate is the core of the whole turnstile gate. The operation quality of the flap barrier mechanism determines the quality of the flap barrier turnstile gate, but the failure of the flap barrier turnstile gate is also related to the mechanism. Only the correct use method and proper maintenance are the keys to ensuring the service life of the flap barrier turnstile gate. It is also a method to improve the overall service life of the flap barrier.


  1. A compact CNC design with a unique drive and self-locking mechanism.
  2. Automatic fault detection.
  3. The input interface can be used for dry contact and switch signal connection.
  4. Adjustable automatic opening and closing.
  5. Infrared photocell for safe passage.
  6. Alarm for unauthorized and forbidden passenger flow.
  7. Pass the ball instead.
  8. Power on and power off automatically.
  9. Automatically open and free access when shut down.
  10. Adjustable entry direction.
  11. Provide an emergency interface.
  12. Traffic lights for passengers to enter.
  13. Input Connection: +12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms Pulse Signal,Current>100ms
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