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What is turnstile mechanism?

The turnstile mechanism is the core component and important part of various pedestrian turnstile gates, which is equivalent to the heart of the turnstile gate. The operation principle of the turnstile gate is to control the opening and closing of the blocking rod by controlling the operation and stop of the mechanism, so as to realize the access control management function.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the security market and the wide application of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gates, tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, full height turnstiles, and sliding turnstile are constantly known. Maybe we don’t care much about the quality of its mechanism, but will pay more attention to its appearance, price, and other aspects, but I must remind and say one thing, for users, It is very important to have a good turnstile mechanism.

Types of Turnstile mechanism:

Before we start, you need to know different types of turnstile mechanisms, Maybe others will define or distinguish different types of turnstile mechanisms from other aspects. But types of turnstile mechanism from Mairs usually as follow, if you want to buy different types of turnstile mechanism, please just click the following link:

  1. Full height turnstile mechanism
  2. Tripod turnstile mechanism
  3. Flap barrier mechanism
  4. Swing turnstile gate mechanism

Working principle and function:

what’s the working principle and function of the turnstile mechanism, Mairs will show you a brief introduction.

Security turnstiles gate is used more and more in real life. As a professional security turnstiles gate manufacturer, Mairsturnstile has continuously improved the turnstile mechanism, through the continuous improvement of turnstile mechanism, improving the stability and increasing the safety as the premise, I have experienced the initial development of the first generation of turnstile mechanism, improved the second generation of turnstile mechanism, and then developed the optimized structure of the third generation turnstile mechanism to improve the quality.

As we all know, the engine is the heart of the car, then the mechanism is the heart of the security turnstile gate. The stability of the turnstile mechanism directly determines the quality of the user in the process of using the security turnstiles gate. Every time Mairsturnstile engineers continuously improve the turnstile mechanism and optimize the structure, it is to better improve the product quality, our goal is customer first so that user satisfaction can be increased to 99%.

The turnstile mechanism is one of the core components of the turnstile gate, and the turnstile mechanism controls the turnstile gate by controlling the swing of the wing arm.

The mechanism of the turnstile barrier gate is the core of the whole turnstile gate. The operation quality of the mechanism determines the quality of the turnstile barrier gate, but the failure of the turnstile barrier gate is also related to the mechanism. Only the correct use method and proper maintenance are the keys to ensure the service life of the turnstile gate. It is also a method to improve the overall service life of the turnstile gate, following Mairsturnstile to correctly understand the turnstile gate mechanism. 

So, what is the working principle of the mechanism? Turnstile mechanism through different process treatment, the performance of the movement is also different, What is the treatment process of the turnstile mechanism by Mairs?

Mechanism Process of turnstile gate

By frequency quenching, the core gear has high wear resistance and high toughness on the surface, and the spindle has HB220-280°tempering treatment, increasing wear resistance and impact resistance, and has strong mechanical properties. The external structure of the core adopts electroplating and baking paint to enhance the corrosion resistance of the surface. Mairsturnstile thinks the process of turnstile gate mechanism is very important, so the turnstile barrier gate has the characteristics of stable use, low noise, long service time and so on which is deeply loved and trusted by customers.

turnstile mechanism from Mairsturnstile

Working principle of the turnstile gate mechanism

If the gate reaches the upper dead point, the horizontal external force effect can not open the gate, the turnstile gate opens, the swing gate core moves to the lower dead point, the horizontal external force effect can not open the gate, the swing gate door opens, the swing gate core moves to the dead point, the horizontal external force effect is not easy to cross, for the sake of safety, the swing gate core has mechanical anti-clamp, whether open or close, when the gate meets the external force effect (less than 3 N.M), the core will slip in situ, This has a safety protection effect for the repairman and the pedestrian.

In general, the working principle of the turnstile gate mechanism is that when the swing gate controller receives the traffic signal, the signal command is opened to the turnstile gate mechanism, and the turnstile gate mechanism controls the wing arm through the installation and replacement of the upper and lower dead points. In order to achieve personnel traffic management.

So how do users distinguish the quality of the turnstile mechanism?

First, the external structure of the turnstile mechanism, that is, the appearance of the mechanism at the first sight. The external structure of the mechanism needs to enhance the corrosion resistance and safety of the surface because of its unique properties. The exposed transmission part of the gate is added to the shield, which makes it look compact and reasonable.

Second, the internal structure of the turnstile mechanism, that is, the key technology that dominates the quality of the whole security turnstile gate. Key technologies determine success or failure. There are many kinds of structure, the most common is belt drive and gear drive. Belt transmission, as the name implies, is realized by belt transmission. Belt transmission needs to be paid attention to. When the belt tension is tight, the slip coefficient is small, the transmission efficiency is high, and the speed of opening and closing the door will be very slow.

Under the long time use of the machine core, the belt adjustment will slowly become loose, the tension is small, so the slip coefficient will increase, and through the heat expansion and contraction of the belt, the speed of the skid is not easy to control, so it is easy to hurt people. Gear drive As the name implies, it is driven by a tooth sucker, the tooth surface has high wear resistance and impact resistance, mechanical properties enhanced.

After heat treatment, the gear HRC55-60°high frequency quenching, gear wear resistance is higher. When gear transmission, there will be some noise, usually reduce noise, just use rolling bearings in the rotating eccentric wheel to improve the axial runout. Usually, the manufacturing cost of gear transmission is high and the stability is good.

At present, it is the choice of some high-end turnstile gate manufacturers. Generally speaking, the technology determines the success or failure, and the quality of the mechanism directly determines the stability and safety of the turnstile gate, and Mairsturnstile focuses on all kinds of face recognition turnstile gate, ticket integrated turnstile gate, station special turnstile gate, scenic area special turnstile gate research and development and production.

The function of turnstile mechanism:

1. Has the function of reading card memory, the user can set the controlled port to read the card many times or single read the card.

2. Has the function of automatic reset, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission when the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time after reading the card effectively.

3. Has the function of automatic opening of power off to meet the requirements of fire fighting passage.

4. Has a unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected with a variety of card readers and can be remote control and management through the management computer.

5. Accurate logic to judge the speed door mode, anti-tailing function, can distinguish the size of objects when the flow of people will not occur false alarm and misjudgment.

6. Sound, light alarm function: including illegal intrusion, trailing alarm.

7. Can be connected with a variety of card reading, recognition (face, fingerprint, etc.) equipment to receive relay switch signal work.

turnstile mechanism design

What is the difference between a single core swing turnstile gate and a dual core-swing turnstile gate?

We usually see more swing turnstile gates, such as the use of swing turnstile gates in the subway, because it is more appropriate to use this kind of gate equipment where the flow of people is large. As part of the intelligent access control management system, the swing turnstile gate can be used in different special situations with other systems, So as to play a greater role.

The swing turnstile gate is divided into a single mechanism swing turnstile gate and double mechanism swing turnstile gate according to the different mechanism, According to the different recognition methods: divided into face recognition swing barrier gate, card swing barrier gate, fingerprint swing gate, etc. According to the different control modes of the machine mechanism, the swing barrier gate can be divided into mechanical, semi-automatic, and automatic swing barrier gates.

What’s the difference between a single core swing barrier gate and a double core swing barrier gate

In fact, the obvious difference is that the single-core swing barrier gate has only one gate and the double core swing barrier gate has two gates. Two single-core swing barrier gates can form a turnstile channel, and a two-core swing barrier gate needs two single-core swing barrier gates to form two turnstile channels. That is to say, single-core swing barrier gates are used for single-channel and multi-channel, which has nothing to do with one-way and two-way traffic. Because the direction of passage is done by setting, not by several gates.

The swing barrier gate can adopt a standard electrical interface, which can easily integrate the card reader into the equipment, and select various identification systems to realize a variety of traffic identification methods. In case of emergency, there is a guarantee that the passage is unobstructed and convenient for timely evacuation.

What is the difference between a single core swing barrier gate and a double core swing barrier gate, as described above?

Maintenance of turnstile mechanism:

1. regular maintenance of turnstile mechanism method: cut off the power supply, open the swing barrier gate machine cover, clean the surface dust, clean the transmission part first and then add butter, swing barrier gate entrance guard gear, and wheel slot should also be properly coated with butter.

2. Regular check items: check each fastener, connecting rod for loose condition, tighten it.

3. Swing barrier gate breakable parts maintenance: check the wear of the breakable parts, the swing barrier gate positioning arm and positioning disc to have more than 3 mm clearance timely replacement, normal clearance (1-1.5 mm), in the solenoid valve spool appropriate butter, so that solenoid valve in left and right movement to reduce resistance, lubrication, pay attention not to add too much, to moderate.

Pay attention to the swing barrier gate limit switch and limit plate do not adjust casually, in case too far or too close to cause an error.

turnstile mechanism for sale

The above is the turnstile mechanism’s working principle and function information, want to know other turnstile barrier gate products, want to know more security turnstile gate price, Mairs provides high-quality turnstile barrier gates for sale at affordable prices. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality turnstile products for sale and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. Want to know more about other security turnstiles gate information, please contact us, we will offer you professional turnstile security solutions and high-quality products.

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