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Last updated on: October 26th, 2022 17:39 pm

What is flap barrier?

The flap barrier is also called a blocking gate, flap barrier gate, flap barrier turnstile, which is one of the access control management turnstile equipment and is mainly used for pedestrian access control management; It is a kind of access control turnstile device for pedestrians management. It is usually used in conjunction with the access control system, including swipe card access control, fingerprint access control, face recognition access control, etc., which is convenient and fast. The flap barrier turnstile is a very popular turnstile gate with a beautiful appearance and complete functions.

The flap barrier turnstile is basically composed of the main chassis and movable wing plate. Its shape is like the wings of birds. It is called a “flap”, so it is called a flap barrier gate; It has the function of blocking (dissuading) unauthorized personnel, so it is also called a blocking gate; The advantages are fast running speed and luxurious atmosphere. The disadvantage is that the channel is narrow and only pedestrians can pass through.

The blocking body is generally a fan-shaped plane, perpendicular to the ground, blocking and release are realized through elasticity. The material of the blocking body is usually plexiglass and toughened glass, and some also use metal plates wrapped with special flexible materials (to reduce the damage caused by hitting pedestrians). The blocking body can be divided into blue, red, and acrylic transparent blocks. Moreover, the traffic speed is adjustable. Anti tailing, excellent personnel passage management effect.

Our flap barrier turnstile is very popular in many countries, such as India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Turkey, South Korea, and Mexico, Egypt, Japan, and so on.

You can check the following video, which shows the production process and internal details of the flap barrier from Mairs.

The flap barrier turnstile has the characteristics of a fast opening speed and is mainly installed in places with large passenger flow. With the characteristics of a fast opening, safety, and convenience, it is an ideal management and dredging equipment for high-frequency pedestrian access; It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, docks, scenic spots, parks, unit pedestrian passages, etc.

It can be matched with a smart IC/ID card to realize the function of off-line ticket sales management system and form unattended management of visitor access. The whole machine adopts a 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate for painting or a 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate for die production, with the same turnstile gate height; Stable and reliable; In case of power failure, the baffle is automatically open; TCP / IP in the real sense;

Flap barrier gates can be matched with card swiping, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, password recognition, QR code ticket checking recognition, and other recognition methods. Various choices also make customers feel more at ease.

Where to buy flap barrier turnstile?

If you want to buy a flap barrier, flap barrier gate, flap barrier turnstile, please choose the appropriate style from our flap barrier gate page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, scan the QR code on the right to add my what’s app, or directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect flap barrier security solution. Flap barrier manufacturers – Mairs offer the best flap barrier price.

Our flap barrier gate styles include the most popular and fashionable appearance. Of course, if these styles still can not meet your needs, we can also customize the flap barrier gate according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

Classification of flap barrier turnstile:

The flap barrier gate can be divided into single-core flap barrier gate and double core flap barrier gate according to different combination types of mechanism.

Single-core flap barrier gate: only one single core is configured inside the chassis.

Double core flap barrier gate: there is a double mechanism working independently in the chassis.

flap barrier gate can be divided into single-lane flap barrier gate and multi-lane flap barrier gate according to the number of channels.

Single lane flap barrier gate: it is composed of two single-core flap barrier gates.

Multi lanes flap barrier gate: it is composed of two single-core flap barrier gates and multiple double core flap barrier gates.

The common flap barrier gate is composed of frame chassis, mechanism, blocking arm(blocking baffles), control system, infrared sensor, control equipment, etc.

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Working principle of flap barrier:

To really understand what is flap barrier, we still need to be clear about the working principle of the flap barrier turnstile.

A fast telescopic blocking baffle is embedded on both sides of the turnstile channel. When the equipment detects the flap barrier turnstile gate opening signal, the two baffles will shrink synchronously and quickly to make the current channel in an obstacle-free state. The main control board of the flap barrier turnstile machine has a pulse signal command, the control system commands the mechanical system to work, and the turnstile gate is opened.

When the pedestrian passes the induction point, the machine control motherboard notifies the mechanism motor to close the turnstile gate. There are electronic anti-pinch and mechanical anti-pinch when breaking into the machine illegally. When the flap barrier turnstile gate is opened and closed in place, it becomes a dead center mechanism, and the pedestrian cannot be opened, it so as to improve traffic reliability.

Advantages of flap barrier turnstile:

After knowing what is flap barrier? We also need to know the advantages of the flap barrier turnstile as follows: Fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe use, low noise, easy maintenance, convenient management, and other characteristics, suitable for high-end residential areas, office buildings, scenic spots, and other places with high pedestrian access frequency.

1. The traffic speed is the fastest, which is faster than tripod turnstile gate and full height turnstile gate, and even faster than speed gates.

2. The passage width is between the tripod turnstile and swing turnstile gate, usually between 550mm-900mm; If you need a wider width, our flap barrier turnstile can be customized and designed and adjusted according to the use on the installation site.

3. The appearance and shape are relatively beautiful, and the materials of the blocking body are relatively rich;

4. In case of emergency, the blocking wing will quickly retract into the chassis, which can easily form an obstacle-free passage, improve the traffic speed and facilitate pedestrian evacuation.

5. It has an anti-pinch function to ensure the safe and fast passage of personnel. The infrared radiation in the flap barrier gate is mainly used to sense the human body and play the role of anti-pinch, anti tailing, or counting. Generally, there are 6 pairs of infrared, 3 above and 3 below.

6. The service life of the brushless motor series flap barrier is 8 million times.

Disadvantages of flap barrier turnstile:

1. High cost and complicated control methods

2. Limited waterproof and dustproof capacity, generally only suitable for indoor use, if used outdoors, a canopy must be added;

3. The appearance and shape are simple and single, and there are no more choices

4. Restricted by the shape of the blocking barrier, the resistance of the flap barrier gate is lower than that of the tripod turnstile gate, and the blocking wing and mechanism are easy to be damaged by pedestrians’ illegal crossing;

5. The production technology requirements are relatively high. If the technology does not meet the standard, it will greatly reduce the performance of the product and the anti-pinch ability to avoid personal injury.

Functions of flap barrier:

1. It has the function of a self-reporting fault prompt, which is convenient for users to use and maintain;

2. It has the functions of traffic indication and channel indication;

3. It has the function of normally open key

4. It has the functions of automatic opening of power-off swing door and automatic closing when powered on;

5. It has the function of line self-inspection;

6. It has the function of an illegal intrusion alarm;

7. It has a triple anti-pinch protection function;

8. The traffic mode can be adjusted freely;

9. The closing time and mode can be adjusted arbitrarily;

11. Remote control and management.

10. It can be connected with an all-in-one smart card such as duomo elevator/parking lot/access control/consumption.

Extended functions of flap barrier:

1. Counting and alarm functions;

2. The chassis can be widened and lengthened, which can be customized according to customer needs, and the blocking barrier material can be selected.

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Composition of flap barrier turnstile:

The flap barrier turnstile is composed of chassis, turnstile mechanism, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment, and two movable blocking wings. The blocking wings can be extended and retracted to dissuade or release. The material is imported or domestic su304, 1.5mm, and the movement has a mechanical anti-pinch. Even if the electronic anti-pinch is broken, the mechanical anti-pinch has the same effect and will not hurt people, which greatly improves safety. The electronic control industrial chip has good stability, does not crash, and has a fast recovery, The infrared sensor can detect the signal. So far, we have a deeper understanding of what is flap barrier.

Precautions for use

The flap barrier gate has been widely used in airports, subway entrances, subway stations, ports, tourist attractions, ecological parks, enterprise safe passages, etc. it can cooperate with the smart card to maintain the function of the intelligent management system of the ticket office and the unmanned management method of staff revenue and expenditure. Because the flap barrier turnstile gate is faster, the staff can pass quickly, safely, and orderly. The flap barrier turnstile is upgraded equipment of tripod turnstile gate and swing turnstile gate, which will make the application site look more high-end.

How to correctly use the flap barrier turnstile gate is also very important. Now let’s explain how to use it correctly:

1. Do not stay in the middle opening of the flap barrier turnstile channel, which will help to improve the smoothness of the safety channel. During the operation of the flap barrier turnstile gate, do not enter the safety channel of the flap barrier turnstile with the tail.

2. When the flap barrier turnstile is in use, the cardholder swipes the card outside the yellow line. Don’t swipe the card while standing at the infrared alarm of the flap barrier turnstile. When the flap barrier turnstile is fully opened and the arrow indicates passage, you can enter. It is better not to stay in it, so as to improve the fluency of the channel.

3. During the passage of the flap barrier turnstile, you must not follow into the passage of the flap barrier turnstile. Do not force the blocking barrier of the flap barrier turnstile to open, so as not to hurt people. If the front personnel has passed the middle point, the back personnel can swipe the card. If the card swiping is effective, there will be an arrow indication and the gate will be opened at the same time so that you can pass quickly.

If the flap barrier turnstile gate has an alarm or voice prompt, do not pass casually. If the flap barrier turnstile gate fails, immediately notify the management department for inspection. If it is repaired, find a professional company.

4. The cardholder should not swipe the card in the sensing area too high to avoid being unable to sense, and should not swipe the card close to the sensing area. The correct card is the right-hand card, which is parallel to the sensing area and 20-30mm away from the sensing area. Hearing a “tick” proves that the card has been swiped successfully. In this way, it can be passed.

5. The flap barrier turnstile gate also needs regular maintenance. It is just a machine. The machine needs regular maintenance. The dust inside and outside the chassis should be cleaned regularly to ensure the normal operation of the turnstile machine.

Generally speaking, if the flap barrier turnstile gate is used well, it can be used for eight to ten years. Therefore, the correct use of flap barrier turnstile gate is a very important thing, which will directly affect the application time of products.

Common faults and handling methods:

1. There is electricity, but the flap barrier turnstile has no response after swiping the card

Troubleshooting reason: check the status of the indicator light of the flap barrier turnstile and check the starting status of the motor. If the indicator light is not on or the motor is not started, first check whether the terminal of the motor has voltage output. If these checks are OK, the mechanism is generally stuck. At this time, we need to reset the blocking wing of the intelligent flap barrier turnstile through wiring, and then test manually. The blocking wing can open and close and operate smoothly. Generally, the mechanism is damaged, and the problem can be solved as long as the movement is repaired.

2. After swiping the card, one door can be opened and the other door does not move.

Troubleshooting reason: check whether the online line is connected normally. If it is loose or has poor contact, connect it well, and then check whether there is a connection signal on the control motherboard at the side where the wing door does not move. If there is no signal, you need to check whether the connection line has fallen and whether the plug-in line on the motherboard is plugged in.

3. After the flap barrier gate is opened, the blocking wing cannot be closed

Troubleshooting reason: check whether the two infrared sensors on the left and right of the flap barrier turnstile work normally. When it is determined that the mainboard is good, check whether the pedestrian is in good condition, and then check whether the working indicator of the infrared sensor on the flap barrier control mainboard is normal.

4. The flap barrier received the signal, but did not act

Troubleshooting reasons: check whether the output voltage of the transformer is normal, whether the fuse is blown, whether the motor connecting wire is desoldered and whether the motor is damaged. If the blocking barrier can be opened manually when the flap barrier turnstile is closed, it is necessary to check whether the mechanism is worn, whether the slotted disc is damaged or the gap is too large. If any problem is found, contact the manufacturer for replacement in time.

The above is the common problems and treatment methods of the intelligent flap barrier turnstile I sorted out for you. The pedestrian turnstile gate is an intelligent access control management product. It can only be used for a long time after regular maintenance and care in life. Generally, the maintenance and fault treatment methods of the turnstile gate are simple. The manufacturer has supporting resources when shipping, such as an operation manual, after-sales service guarantee, etc. However, as users, we must also have a preliminary understanding of the flap barrier turnstile gate and be able to simply deal with some common faults, which is not only conducive to normal maintenance but also useful in case of emergency.

Application occasion:

The flap barrier turnstile gate is mainly used for the management of passageway entrances and exits. In general, only people are allowed to pass through the application site or people with luggage and disabled people. Considering the expansion and contraction characteristics of the flap barrier turnstile gate. Most of the flap barrier passages are closed to bicycles, motorcycles, and other fast-moving vehicles.

It is suitable for an indoor environment with a large flow of people, such as subway passage and ticket gate of the railway station. It is also applicable to important places that are not allowed to enter without permission, such as factories, office buildings, and other places.

It really is suitable for one-way or two-way control over men’s and women’s flow. Stations, docks, tourist attractions import and export channels; Exhibition, swimming pool, etc, Import and export attendance, access control, and consumption management of residential areas, factories, enterprises, and institutions;

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Regular maintenance:

About the maintenance of the flap barrier turnstile, I’m just a brief introduction here, which is mainly divided into three parts. 1. External cleaning 2. Mechanism maintenance 3. Maintenance of circuit power supply. If you want to know more, please check out another article: turnstile maintenance

External cleaning

1. Surface cleaning: clean the dust on the surface with a soft cloth and polish the surface of the chassis with a soft cloth and talc powder. If possible, you can apply antirust oil. Do not touch the newly coated antirust oil with your hands. You can touch it by hand after natural drying for about 3-5 hours, otherwise, the antirust effect of the surface will be damaged.

2. After using it for a long time, especially outdoors, some rust spots may appear. Remove the rust spots: wipe along the long grain with sandpaper and talc powder (protect the direction of the thick grain), otherwise, it will affect the appearance.

3. If the chassis is painted or painted on the surface, wipe off the dust on the surface with a soft cloth. If there is an exposed scratch, repair it with paint of the same color, but be careful not to dye the opposite radio eye of the wing brake, otherwise, the intelligent wing brake will give a false alarm and cause unnecessary trouble.

Mechanism maintenance

1. Cut off the power supply, open the cover of the intelligent wing brake, clean the dust on the surface, clean the transmission part first and then add butter, and properly apply some butter to the gear and wheel groove.

2. Check whether each fastener and connecting rod are loose and tighten them.

3. Check the wear of vulnerable parts. If the clearance between the positioning arm and the positioning disc exceeds 3mm, replace it in time. If the clearance is normal (1-1.5mm), add grease appropriately in the solenoid valve core to reduce the resistance and get lubrication when the solenoid valve moves left and right. Don’t add too much, just an appropriate amount.

4. Note that the limit switch and limit piece shall not be adjusted casually to prevent errors caused by adjusting too far or too close.

Maintenance of circuit power supply

1. Cut off the power supply and clean the dust on the surface. Be careful not to wash with water to prevent short circuits.

2. According to the previous use, check whether there are problems in the circuit. If there are no problems, check whether the circuit, power supply, wires, and plug-ins are exposed or loose, wrap and tidy them, tighten the plug-ins, check whether there is leakage, and replace the wires if they are aging.

3. Refer to the manual of the flap barrier to check whether the parameters of each part are normal and whether there are aging electronic components. If there is a problem, contact the manufacturer to find the root of the problem and replace individual electronic components.

The above maintenance must be maintained by specially assigned personnel, especially the mechanism and circuit parts. Only professionals who have received professional training and have a full understanding of strong and weak current can work.

Full height flap barrier

A full height flap barrier is an upgraded product of an ordinary flap barrier gate, also known as a full height sliding turnstile, full height-speed gate, etc. There is no special term in the industry, and the general name is full height sliding turnstile. The full height sliding turnstile is a special mechanical device for controlling the access authority of personnel. It can also be used together with a swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, tripod turnstile gate, full height turnstile gate, half height turnstile gate.

Wide range of applications, high-grade style, more stable performance, lower noise, fast running speed, anti crossing, and other functions, which are very popular in high-end places; With an accurate logic sensor, it can truly achieve one card and one gate for one person.

The reasonable compatibility of the full height sliding turnstile is more suitable for the expansion of its functions. It can be compatible with an access control card swiping system, fingerprint identification system, face recognition system, visual intercom system, all-in-one card management system, anti-static channel system, and other access control management.

The fully automatic mute full height sliding turnstile adopts a high-precision casting mechanism. This mechanism adopts the latest arms control technology and industrial control processing method to complete a brand-new product. It has the characteristics of no noise, stable operation, no mechanical wear, and long service life. The whole product is not always stable during startup and shutdown during operation, and can quickly realize braking and locking. It is a silent full-automatic high-speed translation full-height wing brake combined with multi-channel and multi-level sensors, It has been successfully applied in prisons and other institutions.

Upgrade function of full height flap barrier:

1. The mechanism adopts the latest generation of split translation machine;

2. Arm control technology, network programming (still improving technology);

3. There are 18 working modes, and the traffic mode can be set freely;

4. With card reading and memory function, users can set the controlled port for multiple card reading or single card reading;

5. Set ten speeds, which can automatically adjust the speed level according to different traffic modes to meet the requirements of safe and fast traffic;

6. Humanized traffic indication function to display the current equipment traffic status to pedestrians;

7. With an automatic reset function, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass when the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time after effective card reading;

8. Have reliable safety protection measures and accurate logical judgment;

9. It has the function of automatic opening in case of power failure to meet the requirements of fire access;

10. It has a unified standard external interface, can be connected with all kinds of card readers, and can realize remote control and management through the management computer;

11. The whole system operates stably, with low noise and no mechanical impact.

12. The chassis is made of 304 stainless steel, with 1.5mm thickness. The surface of the machine is treated by wire drawing, and the overall appearance effect is atmospheric and beautiful.

13. The length of the chassis is 1400mm, which can avoid hurting fellow travelers when swiping the card, which is safer and can protect pedestrians.

14. It can accurately and logically judge the speed gates mode, prevent trailing, distinguish large and small objects, and will not give false alarms and misjudgment in case of a large flow of people.

15. The motor is a brushless and grooveless motor, which does not need to replace the carbon brush, has low noise, long service life, stable performance, and is maintenance-free.

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Application site of full height flap barrier:

The entrances and exits of prisons, high-end buildings, clubs, and enterprise units can fully improve the image and enhance the security level.

Prevention level:

1. Normal mode: Class AA

2. Precise logic judgment mode (fast gate mode): AAA level

How to choose a proper flap barrier?

Most customers don’t know how to choose the proper flap barrier, don’t know how many flap barrier turnstiles do they need? Mairs will show a brief introduction about this and hope can help you and solve your problem.

For security turnstile gate users, a good access control turnstile gate is of great help to the efficiency of the whole company or enterprise. After all, good access control turnstile gate, for personnel management, personnel identification is a great help. And at present, how to choose the appropriate model from all kinds of turnstile gates, is an entangled problem. Today, let’s see how to choose the right model from the types of turnstile gates. I hope Mairsturnstile can give you some help.

Flap turnstile gate is commonly used in some residential areas, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs, tourist attractions, and other open places, it has a good control effect on the passage of personnel, flap turnstile gate is also extremely convenient to use. According to all kinds of requirements, the flap barrier gate selects various identification equipment, control equipment, and software to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Flap barrier turnstile is widely used in entrance and exit control because of its beauty, easy maintenance advantages, and so on, so we can feel its popularity when we take the subway. So, how does to choose and buy a flap barrier turnstile? What are the principles? How to use the flap barrier gate properly? Let’s study it together, so what should we pay attention to in the flap barrier selection?

What factors affect the purchase of flap barrier:


The infrared photoelectric detection of flap turnstile gates solves the phenomenon of gate clamping and has good protection measures for the human body. At the same time, different circuit control systems are selected according to different usage situations and personnel needs, such as in some kindergartens, Primary schools, and so on need to have an anti-clamp infrared switch function, good protection for children.

Service life

The service life of the flap barrier gate will also have an inevitable relationship with the maintenance, but the selection depends on its core structure and circuit control design.


In the choice of flap barrier gate, the appearance is often also a large factor. According to different occasions need to match the appearance, gate color, materials, and so on.


Generally used in the market are SUS304 stainless steel materials, but there are also some illegal businesses in order to save costs to use 201 materials to produce, in the choice must determine whether to use 304 materials, in addition, the thickness of materials must also be concerned.


The utility of the security turnstile gate is mainly formed by various components of the gate, and it will be more convenient and safe to choose the high-quality high-performance turnstile gate

Identification Methods

There are different ways of identification in different situations, such as IC card, ID card, fingerprint, iris, and so on. In addition, according to the environment on the spot, we should also see what kind of controller to choose, some need network to see the entry and exit records, some do not need a network, and inconvenient wiring can be achieved by IC card writing. Be sure to choose your own way before choosing.

Selection and Purchase Principle

Applicability: in the purchase of flap turnstile gate entrance guard, as long as according to their own conditions to select, the true and appropriate is the best, It is not that the more expensive the more suitable, the environmental and management requirements determine the choice. I bought a flap barrier turnstile gate which price is high but not suitable, that is not a big loss? The loss outweighs the gain.

Cost performance: applicable to the installation of the channel, but also beautiful and affordable, is not better? Material and core performance are two important factors that determine the flap turnstile gate.

Installation environment: flap barrier gates have many styles used on specific occasions, such as prison flap barrier gates. According to the customer’s installation situation, such as some enterprises and institutions or supermarket park import, considering that some workers may have to pass the bicycle tram (swing barrier gate), the flap turnstile gate needs to be customized (or consider the use of wide channel swing barrier gate entrance guard).

Style: there are many types of flap barrier gate access control, there are diagonal flap barrier gates, round flap barrier gates, sharp flap barrier gates, of course, can also be customized flap barrier gates, and so on. There are also some special styles, such as full-height flap barrier gate, rail transit active ticket machine, prison flap barrier gate, and so on. All kinds of flap barrier gates are dazzling, and then, the most important thing is to consider the cost-performance and applicability of these two aspects.

Aesthetics: like some hotels, government agencies, and other occasions to compare advanced places, we need to take into account the beauty of the flap barrier gate, this is not only an appearance problem but also brings people psychological feelings, so aesthetics can not be ignored.

The flap barrier gate is used more and more in real life. When the channel of the flap barrier gate is used, the noise and impact problems in the working process of the flap barrier gate are reduced. To improve the service life, better play the advantages of the flap barrier gate, it is best to follow the following flap barrier gate use methods:

Flap barrier gate in the process of use, The cardholder swipes the card outside the yellow line. Don’t swipe the card at the infrared alarm of the wing brake. Only when the gate of the wing brake is opened to a certain degree and there is an indication arrow, and then you can enter. It is better not to stay in it. It is convenient to improve the fluency of the passage.

Cardholders do not fold, alter, or put cards and magnetic items together to avoid card failure, when the card is lost must contact the management to register from scratch, to avoid information leakage.

In the process of passage, do not follow into the flap barrier gate passage. Do not force the wing gate to dress up, avoid the gate clip injury, the front personnel has now passed the center point, the back personnel can swipe the card, swipe the card users will have the arrow at the same time gate swing open, so can pass quickly, Don’t pass by with alarm or voice prompt. Machine problems immediately notify the management to check, and professional engineers to maintain.

Cardholder swipe card in the induction area, do not be too high, avoid induction, do not post this induction area swipe card, accurate is the right-hand card, parallel to induction area,20-30 mm from induction area is the best, hear “Di” sound card to achieve credit card success.

A flap barrier turnstile is also often required to maintain. Don’t think it’s omnipotent. Regular clear the internal and external dust of the chassis. (Refer to the maintenance and treatment method of the swing barrier gate) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

what is flap barrier

A few points of the purchase of flap barrier:

Customer selection to consider a few points as follow:

  1. Width of application occasion
  2. Decoration environment of application occasion
  3. Functional requirements
  4. Other Requirements to be achieved

Mairs reasonable compatibility of intelligent flap turnstile gate is more suitable for the expansion of its function. It can be compatible with an access control card swipe system, fingerprint recognition system, face recognition system, visual intercom system, one-card management system, anti-static channel system, and so on.

How to choose the appropriate type of flap barrier, in addition to considering the above-mentioned points, but also depends on the actual situation, Of course, the functions and principles of different flap barrier gate systems are different, so you must choose according to your actual situation. In order to choose a flap barrier gate that is cost-effective, and more functional to meet the demands.

How to install flap barrier turnstile

The installation of a flap barrier turnstile is also important for customers. About this section, please check our another article: flap barrier installation

The installation of the flap barrier is divided into several parts: 1. Confirming the solution. 2. line embedding. 3. fixed flap barrier gate. 4. controller wiring connection. The previous preparation steps may be somewhat different due to different environments and sites. Please complete them according to your actual situation. This is the most important part about the specific installation and wiring of the flap barrier gate.

If you purchased our flap barrier turnstile, you can fully refer to the installation and wiring in the following video. Of course, if you didn’t buy our flap barrier turnstile, the process is similar, You can also refer to it.

This part is roughly divided into five steps: 1. Determine the position of the flap barrier turnstile and place the equipment. Generally, the channel width of the wing gate is 550-650 mm 2. After positioning the hole, drill the hole and embed the expansion bolt; 3. According to the turnstile wiring diagram, connect the connecting wires in front of the two flap barrier gates to make them a whole. 4. Connect the network cable according to the turnstile wiring diagram. 5. Connect the power line and ground wire according to the turnstile wiring diagram. 6. Turn on the power and test the normal operation of the flap barrier turnstile.

Above is all the content of what is flap barrier, if you have any questions during the process of choosing a flap barrier turnstile, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Mairs provides all kinds of high-quality flap barrier gates for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products with the most professional service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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