What is Flap Barrier?

flap barrier

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Flap barrier definition:

The flap barrier is a type of turnstile gate with a stylish appearance, fast traffic speed, and effective personnel verification. It is also referred to as a flap barrier gate or flap barrier turnstile and is commonly deployed in areas with high pedestrian traffic at entry and exit points. This type of turnstile boasts swift opening, ensuring safety and convenience, making it an optimal management and guidance device for high-frequency pedestrian access channels.

The flap turnstile is an ideal management and guidance device for pedestrians to enter and leave the passage with high frequency. It can be matched with face equipment, card reader, QR code, fingerprint, password recognition, QR code ticket checking recognition, and other recognition methods to achieve multiple authentication methods to meet the business requirements of personnel control, attendance, and so on. Various choices also make customers feel more at ease. For this section, you can refer to turnstile gate with card reader, QR code turnstile, and turnstile gate with face recognition.

The flap barrier turnstile can be matched with a smart IC/ID card to realize the function of an offline ticket sales management system and form unattended management of visitor access.

Purchase Key Points:

In our daily lives, intelligent flap barrier turnstiles are ubiquitous, finding applications in various settings. For customers looking to purchase flap turnstiles, several crucial factors should be considered. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Quality of Flap Barrier Turnstile Mechanism:

The mechanism of the flap barrier turnstile is pivotal in determining its quality and service life, impacting its stability and sound operation. Mairs employs a high-end customized flap barrier turnstile mechanism to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing often overlooked but crucial links.

2. Materials and thickness:

Considering the external forces these turnstiles endure, material selection is critical. Stainless steel is recommended for its strength and durability. The blocking barrier should ideally be flexible, enhancing buffer space for high-frequency usage. Quality flap barrier turnstiles are typically made of 304 stainless steel, with customized ones using 316 stainless steel, distinguished by thickness and texture.

The thickness of stainless steel is also an important criterion for determining flap gate barrier quality.

3. Cost Performance:

Select a flap turnstile gate that not only fits the installation environment but also offers a balance between beauty and affordability. The material and core performance are key factors influencing the cost-effectiveness of the flap barrier gate.

flap barrier turnstile 3

4. Appearance:

Consider the appearance of the flap barrier gate, keeping in mind the requirements of different occasions. Gate color, materials, and design should be selected based on the specific setting, such as hotels, government agencies, or other advanced locations.

5. Customization options:

If you have special needs, such as customized appearance or special authentication methods, choose a manufacturer that can provide customization options. Choose a reputable manufacturer. By referring to case studies and understanding manufacturers, ensure that purchases come from trustworthy turnstile suppliers.

6. Safety Performance:

Flap turnstiles rely on infrared sensors for personnel control. Ensure an adequate number of sensors to prevent safety disputes. The turnstile should have audible and visual alarm functions, anti-collision features, and infrared photoelectric detection for optimal safety.

7. Service Life:

The service life of the motor and speed reducer directly impacts the overall operating life of the flap barrier turnstile. Consider the core structure, circuit control design, and maintenance requirements to assess the expected lifespan.

The stability of the flap turnstile is determined by the quality and integration of each component. High-quality components contribute to a stable and reliable flap barrier gate.

8. After-Sales Service:

Given the complexity of intelligent flap turnstiles, a reliable after-sales service is crucial. Ensure the presence of a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee system to address potential issues.

By carefully considering these factors, customers can make informed decisions when purchasing flap barrier gates that align with their specific requirements and provide long-lasting, reliable performance.

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    Widen channel width:

    The maximum channel width composed of two flap barrier gates is 550mm, which is generally only suitable for passing people, this creates certain limitations. If passing through a wheelchair or luggage, another extended retractable flap barrier turnstile can also be used, similar to a subway flap barrier gate. Passengers can push wheelchairs and large luggage through, and each of our flap barrier turnstiles can be designed to widen the passage. Flap barrier gates are highly sought after by customers for their convenience and fashion.

    Why use a flap turnstile?

    After years of development, the flap barrier turnstile has become a prominent fixture in the pedestrian access control turnstile gate industry, particularly in high-end locations like office buildings and exclusive clubs. Its popularity is attributed to a combination of factors, including an excellent appearance, impressive speed, anti-pinch functionality, alarm features, and an automatic reset function. The fashionable and beautiful design of the flap barrier makes it a preferred choice for high-end establishments that value aesthetics.

    The key features and advantages of the flap barrier turnstile include:

    Effective Personnel Control: Flap barriers are an effective access control device that can restrict access to only authorized personnel. By using identity verification methods such as swiping cards, sensor cards, fingerprint recognition, and facial recognition, the wing gate ensures that only individuals with legal identities can enter specific areas.

    Passage efficiency: Flap barrier turnstiles can achieve efficient passage management, especially suitable for places that require rapid passage of personnel. Its mechanical structure and automation functions ensure fast and orderly passage.

    Durable Chassis: The chassis of the flap barrier gate is not only beautiful and durable but also equipped with waterproof and anti-corrosion characteristics, making it suitable for outdoor environments.

    Programmable Operating Status: Users can program the operating status of the device online by unplugging the code on the control board, allowing for flexible settings.

    Personnel statistics and recording: Flap barrier gates usually have a traffic recording function, which can record information such as the travel time and identity verification method of each user. This is very useful for subsequent management, statistics, and review, such as attendance, safety monitoring, and so on.

    Prevent multiple people from sharing cards: With its unique design, can effectively prevent multiple people from passing through a card together, improving the safety of the passage.

    Good space utilization effect: The flap barrier gate design is relatively compact and suitable for places with limited space. Its mechanical structure helps to save space and is more suitable for narrow passages compared to other traditional access control devices.

    Humanized Traffic Indication: The turnstile has a traffic indication function with lights displaying the current status, such as green for allowing traffic, red for prohibiting traffic, and blue for standby.

    Automatic Reset Function: The turnstile automatically resets within a set time after a pedestrian swipes their card or undergoes facial recognition, improving efficiency and security.

    Safety Protection Measures: The flap barrier gate incorporates reliable safety measures such as obstacle rebound, infrared anti-pinch, anti-collision, and anti-tailgating, enhancing overall safety.

    Power Outage Handling: The turnstile has an automatic opening function after a power outage to meet fire passage requirements. It can automatically close and resume normal operation when power is restored.

    Intrusion Alarm Function: The flap turnstile includes an intrusion alarm function that activates when someone attempts to pass without proper verification. Infrared sensors trigger a continuous alarm sound to alert security personnel.

    Aesthetic appearance: Flap turnstiles usually have a modern and beautiful appearance, suitable for high-end office buildings, shopping malls, and other places to enhance the overall image of the place.

    Flexibility: Flap turnstile gates can be set for one-way or two-way traffic as needed, making it easy to configure according to actual needs and meet the traffic requirements of different places.

    Impact-resistant design: The mechanical structure of the flap barrier gate is relatively sturdy and has a certain resistance to some impacts, making it suitable for high-frequency traffic situations.

    flap barrier

    For security turnstile gate users, choosing the right access control turnstile gate is crucial for efficient personnel management and identification. The variety of turnstile gates available can be overwhelming, and considering factors such as the specific application environment, functional requirements, and compatibility with existing systems can help in making an informed decision. Mairsturnstile aims to provide helpful guidance in selecting the appropriate turnstile gate model for your needs.

    If you are unsure how to choose a flap barrier turnstile for your office space or building lobby, please refer to our other article: office turnstiles

    Functions of flap barrier:

    The flap turnstiles come equipped with various features and functionalities, contributing to their efficient control of pedestrian traffic. Here are some key features and extended functions:

    Fault Self-Inspection and Alarm:

    The system is equipped with fault self-inspection and alarm functions, providing convenience for users to maintain and use the turnstile.

    Anti-Pinch Function:

    The turnstile incorporates a dual anti-pinch function, including a mechanical structure and induction. It automatically stops or halts the motor within a specified time if obstacles are detected during the telescopic arm’s resetting process. The force applied is minimal (≤ 2 kg).

    Sound and Light Alarm:

    Features a sound and light alarm function, including alarms for illegal intrusion and tailgating.

    Anti-Impact Function:

    In the absence of the opening signal, the swing arm actively locks, providing an anti-impact function.

    Telescopic Arm Synchronization:

    The turnstile is equipped with a telescopic arm synchronization function.

    Active Reset Function:

    Features an active reset function for smooth operation.

    Power Outage Response:

    After a power outage, the channel actively opens and closes upon power restoration.

    Compatibility with Card-Reading Devices:

    Can be connected to various card-reading devices for enhanced access control.

    Bidirectional Operation:

    Capable of operating personnel in and out in one or both directions.

    Remote Control and Processing:

    Remote control and processing can be achieved directly through the processing computer.

    Traffic Indication and Channel Indication:

    Equipped with traffic indication and channel indication functions.

    Extended Functions:

    Counting and Alarm Functions:

    Extended functions include counting and alarm capabilities for enhanced monitoring.

    Customization Options:

    The chassis can be widened and lengthened, allowing for customization according to customer needs. Additionally, the blocking barrier material can be selected based on preferences or requirements.

    Choose a proper flap barrier

    Most customers don’t know how to choose the proper flap turnstile and don’t know how many flap turnstiles they need. Mairs will give a brief introduction about this and hope can help you and solve your problem.

    Customer selection to consider a few points as follows:

    1. Width of application occasion

    2. Decoration environment of application occasion

    3. Functional requirements

    4. Other Requirements to be Achieved

    Reasonable compatibility of the flap turnstile gate is more suitable for the expansion of its function. It can be compatible with an access control card swipe system, fingerprint recognition system, face recognition system, visual intercom system, one-card management system, anti-static channel system, and so on.

    flap barrier

    How to choose the appropriate type of flap barrier, in addition to considering the above-mentioned points, also depends on the actual situation, Of course, the functions and principles of different flap barrier systems are different, so you must choose according to your actual situation. In order to choose a flap turnstile gate that is cost-effective, and more functional to meet the demands.

    Compared with Swing turnstile:

    Flap turnstiles and swing turnstiles are both widely used and common turnstile gate machines, and customers often face the dilemma of choosing between them. Understanding the differences between swing turnstiles and flap turnstiles is essential for making an informed decision. Here are some key distinctions:

    Traffic Speed:

    Flap turnstiles have a smaller retractable distance, allowing for faster operation.

    Swing turnstiles, with a larger baffle range, have a slower action.


    Flap barrier gates, due to their small contact area and strong force, can pose a risk of pinching pedestrians during opening and closing.

    Swing turnstile baffles have a front and rear switch mode with a larger contact area, reducing the risk of significant force on pedestrians.

    Compressive Strength:

    The baffle structure of flap turnstiles provides superior compressive strength compared to swing turnstile gates.

    Swing turnstile gates may have a weak point in baffle compressive strength.

    Installation Space:

    The standard swing turnstile width is 600mm (adjustable), with the channel width reaching 900mm without changing the chassis size.

    Flap barrier gates, due to their small baffles, are limited to a fixed channel width of 550mm. Of course, we can also customize a widened flap turnstile for you, with a width of up to 900mm.

    The choice between flap barrier turnstiles and swing turnstiles should align with specific needs. For example, swing turnstiles may be preferable for a lower budget, or when dealing with significant traffic like luggage or bicycles. If there’s a sufficient budget and a requirement for a super quiet environment, flap barrier gates may be the ideal choice. The decision should be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences. I trust this information proves helpful in making an informed decision.

    Application occasion:

    The use frequency of the flap turnstile gate is second only to the swing turnstile gate. It has the characteristics of a fast opening, safety, stability, convenience, low noise, etc. A flap barrier gate can establish a very safe traffic environment and is widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, residential areas, docks, parks, student dormitories, tourist attractions, office buildings, factories, office buildings, schools, gyms, high-end residential areas, pedestrian walkways for units, etc.

    The flap turnstile is mainly used for the management of passageway entrances and exits. It can cooperate with smart cards to realize the functions of offline ticketing management systems and form unattended management of personnel access. In general, only people or people with luggage or disabled people are allowed to pass through the application site. Considering the expansion and contraction characteristics of the flap turnstile gate. Most passages using flap turnstiles are closed to bicycles, motorcycles, and other fast-moving vehicles.

    flap barrier

    Common faults & solution:

    1. There is electricity, but the flap barrier turnstile has no response after swiping the card

    Troubleshooting reason: check the status of the indicator light of the flap barrier turnstile and check the starting status of the motor. If the indicator light is not on or the motor is not started, first check whether the terminal of the motor has voltage output. If these checks are OK, the mechanism is generally stuck. At this time, we need to reset the blocking wing of the intelligent flap turnstile through wiring, and then test manually. The blocking wing can open and close and operate smoothly. Generally, the mechanism is damaged, and the problem can be solved as long as the movement is repaired.

    2. After swiping the card, one door can be opened and the other door does not move.

    Troubleshooting reason: check whether the online line is connected normally. If it is loose or has poor contact, connect it well, and then check whether there is a connection signal on the control motherboard at the side where the wing door does not move. If there is no signal, you need to check whether the connection line has fallen and whether the plug-in line on the motherboard is plugged in.

    3. After the flap barrier gate is opened, the blocking wing cannot be closed

    Troubleshooting reason: check whether the two infrared sensors on the left and right of the flap barrier turnstile work normally. When it is determined that the mainboard is good, check whether the pedestrian is in good condition, and then check whether the working indicator of the infrared sensor on the flap turnstile control mainboard is normal.

    4. The flap turnstile received the signal, but did not act

    Troubleshooting reasons: check whether the output voltage of the transformer is normal, whether the fuse is blown, whether the motor connecting wire is desoldered, and whether the motor is damaged. If the blocking barrier can be opened manually when the flap barrier turnstile is closed, it is necessary to check whether the mechanism is worn, whether the slotted disc is damaged, or whether the gap is too large. If any problem is found, contact the manufacturer for replacement in time.

    The above is the common problems and treatment methods of the intelligent flap turnstile I sorted out for you. The pedestrian turnstile gate is an intelligent access control management product. It can only be used for a long time after regular maintenance and care in life. Generally, the maintenance and fault treatment methods of the turnstile gate are simple. The manufacturer has supporting resources when shipping, such as an operation manual, after-sales service guarantee, etc. However, as users, we must also have a preliminary understanding of the flap barrier turnstile gate and be able to simply deal with some common faults, which is not only conducive to normal maintenance but also useful in case of emergency.

    Flap barrier installation:

    The installation of a flap barrier turnstile is also important for customers. About this section, please check our another article: flap barrier installation

    flap barrier gate

    Flap barrier turnstile demo:

    This new design M series flap barrier turnstile adopts a high standard manufacturing process, the chassis is made of brushed stainless steel with a sufficient thickness of 2.0mm, which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof, and durable, integrated with recognition methods such as card swiping and remote control, equipped with 6 pairs of metal Infrared which is easy to install and long distance, accurate transmission.

    Above is all the content of what is flap barrier, if you have any questions during the process of choosing a flap turnstile, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Mairs provides all kinds of high-quality flap gate barriers for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. We aim to provide high-quality products with the most professional service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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