Retractable bollards hydraulic rising bollard hydraulic bollards

1.  System: electric-hydraulic system

2. Max passing pressure: 80 tons trucks

3. Voltage: AC220V 50Hz Integrated

4. Power(w): 300W Integrated

5. Uptime: 4.5S

6. Downtime: 3S

7. Working temperature: -65℃~75℃

8. Material: 304 stainless steel

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Hydraulic bollards carry a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.

We can provide OEM and ODM services. This hydraulic bollards can be equipped with a card reader, which can automatically control the lifting of the hydraulic rising bollards through card swiping. It can also be equipped with a parking turnstile gate or access control. It can also be connected with the management system and the charging system and controlled by the computer. You can also customize the LED flashing function to flash warning during column activity and light warning at night. You can also customize the audible alarm and intermittent alarm. If you want to customize a hydraulic rising bollard, please contact us

Hydraulic bollards are a kind of equipment to control the passage of road vehicles, which can be used together with the parking turnstile gate control system or alone; It is specially designed and developed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from breaking into sensitive areas and has high practicability, reliability, and safety.

Hydraulic bollards are composed of a bottom base, lifting blocking barrier column, power transmission device, control, and other parts. According to the different needs of different customers, it has a variety of configuration modes for users to choose from, which can meet the functional requirements of various customers.

Automatic hydraulic bollards are commonly used to secure public and private property and some high-security areas. It acts as a visual barricade. They range from semi-auto retractable bollards, to fully automatic crash-rated bollards. They are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and materials. Bollards and security road blockers can protect people and places from unsecured issues.

Hydraulic bollards performance:
The structure of hydraulic bollards is firm and durable, the bearing load is large, the action is stable and the noise is low. PLC control is adopted, and the operation performance of the system is stable and reliable, which is convenient for integration. The hydraulic bollards can be linked with other equipment such as the parking barrier gate or can be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control.

In case of power failure or failure, if the lifting column is in the raised state and needs to be lowered, it can be lowered by hand. The moving operation will lower the raised column to the horizontal position with the ground to allow vehicles to pass. The international leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology is adopted, and the whole system has high safety, reliability, and stability.
Remote control device: through wireless remote control, it can be within 30 meters around the controller (depending on the on-site radio communication environment), the lifting of movable remote control barricade column.

Storage Environment: -10℃~65℃, water-proof, damp-proof,dust-proof.
Rising height: 600mm(standard) Max can be 800mm
Standard Thickness: 6 (standard ) 8,10,25,30mm(optional).
Cylinder Diameter: 219
Casing size: 430*430*900mm
Structure: With load-bearing steel beam-column, anti-collision steel beam-column, 4 navigation rod
Integrated electrical mechanism: stroke 600mm, Cylinder outer diameter 60mm,
Piston rod diameter: 16mm
6K Mirror Surface Cylinder
With LED(Acrylic light circle)
Reflective sticker: 2 strips
In case of a power outage, the bollards can be manually lowered by connecting with a backup battery
IP rate: IP68 Certified
Weight: 150±KG

In raising and falling, a reversible operation is available
A device running noise≤60decibel
The hydraulic mechanism is a fully sealed aluminum casing to ensure a waterproof rating
The hydraulic drive comes with a hydraulic lock
PLC programming command control system
Solenoid valve voltage 24V
Remote control distance 50M-100M(Based on the environment)
The control box displays text adjustable(Up, Down, Action, Time control adjustment)
Text display with Chinese and English bilingual
PLC built-in encryption system
APP and PC remote control (optional)

size of hydraulic bollards

rising bollards

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