Waist High Turnstiles Tripod Turnstiles MT124


1. Size: 1200*280*980 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane width: 550 mm (can be customized)

3. Passing speed: 35 person/min

4. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

5. Weight: 45 kg

6. Input: Dry Contact Relay

7.  24V solenoid

8. Casing Material: 304 stainless steel and Acrylic top cover

9. Reliability of the mechanism: 3 million, no-fault

10. Operation way: semi-automatic

Last updated on: November 26th, 2021 14:09 pm

Waist high turnstiles carry a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.

We can provide OEM and ODM services. We also provide biometric devices, such as IC/ID card reader, fingerprint scanner, QR code scanner, face recognition camera, and so on. If you need to integrate these devices on the full height turnstile gate or have any questions, please contact us

Waist high turnstiles are a kind of tripod turnstile gate, which height reaches the waist height of normal people. You can also understand that it is equivalent to the tripod turnstile gate. It has various characteristics of a tripod turnstile gate. Waist high turnstiles are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to deform. The blocking and releasing are achieved by rotation.

Waist high turnstiles can be combined with smart card, fingerprint, bar code, and other identification system equipment to form an intelligent access control system; It is combined with a computer, access control, attendance, charge management, ticket system, and other software to form an intelligent access control management system, which can realize the functions of access control, attendance, consumption, ticket sales, current restriction and so on.

The shape of the waist high turnstiles is made of a 304 stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and generous, rustproof and durable, and can resist external force damage.

Solenoid valve: DC24V ±5%
Arm Length: 510 mm
The direction of rotation: Bidirectional/Single directional
Emergency: Arm drops automatically when the electricity is cut off.
Operational voltage: DC 24V ±5%
The voltage of indicator light: DC12V ±5%(standard)
Working temperature: -30℃~60℃
Humidity: 5%~90%
Waterproof: IP56
Feature: IC/ID reader, Barcode Reader, Face recognition, Fingerprint, other access control equipment, UPS, etc
The time needed for opening: 0.2 s
Working environment: Indoor or outdoor
Application range: Community, Factory, Construction site, School, Place of the resort, etc

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