What are Full Height Turnstiles?

full height turnstiles

Last updated on: January 3rd, 2023 16:32 pm

A lot of customers want to buy a full-height turnstile gate, but don’t know enough about the full-height turnstile, full height turnstile manufacturers – MairsTurnstile will make a brief introduction. This article includes all the details of full-height turnstiles.

What are full height turnstiles?

Full height turnstiles are a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate with the best security performance, the highest height, and the largest size, which is composed of chassis and 3 or 4 rows of rotating rods and developed on the basis of a tripod turnstile gateIt can be dissuaded or released by rotating 120° or 90° each time. Full height turnstile can form a closed passage space, and personnel pass orderly by swiping cards and other methods. It is much higher and wider than an ordinary turnstile gate and has obvious security advantages. Full height turnstiles can be unattended and have high application value in some places with strict security measures.

Generally, the common full-height turnstiles are single-lane or dual-lanes. Three lanes and four lanes can be customized according to customer needs. It can be used in all kinds of building environments and can solve all control problems of pedestrian entrance and exit passages, control whether the gate is locked or unlocked at any time, and up to 20 signal interfaces to facilitate users to expand special functions.

As a common type of pedestrian access control turnstile gate, the full height turnstile gate generally has stronger security performance than the tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, and flap barrier gate, because it looks strong and tall in appearance, and has a high and wide door compared with the ordinary turnstile gate. It has a lot of stainless steel blocking rods more than the tripod turnstile gate, preventing the phenomenon of drilling, climbing, and climbing. It has many functional compatibilities. Access control, visitors, and face recognition terminals can be integrated.

In terms of actual use, the full height turnstiles can be used to control the access of personnel in a single channel or in multiple channels to control the locking and unlocking status of the gate at any time. Strong anti-tailing ability. It is a good choice for construction sites, gymnasiums, and communities. The motor control mode adopts a high-performance DSP chip, low noise, low power consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Product structure: chassis, blocking rod, column, guardrail, motor, controller, etc

Full height turnstile gate is beautiful and durable security access control management equipment. It is not easy to rust after wire drawing. Generally, 20-35 people can pass one minute at a time, and 60 people can pass one minute in case of evacuation. The communication interface supports RS485 / RS232; TCP / IP interface (can be customized).

Mairs full height security turnstiles have ultra-high cost performance and provide high-quality services, Our full height turnstiles from materials to workmanship, are guaranteed to be well-handled in every segment.

Our 304 stainless steel materials are made of the best and carefully selected superior materials. At the same time, the thickness of the 304 stainless steel materials is guaranteed to be a full 1.2 thickness. We will not cut corners for profit. This is our bottom line and the guarantee of our quality. Only in this way can the quality and service life of the full height turnstiles be guaranteed and customers be truly satisfied. Of course, if you have special needs, you can also customize 316 stainless steel full height turnstiles.

So our full height security turnstiles are very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Moldova, Ireland, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Singapore, Nigeria, South Africa, USA.

We can provide OEM and ODM services, including customization of color, style, material, size, etc. for example, for a special color, the customer only needs to provide us a Pantone number, and we will adjust the color according to the Pantone number and spray powder into the same color. If the customer has ODM needs, we can also design a style for this customer according to the customer’s appearance and size preferences, without external sales. This will be your company’s only unique style in the market.

full height turnstile gate

For example, this full-height tandem turnstile gate is a color specially customized by one of our customers that conforms to their company image and logo. We can customize various pedestrian turnstile gates. For example, in this special color, you only need to provide us with the Pantone number, and we will produce an exact pedestrian turnstile gate in the same color as you need.

Where to buy full height turnstiles?

If you want to buy a full-height turnstile gate, please check our full height industrial turnstiles page as follow, if you have any question, please contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems.

Our full height turnstile styles include the most popular and fashionable appearance. Of course, if these styles still can not meet your needs, we can also customize full-height turnstiles according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

Sudden power off and on:

Our full height turnstiles have the function of automatically opening the gate when power is off, and automatically resetting when power is on. After the power is cut off, the solenoid valve will open, and the mechanism will be unlocked, and the blocking rod can rotate freely. The same principle, when the full height turnstile is powered on, the mechanism will automatically lock, so as to achieve automatic reset.

Full height turnstiles Classification:

According to angle.

90 Degree full height turnstile 

120 Degree full height turnstile

90-degree full height turnstile is a kind of full height turnstile gate which blocking rod can rotate 90 degrees. The 90 degree full height turnstile has four blocking rods. Every time the personnel recognizes and passes, the blocking rod rotates 90 degrees, so we call it 90-degree full height turnstile.

120-degree turnstile is a full height turnstile gate which blocking rod can rotate 120 degrees. 120 degree full height turnstile gate has high-cost performance, and its name is familiar and easy to understand. When people pass each time, the blocking rod rotates 120 degrees and then locks automatically. In this way, the personnel passes through the cycle.

So what is the difference between these two full height turnstiles? First of all, from the most appearance, we can directly see that each row of the rotating rod of the 90-degree full height turnstile is one more than that of the 120-degree full height turnstile. Therefore, in terms of materials, the price of the 90 degree full height turnstile equipment is slightly expensive.

full height turnstile

This refers to the chassis of the full height turnstile. What’s the difference inside? Some customers may have questions. If I purchased a 120 degree full height turnstile before, now I want to change it to 90 degree full height turnstile. Is this feasible? There is no way to change this situation, so when purchasing pedestrian turnstile gate equipment, be sure to ask the turnstile manufacturers, what types of turnstiles gate equipment is, and require to provide detailed size drawings and effect drawings, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes after getting the pedestrian turnstile gate equipment.

Mechanism control mode

Mechanical full height turnstile

Semi-automatic full height turnstile

Full-automatic full height turnstile

Full-automatic full height turnstile is a kind of full height turnstile gate equipped with a fully automatic turnstile mechanism, which all operations of the full height turnstile machine are completed by the brushless motor. The automatic full height turnstiles can be self-check automatically when power is on. In aging test mode, it will open and close automatically also. In card mode, once there is an open signal, it will open in 15 degrees and push slightly the arm, and the gates will fully open automatically.

At present, most of the full height turnstiles on the market use semi-automatic turnstile mechanisms. If you need a full-automatic turnstile mechanism or a full-automatic full height turnstile, please contact our sales personnel, who will provide corresponding details and videos about full-automatic full height turnstiles. we can also customize them according to your actual needs.

The turnstile mechanism of full height turnstiles is an important standard to measure the quality of the product, but it can’t be seen from the chassis of the full height turnstiles. Therefore, we need to understand clearly when purchasing the full height turnstile. Generally, the mechanism is installed on the top of the product, Whether the passing personnel can push the rotating blocking rod to pass is also controlled by it.

The number of lanes 

Single lane full height turnstile

Single full height turnstile is a kind of full height turnstile with only one passage to get in and out. The single full height turnstile is composed of a control turnstile mechanism and a stainless steel blocking body.

Double lane full height turnstile

Dual lane full height turnstile is a kind of full height turnstile with two passages to get in and out. The dual-lane full height turnstile is composed of a double mechanisms control system and two groups of stainless steel blocking bodies; The case in the middle of the dual lane full height turnstile is a double mechanism design, which controls the passage of personnel in the left and right channels. The dual lane full height turnstile is also called the double full height turnstile.

The traffic direction

Unidirectional full height turnstile

Bidirectional full height turnstile

The height of the blocking metal rod.

Half-height turnstile

Full height turnstile

The half-height turnstile gate is suitable for occasions with high requirements for traffic order, such as government organs, enterprises, and institutions, office buildings, office buildings, stations, scenic spots, leisure and entertainment places, etc.

The full height turnstile gate is suitable for unattended and very high-security requirements, as well as some outdoor occasions with the relative environment, such as sports places, construction sites, prisons, airports, office buildings, factories, and scenic spots, stations, and so on.

Working principle of full height turnstiles

When the full height turnstile gate is in use, as long as a legal signal is given, the blocking rod will automatically rotate forward at a certain angle to prompt pedestrians to pass. After pushing forward, the blocking rod starts to rotate slowly and rotates 120 ° to complete a traffic action. The operation is stable, safe, and reliable, and has a variety of intelligent alarm signals. For the full height turnstiles with semi-automatic structures, after the legal signal is given, the pedestrian needs to push the blocking rod manually.

The mechanical system of full height turnstiles is composed of a chassis and a mechanism. The chassis is composed of a column, guardrail, and upper box. The mechanism is composed of a motor reducer, encoder, electromagnet, and rotating rod.

1. Turn on the power supply of the full height turnstile system, power on the turnstile system for self-inspection, and the system enters standby mode.

2. Pedestrians shall provide legal door opening signals (card swiping and door opening signal of the access control system and door opening button signal of full height turnstile system) to the full height turnstile control motherboard.

3. After the turnstile control board receives the legal door opening signal in the in/out direction, it sends the control signal to the motor board and electromagnet. The turnstile is unlocked in the in/out direction, and the turnstile blocking rod rotates a certain angle in the door opening direction to prompt the pedestrian to push the blocking rod to pass.

4. After the pedestrian passage is completed, the turnstile control mainboard sends control signals to the motor control board and electromagnet. The turnstile gate closes and the system enters standby mode.

5. If a pedestrian enters the passage without providing a legal door opening signal and pushes the rotating rod, the system will lock the rotating rod and prohibit pedestrians from passing.

Material of full height turnstile:

Full height turnstiles are made of SUS304 stainless steel. It adopts the most advanced drive control technology, which can change the design in a large range to meet the various requirements of different styles of modern buildings for intelligent pedestrian access control systems.

Professional design of full height turnstile:

The full height turnstile’s inner casing is designed with a professional guide to the sink, which can be installed indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for places that limit the speed of people’s passage. It has the functions of counting, attendance, and limiting current, and can be integrated with ticketing systems, electronic ticket systems, scenic spot ticket systems, playground ticketing systems, gymnasium ticketing systems, cinema ticketing systems, ticket collection systems, and so on. It can also be equipped with face recognition machines.

Full height turnstiles are generally used in more strict control areas, such as military management areas, chemical plants, construction sites, prisons, banks, troops, and other states highly confidential places, through face recognition and comparison, Also electronic Capture system, truly and effectively record of pedestrian passage, improve the safety factor.

full height turnstiles

Application site of full height turnstiles:

Full height turnstiles are suitable for unattended and high-security requirements occasions, as well as some outdoor occasions with a harsh environment.

Full height turnstiles are mainly used in factories, construction sites, prisons, enterprises, institutions, railway stations, bus stations, airports, and other places. Its anti-tailing function is particularly strong. At the same time, it is very high. People can’t cross it. It has great security. The community can also use full-height turnstiles, which are relatively stable.

Community: In order to strengthen the safety management of the residential area, a full-height turnstile gate is installed to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering through card swiping or face recognition system, so as to ensure the safe management of the residential area.

Park: The flow of people in and out of the park is large and complex, so it is necessary to swipe the card to manage the personnel. Then, in the case of unattended, how to realize the automatic management needs the help of the function of full height turnstile gate. Because its tall size can meet the travel requirements of authority, it can also prevent the drilling and climbing of unauthorized personnel.

Exhibition hall: The management of indoor gymnasiums and outdoor gymnasiums is to provide people with a good sports environment, so it is a good choice to set up pedestrian turnstile gates. Generally, swing turnstile gates and flap barrier turnstiles are used more in indoor environments. For stadiums and Gymnasiums in outdoor environments, the installation of full height turnstiles at the entrance and exit is the first step to setting up a security defense line. Through this high and large security turnstile gate, docking with an intelligent system, unattended automatic management can be realized, So as to effectively ensure the safety of the venue and promote the construction of a smart gymnasium.

Factory: Many large enterprise factories engaged in special industries have many strict control areas to prevent the passage of non-enterprise or non-regional staff. In order to prevent drilling and climbing and prevent property loss, it is necessary to install unattended full height turnstiles at the passage of this large enclosed space. In this way, the full height turnstile gate has become a simple, safe, and effective traffic manager.

Office space: business buildings, government agencies, prisons, construction sites, etc;

Science and education units: colleges, institutions, research institutes, libraries, museums, science, and technology museums, etc;

Living place: residential unit, community, apartment, etc

Transportation station: bus station, railway station, wharf, etc

Commercial service places: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, and so on.

Main functions of full height turnstile:

Due to the particularity of the full height turnstile itself and the limitation of the applicable place, the general people do not know the full height turnstile gate very well. So what are the main functions and features of full height turnstiles?

1. The function of fault self-test and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

2. Switch button or remote control can be integrated to realize one-way or two-way traffic control;

3. Automatic reset function. When the rod is unlocked, it rotates 120/90 degrees, automatic reset (locking). Or when there is no passage within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time and lock it automatically;

4. Anti scour function: when the gate opening signal is not received, the fence rod is locked;

5. Anti tailing function, rotate 120/90 degrees by one person, and lock automatically;

6. Power off automatic normally open function to meet the requirements of fire management;

8. One way and two-way traffic function, which can control personnel access in one way or two ways;

9. The optical working principle is adopted, there is no delay requirement for the input control signal, and the phenomenon of swiping a card for several people is absolutely avoided;

10. The external button can realize the left and right normally open functions;

11. Light reminder, traffic direction indication.

12. The control panel has a counting function and LED digital display function (optional).

Advantages of full height turnstile:

Due to its unique advantages, full height turnstiles are often used in more strict control areas. It is mainly used in factories, construction sites, prisons, enterprises, and institutions.

Full height turnstiles can effectively solve the loopholes in the pedestrian access control management of tripod turnstile gates and prevent people from drilling under the rod. Because the switch rod of full-height turnstiles is relatively high, the anti-climbing and anti-drilling effects are relatively good.

When the people pass through the full height turnstile, the management personnel use the management authority system to control the full height turnstile gate. In this way, people without permission can be denied access. let me introduce the advantages of full-height turnstiles.

  1. The security performance of full height turnstile is the highest among all turnstiles, which is the only turnstile gate hardware device that can realize unattended among all turnstiles.
  2. It can effectively realize single-person traffic, that is, only one person can pass at a time, with high safety and reliability.
  3. It has strong waterproof and dustproof ability and strong adaptability to the environment. It is suitable for outdoor and indoors.
  4. Full height turnstiles adopt the silent design, with stable performance during operation. In case of an emergency, it can quickly evacuate the crowd, form an obstacle-free passage and improve the communication speed.

Disadvantages of full height turnstile:

1. The passage width(the width that allows pedestrians to pass) is relatively small, generally about 510mm.

2. The product occupies a large space and the traffic speed is relatively slow.

3. Restricted by the shape of the blocking rod, it is not suitable for people carrying luggage to pass.

4. The plasticity of appearance is not strong, and the aesthetics of most styles are insufficient.

5. The cost is relatively high, the production cycle is long, and the installation is relatively troublesome.

Why use full height turnstile?

In some specific places, such as some special passages in the station, or places with strict security requirements, such as prisons or gymnasiums, general turnstile gates can not meet the security requirements. At this time, full-height turnstile will be used for access control management, because full height turnstiles are the most durable, robust, and high-level security access control equipment, it is suitable for unattended places with high-security requirements, as well as some outdoor places with harsh environments, such as sports places, construction sites, prisons (Institutions), airports, office buildings, factories, scenic spots, stations, etc.

full height turnstile

How to select a full height turnstile?

What should we pay attention to when purchasing full-height turnstiles? In selecting the full height turnstile, the following aspects need to be paid attention to:

1. Firmness and impact resistance:

Full height turnstile needs to be consolidated and impact resistant: the rotating rod and peripheral guardrail need to be consolidated and can accept large destructive force, which is the foundation of security.

2. Safety:

The biggest worry about the full-height turnstile is that the passing personnel are locked in the full-height turnstile gate and cannot enter or exit. In any case (such as sudden power failure), it is necessary to avoid this situation, and these factors should be considered at the beginning of design;

3. Stability of rotating rod:

The rotating rod of the full height gate has a large weight and inertia. When the rotating rod is in place, there should be no vibration to avoid unnecessary damage to the audience;

4. Component life:

After the full height turnstile gate is installed, it will rotate continuously, so the moving parts will be worn, so the key parts must be designed reasonably and with very high quality.

The reliability of the full height turnstile is based on the reliability of various components of the gate and the integration method. The basis is to select high-quality components, such as card reader, controller, display, etc; The integration method mainly depends on the planning and selection of control units and communication methods. The existence of lightning protection components is also related to the reliability of the equipment.

5. Gate speed:

For the large flow of full height turnstiles, the pedestrian inspection speed is the main goal. Pedestrian speed depends on the control mode of the full height turnstile gate, management system software, and mechanical action speed. Generally, the full height turnstiles response speed is within 500ms.

6. Quartz glass:

If your full height turnstiles need to integrate with a QR code scanner, quartz glass shall be selected for the contact surface of the bar code card reader: the upper part of the bar code card reader must be clear, and plexiglass shall be selected, which has low cost and is easy to process and install. However, after repeated ticket brushing, the glass will be worn and rough, affecting the reading speed and accuracy of the bar code, so wear-resistant quartz glass must be selected;

Meeting the above six requirements, the quality of the full high turnstile will reach a relatively high standard quality, and you can buy it with complete confidence. All full height turnstiles from Mairs meet the above requirements, and we also produce our products according to these high standards. We can also customize full-height turnstiles according to your needs. If you need to customize special full-height turnstiles, please contact us.

Full height turnstiles maintenance:

The maintenance of full height turnstiles is very important. Improper maintenance will directly affect the service life of full-height turnstiles. Regular maintenance and repair are necessary. The full-height turnstile also has a service life. Like cars, quarterly maintenance should be done as required. Many users rarely maintain or even do not maintain full height turnstiles at all. When the turnstile machine breaks down, then think of finding someone to repair it and replace parts. This will not only waste money but also cause greater trouble, so we must understand the importance of full height turnstile maintenance.

Full height turnstiles maintenance is mainly divided into three parts:

  1. Mechanism maintenance
  2. Circuit part maintenance
  3. External maintenance

We won’t explain much about this part here. If you want to know more, please check out another article: How to maintain full height turnstile?

Development trend of full height turnstiles:

With the development of society, people’s demand for security and self-protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Now the full height turnstile has the engine of rapid development. Security has become an indispensable and important part of every country and region. Access control management equipment has become the equipment that must be installed in many places such as communities, business centers, and office buildings, Many important places need unattended security measures all day. For example, prisons, factories engaged in special industry operations, construction sites and other places must install full height turnstile gates to realize safe access control management.

After years of development, full height turnstiles have also been recognized and promoted by the market. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the application of some new technologies such as face recognition technology, iris technology, palmprint recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology, radio frequency identification technology, and bar code recognition technology, the full height turnstile can quickly combine and apply these technologies to achieve more functions. The industry has made remarkable achievements so far, Every technological revolution brings another leap in the industry. Technology can change people’s lives and let us jointly create a safer and better world.

Full height turnstile specifications:

About technical parameters of full height turnstiles, Of course, it’s for regular styles. This is just a reference. In most cases, customers need to customize products.

These full height turnstile specifications should be the details that customers want to know most, but please don’t forget that the full height turnstiles required by each customer and the places where they need to be installed are different, and there will be differences. In this way, we need to customize the full height turnstile gate, and we can customize the products according to the actual needs of customers.

If you have any questions about the full height turnstile specifications, please contact us, we are always happy to solve the problem for you. Technical parameters are as follows:

full height turnstiles

Chassis structure: 304 stainless steel

Size: 2300 L*1500 W*2300 H (mm) – Can be customized

Interface parameters: TCP/IP/Rs232 signal 1, punch signal (passive)2, fire signal 1

Composition: mechanism, casing, gate control board, and power supply

Swingarm length: standard 590 mm, transmission angle 90 degrees

Weight: about 200 kg/single unit

Swing Direction: One-way/ two-way traffic

 Supply voltage: AC220V±10,50 HZ

 Drive motor: DC electromagnet,30 W/24V

 Service life: more than 5 million

 Switching time: 1-2 seconds

 Communication interface: standard TCP/IP communications

Working temperature: -15℃~60℃

 Relative humidity: ≤90%, not condensed

Working environment: The gates can be used indoor and outdoor

Input interface: Gate open signal: Relay, RS485

 Communication interface: TCP/IP communication, RS485 standard (customized)

Speed: about 40 person / minute (often open)25-30 people / minute (often closed)

Gate opening input: IC swipe card/fingerprint recognition/face recognition, with standard mounting bracket, or customized

Material specification :1.2 thick mm,1.2 thick guardrail mm,89 diameter mm,3.0 diameter mm,38 diameter ,1.2 mm thickness

Input interface: dry contact signal or 12 V level signal or pulse width ≥100 ms DC12V pulse signal, drive current 10 mA

Package of full height turnstiles:

About the package of full height turnstiles, please check the following video.

This video shows in detail how we pack full height turnstile gates because many of our customers come from various countries around the world. The full height turnstiles need to travel a long way to reach the customers. Some are by sea, some by railway, and some by express air. In this way, the products will inevitably collide and damage during transportation, so we must strengthen the packaging, In this way, we can ensure that the goods received by customers are intact, which is also our responsibility.

It can be seen that our professional packaging staff will first wrap the full height turnstile gate in soft foam material, and then use a certain width rope to prevent it from bumping and bumping during transportation, thus damaging the full height turnstile gate. Finally, after fixing the product, it will be completely covered and packaged with a strong wooden box.

We can ship to most countries in the world. Usually by sea or air. During the transportation of goods, it is inevitable to bump and cause damage to the outside of the product. The products may produce various kinds of collisions and vibrations in the long-distance transportation process. Therefore, how to pack the prepared goods perfectly is a very important thing. If packaged very well, the goods can be avoided damage, and then they can be delivered to the customers perfectly. The goods they receive are exactly the same as before delivery, which is also responsible for the customers.

So we have to use foam anti-collision mats for all parts of the product to packaging in all directions so that the goods we can receive are intact. It’s the same as when we delivered the goods. This is also a very important basic part of the packaging. After each part is packed, we will pack all the parts in wooden cases, just as shown in the following video. Using such wooden cases can basically ensure that the goods will be delivered to the customers in good condition.

Videos of full height turnstiles:

A lot of product details are mentioned above, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding of the full height turnstile gate. Next, please check our video about full-height turnstiles.

This is a video of a customized powder-coated full-height turnstile gate from Mairs. Please check:

This video was taken before shipment, every turnstile gate we produce, before delivery to customers, we will take a video to customers for confirmation until customers are satisfied with the production of products, satisfied with everything, we will go to the next step. In the front of this video, our colleagues are testing the function of the full height turnstile gate. Any product must ensure that there is no problem with its function, this is the basic requirement. At the same time, you can also see the appearance of the whole full height turnstiles, the whole surface of baking paint, which is very beautiful and fashionable. Now most customers like this type of appearance.

Next, the video shows all the details of this powder-coated full height turnstiles in detail, including the surface details, the connection details of the various parts of the product, the painting process of the surface, the display of the internal parts, and the display of the LED display lights. We are very confident in our products. The customers have checked this customized full height turnstile gate and are very satisfied with the quality of the products.

They are very satisfied with this customized powder-coated full height turnstile gate, customers also customize their own logo on the surface of the full height turnstiles, so that the product looks more high-end atmosphere. Because of the need to protect the privacy of customers, the specific logo will not be displayed here. This customer is also an old customer who has cooperated with Mairs for many years and has been quite satisfied and recognized with our products and services. Of course, this time, customers are full of praise for our products and services.

Please check out this video below which mainly shows our product single lane full height turnstile gate MT403, You can also view another video about full height turnstile gate on our youtube channel.

The following video also introduces in detail the process of testing the full height turnstiles gate and the detailed treatment of 304 stainless steel on the surface of the product. Finally, it also shows in detail the process of packing the full height turnstiles by our colleagues. The customers who cooperate with us don’t have to worry about anything at all, just wait for the perfect products to be received. If you need to customize these products, please contact us.

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