What is full height turnstile?

full height turnstiles

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What is Full height turnstile?

Full height turnstile is a modern and secure access control equipment designed to completely restrict passage with the highest safety level. It is commonly used in areas where enhanced security and strict control over access are essential. They provide an effective means of preventing unauthorized entry or exit. They extend from the floor to above head height, creating a secure enclosure.

As a common type of pedestrian access control turnstile gate, the ss full height turnstile gate generally has stronger security performance than the tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, speed gate turnstile, and sliding turnstile, because it looks strong and tall in appearance, and has a high and wide door compared with the ordinary turnstile gate.

Main turnstile components: turnstile mechanism, 316 or 304 stainless steel chassis, 3 or 4 rotating rods, column, guardrail, motor, turnstile controller, etc.

The common full-height turnstiles are single-lane or dual-lanes. Three lanes and four lanes can be customized according to customer needs. It can be used in all kinds of building environments and can solve all control problems of pedestrian entrance and exit passages, control whether the gate is locked or unlocked at any time, and up to 20 signal interfaces to facilitate users to expand special functions. The communication interface supports RS485 / RS232; and TCP / IP interface (can be customized).

full height turnstile gate

Purchase Tips:

The following are 13 purchasing tips for the full height turnstile gate.

1. Select Professional Manufacturers:

Choose a professional and reputable full height turnstile manufacturer with expertise in product design, customization, production, and access control security solutions.

2. Quality & Performance:

Investigate the performance and functions of the full height security turnstile, including its anti-collision ability, resistance to destructive forces, waterproof level, and other relevant factors.

3. Type & Appearance:

Choose suitable models based on your specific needs, considering factors such as passageway width, height, environmental conditions, pedestrian traffic, and frequency of use.

Consider the appearance of the full height turnstile gate and choose a stylish design that complements your environment or incorporates your company logo.

4. Mechanism & Accessories:

Pay attention to the quality of the full height turnstile mechanism and other accessories, as the mechanism is crucial to the overall performance and service life of the full height turnstile gate. Ensure transparency regarding the core components.

Our Mairs full height security turnstiles use the industry’s top mechanism, because only in this way can we ensure a high-quality full height turnstile gate machine that meets customer needs. We will provide a detailed demonstration and explanation of what kind of turnstile mechanisms and accessories are used for our full height turnstile gate machine. If you want to learn more about our movements, you can also contact our customer service personnel.

5. Consider the Installation Environment:

Select models and materials based on the installation environment, considering factors like indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor turnstiles may require specific features such as waterproofing and corrosion resistance.

6. Ask About After-Sales Service:

Inquire about the after-sales service policy and services provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the after-sales service is timely, and professional, and includes warranty support.

7. Comparison of Prices:

Compare prices and performance among multiple manufacturers to find full size turnstile products with high cost-effectiveness. Consider factors such as brand reputation, model specifications, and materials.

8. Customization Options:

If needed, inquire about customization options for appearance and features that suit your specific requirements. Some manufacturers offer customization services to tailor the turnstile to your preferences.

9. Access Control Software Compatibility:

Check if the full length turnstile is compatible with your existing access control software. Ensure that the turnstile integrates seamlessly with your security system.

10. Evaluate Reviews and References:

Look for customer reviews and references to gain insights into the experiences of others who have purchased from the manufacturer. Positive reviews and satisfied customers can be indicators of reliability.

11. Evaluate Technical Support:

Ensure that the manufacturer provides adequate technical support. This includes assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and any technical issues that may arise during use.

12. Compliance with Standards:

Check if the full height turnstile gate complies with industry standards and regulations. Compliance ensures that the product meets safety and performance requirements.

Considering these 13 purchase tips and suggestions, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a full size turnstile that aligns with your specific security needs and expectations.

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    Why buy from MairsTurnstile?

    Quality Assurance and After-Sales Support:

    MairsTurnstile has ISO9001 certification for quality management systems, and their full height security turnstiles come with CE certificates and product testing reports.

    304 stainless steel materials are carefully selected and guaranteed to be a full 1.2 mm thickness, ensuring high-quality construction and a longer service life.

    Customization options include 316 stainless steel full height industrial turnstiles for specific needs.

    Price Advantage and Factory Direct Sales:

    Mairs offers ultra-high cost performance with competitive pricing for their full height security turnstiles.

    As a factory direct seller, Mairs has manufacturing advantages, efficient cost control, and competitive labor costs, resulting in cost-effective products for customers.

    Fashionable and Beautiful Appearance:

    Mairs full height turnstiles feature a simple, generous, fashionable, and beautiful design. The appearance can be painted in popular colors or customized to match logos or environments.

    full height turnstile gate

    Simple Design and Easy Installation:

    The full height gate turnstile adopts an integrated design, eliminating the need for complex disassembly components and making it easy to install.

    Customers receive a complete, pre-assembled unit, simplifying the installation process and saving time and effort.

    Customization Options:

    Customers can customize different sizes, colors, logos, and more according to their specific needs.

    The company offers OEM and ODM services, allowing customization of color, style, material, and size. Pantone numbers can be provided for precise color matching.

    Comprehensive Customization service, Mairs offers OEM and ODM services, providing customers with the flexibility to customize their full height security turnstiles according to specific requirements, ensuring a unique and tailored solution.

    Various pedestrian full height security turnstiles can be customized. Customers can specify Pantone numbers for color matching, ensuring precise customization.

    MairsTurnstile emphasizes quality, customization, and cost-effectiveness, making their full height turnstiles a popular choice for diverse applications globally.

    Our full size turnstile styles include the most popular and fashionable appearances. Of course, if these styles still can not meet your needs, we can also customize full-height turnstiles according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

    Biometric full height turnstile:

    Biometric full height turnstile is a kind of common full height pedestrian turnstile gate integrated with biometric devices, so we can call it a biometric full height turnstile. This type of turnstile enhances security by requiring biometric authentication in addition to traditional access control methods.

    Usually, full height turnstiles are used in conjunction with biometric devices. Common biometric devices include fingerprint machines, facial recognition, etc. Currently, the most common biometric full height turnstile is the face recognition full height turnstile. For more details, please check our article: turnstile gate with face recognition

    We have a video about biometric full height turnstile, please check:

    Of course, the full height turnstile gate can also integrate other ordinary access control systems, such as card swiping, QR code, remote control, etc.

    These security solutions include: full height turnstile with card reader, full height turnstile with QR code scanner(QR code turnstile), and full height turnstile with remote control. For more details, please refer to the video at the end of the article.

    After years of development, ss full height security turnstiles have also been recognized and promoted by the market. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the application of some new technologies such as face recognition technology, iris technology, palmprint recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology, radio frequency identification technology, and bar code recognition technology, the full length turnstile can quickly combine and apply these technologies to achieve more functions. The industry has made remarkable achievements so far, Every technological revolution brings another leap in the industry. Technology can change people’s lives and let us jointly create a safer and better world.

    Main functions:

    1. Access Control: Full-height turnstiles offer high-security access control, restricting entry to only authorized individuals. Often integrated with various authentication methods, including card readers, biometric scanners, or other access control systems.

    2. Anti-Tailgating: The full height turnstile gate is designed to prevent more than one person from passing through at a time, thus discouraging tailgating or unauthorized entries.

    3. Anti-Climbing & Anti-Drilling: The exterior structure of the full height glass turnstile creates a closed and secure barrier, preventing individuals from climbing or drilling to gain unauthorized access.

    4. Anti-Reverse Traffic: In case of pedestrians attempting to enter from the opposite direction, the full height turnstile gate locks the lever in that direction, refusing passage.

    5. Unattended Operation: With robust security features, the full height gate turnstile can operate unmanned, enhancing security.

    6. Automatic Gate Opening after Power Outage: A self-developed mechanism allows the turnstile to unlock and enable free passage in case of a power outage, facilitating quick evacuation in emergencies.

    7. Switch Button or Remote Control Integration: This can be integrated with a switch button or remote control for one-way or two-way traffic control. The external button can be used to activate left and right normally open functions.

    8. Automatic Reset Function: The turnstile automatically resets (locks) after unlocking, or cancels user access rights if there is no passage within a specified time.

    9. Optional Access Modes: Users can choose one-way or two-way traffic control.

    school turnstile

    Advantages & Disadvantages:

    Advantages of full body turnstile:

    1. High-Security Level: Full body turnstile offers the highest security level among all types of turnstiles. The enclosed channel space prevents unauthorized access effectively. The full-size turnstile achieves the highest security level through its relatively tall structure and larger size compared to other turnstiles. Its height and size create a physical barrier that enhances security. This design prevents users from climbing over or attempting to bypass the turnstile.

    2. Durable Materials: The entire structure of the full size turnstile is made of high-quality stainless steel, specifically 316 or 304, ensuring durability and robustness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and long service life. This material choice ensures durability, and resistance to deformation, aging, and damage. The wire drawing finish enhances its resistance to rust and corrosion. The fully welded structure enhances the turnstile’s strength and longevity.

    3. Silent Operation: Equipped with an adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

    4. Flexible Control: It can be controlled through various methods such as remote control, buttons, card swiping, and face recognition. Compatible with various interfaces and access controllers.

    5. Environmental Adaptability: The full body turnstile is designed with strong environmental adaptability, making it suitable for use in challenging outdoor conditions. This adaptability ensures reliable performance in environments with varying weather conditions.

    The full height turnstile, often referred to as the “ss full height turnstile,” is designed for all-weather use. Its robust construction and stainless steel material make it suitable for deployment in diverse environmental conditions, including wind, sand, rain, snow, cold, and heat.

    This professional design and construction make the full height industrial turnstile a versatile and reliable solution for various access control needs in different settings.

    6. Multi-Functionality: The full height industrial turnstile has various functions, including counting, attendance tracking, and current limiting. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate with different ticketing systems such as electronic ticket systems, scenic spot ticket systems, playground ticketing systems, gymnasium ticketing systems, cinema ticketing systems, and more.

    7. Easy to Manage: Control and management are relatively easy, reducing disputes and management issues.

    8. Self-Inspection and Notification: In case of a mechanical failure, the system performs a self-inspection and notifies personnel for repair.

    9. Easy Installation: The full height turnstile gate is designed with a modular approach, making assembly and maintenance convenient.

    Disadvantages of full body turnstile:

    1. Narrow Passage Width: The width allowing pedestrians to pass is relatively small (around 510mm).

    2. Slow Traffic Speed: Compared to other types of turnstiles, the traffic speed is relatively slow.

    3. Not Suitable for Carrying Luggage: Restricted by the shape of the blocking rod, it is not suitable for people carrying luggage.

    4. Limited Aesthetics: The plasticity of appearance is not strong, and some styles may lack aesthetics.

    5. High Power Consumption: Requires constant power consumption for normal operation, impacting energy consumption.

    6. Large Space Occupation: Occupies a large space, which can be a challenge for transportation and installation.

    7. High Cost: The price is higher compared to other types of access control turnstiles, requiring significant investment costs.

    While full body turnstile has some limitations, they excel in providing robust security solutions, making them suitable for areas with high-security requirements. The choice to use full body turnstile should consider the specific needs and constraints of the environment in which they are installed.

    Unique design:

    1. Inner Casing Design:

    The inner casing of the full height industrial turnstile is professionally designed with a guide to the sink. This design allows for installation both indoors and outdoors, providing strong adaptability to various environments. It is particularly suitable for locations where the speed of people’s passage needs to be controlled.

    2. Closed Passage Space:

    The full height security turnstile is designed to rotate either 120° or 90° with each passage. This rotation allows for effective dissuasion or release, forming a closed passage space to control and block traffic.

    By forming a closed passage space, the full height turnstile gate ensures that personnel must pass through in an orderly manner using methods such as card swiping. This controlled environment enhances security and prevents unauthorized access.

    3. Square Structure:

    The full size turnstile features a square structure, which offers ease of disassembly and installation. Its compact design occupies minimal space, resulting in lower transportation costs. The simplicity of installation contributes to high cost-effectiveness.

    The square appearance of the full height turnstile gate not only contributes to its structural integrity but also facilitates on-site wall installation. This makes it suitable for deployment in various settings, including residential areas, construction sites, stations, exhibition halls, and prisons.

    Applications site:

    The full size turnstile achieves the highest security level through its physical attributes, advanced features, and functional compatibilities. Its robust design, anti-tailing capabilities, and integration options make it a preferred choice for applications where security is of paramount importance, such as construction sites, gymnasiums, and community access points. Here are some specific sites and scenarios where full length turnstiles are commonly used:

    Transportation Hubs:

    Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Airports, Wharfs

    Security-Intensive Environments:

    Prisons and Correctional Facilities, Government Agencies, Military Bases

    Recreational and Sports Facilities:

    Gyms and Indoor Sports Facilities, Outdoor Stadiums and Arenas

    Industrial Facilities:

    Factories, Construction Sites, Specialized Enterprises with Controlled Access Areas

    Residential Areas:

    Gated Communities, Apartment Complexes

    Educational Institutions:

    Colleges and Universities, Research Institutes, Libraries and Museums

    Office Spaces:

    Business Buildings, Corporate Offices

    Commercial Establishments:

    Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Clubs, Banks

    Exhibition Halls:

    Indoor Exhibition Spaces

    Public Spaces:

    Parks and Recreational Areas

    full height turnstile gate

    How to install it?

    You can also directly download the full height turnstile installation manual below:

    pdf MairsTurnstile Mairs Full Height Turnstile Installation Manual

    We usually provide detailed installation drawings and manuals regarding the full height turnstile gate installation. You only need to cooperate with local installation workers to provide these. The installation work is not as complex as imagined, but relatively simple. You can also refer to our other article: Full height turnstile installation

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