1. Size: 1420 * 340 * 1000 mm
  2. Lane width: 600 mm (standard) 900 mm( Handicapped)
  3. Passing speed: 40 person/min
  4. Power supply: 110 V/220 V 50/60 Hz
  5. Driving Motor: 90 W
  6. Input: Dry Contact
  7. Driving Motor: DC24V
  8. Turnstile barrier gate Weight: 70 kg/pcs

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The best super mute full height sliding turnstile, sliding turnstile barrier gate, sliding gate turnstile for sale.

FULL HEIGHT SLIDING GATE TURNSTILE carries a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.

Sliding turnstile is a kind of pedestrian access control turnstile gate based on the parallel linear movement of two baffles in the same or different directions to open and close the door. The sliding turnstile is an electric control automated turnstiles gate, which can be opened and closed manually through buttons, card swiping, and remote control, or fully automatic through face recognition and human body induction. At present, it is commonly used at the entrance gate of various residential areas, enterprises, factories, and other places, which is specially used to control pedestrian access.

We can provide OEM and ODM services. We also provide biometric devices, such as IC/ID card reader, fingerprint scanner, QR code scanner, face recognition camera, and so on. If you need to integrate these devices on the turnstile gate or have any questions, please contact us

The first video is an ordinary sliding turnstile, which is ultra silent and looks beautiful. The following video is a customized sliding turnstile. No matter the size or appearance of the sliding turnstile, it is customized according to the actual needs of customers. If you need to customize a similar sliding turnstile, you can also contact us

SLIDING GATE TURNSTILE features an elegant design, high speed, high security, small noise operation, smooth running, long life span. It’s high integrated to be compatible with face recognition temperature scanner, fingerprints access control, QR system, ESD access control RFID, etc. Being the speed flap barrier, the swing baffle open automatically when power off, free for passing for fire/ emergency exit requirements.

  • SLIDING TURNSTILE is constructed to control people entering or exiting the restricted area. It is usually used in high pedestrian traffic flow locations in both directions.
  • The sliding turnstile barrier gate casing is made of brushed 304 stainless steel which creates a seamless and nice entrance system to blend into most indoor environments.
  • It can be integrated with all third-party access control systems (e.g.: RFID access system, Push the button, Fingerprint and face recognition with temperature check).
  • In case of emergency, the Sliding Turnstile arm will open automatically connecting with the battery or capacitor to allow free passage.
  • Optical sliding turnstile is suitable for luxury and elegant entrance solutions.
  • The sliding gate turnstile features fast speed, long life, high performance, and high operation dependability.
  •  Alarm function, in case of illegal intrusion and reverse intrusion.
  • The infrared sensor will alarm and the LED light will flash to prevent pinch pedestrians.
  • Automatic reset function: sliding arms will close automatically within 5s in default (can be setting) if passenger delays to
  • The sliding turnstile will stay in the lock if someone wants to burst in without swiping the RFID card.
  • LED directional indicator on top and front post
  • Anti-reverse function, the turnstile alarms if someone wants to enter in the reverse direction.
  • Bi-direction or single direction running are options

sliding turnstile gate dimensions MT247

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