1. Power: AC220C±10V,50HZ

2. Operating: Temperature -15℃-60℃

3. Relative Humidity: ≤95%, No Sensation

4. Access Width: ≤600mm

5. Passing Speed: 30persons/min(IC Card)

6. Input Connection: +12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V

7. Communication Connection: RS485 Communication Module Standard.

8. Material: SUS304, thickness is no less than 1.5mm

9. Protection Grade: IP54

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Tripod turnstile mechanism, Automatic tripod turnstile mechanism

Durable customized automatic tripod turnstile gate mechanism

In the assembly line of polyketide synthase, a turnstile gate mechanism for the simultaneous processing of intermediates was determined. Chain elongation causes the module to close and the chain to shift to the next module to reopen the turnstile.

The tripod turnstile mechanism is one of the core components of the tripod turnstile gate, and the turnstile mechanism controls the tripod turnstile gate by controlling the swing of the wing arm. The operation quality of the tripod turnstile mechanism determines the quality of the tripod turnstile gate, but the failure of the tripod turnstile gate is also related to the tripod turnstile mechanism.


  1. The shell is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5mm;
  2. Mechatronics structure design, special process turntable, stable and reliable mechanical self-locking mechanism
  3. Two-way access (Bidirectional Arm)
  4. After sending the door opening signal, if it fails to pass within 5 seconds, it will be locked again
  5. When the power is cut off automatically, the arm will drop (with arm drop function), When powering on, it is necessary to manually release the lever and reset the swing arm (optional)
  6. Can be connected to the external two-way flow counter to display the number of people passing in this direction. When people pass through, the corresponding counting port outputs a pulse width signal of about 200 widths. If personnel fail to pass the gate, the corresponding counting port will not output within 200ms.
  7. Anti-reversal personnel (prevent others from following)
  8. DC12V electromechanical motor, one person positive locking operation at a time; Prevent reversal.
  9. Emergency time and power failure time: the arm will automatically descend to keep the evacuation passageway unblocked.
  10. It can be used for the interface of the access control systems, such as biometric card readers, RFID card readers, scan card readers, buttons, etc.
  11. The status light indicator is available.
  12. There is a passenger counter.


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