1. Power: AC220C±10V,50/60HZ;

2. Machine core: Semiautomatic

3. Operating Temperature: -45℃-60℃

4. Passing Speed: 30persons/min(IC Card)

5. Relative Humidity: ≤95%, No Condensation

6. Passage Width: ≤600mm

7. Communication Connection: RS485 Communication

8. Material: Stainless steel 304, thickness is no less than 1.3mm

9. Communication Distance: 1200M

10. Running life: 3 Million(Continuous Opening and Closing Operation)

11. Protect level: IP54

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Full height turnstile mechanism, Semi-Automatic full height turnstile mechanism 

The full height turnstile mechanism is one of the core components of the turnstile gate, and the full height turnstile mechanism controls the turnstile gate by controlling the swing of the wing arm. This full height turnstile mechanism is for 120-degree or 90-degree rotating full-height turnstiles.

The mechanism of the full-height turnstile gate is the core of the whole full-height turnstile gate.

The operation quality of the mechanism determines the quality of the full height turnstile gate, but the failure of the full-height turnstile gate is also related to the mechanism. Only the correct use method and proper maintenance are the keys to ensuring the service life of the turnstile gate. It is also a method to improve the overall service life of the turnstile gate, Mairs offers the best quality mechanism for a full-height turnstile gate.


  1. Stable operation, no noise, and mechanical impact
  2. The number of passengers can be set
  3. Several mold processing methods for you to choose
  4. Bi-direction one direction allowed, one forbidden, or one direction charging, one free. All working molds are set by buttons on the main control board
  5. The falling beam and hanging beam can be controlled over a long distance to meet the special requirements of users and fire protection requirements.
  6. The direction indicator light tells you the direction to go on the turnstile
  7. Standard electrical interface, RS485 communication interface, relay interface, and level interface connected with various reading and writing devices
  8. All functions are realized on one all-in-one computer, which is controlled and managed remotely by a computer
  9. It can automatically count the number of passers-by, LED display
  10. Cut off the power supply to lift the beam. When the power is on, the arm will rise automatically and stop when encountering obstacles
  11. The function with or without card reader memory can be set according to your needs.
  12. Operation self-check the alarm
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