Why use turnstiles?

why use turnstiles

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Why use turnstiles?

Why use turnstiles? In general, because it manages the flow of people safely and reliably and regulates pedestrian access, it can effectively identify and block passing people and vehicles, and effectively improve the passing efficiency of pedestrians.

Why use turnstiles, is it necessary for us to use turnstiles? Do we have to use turnstiles? Yes, because it can bring us security, improve the efficiency of our managed access control personnel, and also save us the cost of managing the place. Next, let’s analyze why use turnstiles in detail.

Nowadays, all public places are willing to install pedestrian turnstile gates. What are the benefits of the application of pedestrian turnstile gates? Why use turnstiles? I think the main reason is that the turnstiles have the following characteristics.

Save money, save labor costs

Using turnstiles in certain places not only saves money and labor costs, but also improves management efficiency.

For example, using a turnstile gate ticketing system in scenic areas can not only help with better management, but also save a large amount of labor costs for the scenic area. It can also monitor the passenger flow situation in real-time to avoid unexpected situations and take timely response measures. At the same time, the intelligent tripod turnstile gate can also analyze the traffic situation of the scenic area in real-time, thereby eliminating financial loopholes and ensuring the economic benefits of the scenic area.

Security and confidentiality

The pedestrian turnstile gate has an anti-scour function when it is not opened. At this time, the turnstile gate is automatically closed and the swing arm is automatically locked, effectively preventing the illegal entry of foreign personnel and vehicles, and ensuring the safety of personnel and goods in the area. At the same time, managers can also conduct remote control and management through software, which is particularly convenient for management.

For the anti-collision function of the pedestrian turnstile gate, if the swing arm is obstructed during resetting, the turnstile gate will stop working within the specified time, and the swing arm collision force is minimal, effectively ensuring the safety of passing personnel. With the automatic reset function of the pedestrian turnstile gate, if there is no access after the turnstile gate is opened, the system will cancel the user’s access right, which also plays a protective role.

Convenient and fast

Smart pedestrian turnstile gate, swiping card in and out, fast card reading speed, unlimited, can be connected to a variety of card reading devices, can be connected to face recognition devices to achieve face brushing and non-sensory access, and has a counting and statistics function, which can be used for real-time storage and intelligent analysis and statistics of various data.

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Simplicity, Flexibility, Reliability

The turnstile machine equipment is convenient to install, easy to connect, simple to operate, and requires no daily maintenance. You can set functions according to your own needs to meet various usage methods of users.

The uninvited face can not enter, only the digital card can enter, and can make its own safety judgment.

This is the main reason why use turnstiles. In this way, it is necessary for us to use this product. MairsTurnstile is committed to protecting the safety of users, aiming to meet all consumers with better technology and more comprehensive services.

The purpose of turnstiles

Above we described why use turnstiles, and what is the purpose of turnstiles. In short, the turnstile gate can effectively control and manage passages with large traffic, the turnstile gate can also effectively help the staff to accurately and quickly identify the identity of visitors, especially in places with large traffic, such as the subway stations, and railway stations. Now face recognition technology is also very mature. On many occasions in many cities, the turnstile gate has been used to check tickets, which has brought a lot of convenience to our life.  Let’s look at it in more detail.

Entrance control

The turnstile gate can be used in any facility and place to control personnel access and when they can access it. With biometric equipment and an access control system, the turnstile gate can independently and efficiently realize the safety management of pedestrians at the entrance and exit.

Ensure safety

One of the most important purposes of the turnstile gate is to ensure the safety of the place where it is installed. Only people with permission can pass through the turnstile gate. Among all turnstile gates, the safety performance of the full-height turnstile gate is the highest. Its structure from floor to ceiling enhances the safety performance, which makes it basically impermeable. It was used in high-risk/high-security places such as data centers, prisons, construction sites, and highly confidential government and military facilities.

Attendance statistics

The turnstile gate combined with attendance software can also count the number of people entering and exiting. Many amusement parks, sports venues, and companies use pedestrian turnstile gates to accurately measure how many people are in the facility, when the peak is, and whether there are still people in the facility. The installation of turnstile gates with counters can provide important information about relevant personnel flow and peak hours.

Payment execution

Turnstiles are often used in special places where payment is required. Any place requiring admission tickets or payment can apply the turnstile gate to prevent unauthorized people from entering. Most places use turnstile gates equipped with card readers or QR code scanners to scan tickets and confirm whether personnel should be allowed to enter. If a valid ticket is presented, the turnstile gate will be unlocked and only a single person will be allowed to enter.

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Benefits of using the turnstiles

The benefits of installing the turnstile gate are mainly reflected in its role on different occasions.

1. Access control management: turnstile gate combines with an access control system to realize the role of access control management

2. Visitor management: turnstile gate is combined with a visitor system to realize an effective experience for foreign visitors

3. Attendance management: combined with the attendance system, the turnstile gate can help enterprises and group buildings effectively manage employees’ clock-in and clock-out. It can also improve the effective management of in and out attendance while achieving access control.

4. Member management: The turnstile gate combined with the member management system, can help restaurants, gyms, self-service supermarkets, and other occasions to effectively manage members and non-members.

5. Ticket checking function: combined with the ticket checking system, the turnstile gate can improve the ticket checking efficiency on the transportation track and on other occasions, and help museums, exhibition halls, memorial halls, and other occasions to separate real tickets and improve the admission efficiency.

In general, the installation of the gate can improve the passage experience of the channel, the overall image of the office building, and other occasions, and achieve multiple functions in combination with the software system.

Convenience of using the turnstiles

What conveniences does the pedestrian turnstile gate bring to life?

1. Daily management: it can effectively control the pedestrian access gate equipment to achieve authorized access.

2. Monitoring management: real-time monitoring of personnel’s access position, which can be easily viewed even if it is far away from the equipment.

3. Channel setting: realize networked pedestrian channel gate mode management, and automatically change the mode according to the time period.

4. System management: The express door can realize the management operation of multiple users and multiple permissions, so that managers and users can use it more conveniently.

Next, let’s explain why to use turnstiles in different places

Why use turnstiles in office buildings?

What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in office buildings? why use turnstiles in office buildings?

The advantages are: it can be embedded in multiple systems such as; Attendance, access control, face recognition, visitors, etc., and multi-functional personnel access management can also improve the corporate image.

Swing turnstile and flap barrier turnstile are commonly used.

The choice of multiple types and models can also be customized according to the decoration style of the occasion.

What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in office buildings? Pedestrian turnstile gates are set at the main entrance and exit of the office building to effectively manage the personnel entering and leaving the office building and improve the security of the building.

Several groups of pedestrian turnstile gates are set at the main entrance and exit of the office building. The internal staff of the building can freely access the turnstile gate by virtue of the internal staff card issued by the building’s all-in-one card system center. The time and identity of the person entering and exiting the turnstile gate are stored in a large number of databases for the property and relevant personnel to query when necessary.

The turnstile gate of the pedestrian passage for employees in the building to and from work swiping their cards realizes the attendance management function at the same time, and the setting of the turnstile gate of the entrance passage avoids the harassment of the internal staff by idle people.

The external visitors are controlled through the access control function of the turnstile gate. When there are foreign visitors, the visitor first reports to the reception desk to explain the reason for the visit, the object to meet, and the estimated time of the visit. The reception staff contacts the interviewees through the building’s internal telephone for confirmation.

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Why use turnstiles on construction sites?

Construction Turnstile: What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates on construction sites? why use turnstiles on constructions? If you want to check more details about construction turnstiles, please check: construction turnstiles

The function of intelligent turnstile gate on construction site:

Tripod turnstile gates installed on the construction site can count the number of people entering the construction site. Some construction sites will also install face recognition and helmet recognition to prevent accidents

The advantages are as follows:

1. The flexibility of the access control system of the flap barrier gate at the construction site: the system can flexibly set the access control personnel’s authority, time period control, the validity of the cardholder, blacklist loss reporting, card addition, and other functions.

2. Multi-use of the flap barrier gate access control system at the construction site: through authorization, the user card can be used for “one card” management of parking, attendance, access control, patrol, consumption, etc., to easily achieve multi-use of one card.

3. The simplicity of the flap barrier gate access control system on the construction site: easy installation, simple wiring, and easy operation.

4. The capacity expansion of the flap barrier gate access control system on the construction site is convenient: the computer and intelligent management system adopt wireless communication mode, and the number of channels can be expanded at will. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gates and elevator control equipment needs to be increased as required, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent turnstile gates, and the software can set the new equipment.

Why use turnstiles in scenic spots?

The role of pedestrian turnstile gates in scenic spots, What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in scenic spots? why use turnstiles in scenic spots?

The scenic spot pedestrian turnstile gate is an effective means to improve the management level of the modern tourism industry

Four benefits of using the pedestrian turnstile gate in the scenic spot

1. Reduce the pressure of ticket checking and labor cost. Through the pedestrian turnstile gate system of the scenic spot, there is no need for manual ticket checking in the whole process, and tourists do not need to collect tickets separately. Just show the QR code of the ticket to enter the park, and you can scan the code as easily as passing the subway gate. Ticket checking through the gate can not only save manpower investment in ticket checking, but also improve the efficiency of ticket checking in the park and relieve the pressure of tourists queuing.

2. Refuse genuine and fake tickets to avoid financial losses. Traditional manual ticket checking may not be able to effectively identify the authenticity of tickets at the peak of tourist arrivals, resulting in huge financial risks for the scenic spot. The gate system can effectively and accurately identify fake tickets and secondary tickets in the scenic area, and avoid unnecessary financial losses in the scenic area.

3. Standardize the ticket-checking behavior, and eliminate the favor tickets and missing tickets. The favor tickets and missing tickets are also unavoidable problems that the scenic spot often faces. The strict one-ticket one-person mode is adopted for the turnstile gate, which can effectively regulate the ticket-checking behavior, and eliminate the favor tickets and missing tickets.

4. Count the number of people in the park in real-time. Many scenic spots have no idea about the behavior of tourists in the park, such as the time of tourists’ stay, the number of tourists in the scenic area, the peak period of tourists, etc., but the intelligent gate can directly connect with the gate system to achieve timely and accurate statistics of data, making the scenic area management more scientific.

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Why use turnstiles in hospitals?

The function of the hospital pedestrian turnstile gate, What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in hospitals? why use turnstiles in hospitals?

1. Fast passing epidemic prevention pedestrian turnstile gate can make the entrance and exit management orderly. We will not worry about the problem of crowded manual verification and missing personnel during peak hours, so access management will be much easier.

2. The registration process of the intelligent epidemic pedestrian turnstile gate will be simplified, saving both time and effort.

3. With the advantages of mobile artificial intelligence technology and 5G technology, combined with the traditional fast pass gate structure, it can quickly verify the identity information, and accurately give the release or guidance instructions according to the analysis data.

4. It can reduce the pressure on the medical staff, make medical staff safer and more convenient, improve traffic comfort, and also improve the efficiency of hospital management.

5. Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, fast, efficient, and unique face recognition algorithm, accurate face recognition using Linux operating system, system stability better support ten thousand face comparison database and ten thousand face recognition records.

MairsTurnstile’s intelligent security inspection solution for hospitals will continue to upgrade to the intelligent and integrated security inspection based on the combination of civil air defense and technical defense according to its diversified application scenarios and the different needs of the hospital, so as to contribute to the wisdom and strength of private enterprises to the prevention and control.

Why use turnstiles in kindergartens?

Functions and benefits of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in kindergartens, What are the advantages of installing pedestrian turnstile gates in kindergartens? why use turnstiles in kindergartens?

With the continuous development of the times and technology, the pedestrian turnstile gate has also followed the market demand and gradually adapted to the current market. The intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate has highlighted its advantages in the school access control field.

With the large-scale development of smart schools and safe schools, most school entrances and exits will choose to install intelligent pedestrian turnstile access control systems to achieve safe traffic management.

Whether to install the pedestrian turnstile gate mainly includes the following points:

1. The role of campus pedestrian turnstile gate and the security of turnstile gate equipment

The pedestrian turnstile gate is installed in the kindergarten, mainly for the safety of children’s anti-pinch. The pedestrian turnstile gate is a piece of automatic mechanical equipment. After swiping the card, the turnstile barrier gate will open automatically and close automatically after passing. The flap barrier turnstile is recommended here, and anti-pinch detection infrared is also available at the lower part.

2. Safety of pedestrian turnstile gate for kindergarten pickup

In recent years, people have paid more attention to school education, in which school access control is a major security focus. How to ensure the safety of children in kindergartens? How to prevent people from entering kindergarten? The current pedestrian turnstile gate access control can effectively prevent tailgating, generate effective travel records, and isolate idle people.

3. What practical functions does the pedestrian turnstile gate have?

The turnstile gate equipment improves the grade of the site. The pedestrian turnstile gate itself is a product of new technology and belongs to intelligent integrated mechanization equipment. Installed at the school entrance gate, it can not only improve the security, but also improve the quality of the facade.

Why use turnstiles, In terms of products and technology, the turnstile gate machine works through a fixed program. The error rate of this fixed program is very low, and the work efficiency is also very high normally. It can receive signals, open the turnstile gate, pass the inspector, and close the turnstile gate almost every three seconds. This efficiency is very high.

The security of the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate is also very high. Because it is controlled by an intelligent system, the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate does not have subjective conditions. The intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate will not open if no signal is detected.

In addition, if someone breaks through the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate, the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate does not receive a signal, but if someone passes through the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate, it will self-judge that it is an illegal entry, and the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate will give an alarm, Warn the intruder or send a signal to the police to let them deal with it, so that the security can be improved.

The above is all the content of why use turnstiles. It can be seen that the safety and efficiency of the turnstiles are the main purposes for us to use them. At the same time, it can also greatly save our labor costs. Our Mairs gates have passed CE certification and ISO 9001 certification. We can greatly save your costs while providing top quality.


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