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Last updated on: March 14th, 2023 11:35 am

What is ESD turnstile gate system?

What is ESD turnstile gate system? ESD turnstile gate system is a new type of access control management system which combines human electrostatic test and turnstile access control management. The main components of the system are electrostatic test equipment(ESD Tester, ESD wristband, ESD wrist strap, ESD shoes), intelligent ESD access control equipment(ESD turnstile), and intelligent IC card (or fingerprint scanner and other biological identification), and ESD system management software.

ESD turnstile gate system has the functions of safe, effective, and orderly access control for the personnel in the access control management, and intelligent management such as testing whether the static electricity on the body is up to the standard; In order to achieve a safe and convenient working environment, it is recommended to use ESD turnstile gate system and ESD turnstile from MairsTurnstile.

The video shows an ESD turnstile gate system we customized for our customers. The ESD display screen and control panel on the turnstile gate have two different styles. You can ask our salesperson for relevant information. The customized function of this ESD turnstile gate needs to be used with a fingerprint machine. The functions that need to be realized on the ESD turnstile gate will be customized according to the needs of customers. Of course, it can also be used with a face recognition camera or card reader, This is based on the needs of customers.

We provide all devices including software and hardware. Our ESD turnstile gate system, including self-developed software and hardware equipment, has been sold to Brazil, India, Germany, Chile, the United States, and other countries, and has been unanimously praised. At present, our software contains three languages. Of course, if you need to customize a special language, we can also help you implement it.

We promise to use only high-quality turnstile mechanisms that have been tested and verified for countless times, and never use relatively cheap defective products with poor quality, which is also the most basic requirement for us to ensure quality. Each of our accessories is strictly screened and quality controlled. Only in this way can we make a pedestrian turnstile gate that truly satisfies customers. Each of our components can be shown and tested separately to customers.

This video mainly shows the whole ESD turnstile gate system, including the software independently developed by MairsTurnstile. The front part of the video mainly shows the function of the ESD turnstile gate system. The front part shows that you can pass through the ESD turnstile gate without any electrostatic test. You only need to verify your fingerprint. Then the staff set the ESD turnstile gate system software that the tester needs to pass the wrist electrostatic test before passing.

In this way, the corresponding results will be displayed on the display screen, so that you can pass only if all conditions are met, If the tester fails to pass the wrist electrostatic test, it will prompt no passage. It can be seen from the video that only after our testers simulated the electrostatic condition of the wrist, the display will show the passing state, and the ESD turnstile will open the gate after receiving the signal.

Next, the video shows the main components of the ESD turnstile gate system in detail. ESD turnstile gate, ESD control panel, display, fingerprint machine, and ESD turnstile gate system software. Then the video shows how to set up the fingerprint machine, and how to input employees’ fingerprints and related information. The last part of the video shows the operation interface of the ESD turnstile gate system software and how to enter employee information through the software and the permission to authorize the existing employees. The employee information in the ESD software should be consistent with the employee information in the fingerprint machine.

ESD turnstile gate system is used to detect the static electricity of the entry personnel before entering the anti-static work area. This system is an advanced product of human body static comprehensive tester (according to GJB 3007-97, SJ / T 10694-2006, and ANSI ESD s20.20 standards), static access control equipment, and computerized management software, which can ensure that the operators are ready for the correct protection of static electricity when entering the static protection area;

Combined with the ESD turnstile gate as the access control equipment of the people flows channel, according to the authority setting of the card, there are a variety of entry modes (hand test, shoe test, hand shoe on the same side, no test). The system can provide an orderly and civilized way for people to enter and exit, eliminate illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the opening of gates in case of emergency, and organize personnel evacuation.

Since the ESD turnstile is a very important part of the ESD turnstile gate system, let’s introduce the ESD turnstile in detail.

What is ESD turnstile?

ESD Turnstile is a kind of turnstile gate that integrates with human electrostatic test devices(ESD Tester, ESD wrist band, ESD wrist strap, ESD shoes) to realize the security management of special pedestrian access control. We can customize the ESD turnstile according to your requirements. Of course, We can integrate these human electrostatic test devices(like ESD tester, ESD wrist band, ESD wrist strap, ESD shoes) into our turnstile gate. We also provide other biometric devices, such as IC/ID card readers, fingerprint scanners, QR code scanners, face recognition cameras, and so on. If you need to integrate these devices on the ESD turnstile gate or have any questions, please inquiry us

esd turnstile gate system

Application sites of ESD turnstile:

Compared with other types of turnstiles, this type of equipment is generally used indoors, and it is especially needed in electrostatic-sensitive places, such as large-scale electronic factories, component sealing, and testing factories, Electronic assembly workshops, Precision instrument operation rooms, dust-free departments, textile companies, oil terminals, research laboratories, research institutes, hospital control area, aerospace maintenance area, etc.

Why install ESD turnstile?

In fact, each of us will generate static electricity more or less, but some people have large static electricity and some people have small static electricity. Most electronic factories involve electronic components. In daily life and work, the electrostatic voltage perceived by the normal human body will exceed 2-4kv. If the static electricity is carried by our contacts with IC components, almost all ICs will be damaged. The components of the electronic factory are very precise and small, so the electrostatic discharge will burn the circuit and cause the parts to be damaged and scrapped.

In addition, static electricity will absorb dust, change the resistance of the line, seriously affect its service life, and more seriously, produce unqualified products, leading to serious consequences. If there are no corresponding protective and preventive measures in the production process, it will lead to a batch of waste products and bring irreparable losses to the factory.

Static electricity can be as light as several tens of volts, and can reach hundreds of volts or even thousands of volts in serious cases. It is easy to break down the integrated circuit. Therefore, special attention should be paid to eliminating static electricity. The dust-free workshop should maintain the environmental humidity and use anti-static equipment, otherwise, it is easy to cause accidents, so the ESD turnstile access control system will be installed.

Static electricity always exists. So how can we prevent it? Generally, some manufacturers will provide anti-static clothing, shoes, gloves, hats, and other products. However, the antistatic ability of this product will decrease over time. How can I know if my anti-static equipment is effective and can be replaced in time? Mairs ESD turnstile gate system can solve such problems. ESD turnstile gate system developed and produced by Mairs is an advanced product combining electrostatic test with an electronic access control system, computerized management software, and pedestrian access control turnstile gate.

In many places with electrostatic protection areas (EPA), the testing of electrostatic shoes and electrostatic wristbands is carried out by traditional manual testing or supervision, which is difficult to implement and even prone to errors, difficult to win the trust of customers and management, and also forms a great potential loophole of personnel electrostatic grounding; Mairs ESD turnstile gate system puts forward direct and effective solutions to these shortcomings, so as to ensure that operators have made preparations for electrostatic grounding when entering EPA area;

In addition, the flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, tripod turnstile gate, and other access control equipment are used as the control equipment of the pedestrian flow channel. It can provide an orderly and civilized way of passage for people entering and leaving, prevent illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the falling of poles in case of emergency to organize personnel evacuation. ESD turnstile gate system ensures that the static electricity carried by employees entering the workshop is within a safe range, and can reduce the loss of millions of your company due to static electricity every year. This also explains why electronic factories are equipped with ESD turnstile gate system.

There is anti-static equipment in the anti-static workshop: an anti-static floor, ion fan, anti-static platform, etc. if the human body parameters are unqualified, such as static shoes and wrist straps, the static electricity accumulated by the human body will not be released into the anti-static environment built at a greater cost in the workshop; However, the real-time on-line detection system in the workshop is not very effective due to human avoidability. ESD turnstile gate system is mandatory. Employees must pass the ESD anti-static access control system test before entering the workshop, and the test data can be used as attendance data.

ESD turnstile gate system types

ESD turnstile gate system is composed of an ESD turnstile gate, electrostatic tester, and electrostatic mainboard and display green. Generally, there are two ESD turnstile gate system types that need software and do not need software, which is described below respectively.

ESD turnstile gate system type without software

1. Hardware configuration: ESD turnstile gate machine (tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, swing turnstile gate, speed gates), electrostatic tester, footboard, electrostatic motherboard, display screen

2. About Installation: It’s easy to install because there is no software, no network cable, computer, etc.

3. Function: it can only test whether the resistance of employees’ electrostatic shoes and wrist straps is within the range. There is no software and no test record

4. Test item mode: Test item mode: either test electrostatic shoes, or test electrostatic bracelets, or test both electrostatic shoes and bracelets. Only one of the three modes can be selected and cannot be used at the same time

ESD turnstile gate system type with software

1. Hardware configuration: ESD turnstile gate machine (tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, swing turnstile gate, speed gates), electrostatic tester, footboard, electrostatic motherboard, display screen

2. About Installation: with software, network cable, computer, etc., the installation is more complicated than the ESD turnstile gate system solution without software

3. Function: test whether the resistance of employees’ electrostatic shoes and electrostatic wrist strap is within the range. There are software and test records, which can be seen in the corresponding software

4. Display screen: the display screen embedded on the ESD turnstile gate can display: Digital ESD access control system, time and date, prompt statements (test fail, no pass, no register card, please swipe card, please pass), and other contents in a standby state; There are also employee names, card numbers, departments, test types, etc., all of which can be set through the ESD turnstile gate system software.

5. Test item mode: tests electrostatic shoes, tests electrostatic bracelets, tests electrostatic shoes and electrostatic bracelets, which can be set in the software, and different employees can set different test modes

The above are two kinds of ESD turnstile gate system types. The ESD turnstile gate system with software is more expensive. There is ESD turnstile gate system software. You can query the static electricity test records, which can better and more effectively manage the factory staff, and you can choose according to your own needs. Mairs provides a full set of ESD turnstile gate systems with software. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

For a brief introduction to the ESD turnstile gate system software and its operation, please refer to the following video:

About the ESD turnstile gate system software, when you get Mairs ESD turnstile gate, you need to make some simple settings to use it directly. First, you need to install our ESD turnstile gate system software on the computer, and then the software needs to be connected with our ESD turnstile gate system. Then you need to set the IP and subnet of the system, The gateway is consistent with the data of the computer you need to connect, so you can connect, and then you can control our ESD turnstile gate system through the software.

When you set it up, you can operate it according to the steps in the video. Please note that when your Bluetooth mouse is inserted into the interface of our ESD turnstile gate system, you need to restart the system, specifically unplug the power cord, and then connect it. In this way, you can see that the ESD turnstile gate system has been restarted, and then you can operate it with the mouse. If you have any questions, please contact our technician.

How to choose ESD turnstile gate?

ESD turnstile gate system is composed of a human body comprehensive tester, footplate, display screen, ESD turnstile gate, etc. However, there are many types of ESD turnstile gates, such as tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, swing turnstile gate, speed gates, etc. users generally do not know their differences and do not know how to choose them. Next, let’s introduce how to choose the ESD turnstile gate for the ESD turnstile access control system. If you don’t know how to choose, please contact us through the online chat in the lower right corner or email, and we will provide you with the best solution and the best product and software system.

1. According to the installation dimensions, what is the size, width, and depth of the ESD turnstile gate system installed at the entrance of the dust-free workshop? If both sides are against the wall, an 80mm gap needs to be left, that is, the total size minus 80mm.

Taking the double channel as an example, the width of the double-channel installation of the tripod turnstile gate: gap 80 + tripod turnstile gate width 280 + channel width 550 + tripod turnstile gate width 280 + channel width 550=1740mm, Width of flap barrier turnstile gate double-channel installation: gap 80+ flap barrier turnstile gate width 300+ channel width 550+ flap barrier turnstile gate width 300+ channel width 550+ flap barrier turnstile gate width 300+ gap 80=2160mm, width of swing turnstile gate double-channel installation: gap 80+ swing turnstile gate width 280+ channel width 700+ swing turnstile gate width 280+ channel width 700 + swing turnstile gate width 280 + gap 80=2400mm

2. According to the traffic speed, the total number of employees in the dust-free workshop needs to detect static electricity. If there are a large number of people, the speed of the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier turnstile is faster than that of the swing turnstile gate, depending on the on-site use for details.

3. According to the appearance. The appearance of the flap barrier turnstile gate and swing turnstile gate should be better. This is a subjective factor, which should be selected according to your own needs

4. According to the operating sound, after passing the electrostatic detection, when personnel passes the turnstile gate, the sound of the ESD flap barrier turnstile and ESD swing turnstile gate is smaller, and the sound of the ESD tripod turnstile is relatively larger.

5. According to the way of opening the door, after passing the electrostatic detection, the ESD flap barrier turnstile and ESD swing turnstile will open the door automatically, and the ESD tripod turnstile needs to be pushed by hand.

6. According to the voice prompt, there is no voice prompt for the ESD tripod turnstile. After the electrostatic test is passed, the ESD flap barrier turnstile and ESD swing turnstile will have a voice prompt, and the turnstile gate has its own voice function.

7. According to the price. The price of flap barrier turnstile and swing turnstile gates is more expensive, and the tripod turnstile gate is relatively cheaper.

ESD turnstile gate is an integral part of the ESD turnstile gate system. ESD turnstile gate, electrostatic tester, footplate, etc. form the ESD  turnstile gate system. The following describes the differences between the ESD tripod turnstile, ESD swing turnstile gate, ESD flap barrier turnstile gate, and ESD speed gates.

ESD Tripod turnstile gate: the price is lower. Only one is needed for one channel. It needs to be pushed open by hand when it is used. There is a certain sound when the ESD tripod turnstile rotates.

ESD swing turnstile gate: it can be used by single swing or double swing. The channel is relatively wide, and it can pass goods such as trolleys. ESD static electricity meets the requirements. The swing turnstile gate opens itself without pushing it.

ESD flap barrier turnstile gate: it is usually used in opposite directions. It is more expensive. There is a voice prompt. ESD static electricity meets the requirements. The flap barrier turnstile gate opens itself.

ESD speed gates: it is generally used in opposite directions. The chassis is relatively narrow, with a better appearance and higher price.

To sum up, you can choose the ESD turnstile gate matching the ESD turnstile access control system according to your workshop needs.

esd turnstile gate system

Card swiping or face recognition?

ESD turnstile access control system on the market, including card swiping and face recognition, how to choose these two ways?

Advantages of card swiping ESD turnstile gate system

1. Swipe your card to respond quickly and save time. Face recognition should be slower

2. The price is relatively low, and the price of face recognition is more expensive

3. It is simpler to input personnel information, and photos are required for face recognition

Disadvantages of card swiping ESD turnstile gate system

  1. It may be someone else’s card, which cannot be guaranteed to be my authorized operation behavior. Face recognition needs to recognize my face, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of stealing and borrowing cards.

To sum up, the choice of ESD turnstile access control solution needs to be based on customer needs and budget.

ESD turnstile maintenance:

The ESD turnstile gate includes a pedestrian turnstile gate, a human body comprehensive electrostatic tester, an electrostatic management host, a power supply, etc. In order to use ESD turnstile better and longer, we must understand how to better maintain the product. Of course, if you want to know more about the knowledge of turnstile gate maintenance, please check our other article: turnstile maintenance

1. Check whether the power cord, network cable, and grounding wire of the pedestrian turnstile gate, electrostatic tester, and management host are normal every quarter.

2. Check whether the power lights and network signal lights on the pedestrian turnstile gate control board and electrostatic management motherboard are normal.

3. Check the connection of each interface of the turnstile mechanism to prevent the firmware from loosening.

4. Add lubricating oil to the connecting parts and mechanism inside the turnstile gate every six months to maintain a good lubrication state.

5. Check whether the card reader is loose and affects the sensitivity of card recognition.

6. The static tester needs to be calibrated once a year (the networked anti-static gate can be calibrated automatically through the management host).

7. The anti-static management software does not need maintenance, and only needs to be changed when adding functions.

Where to buy ESD Turnstile?

If you want to buy an ESD turnstile, please choose the right one from our products page, If you don’t know which one you should buy or you have any problem with the ESD turnstile gate system, you can contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect ESD turnstile gate system solution.

We also provide ESD access control system solutions, including all accessories hardware products, and software, for example, card readers, anti-static testers, two-foot test pedal, single and double circuit sockets, passage gate, Linux motherboard, 8-inch LCD display, backstage management software circuit socket, etc. If you need details of all these accessories, please contact our staff for details.

Of course, Mairs ESD turnstiles can also be made into other styles. If you want to choose other styles to customize the ESD turnstiles, please tell us your choices and some other specific needs.

Features of ESD turnstile:

  1. Integrate with RFID card and IC card automatic recognition/fingerprint recognition/face recognition.
  2. Anti-static test.
  3. Real-time upload of the swiping card information.
  4. Multimedia signage linkage monitoring function.
  5. Alarm function.
  6. Integration of test+swipe card+display, the integration of stainless steel and acrylic.
  7. Support full-screen record display, support live voice broadcast.
  8. Support the English language, you can also customize to add other languages.

How does ESD turnstile work?

  1. Swipe the RFID card or IC card plug in the wrist strap and stand on the footboard.
  2. Touch the test button after swiping the RFID card or IC card.
  3. Test results are shown on the screen.
  4. Allow or prohibit passage.

Application description of ESD turnstile:

1. Realize automatic testing and automatic identification of personnel identity

2. Support left and right foot electrostatic tests, multiple identification methods, and infrared sensors

3. Provide anti-static wrist and anti-static shoe tests for EPA personnel, and pass the test after passing the test

Test method and type of ESD turnstile:

1. When the employee tests that the electrostatic wristband is OK, the gate will open automatically and the employee can enter the workshop.

2. When the employee tests that the electrostatic shoes are OK, the gate will open automatically and the employee can enter the workshop.

3. When the employee has to ask his colleagues to test the electrostatic shoes and wrist strap, the gate will open automatically and the employee can enter the workshop.

4. When a customer wants to enter the workshop, we can prepare a VIP card for him. The card-swiping gate will open automatically and the customer can enter the workshop.

5. When the management staff needs to enter the workshop, we can use the test-free card, and the card-swiping gate will open automatically.

Operation steps of ESD turnstile:

1. Test preparation: the test staff shall first stand on the foot pedal with their feet in the middle of the footprints.

2. If you still need to test the electrostatic wrist strap, please insert it into the wrist strap test hole on the tester.

3. Employees touch the tester button in the middle with their fingers

4. Put the ID or IC card you wear close to the card reading window, and the instrument will automatically read the information on the employee card.

5. The system will automatically conduct an internal comparison, watch the LED display test results on the tester, or watch the LED LCD on the gate (the maximum test time is 0-5s, which can be adjusted. If it exceeds 5S, you need to swipe the card again for the test)

6. If the test is OK according to the setting, the system will turn on the gate to allow the tester to enter. If the test result is no, please check the item you test No.

7. The system automatically uploads the test result data to the PC database for storage. The storage quantity is unlimited and will not be lost after power failure for 10 years.

The functions of ESD turnstile:

1. Realize the double verification of personnel identity and static electricity test. When the card is legal and static electricity test is passed, it can pass the gate;

2. Flexible distribution of personnel authority. Different authorities are assigned to people with different identities. For example, the office manager only needs to swipe the card legally to pass the gate, while the workshop assembly workers need to swipe the card and pass the electrostatic test before they can pass the gate;

3. It is forbidden for unidentified persons to enter or leave at will and sneak in after them;

4. Fast and accurate statistics and real-time query of all kinds of in and out records;

5. Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, built-in automatic buffer device, stable operation, and long service life.

6. It has the emergency function of power-off. The brake rod will drop automatically when it is powered off, and it will be loaded automatically when it is powered on.

7. LED light with direction prompt, controller with statistical function, LED can display digital number.

8. Compatible with IC, ID, magnetic card, bar code card, antistatic, and other smart cards.

9. With standard input and output interfaces, it can be freely connected with various reading and writing devices, which is a better choice for system integrators

10. Can be extended to an automatic identity recognition system to achieve access control, attendance, charging, and other functions.

11. Can be integrated with other types of access control products.

flap barrier turnstile

ESD turnstile gate system solution:

In many places where the electrostatic protection area (EPA) is set up, the testing of electrostatic shoes and wristbands is carried out by the traditional manual login or supervision method, which is not easy to implement or even full of errors, and it is difficult to obtain the trust of customers and management, which also forms a great potential loophole in the electrostatic grounding of personnel;

ESD turnstile gate system for these shortcomings, put forward a direct and effective solution, to ensure that the operators in the EPA area, have done a good job in personnel electrostatic grounding preparation; And combined with the turnstile gate as the control equipment of the people flow channel. It can provide orderly and civilized access for people in and out, eliminate illegal access, and quickly open the gate in case of emergency to organize personnel evacuation. In the design of this solution, we fully consider the protection of product quality as much as possible through this system.

Analysis of access control demand

With the rapid development of the electronic industry, the quality of electronic equipment and components has been put forward with higher and higher requirements. In this way, in the early stage of the production of electronic equipment, the electrostatic test of employees is particularly important, but also to realize the automatic identification of employees.

ESD turnstile gate system integrates computer technology, network communication technology, ESD technology, automatic control technology, and induction card technology to realize automatic identification of employees and rapid passing of an electrostatic test. It is suitable for the electrostatic test control of the passageway in important places such as research institutes, laboratories, and factories.

Access control Security solutions  

The traditional electrostatic protection equipment used in most electronic workshops can not effectively eliminate the electrostatic discharge phenomenon, that is, electrostatic discharge (ESD), which is caused by the static electricity carried into the operation room by the operators. In general, the workers in the workshop will not wear wrist strap equipment according to the regulations, and there is no inspector to check the wearing condition.

Even if there is monitoring equipment, the workers can also make themselves out of the monitoring range, which leads to the meaninglessness of the set of static electricity elimination equipment, and the static electricity can not be released in time, resulting in electrostatic neutralization discharge, In the process of electrostatic discharge, a strong current is generated, and the heat is enough to completely melt the internal circuit of the semiconductor chip;

What’s worse is that only one-tenth of this kind of damage will make the whole components fail before the final test, and the remaining 90% will only cause partial damage to the circuit, that is to say, it can make the defects completely ignored through the final test, and lead to early on-site failure after delivery to customers.  

As a kind of access control system, access control turnstile equipment can effectively control the access personnel and orderly pass through the channel system, standardize employee management, save enterprise management expenditure and human cost, and realize the automatic management of employees in and out of the workshop.  

After a long time of in-depth research and analysis on the sources of static electricity in the electronic industry, and the investigation on the needs of electronic enterprises, through many years of practical experience, we have successfully integrated a set of static electricity system solutions to prevent the generation of static electricity. The system can effectively release the excessive static electricity on the staff, check the qualified wearing condition of the wrist strap, stop the static electricity outside the production workshop, and eliminate the hidden danger of electrostatic discharge. At present, the system has become an important means of quality assurance for electronic manufacturing component enterprises.

Design principles:

Due to the need for safe and efficient management, the design of an anti-static access control system should follow the following principles:

The practicability of the system

The content of the access control system should meet the actual needs, not be flashy. If the one-sided pursuit of the leading nature of the system,   It is bound to cause too much investment and too far away from the actual needs. Therefore,   The practicability of the system is the first principle to be followed. At the same time, the front-end products and system software of the system have good learnability and operability. In particular, the operability enables the management personnel with primary computer operation level to master the operation essentials of the system through simple training, so as to achieve the operation level of completing the duty task.

The stability of the system

Because the access control system is an uninterrupted long-term work system and is closely related to the normal operation of our electrostatic workshop, so the stability of the system is particularly important. The system should have more than three years of successful application experience in the market and corresponding customer groups and customer service system

System Security

All equipment and accessories in the access control system operate safely and reliably,   It should also comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards,   And it can work effectively in a non-ideal environment. The powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage function fully ensure the security of the user environment.

System maintainability

The maintenance of the access control system in the process of operation should be as simple as possible. The operation of the system can work when the power is turned on,   The extent to which you can plug it in. And there is no need to use too many special maintenance tools in the maintenance process. From the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system, the configuration of the front-end equipment has fully considered the reliability of the system.

When we achieve the lowest system failure rate, we also consider that even when problems occur due to unexpected reasons, we can ensure the convenient storage and rapid recovery of data, and ensure that the channel can be opened quickly in case of emergency. The maintenance of the whole system is online, and the normal operation of all equipment will not be stopped because of the maintenance of some equipment.

Description & analysis of design requirements  

The impact of ESD on electronic products is not only the damage of products but also the reliability of products (intermittent loss of function). It will lead to the instability of product performance and increase the number of maintenance. This situation accounts for 90% of electrostatic damage. The implementation of an anti-static access control system can effectively prevent the failure of reliability and other problems caused by static electricity.  

The system requirements are divided into the following three situations:  

   1. The employee can pass the three-stick gate only after the card is verified to be legal. It is required to display in the real-time record whether the card verification is legal or illegal, as well as the record of employees passing the three-stick gate;  

   2. Employees can pass the three-bar brake only after the card and foot static electricity test are passed. It is required to display in real-time record the records of card verification legal or illegal, the records of foot static electricity test passing or not passing, and the records of employees passing the three-bar brake;  

  3. Employees can pass the three-stick brake only after they pass the card and static test of hands and feet. It is required to display in real-time records the records of card verification legal or illegal, the records of hand static electricity test passing or not passing, the records of foot static electricity test passing or not passing, and the records of employees passing the three-bar brake.  

Each workshop can customize the test mode flexibly according to its own situation.

ESD turnstile gate system overview

ESD turnstile gate system is mainly composed of the electrostatic tester, ESD turnstile gate, central controller, inductive card reader, power supply, remote communicator, management computer, and server. Through the access control system, the access controller analyzes the authority of the swipe card personnel, carries out the corresponding static electricity test, and releases static electricity.

After the test is qualified, the channel will automatically release the static electricity (if the test is unqualified, the static electricity tester will automatically release its static electricity to ensure safety), and the employees can enter the indoor safe environment to avoid the damage to electronic devices caused by the static electricity carried in by the external environment.

Electrostatic tester

The electrostatic tester is the core component of the ESD turnstile gate system. It indirectly reflects the electrostatic index of the human body by testing the resistance of the human body, so as to ensure that the tested person is qualified to wear shoes, wristbands, etc. at the same time, it outputs signals to the subsequent components to drive the channel mechanism.  

According to the grouping signal of the central controller, the card swiper can be operated in four situations: hand and foot measurement, hand-only measurement, foot-only measurement, and no ESD detection.

ESD Turnstile

ESD detector and inductive card reader are equipped in the entrance direction of the ESD turnstile gate, and one person can pass through after the card swiping and electrostatic detection are qualified. The outside direction is also equipped with an inductive card reader for the company to set a two-way channel.

The exit ESD turnstile gate is equipped with an out-of-office inductive card reader, which can be set to swipe the card to go out or to go out freely.

esd turnstile gate system

Central controller  

Save the employee’s information, determine whether the employee is allowed to pass the test according to the card swiping signal, and send it to the electrostatic tester, and then drive the three roller brake mechanisms according to the output signal of the electrostatic tester.

Inductive card reader:  

Receive the swipe card signal and send it to the central controller for discrimination.  

Power supply:  

Provide power supply to all institutions.  

Remote communicator:  

The communication between the central controller and the computer is provided to complete the setting and data acquisition.  

 Management computer:  

 Install ESD turnstile gate system management software.

Server (optional)  

The existing Microsoft SQL Server database management system of the company can be used to install an ESD turnstile gate system database.

The design idea of ESD turnstile gate system  

Static electricity tests and automatic identification of personnel are realized. When the card is verified to be legal and the static electricity test is passed (the static electricity is within the safe range), the employee can be allowed to pass through the gate.  

Flexible allocation of personnel authority. Humanized design, for different identities of personnel, the allocation of different permissions. For example, office managers and visitors can pass the gate only by swiping the card legally, while workshop assembly workers can pass the gate only after swiping the card and passing the electrostatic test.  

Support left and right foot static tests. Test the correct wearing condition of wristbands to ensure real-time electrostatic discharge when employees enter the workshop. Only after the left and right feet pass the static electricity test, can we continue to test the hand static electricity.  

Different readers can be used to support a variety of identification methods, including swipe cards, swipe cards + passwords, fingerprints, and so on. Employees with different permissions can use different identification methods.

Time zone control. 32-time zone tables can be set to support holiday control.  

Through the infrared sensor, the system can accurately judge whether the employee has passed the gate.  

Display and record all event data in real-time; All in and out records are transmitted to the computer in real-time and can be displayed immediately in the computer of the management center; Cardholder (name, photo, etc.), event time, gate address, event type, and record truthfully, and the record cannot be changed. When an alarm event occurs, a striking alarm prompt box will pop up on the computer screen.  

Monitoring of equipment operating status. Through the communication server (CS), the management center can know the operation of each piece of equipment in real-time. When the communication of a PLC is abnormal, a striking alarm will appear.  

The controller can be connected to the computer through a TCP / IP network, and the communication speed is very fast. It can be connected to the computer in a long distance, and the cost of wiring can be reduced by using the existing LAN.

The process of ESD turnstile gate system

After testing, the average time for one person to pass the anti-static access control system is shortened to 5-6 seconds.  

Test preparation: the tester shall be prepared for a static test (mainly refers to wearing anti-static shoes) and stand on the metal pad of the tester with both feet.  

Identification: the tester pastes the personal identification card close to the inductive card reader, and the reader will sound “tick” when the induction is successful. At this time, the central controller has successfully completed the identification.  

Static test: after hearing the “tick” of the reader, touch the test button with the right index finger or press the test button (according to different models) within 5 seconds to carry out the static test.  

Access control release: when the indicator light of the tester is all green and the buzzer no longer rings, the tester can pass through the tripod turnstile gate, and the tripod turnstile gate will lock again after the set time (generally 5 seconds).  

After swiping the card, you can go out directly, or you can go out directly without swiping the card.

Functional Features:

Automatic identification of radio frequency did card and CIC card

The system uses radiofrequency technology to access the personnel information in the database in real-time, so as to quickly identify the personnel information. If you are not registered in the system, you can also identify and mention it.

Antistatic test

The anti-static test instrument can quickly judge whether the tester’s static ring, left-foot static shoes, and right-foot static shoes meet the anti-static requirements. Each channel can be in and out in two directions, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment. When personnel passes through, the system can automatically identify the in and out directions.

Real-time upload of credit card information

Through TCP / IP network, the system can upload the personnel information and the resistance value data to the management and command center in real-time, and can also automatically send the ng data to the mailbox of the management personnel designated by each team.

esd turnstile gate system

Multimedia Kanban joint control and monitoring function

A large display screen can be installed in the access control test channel to display the information of unqualified personnel and mark it in red for leaders and customers to watch and verify at any time.

Illegal card alarm function

For those who do not have a card or whose card is illegal, when they pass through the gate channel, they will immediately give an audible and visual alarm. For example, when going to and from work, illegal people and unauthorized people mix into the crowd and try to follow them. The access control system can automatically identify and effectively prevent foreign people from entering, and truly achieve the combination of civil air defense and technical defense.

Video of ESD Turnstile:

The above is an introduction to the ESD turnstile gate system. If you have any questions about this system or you want to customize a special ESD turnstile gate system according to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to serve you.

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