How Much Does a Turnstile Cost?

how much does a turnstile cost

Last updated on: September 1st, 2023 12:33 pm

What factors determine the turnstile price?

How much does a turnstile cost? As we all know, the price of the pedestrian turnstile gate varies greatly, the price ranges of turnstile gate from a few hundred dollars to more than 10 thousand dollars. There are many factors that affect the price of a turnstile gate. For example, although the same advanced imported turnstile mechanism is selected, the number of the correlation infrared inside, whether the overall appearance is made of stainless steel or sprayed material, and even the requirements of passage width affect the manufacturer’s quotation.

For example, when some consumers buy speed gates turnstile, the price of speed gates turnstile requiring 90cm for the access width and 160cm for the access width must be different. Not only the increase of the material of the product itself will affect the price, but also the technology that can drive the 160cm speed gates must be different from the technology that can drive 90cm. The technical requirements are different, and the price is different.

Sometimes there is a big price gap if it is a few centimeters away. When the channel width is wider than 90cm, we generally recommend using the servo mechanism for the speed gate. When the channel width is 90cm, the height of the door panel from the ground can be 160cm. Under the standard baffle height, the maximum channel width can be 160cm.

So what factors can determine the turnstile gate price? Let’s make a simple analysis.


The main material of the turnstile gate is usually made of 316 or 304 stainless steel, which is the raw material of stainless steel plates. Although 304 stainless steel is commonly used, there are still differences in the material of this stainless steel. Auxiliary materials include tempered glass, organic glass, resin, stone, etc. The selection of materials generally requires consideration of firmness, aesthetics, rust prevention, non-deformability, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and ease of processing and fixation.


The workmanship of each factory’s turnstiles is different. A turnstile gate with better workmanship will have more processes and a higher price. This is mainly for customers who plan to use it for a long time. Long-term use can cause deformation, detachment, and leakage, which are all factors that affect the price of the turnstile gate.

Internal accessories

A turnstile is composed of various accessories(turnstile components), and the quality of internal accessories directly determines the overall quality of the turnstile and also directly affects the price of the turnstile. such as the quality of the power supply? Is the motor good or bad? Is infrared good or bad? Is the turnstile mechanism good or bad? These are all direct influencing factors.

Style of turnstile

Due to the factors of style, the different styles and processes of the turnstile gate machine, as well as the amount of wasted materials, result in different prices.

Different models and specifications of turnstiles may have differences in functionality and performance, resulting in price differences. Generally speaking, high-end models of turnstile gates often have more functions and advanced technology, so the price will also be relatively high.

The replacement of turnstiles is also fast, coupled with increasing aesthetic requirements and a variety of styles. You can choose according to your own preferences.

Turnstile size

Turnstiles are also divided into tripod turnstiles, swing turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles, sliding turnstiles, full height turnstiles, etc. Each type of turnstile size varies, and customers can choose according to their own usage scenarios. The size of the turnstile gate can be customized according to the actual situation, and the size of the turnstile gate required by each customer is also different. Therefore, the size of the turnstile gate is also a factor that affects the turnstile gate price.

Appearance & speed

If the pursuit of speed and beauty, we will recommend swing turnstile gate, speed gate turnstile, and other styles, not only because the speed of traffic is fast, but also because the beauty degree is also very high. In particular, the small swing turnstile and the speed gate turnstile are light and durable, and their service life is several times longer than that of the ordinary turnstile gate.

Usually, the speed gate turnstile is more fashionable, stable, and silent in operation, and has a higher price compared to the swing turnstile gate. Therefore, the turnstile gate price is also influenced by appearance and speed factors. In general, it is to provide customers with a suitable turnstile gate scheme according to the application scenario and budget.

Specific needs

So when customers consult us generally, we need to understand the specific requirements and scenarios firstly, customers generally have their own special needs, such as what is the channel width required by customers, how many turnstiles are needed? after that we will offer customers professional suggestions according to their requirements. For example, we recommend the tripod turnstile gate with high-cost performance and good quality for site application, which not only ensures durability but also makes the price much lower.

Biometric device

It is often very difficult to choose the turnstile gate security solution. Because customers who buy pedestrian turnstile gates often have access control attendance, infrared temperature measurement, card-swiping, code scanning, and other needs, which often require additional installation of corresponding equipment, so the additional equipment has a great impact on the price of turnstile gates.

For turnstile security solutions and integration with third-party identification devices, please refer to our article: QR code turnstile, Turnstile gate with card read, Turnstile gate with face recognition, Biometric turnstile.

Management method

How much does a turnstile cost? Turnstile gate has been widely used in the field of security, generally, in place with entrance access control, several pedestrian security turnstile gates can be seen. The entrance and exit management methods in different regions are different, and the required turnstile gate prices are also different. Therefore, most customers expect that the turnstile gate price is not only cost-effective but also has a variety of functions to meet their own requirements.

how much does turnstile gate cost

Application scenario

How much does a turnstile cost? If you want to know the price of the turnstile gate, first of all, customers need to know what scenarios they are applying. If you directly choose the cheaper style from the beginning, if it is applied to schools, scenic spots, office buildings, and clubs. Let’s not talk about the quality first, but the experience of appearance will be greatly reduced.

In summary, the price of pedestrian turnstile gates is influenced by various factors. Different models and specifications, market competition, market demand, and purchase quantities all have an impact on turnstile gate prices. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate turnstile gate, consumers should comprehensively consider the above factors and make a choice based on their actual needs and budget.

How to save your cost?

How much does a turnstile cost? How to save your cost? How to spend the least money to achieve our safety management of the access control? “I think the most reliable way is to find a professional and reliable manufacturer of access control management equipment, a supplier who wholeheartedly cares for customers and a supplier who customizes all solutions from the perspective of customers.

Why can we Mairs provide the top-quality turnstile gate while also saving you costs? First of all, regarding our quality control, you can view this page: Quality control

Every accessory of our turnstile gate machine uses the highest quality in the industry. While providing top-quality products, we also provide the most competitive prices. Because of our developed manufacturing industry and relatively low labor costs, we can effectively control costs while maintaining top quality, thereby minimizing your costs.

On the other hand, we have many years of overseas trade experience and long-term cooperative transportation advantages, which can achieve door-to-door transportation and double tax-inclusive channels, minimizing your transportation costs.

Therefore, if you are really interested in purchasing the turnstile gate, you might as well take some time. We have professional customer service personnel who will communicate with you about the specific installation environment and make professional designs and quotations for the requirements of the turnstile gate in future work. All our efforts are to give customers a better turnstile gate use experience.

When people buy turnstile gates, the price is one of their concerns. Of course, the price is a very important factor, but the quality needs to be guaranteed at the same time. All our turnstile gates have passed ISO9001 certification and CE certification. You can buy and use them with confidence.

speed gate turnstile

Mairs security pedestrian turnstile gates have ultra-high cost performance and provide high-quality services, so our pedestrian turnstile gate is very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Germany, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Moldova, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA.

It is our responsibility and motivation to make you satisfied. Our sales experts will present you with a satisfactory solution and the most favorable price according to your needs. Of course, if you have other questions or needs, you can also contact us.

How much does a turnstile cost?

The turnstile gate has been widely used in all fields of our life. Generally, in place where there is pedestrian access, we usually see several pedestrian turnstile gates. The use of turnstile gates has brought great convenience to pedestrian access control management. Turnstile gate price is also the most concern of customers, in addition to the quality and service. Today, let’s talk about how much does a turnstile cost?

Different regions have different entrance and exit management methods, different management methods in different regions, and different turnstile security solutions are selected. The style and appearance of turnstile gates are also very different. If the style and appearance are different, the price is also different. The current turnstile gate is often equipped with a variety of accessories, face recognition, access control, attendance devices, punch-in devices, and temperature measuring devices, such as face recognition systems, access control devices, RFID card devices, temperature measurement devices, etc. The turnstile gate combining these accessories is called an intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate. The selected accessories are different, and the price of an intelligent turnstile gate is also different.

The simplest and most convenient way is that you can contact us directly, scan the QR code on the right, add my what’s app, or directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner to talk with us directly. Our customer service is generally online. If not, we will reply to your message as soon as possible. You just need to tell us what’s your needs, such as where to use the turnstile, how wide the passage is, what functions to implement, and whether there are other special needs, these basic requirements need to be clearly communicated before purchasing.

This is also the most reliable way. We must say here that if there is no detailed communication but a simple request for quotation, the price is only within a reasonable range and must be inaccurate. If you need an accurate quotation, you must contact us and confirm after detailed communication. Of course, if you don’t know how to select the right turnstile gate, please check out another article: how to choose a turnstile? and How many turnstiles do I need?

Another way, if you want to know how much does a turnstile cost? Of course, if you just want to know the approximate price, and approximate price range, please continue to read the following article or go directly to our product page to check our security turnstiles. But there is one thing we must make clear.

One of the most frequent calls we receive is from customers who directly ask for quotations, such as “how much is one flap barrier gate in your factory”, “how much is the swing turnstile gate in three passages”, “If we need to install two tripod turnstile gate, how much is it”, etc. after receiving these questions, we really can’t give accurate answers at once, yes, accurate answers, Today, MairsTurnstile will simply tell you why can’t we give an accurate quotation for the turnstile gate at once.

The reason is very simple, because various performances of the pedestrian turnstile gate can be customized according to different requirements of customers. For example, whether it only needs one-way traffic or two-way traffic, and whether it needs to be linked with other management systems and other equipment affect the quotation of the whole turnstile gate. So if you want an accurate quotation, we really can’t give the price immediately, unless all the pedestrian turnstile gates we produce are the same and there is no special customization. Therefore, if a manufacturer can immediately give you an accurate quotation, it can be determined that the turnstile gate produced by this manufacturer is not customized.

So how much does a turnstile cost? let’s explain this question according to different types of turnstiles.

Tripod turnstile price: Click Here

However, if customers need cheap pedestrian turnstile gates, we will have professional personnel to give you a product introduction and use effect description. Because the effects required by each place are different. Deliberately choosing cheap products is not worth the loss.

tripod turnstile

Generally speaking, we recommend the use of a tripod turnstile gate just for simple access control management and anti-tailing function. As the earliest pedestrian turnstile gate in the world, the tripod turnstile gate has its own advantages. The operation method is simple and the price is lower than other types of pedestrian turnstiles. The tripod turnstile gate is not as delicate as the speed gates and swing turnstile. Of course, the passing speed of the tripod turnstile gate is not as fast as that of the speed gates and flap barrier turnstile, but the tripod turnstile gate is the most suitable product for customers who need high-cost performance and a low budget (the minimum is about $350) solution.

Low-level tripod turnstile, The grade characteristics of the low-level tripod turnstile are reflected in that the transmission is mechanical and can only pass in one direction without any electrical appliances. The material selection also tends to be low price materials, such as 304 or 201 made in China (ordered according to the customer’s request), 0.5-1.0 mm thick, rolling noise in the process of use, rust in a specific environment, and the price is about USD100.

Middle-level tripod turnstile: Intermediate tripod turnstile gate level has one-way, two-way (optional); chassis material is domestic 304 raw material, 1.0 ~ 1.5mm. When the tripod turnstile is open, it will be locked if no one accesses it within the specified time, and the time of passing can be adjusted; the electronic control has a waterproof box, and the chassis is only used for ordinary waterproofing; this level of tripod turnstile has low rolling noise, long service life, convenient operation and repair, and the price of a tripod turnstile is between USD300-USD500.

Advanced tripod turnstile: The transmission part of the advanced tripod turnstile adopts full-automatic transmission. The mechanism receives the opening signal, and the brake rod rolls forward for 15 degrees to secretly prompt pedestrians to move forward. The chassis material is 304 and 316 made in China or imported, and the thickness is more than 1.5mm.

The waterproof level is high, the chassis is waterproof, electric control and components are waterproof. Pay attention to the appearance design: the mechanism of open mold, novel fashion, the appearance of brushed, do appearance treatment, and contact without fingerprints. Long service life, convenient operation, and repair, super quiet. The price of this kind of tripod turnstile is relatively high, which is suitable for high-end occasions and customers with a sufficient budget. The general price is USD550-USD700.

Flap Barrier Price: Click Here

Of course, the price of a flap barrier gate is between USD400-USD800. The flap barrier gate mainly has two levels, one is the general type, and the other is the high-end type. The general model has the basic functional requirements of the passage gate, but there are differences in material selection and configuration.

The price of a flap barrier gate(regular model) is about USD400-USD600. The material of the chassis is generally 1.0 mm. The configuration of the mechanism and motherboard are universal models, and the whole cost is relatively low. However, it should be noted that the flap turnstile is a retractable flap gate, and the channel width of one pcs can only be about 275 mm, which is not enough to be a normal channel width, so there should be two pcs used at least.

flap barrier price

The high-end flap barrier gate is of a higher level in material selection and configuration of the mainboard. The materials are 1.2mm-1.5mm, and the movement is also a full-height design that is more sturdy. The mainboard is independently developed, and the machine runs smoothly with low noise and stable performance. Based on different designs and different surface treatment methods, the prices vary for a high-end flap barrier from USD600-USD800.

In the case that you have been determining to use a flap barrier turnstile, we suggest that the customer choose the flap barrier with high performance under the condition of sufficient budget because its stability is very high and its operation speed is relatively fast.

Swing turnstile gate price: Click Here

The swing turnstile gate also has different categories. Like flap barrier gates, there are general models and high-end models. The price of the general swing turnstile is also between USD400-USD800. The material selection and configuration are the same as a flap. The common mechanism and common controller swing turnstile are about USD400-USD600. The high-end swing gates are applied with the self-developed controller. The price of a high-end swing turnstile is around USD700-USD850.

However, the high-end swing turnstile gate, which is often called the small swing gate, generally uses a brushless anti-collision motor, which is safer. When the swing arm is hit by someone, it can reset automatically, which is quite smart. It is worth mentioning that several swing gate designs can be used by a single machine, and the width of the passage can be the same as that of the passage for the disabled.

Full height turnstiles price: Click Here

Full height turnstile gate is a high-cost pedestrian turnstile gate with the best security performance at present. It has high safety and a special structure. It is generally used in places with high safety levels, such as prisons and stations, etc. It can be divided into a single-lane full height turnstile and a double-lane full height turnstile(also called full height double turnstile). Three channels or above can also be done, but it needs to be customized according to the requirements of the site.

The price of a single-lane full-height turnstile is generally USD1500-USD2000. The price of a double-lane full-height turnstile is USD3500-USD3800. The material thickness is between 1.0-1.2mm. The main rod is 2.5mm thick and 89mm in diameter. The mechanism we used is an open mold, with a shock absorber, and a solenoid valve with a heat dissipation device. The life span of this mechanism is much longer than the previous one. The material of the mechanism is also changed to stainless steel, which is more durable. The main difference in price lies in the thickness and style of the material. At present, we have mass-produced some appearances, and the cost has been reduced.

school turnstile 3

Speed Gate Turnstile Price: Click Here

With the progress of technology and the development of science, there is a more advanced swing turnstile gate, that is, the fast lane speed gate turnstile. The price of the speed gate turnstile will be much higher than other swing turnstile gates, and even the cheapest one is about USD800. Standard speed gates are all brushless anti-collision mechanism, which is fast, safe, high-end appearance, and are more diverse.

The materials are generally more than 1.5mm. If the requirements are relatively high, the configuration of a servo motor can be selected. Based on this configuration, the price should be around USD 1600 or even higher. The channel width can be 1300mm, and the arm height can be 1300mm above the ground. This is the speed turnstile gate with the largest channel width at present.

All the above prices are only for the turnstile gate equipment. If you need us to provide the access control system, we can do it. We can provide an RFID card system, fingerprint system, face recognition system, face recognition with the temperature measurement system, temperature measurement system, turnstile ticketing system, ESD turnstile gate system, etc. different access control systems are at different prices. Please consult with our sales for details. We will give you a solution based on your requirement. If you have your own access control system, it can also hook up with our gates.

These types of turnstile gates have different advantages. Some are anti-pinch, anti-collision, and anti-climbing, some are fast, high-end appearance, and some are high security. Customers can choose according to their own needs. In a word, if the turnstile gate is purchased for long-term use, we recommend using the gate with better quality and more powerful function. We can’t just buy high-quality turnstile gates only by comparing prices. Nowadays, the market is full of good and bad, and there are countless defective products under USD150. The products with high-cost performance should be suitable for customers.

how much does a turnstile cost 1

In a word, if you want to use the turnstile gate for a long time, we suggest that customers pay more attention to the quality when purchasing. Let every customer be able to get their own suitable turnstile gate scheme, which is our eternal pursuit, welcome to inquire. Directly scan the QR code on the right. All of the turnstile gates from Mairs are at a reasonable price. And we are faithful about our quality and service.

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