Tripod turnstile Installation

tripod turnstile installation

Last updated on: March 19th, 2024 17:37 pm

The security of society is becoming more and more intelligent, which makes the market for tripod turnstile machines wider and wider. There are more and more scenes of using tripod turnstile gate machines, but many enterprises and individuals only know tripod turnstile gate is intelligent and easy to use, but don’t know much about the tripod turnstile installation method and debugging technology. The following is the method and description of the tripod turnstile installation. If you want to know other aspects of the tripod turnstile gate, please check out another article: what is tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile installation demo:

Here is our M series tripod turnstile installation video for your reference. The general installation steps and processes are similar. If you have any questions during the installation process, please feel free to contact us

Tripod turnstile installation steps:

After handling the foundation and site surface for the installation of the tripod turnstile gate, arrange the tripod turnstile gate equipment in order and place it in the correct position.

Step 1: Open the packaging, tear off the plastic film, and check the accessories and instruction manual.
Step 2: Open the cover, Mark, and drill holes.
Step 3: Installing a card reader.
Step 4: Connect the card reader to the controller.
Step 5: Connect the open signal wire to the access controller.
Step 6: Connect the controller to a 12V power supply.
Step 7: Connect the open signal wire to the motherboard.
Step 8: Connect the power switch.
Step 9: Power on and turn on the power switch, and test the machine’s operation.
Step 10: Fix the machine with expansion bolts and close the cover, complete the installation.

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    Installation is easy

    The tripod turnstile installation is very simple. If you can do some simple work such as opening and fixing expansion screws, and then complete the wiring according to the turnstile wiring diagram, you can complete the tripod turnstile installation without special installation personnel.

    The volume of the tripod turnstile gate is relatively small, so it can be packaged directly into a wooden box without dismantling too many parts. The tripod turnstile gate received by the customer does not need to be assembled. The wooden box can be disassembled directly, and Then follow the installation steps we provide to complete the installation.

    The most important thing is to connect the card reader to the controller, then connect the controller to the motherboard and connect the controller to a 12V power supply according to the turnstile wiring diagram, If you have any questions about the installation of the tripod turnstile gate, our staff can also provide technical support.

    If you purchased Mairs tripod turnstile gate, you can fully refer to the installation steps and turnstile wiring diagram we offered. Of course, if you didn’t buy our tripod turnstile gate, the process is similar, You can also refer to it.

    tripod turnstile

    Tripod turnstile installation tools:

    What tools need to be prepared for the tripod turnstile installation?

    When the equipment arrives at the site, prepare corresponding auxiliary materials and installation tools, such as a 1.5mm power cord, network cable, 10 * 12 expansion screw, marking pen, 14mm swivel, adjustable wrench, electric rotation, hammer, cross screwdriver, and other installation tools.

    Preparation before installation:

    Before the tripod turnstile installation, conduct complete communication with the customer to understand the situation on-site, determine the scheme, the width, and length of the site, and determine how many machines can be installed, whether to choose a vertical tripod turnstile gate or bridge tripod turnstile gate;

    When determining the types of tripod turnstiles, give full consideration to the gap between the tripod turnstile machine and the blocking rod, the floor area and placement position of each tripod turnstile gate, and how to wire (open line or dark line).

    According to the previously determined scheme, specify the specific tripod turnstile installation size, do a good job in the embedded pipe, leave a gap of 50-100mm between the gate and the gate, and open the upper cover to prevent the adjustment and maintenance of the machine. Do not leave a gap;

    Generally, before tripod turnstile installation, two 6cm-8cm plastic pipes shall be slotted and embedded on-site according to the actual size of the tripod turnstile gate. One rubber pipe must be used to run the power line (strong current) and the other rubber pipe must run the signal line (weak current). The power line and signal line cannot be run in one rubber pipe at the same time, which is easy to cause potential safety hazards and the communication effect will be affected.

    The embedded pipe shall be 30-40mm high above the ground. The wiring for the bridge tripod turnstile gate shall be on both sides, and the vertical tripod turnstile gate shall be in the middle and bottom of the machine.

    Fixed and adjustment:

    After finishing the foundation surface of the tripod turnstile installation equipment, arrange the equipment; After the anchor bolt or expansion bolt is embedded, the hole shall be drilled and embedded;

    Fix the bottom of the tripod turnstile gate machine with a 4-m10x100 expansion screw, which can not swing. The whole machine is horizontal and the appearance is consistent as a whole. Select one of the equipment as the reference datum (preferably the middle one as the reference datum), align the bolt hole of the base with the corresponding anchor bolt, and pre-tighten the nut first; (before fixing, it is better to use a thin wire to pull the straight line, which is consistent in vertical and horizontal directions). The tripod turnstile gate and the tripod turnstile gate are adjusted in series one by one, and the straight line can be used normally.

    The tripod turnstile gate shall be placed horizontally with the ground, so that the effect and service life of the tripod turnstile gate can be in the best state.

    Installation precautions:

    After the tripod turnstile gate is installed, refer to the wiring diagram, connect the power line and control line, and connect the system protective ground wire;

    It’s very important to connect ground wire. According to what our company has learned in the past, some customers do not have effective connecting ground wires after installing the tripod turnstile gate. The chassis of the tripod turnstile gate is mostly made of stainless steel. If the chassis is not grounded, it will cause great potential safety hazards to the personal safety of users.

    The depth of the buried PVC conduit shall be greater than 60mm, the height above the ground shall be greater than 50mm, and the outlet shall be bent back to prevent water from entering the pipeline.

    When installing the tripod turnstile gate, the left and right gates of each channel shall be aligned;

    After the equipment is installed, it can be put into normal use only after the condition inspection and functional commissioning are qualified.

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