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Where to buy GYM Turnstiles?

If you want to buy GYM turnstiles, please choose the right one from our products page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect Gym turnstiles security solution. you can also check our gym turnstiles video at the end of the article.

Of course, most of the time, you may need special GYM turnstiles with customized colors and sizes to match your gym, so as to make your gym look more beautiful, fashionable and attract customers.  If these styles still can not meet your needs, we can also customize GYM turnstiles according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special GYM turnstiles to achieve special functions and adapt to special GYM environments.

As one of the widely used places of the access control system, the GYM must make detailed security solutions to meet different functions and requirements. Next, Mairs will make a brief introduction about GYM turnstiles security solutions.

With the high development of society, people pay more and more attention to health. More and more people choose to go to the gym to exercise, and more and more people come in and out of the gym. At this time, it also brings a new challenge to the gym. There are many people. How should the gym manage the people who come to the gym? More and more gyms choose to install face recognition security gym turnstiles gate in the access of gyms.

Intelligent access control system, the whole set of GYM turnstiles security solution is used in the gym, mainly to improve the intelligent management efficiency of the gym. At present, many gyms are modified with the original equipment to add intelligent security gym turnstiles gate equipment, and some gyms are additional intelligent security turnstile gates with the new gymnasium management system.

Why need to install Gym turnstiles?

In order to provide customers with professional fitness services and attract more customers to the gym, it can also reduce the management cost of the gym. It is very important to install an intelligent security gym turnstiles gate in the gymnasium. Many gyms are modified with the original equipment to add intelligent gate equipment. Some gyms are additional intelligent gate channels with the new gymnasium management system.

Intelligent swing turnstile gate machines and intelligent speed gates nz for Gyms are used in many places in office buildings. Now it is no wonder that they are used in gymnasiums. It is very helpful to improve the intelligent management efficiency of gyms by using the matching ticket checking system to configure access control turnstile gates. In particular, face recognition turnstile gates, fingerprint recognition turnstile gates, and finger vein turnstile gates are widely used in gyms.

Type of gym turnstiles gate: bridge swing turnstile gate (more application for past)

Gym turnstiles Function:

  1. Traffic mode: the choice of traffic mode and switch mode
  2. Traffic tips: humanized red and green traffic signs are more convenient to use
  3. Intelligent identification: automatic detection of all kinds of authorized passage
  4. Intelligent monitoring: real-time monitoring of authorized personnel’s traffic behavior, and sending out sound and light alarms for abnormal traffic behavior such as tailing, breaking a gate, reverse transmission, etc
  5. Intelligent anti-pinch: intelligent gate channel installation, intelligent eye sensor, mechanical protection settings
  6. Anti-illegal impact: automatic protection after impact by an external force to protect the normal operation of the gate
  7. Automatic reset: three roller brakes, swing brake, wing brake automatically drop the rod and retract the gate wing, an automatic reset function
  8. Automatic opening of power failure: the gate is equipped with an automatic power-off function, and the intelligent pedestrian channel forms a fast gate channel to facilitate the passage of evacuation personnel and avoid the panic caused by congestion
  9. Fire emergency: it has the function of fire linkage, and the gate will open automatically in case of emergency
Gym turnstiles

Features of GYM Turnstiles:

1. There are various types of gym turnstiles gate machines: tripod turnstile gate, cylindrical swing turnstile gate, bridge-type swing turnstile gate, and intelligent flap barrier are commonly used.

2. The function of the security turnstile gate has various recognition methods: adding scanning code, face recognition, bracelet, swiping card, fingerprint, finger vein and other recognition methods, one or more comprehensive use, more convenient to use.

3. One-way or two-way access mode can be set according to specific requirements.

4. The self-service shower is realized by the gate universal bracelet.

5. Interface docking is faster: turnstile gate channel with gym turnstiles app can realize mobile clock in, record member fitness data, remind members to keep fit and self manage their own health.

The type selection of gym turnstiles gate is relatively rich, and the specific installation of the speed lane security turnstile gate can refer to the opinions of the turnstile supplier – Mairsturnstile, and it is reasonable to purchase according to the given implementation plan.

The appearance and function of the bridge swing turnstile can be customized according to the style and requirements of the gym.

what are the benefits of installing GYM turnstiles?

In recent years, more and more gyms choose to install face recognition turnstile gates in the gym’s entrance and exit, so what are the benefits of installing GYM turnstiles with face recognition?

First, it can ensure the safety of the gym. The gym is also one of the places where things are easy to be lost and people fight with each other, which will bring huge property and security risks to the people who go to the gym for fitness.

On the one hand, the gym can effectively control the number of people in the gym and ensure that people who go to the gym will not have disputes because of the number of fitness equipment; on the other hand, it can effectively refuse strangers and non-members of the gym to enter, greatly improving the overall quality of the gym personnel; on the other hand, face recognition pedestrian channel can be used The gate can also block the entry of fugitives, greatly ensuring the safety factor of gym staff.

Second, we can control and manage every person in and out of the gym more intelligently. Through the comparison and statistics of face recognition technology, it is more convenient for the gymnasium to count and manage the cumulative data of the number of fitness activities per month of each person entering and leaving the gym, so as to protect the fitness rights and interests of gym members.

Third, it can reduce the security cost and management cost of gym operation. After the application of face recognition pedestrian access control turnstile gate, the safety and standardization of the gym will be greatly improved, which also makes the gym no longer need to employ relevant staff, so as to control and reduce the operating cost of the gym, so as to achieve the goal of promoting the income of the gym.

Fourth, it can improve the appearance level of the gym. Because the use of face recognition technology pedestrian access control turnstile gate, it will record the face information of each in and out of the personnel, so as to better regulate and restrict the quality of the personnel in and out of the gym, which is of positive significance for improving the level of the gym.

Gym turnstiles

Fifthly, it can help gyms to better create characteristic gyms, such as muscle men’s gymnasiums and beauty gyms. Face recognition pedestrian access control turnstile gate can better distinguish the identity of men and women from the people who are in and out of the GYM. In a specific men’s gym, men can be avoided entering the women’s gymnasium, while women’s entering the men’s gymnasium can be avoided in the specific women’s gymnasium, thus eliminating the occurrence of sexual harassment in the gym.

Advantages of Gym turnstiles with face recognition:

The intelligent security turnstile gate equipped with face recognition will be the standard configuration for each large gymnasium in the future. Compared with the traditional gymnasium admission mode, it has great advantages:

1. No contact admission, no need to repeatedly pick up the card and swipe the card to sign in. As long as the face is first entered, each time you enter the store to brush the face, you can open the door, eliminating the complicated admission process.

2. Save the front desk manpower. In traditional gyms, almost all the front desk manpower is spent on card entry and supervision of admission sequence. Many gyms will adopt multi-shift staffing, thus increasing the labor cost. The obvious advantage of using an intelligent face recognition turnstile gate is to liberate the front desk from the complicated admission process, which can save human costs to a great extent.

3. Standardize the operation, and there is no omission in the records of each member and employee in and out. In addition to the convenience and quickness, the intelligent face recognition turnstile gate also has a big advantage: it can automatically record the data of entrance and exit. The face recognition records of members’ entrance and exit, and the entry and exit time records are automatically generated in the system.

4. The admission and departure data are accurate, let’s make a ranking for exercise time.

Advantages of face recognition device:

1. High recognition rate, instant face brushing and instant door opening; avoid the problems of not opening the door after face recognition, slow door opening, or multiple door opening.

2. Convenient operation, besides automatic identification, can also open the door manually. In addition to the automatic door opening, for the sake of humanization, a manual door opening is also added. For potential users, expired users, and experienced users who can not enter face recognition, manual door opening can be adopted.

3. The installation is simple, generally equipped with two sets of equipment in and out; the first out installation diagram is provided, and professional installation personnel is available to assist.

4. The quality is reliable and has been tested by many fitness venues; the face recognition is accurate and the admission is smooth, which greatly improves the member experience.

Gym turnstiles with face recognition

With the arrival of the intelligent age, the traditional gym is facing a huge cost consumption challenge and the impact of intelligent fitness. Some gyms that do not realize the change of the times have been gradually eliminated. However, those gyms that follow the pace of the times and step into the era of intelligent fitness, timely update the intelligent equipment, like intelligent face recognition gym turnstiles gate, introduce the management system and reduce management costs have been a quick step to open the door of intelligent fitness Era.

The gymnasium is equipped with an intelligent entrance guard and intelligent turnstile gate to realize low-cost operation and data management, lead the industry to open a new mode of intelligent fitness, help sports fitness to realize interconnection, technology, and intelligence of operation. Let the gym realize intelligent management and bring more economic benefits.

If you need to install the security turnstile gate with face recognition in your gym, please contact us. Mairsturnstone will provide you with the perfect gym turnstiles gate solution and the best quality gym turnstiles gate so that your gym can improve the comfortable fitness environment and reduce the management cost.

Customer case of Gym turnstiles from Mairs

Lastly, you can check the gym turnstiles we made for our some customers.

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