Why need GYM Turnstiles?

gym turnstiles

Last updated on: April 12th, 2024 14:50 pm

What are Gym turnstiles?

Gym turnstiles are access control systems specifically designed for fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs. These turnstiles help manage entry and exit into the gym premises, ensuring only authorized individuals can access the facility. It can be set to free passage mode or seamlessly integrated with RFID card readers, QR code scanners, barcode scanners, face recognition, or other biometric equipment.

Presently, numerous gyms or fitness centers are integrating intelligent turnstile gate equipment with their existing infrastructure. For newly established gyms, the common preference is to opt for the installation of brand-new GYM turnstiles. Whether it is a high-end or a standard gym, the installation of security turnstiles is becoming a prevailing practice. With the continuous enhancement of safety consciousness among individuals, pedestrian turnstile gates are poised to evolve into an indispensable security product across various industries.

Why need Gym turnstiles?

Enhancing Gym safety, efficiency, and revenue generation through gym turnstile systems.

Improving Safety

The gym is susceptible to issues such as lost items and verbal altercations, posing financial and safety risks. Integrating the gym access control system with security turnstiles ensures a secure environment, effectively managing entries and exits. By setting up simple configurations, unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering, enhancing the overall quality of gym personnel. Facial recognition technology further enhances safety by deterring potential threats.

Attracting Customers and Increasing Revenue

Gym turnstiles play a pivotal role in regulating and influencing the behavior of individuals entering and exiting the gym, positively impacting the overall ambiance and standards of the facility. Installing customized turnstile products tailored to the gym’s environment conveys professionalism and standardization, making customers more inclined to spend money at a well-managed and secure gym.

The implementation of gym turnstiles significantly improves safety and standardization, eliminating the need for additional staff and subsequently reducing operational costs. This operational efficiency not only promotes revenue generation but also contributes to a more streamlined and cost-effective gym management.

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Saving Operational Costs

Beautiful and fashionable gym turnstiles not only enhance the gym’s aesthetic but also reduce operational costs. Intelligent security gym turnstile gates, integrated with the gym access control system, eliminate the need for excessive staff at the front desk. The use of facial recognition technology streamlines member verification, improving efficiency and cutting down on labor expenses.

Improve Management Efficiency

Integrating gym turnstiles with third-party biometric devices enhances overall management efficiency. Facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and finger vein turnstile gates contribute to a more streamlined gym operation. This not only prevents abuse of power but also improves efficiency by automating manual tasks.

The impact of turnstile gates extends to managers, users, and consumers.

Effect on Managers: Gym turnstiles, coupled with gym management software, record daily access, providing managers with accurate insights into internal information and customer dynamics. This enables better decision-making and adaptability.

Effect on Users: Gym turnstiles reduce the workload of front desk personnel, replacing manual tasks with automated processes. This not only saves costs but also makes statistical work more transparent and efficient.

Effect on Consumers: Intelligent gym turnstiles verify entries and automatically identify guests, offering a range of functions such as QR code scanning, membership card swiping, or fingerprint entry. This simplifies the entry process, providing a seamless and efficient experience for consumers.

In conclusion, the integration of gym turnstiles contributes to a safer, more efficient, and revenue-generating gym environment. The impact extends beyond security, influencing the overall experience for managers, users, and consumers. As technology evolves, the continued development of gym turnstile solutions promises even greater advancements in security and operational efficiency.

Connect to the controller:

When you receive the gym turnstile, it is a hardware facility that needs to be connected to your management software to achieve the functions you need. You can refer to: access control turnstile

Step 1: You need to install a card reader or QR code reader on the gym turnstile. Generally, our gym turnstiles are equipped with a card reader bracket, or you can provide us with your card reader or QR code reader directly, and we can install it for you.

Step 2: Please connect the card reader to the controller, please refer to the turnstile wiring diagram and access controller wiring diagram for details.

Step 3: Connect the access controller to the built-in 12V power supply of the turnstile gate to ensure that the controller can function properly.

Step 4: Connect the open signal wire to the access controller, and then according to the turnstile wiring diagram we provide, connect the other end of the open signal wire to the main board of the turnstile gate.

After completing the connection between the access control controller and the gym turnstiles, please debug the entire system to ensure that your requirements are met.

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    We understand that aesthetics play a crucial role in your gym’s appeal. If you’re looking for GYM turnstiles with customized colors and sizes to complement and enhance the visual appeal of your gym, we’ve got you covered. Our experts can guide you through the selection process to ensure your gym not only meets security needs but also looks beautiful and fashionable, attracting more customers.

    In cases where the standard styles may not fully meet your requirements, we offer the option to customize GYM turnstiles to address specific needs. Many of our clients require special GYM turnstiles with unique functions tailored to their gym’s specific environment.

    As a vital component of access control systems in various settings, gyms require detailed security solutions to meet diverse functions and requirements. At MairsTurnstile, we take pride in designing and customizing GYM turnstile security solutions that cater to the distinct needs of our customers. Whether it’s the appearance, functionality, or integration with the gym access control system, we are committed to providing top-quality service and products, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

    Integrate with Gym Software

    Integration of GYM Turnstiles with Gym Management Software:

    Many gym management software development companies offer integrated solutions that include both hardware and interfaces. The GYM turnstiles are designed to operate with the relay signal, adhering to international unified standards. Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate access control turnstiles with your gym management software:

    Relay Signal Compatibility:

    GYM turnstiles utilize the relay signal as the opening signal. Most gym management software companies can provide relay output on their hardware, enabling seamless control of security turnstiles through the gym management software.

    Hardware and Interface Support:

    Gym management software development companies typically provide not only software solutions but also hardware support and integrated interfaces. Ensure that the gym management software you choose supports the required hardware features for security turnstile integration.

    Confirmation Before Purchase:

    To ensure trouble-free usage of turnstiles with your gym management software, it is advisable to confirm compatibility with the pedestrian turnstile supplier before making a purchase. This can be done by contacting the supplier directly through various communication channels.

    By confirming compatibility and communicating directly with the security turnstile supplier, you can ensure a smooth integration process and optimal functionality within your gym management system. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and the supplier’s customer service team is ready to assist you throughout the integration process.

    speed gate turnstile

    Types of GYM Turnstiles:

    Variety of Types:

    Tripod turnstile gate

    Optical swing turnstile

    Speed gate turnstile

    Flap barrier turnstile

    Full height turnstile

    Sliding turnstile

    Gyms with diverse safety requirements can choose from a range of turnstile types, allowing for customization based on specific needs.

    GYM Turnstiles Features:

    Versatile Recognition Methods:

    Scanning code

    Face recognition


    Card swiping


    Finger vein

    Multiple recognition methods, individually or in combination, enhance convenience for gym members, providing various options for access.

    Flexible Access Modes:



    The turnstiles offer configurable access modes, including free passage mode, catering to the specific requirements of the gym environment.

    Self-Service Shower Option:

    Gate universal bracelet

    Gyms can implement self-service shower functionality through the use of a universal bracelet integrated with the turnstile system, enhancing member convenience.

    Fast Interface Docking:

    Gym turnstiles app

    Interface docking with a dedicated gym turnstiles app facilitates mobile clock-ins, records member fitness data, sends fitness reminders, and empowers members to manage their health autonomously.

    Customization Options:

    The appearance and functionality of gym turnstiles can be customized to align with the unique style and requirements of the gym.

    In summary, the rich variety of GYM turnstiles, coupled with diverse recognition methods and configurable access modes, provides gyms with a comprehensive solution for access control and member management. The ability to integrate self-service features and interface with mobile applications further enhances the overall experience for gym-goers. Customization options ensure that the turnstiles not only meet security needs but also complement the aesthetic and functional preferences of the gym environment.

    Gym turnstiles Function:

    Intelligent Identification:

    Automatic detection of authorized passage, ensuring that only permitted individuals can access the gym.

    Intelligent Monitoring:

    Real-time monitoring of authorized personnel’s traffic behavior, with sound and light alarms for abnormal activities such as tailgating, gate breakage, or reverse transmission.

    Multiple traffic modes:

    Various traffic modes, provide flexibility and ease of use.

    Traffic Tips:

    Humanized red and green traffic signs enhance user convenience by providing clear visual cues.

    Intelligent Anti-Pinch:

    Installation of intelligent gate channels with features like intelligent eye sensors and mechanical protection settings to prevent pinching incidents.

    Anti-Illegal Impact:

    Automatic protection is activated after an external force impact, safeguarding the gate’s normal operation.

    Automatic Reset:

    The tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, and flap barrier automatically drop and retract the blocking rod, featuring an automatic reset function for seamless operation.

    Automatic Opening on Power Failure:

    Equipped with an automatic power-off function, the intelligent pedestrian channel forms a fast gate channel for the smooth passage of evacuation personnel, preventing panic during congestion.

    speed gate turnstile

    Fire Emergency:

    Integration with fire linkage systems, allowing the gate to open automatically in case of emergencies.

    Fitness center turnstiles are designed not only for controlled access but also to enhance security, user experience, and emergency response capabilities. These multifunctional features contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of gym facilities, ensuring smooth operations and providing peace of mind for both gym owners and users.

    Face recognition Gym turnstile

    How should the gym manage the people who come to the gym? More and more gyms choose to install face recognition gym turnstiles in the access of fitness centers.

    The adoption of face recognition technology in gym turnstiles represents a significant advancement in access control systems, offering a range of benefits from enhanced security to improved operational efficiency. As this technology becomes more widespread, it is poised to become a standard configuration for large gyms, providing a modern and secure entry solution for both gym owners and members.

    Advantages of Face Recognition Gym Turnstiles:

    Contactless Admission:

    Eliminates the need for physical cards or swiping, offering a seamless and contactless admission process. Facial recognition allows members to enter by simply presenting their faces, streamlining the entry experience.

    Front Desk Manpower Savings:

    Reduces the need for front desk staff to manage card entry and supervise admission sequences. Intelligent face recognition turnstile gates liberate front desk personnel from complex admission procedures, leading to significant savings in labor costs.

    Operation Standardization:

    Ensures standardized operations with no omissions in the records of each member and employee entering and exiting. The system automatically records facial recognition data, generating precise records of members’ entry and exit times.

    Accurate Admission and Departure Data:

    Provides accurate data for each member’s entry and exit, facilitating the creation of rankings based on exercise time. The system ensures precision in recording member activities.

    Gender Identity Recognition:

    Facial recognition gym turnstiles can better distinguish the gender identities of individuals entering and exiting. This feature prevents unauthorized entry into specific gender-designated areas, contributing to the elimination of potential incidents of sexual harassment within the gym.

    GYM access control system

    Revolutionizing Gym Management with GYM Access Control Systems.

    The gym access control system comprises intelligent devices leveraging electronic, computer, communication, and Internet of Things technologies. This comprehensive system manages the security and permissions of potential and existing members entering and exiting the gym. Components typically include GYM turnstiles, access control card readers, IC or RFID card reading devices, data recorders, data transmission modules, application software, and more.

    Implemented as a holistic security solution in gyms, the GYM access control system aims to enhance intelligent management efficiency. Many gyms have incorporated intelligent security gym turnstiles into their existing setups, while others have integrated these gates with new gymnasium management systems.

    Key functions of the gym access control system include automatic door opening and closing, identity recognition, electronic check-ins, appointment management, coach scheduling, consumption management, and member data analysis. The synergy between the gym access control system and GYM turnstiles not only elevates management and service quality but also reduces costs and enhances safety monitoring within the gym.

    In conclusion, the integration of GYM access control systems with turnstile solutions is a pivotal step towards streamlining gym operations, ensuring security, and delivering an enhanced experience for both members and staff. This technological evolution not only reduces manual inefficiencies but also strengthens the competitive advantage of the fitness industry.

    gym turnstiles

    Gym turnstiles Demo:

    This is a speed gate turnstile we specifically designed for gyms or fitness centers. The classic baked black exterior can adapt to most gym environments, making your gym look more fashionable and full of technology. The fitness center turnstiles can also be paired with facial recognition, QR code, or card reader to achieve passage, and can also integrate most gym management software.

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