How does a speed gate turnstile work?

speed gate turnstile

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Speed gate turnstile definition:

Speed gate turnstile is a type of pedestrian turnstile designed for swift and efficient access control. It has faster traffic speed, running speed, more accurate positioning function, and more stable operation than the swing turnstile. Speed gate turnstile is available in customizable widths and can adhere to ADA compliance standards.

Positioned as an upgraded version of the swing turnstile gate, the speed gate turnstile incorporates a superior brushless DC or servo motor integrated turnstile mechanism, making it a highly intelligent and efficient pedestrian access control management device. This equipment is equipped to thoroughly detect the passage of the human body, ensuring safety, reliability, speed, and efficiency.

Speed gate turnstiles find utility in high-traffic environments, making them ideal for deployment in office buildings, corporate lobbies, subway terminals, and university facilities. Their primary purpose is to efficiently process large crowds of pedestrians without causing congestion. The sleek and sophisticated styling of speed gates makes them a perfect fit for modern applications, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The speed gate turnstile can pass 45-55 pedestrians per minute, one person per card, and the gate opening speed is very fast, about 0.4 times per second. It effectively solves the congestion of traditional doors and long-time queuing and greatly improves the traffic level. It is generally used in shopping malls and various office buildings to save time.

How does a speed gate turnstile work?

The working principle of the speed gate turnstile is mainly based on induction technology and a control system. It identifies the user’s identity information through various methods, such as card swiping, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, etc. The speed gate turnstile detects the arrival of personnel through sensors, and after being judged by the controller and verified by the identity authentication system, it automatically opens and closes the door, improving the safety and convenience of entry and exit.

How does a speed gate turnstile work? The following is the working principle of the speed gate turnstile:

When the motor inside the speed gate turnstile is powered on, it will automatically enter the working state according to the pre-set program within a few seconds.

Passengers can verify their identity through various methods such as swiping cards, fingerprints, Bluetooth, and facial recognition.

When the sensor and verification system detects the authorization information, they will send the identity information back to the motherboard. The motherboard then sends a signal to open the speed gate machine, allowing personnel to pass through.

If the pedestrian fails to pass or has already passed within the specified time, the door will automatically close.

The speed gate turnstile is also equipped with safety devices such as anti-pinch systems and alarms to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry, and to activate the alarm system when someone forcibly passes through.

Speed gate turnstile can cooperate with various access control peripheral devices such as visitor systems, attendance systems, and ticket checking systems to complete corresponding functional operations.

Customize speed gate turnstile:

Customizing a speed gate turnstile involves tailoring its features and appearance to meet specific requirements. Let’s explore the aspects of customization and the available options:

Appearance Customization:

Color and Size: Customize the color and size based on the specific use environment. This ensures that the security speed gates seamlessly blend into and enhance the aesthetic of the working or living space.

Function Customization:

Integration with Recognition Systems: Customize the speed gate to integrate with various recognition systems such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and card readers. Tailor the identification system based on specific needs, enhancing security and access control.

Attendance Integration: Associate the speed gate with attendance systems, linking identification processes to intelligent management for real-time monitoring and reporting.

speed gate turnstile

Control Customization:

Remote Control or Button Switch: Offer the flexibility of remote control or button switches. This allows for centralized control, enabling the simultaneous opening and closing of multiple devices to cater to diverse customer needs.

Traffic Indicator Light Customization:

Indicator Colors and Styles: Customize the traffic indicator lights with different colors and styles. This ensures a more humanized and visually appealing experience, meeting the requirements of various occasions and enhancing the overall user experience.

As technology continues to advance, the customization of speed gate turnstiles becomes more sophisticated. This not only contributes to enhanced security but also aligns with the evolving needs of different environments.

By focusing on these customization aspects, you can ensure that the speed gate turnstile is tailored to specific needs, providing a seamless and intelligent solution for access control in different settings.

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    Why use speed gate turnstile


    Compliance with Standards: Adheres to domestic and international safety standards, ensuring stability, reliability, and long-term performance in harsh environments.

    Intelligent Safety Features: Equipped with anti-pinch, anti-collision, anti-tailing, and alarm functions to prevent unauthorized access and enhance personnel safety in various settings.

    Response Speed:

    Swift Operation: Offers an impressive response speed of 0.4-0.5 seconds, surpassing traditional swing turnstile gates. Adjustability allows for efficient and rapid pedestrian flow, more than twice as fast as ordinary gates.

    Super Mute:

    Ultra-Silent Operation: Operates smoothly and silently, making it ideal for quiet environments such as high-end offices and libraries. The fast operation does not disturb studies or work.

    Fashion Appearance:

    Stylish Design: Features a fashionable appearance with internal and external structures made of durable 304 stainless steel. Customizable colors allow for a personalized aesthetic.


    System Expansion: Supports system expansion, accommodating multiple subsystems or additional peripheral accessories based on evolving requirements.

    Easy Use and Maintenance:

    Simplicity and Low Cost: Simplifies maintenance with easy operations and low costs, ensuring accessibility for routine upkeep without causing congestion.

    Speed gate turnstile functions:

    Anti-Collision Function:

    Collision Avoidance: Incorporates an anti-collision function, automatically shifting the swing arm in response to external forces. The swing arm resets automatically, accompanied by an alarm sound.

    Automatic Reset:

    Efficient Reset Mechanism: In the case of external force, the swing arm shifts and resets automatically. The arm locks automatically, and an alarm sounds to alert administrators.

    Memory Function:

    Fast and Continuous Operation: Utilizes a 32-bit embedded microprocessor for rapid gate opening, exceeding ordinary gates with a speed of 0.4-0.5 seconds per cycle. Memory function enhances continuous card swiping and gate operation.

    Emergency Mode:

    Emergency Evacuation: In fire control mode, the turnstile gate remains open for emergency evacuation, meeting fire control requirements and ensuring safety during crises.

    Open State Activation: Enters a normally open state during emergency alarms, facilitating smooth evacuation in critical situations.

    Remote Control:

    Versatile Communication: Supports 485 access and network communication, enabling connection with computers for remote operation and control. Compatible with various systems, providing convenient and worry-free management.

    Voice Prompt:

    Diverse Voice Prompts: Offers varied voice prompt tones based on different operation modes, providing humanized assistance for better user understanding of gate and pedestrian traffic states.

    These features collectively make the speed gate turnstile a comprehensive and advanced solution for secure, efficient, and user-friendly access control in diverse environments.

    speed gate turnstile

    Compared with swing turnstiles:

    Differences Between Speed Gate Turnstile and Swing Turnstile:

    1. Appearance:

    Speed Gate Turnstile:

    Slim and slender appearance.

    Small mechanism structure with a width of about 100-180mm.

    Typically uses plexiglass or tempered glass for the swing.

    High-end and atmospheric manufacturing process.

    Swing Turnstile Gate:

    Wide and thick appearance.

    Larger mechanism structure with a chassis width of about 280-330mm.

    Mostly made of 304 stainless steel, some with plexiglass.

    Heavier and robust appearance.

    2. Control Part:

    Speed Gate Turnstile:

    Fast opening (0.3-0.8 seconds), passing 30-45 people/minute.

    Continuous card swiping and gate opening.

    Memory function and fire linkage.

    Adjustable speed.

    Swing Turnstile Gate:

    Slower opening (20-25 people/min).

    No continuous card swiping; one person per card in rush hours.

    No memory function or fire linkage.

    Limited to one card swipe at a time.

    3. Driving Mode:

    Speed Gate Turnstile:

    Directly driven motor with clutch and encoder.

    High transmission efficiency.

    DC brushless, servo motor, or brush motor.

    Swing Turnstile Gate:

    4-wheel drive and 4-slot brake mechanism.

    Lower transmission efficiency.

    Motor with the brush.

    4. Limit Mode:

    Speed Gate Turnstile:

    Encoder limit for accurate positioning (to 1°).

    Precise and reliable.

    Swing Turnstile Gate:

    Proximity switch or optocoupler signal.

    Larger contact area with less accurate limit.

    The speed gate turnstile is designed for fast traffic speed, with an emphasis on slim, high-end appearance, precise control, and efficient driving mechanisms. In contrast, the swing turnstile gate is characterized by a heavier appearance, slower operation, and a less advanced control system. Customers should be cautious of products that imitate speed gates but lack the necessary performance standards for efficient, high-speed access control.

    speed gate turnstile

    Maintenance Guide:

    The daily maintenance of speed gate turnstiles is essential for ensuring their stable and smooth operation. Regular checks and proper care can reduce wear and prevent potential issues. Here’s a detailed guide on maintaining speed gate turnstiles:

    1. Lubrication:

    Monthly Check: Regularly inspect the lubrication of each operating part monthly.

    Lubricating Oil: Supplement and replace lubricating oil to ensure smooth gate operation and reduce wear.

    2. Surface Cleaning:

    Monthly Cleaning: Clean the surface stains of the gate every month.

    Anti-Rust Treatment: Apply anti-rust oil and wipe evenly with a towel.

    Avoid Harsh Solvents: Do not use acidic or alkaline solvents to prevent damage to the gate surface.

    3. Mechanism Cleaning:

    Monthly Dust Removal: Regularly clean dust from the speed gate mechanism every month.

    Lubricant Application: Supplement lubricant to rotating parts.

    Check and Adjust: Check the fixation of various parts and adjust any abnormalities promptly.

    Positioning Plate: Check the distance between the positioning plate and the positioning arm.

    4. Motor and Gearbox:

    Maintenance-Free Parts: The motor and reduction gearbox are maintenance-free.

    Regular Cleaning: Conduct simple cleaning regularly.

    Avoid Disassembly: Do not disassemble or repair casually; consult the manufacturer for replacements.

    5. Circuit Board Cleaning:

    Monthly Cleaning: Clean the dust on the chassis circuit board every month.

    Blow or Brush: Use a hair dryer to blow off dust or manually brush with a special detergent.

    6. Wire and Part Inspection:

    Monthly Check: Regularly check for aging or damaged wires and parts.

    Replace Defective Parts: Replace any damaged or aged components promptly.

    7. Functionality Checks:

    Monthly Verification: Check the normal functioning of various opening features.

    Human Body Sensing, Card Swiping, Face Recognition: Verify the accuracy of these functions and adjust parameters if needed.

    8. Operational Stability:

    Monthly Observations: Regularly observe the stability of speed gate turnstile operations.

    Action and Noise Check: Check for uneven opening/closing actions and abnormal noises.

    Adjustment or After-Sales Treatment: Address any issues promptly through structural adjustments or after-sales treatment.

    By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, you can extend the lifespan of speed gate turnstiles, prevent malfunctions, and ensure their optimal performance in various settings. Regular checks contribute to a safer and more reliable access control system.

    speed gate turnstile

    Speed gate turnstile demo:

    At the end of the article, please check out our video on the security speed gate turnstile.

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