What are Construction Turnstiles

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Last updated on: June 25th, 2023 15:12 pm

What are Construction Turnstiles?

Construction turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate that is used for construction site personnel access control management, which is the main control equipment of the pedestrian traffic access control on the construction site. It is used for personnel access control management, such as personnel entrance and exit, attendance, dining, personnel identity control, and so on. The use of construction site turnstiles can make the flow of people on the construction site pass through the channel orderly.

The construction turnstiles have the function of preventing human damage; The construction turnstiles are used to protect the safety of personnel and property; Ensure that the property on the construction site is not easy to be lost. According to the environmental requirements of the construction site, the construction site turnstile needs to have good waterproof and lighting performance.

With more and more applications and demands of the construction site turnstiles, the construction turnstiles will realize linkage control functions with other systems such as attendance management, security alarm, consumption management, and online patrol system. Therefore, the construction site turnstiles shall have a video interface and support extended functions. It can easily integrate with IC/ID card reader, fingerprint scanner, QR code scanner, face recognition camera, etc.

Construction site turnstile hire?

Construction site turnstile hire? We do not recommend it, Why not?

Many construction sites will choose to rent a construction turnstile to realize personnel safety management on the construction site. Of course, this is OK, but more and more site managers will choose to buy a construction turnstile. Why?

Renting the construction site turnstile also requires a certain cost, and it also needs to bear the transportation cost of the construction site turnstile. In this way, the cost of renting the construction site turnstile is not low. If you rent it several times, you can directly buy a new construction turnstile. It’s better to buy a new construction site turnstile directly, which can save costs, and if you buy a new construction turnstile, you can always use it.

MairsTurnstile provides the most cost-effective construction turnstiles. Most purchasing managers will choose tripod turnstile gates and full height turnstile gates as construction site turnstiles. The starting price of a tripod turnstile gate on a construction site is $350 and the starting price of a full-height turnstile gate on a construction site is $1700. If you want a construction turnstile, please check the products below or contact us directly.

The leased construction turnstile is obsolete older construction equipment and is usually used by others. It may often have some faults, because the leased construction site turnstile is used by many sites, and the construction site turnstile needs to be demolished and installed back and forth. In this process, the construction site turnstile will inevitably have some faults, so this is inevitable. If you buy a new construction turnstile, you can not only save costs, but also avoid failures in the process of use, and better ensure the safety management of personnel on the construction site.

automatic tripod turnstile

The most important thing to buy a construction turnstile is to customize the construction turnstile according to the actual needs of the construction site. For example, the channel width of the construction site turnstile required an integrated third-party identification system. The color of the construction site turnstile, etc. Our construction turnstiles have high-cost performance. But if you still want to save the budget, we can also customize 202 steel surfaces for you, which can save more costs.

The purchase of a new construction turnstile can integrate with the latest face recognition equipment, RFID card, fingerprint recognition, and so on. In short, we can customize the construction turnstile according to your actual needs. You just need to tell us your needs and functions, our engineers will design a perfect construction site turnstile to solve your problems and realize the personnel safety management of your construction site.

Where to buy the construction turnstile?

If you want to buy a construction turnstile, please choose the right one from our products page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect speed gates turnstiles security solution. Of course, we can customize the construction turnstile according to your actual needs.

How to select the construction turnstile?

Nowadays, with the occurrence of various accidents on the construction site, people pay more and more attention to the personnel safety on the construction site, which has been further strengthened. Many construction sites have also taken further measures, such as installing construction turnstiles where personnel is controlled to enter and leave. Through the above content, we also understand how important the construction turnstile is to the construction site. But many people are confused about what kind of turnstile gate is better. Let’s give a brief introduction here.

The turnstile gates widely used in the market mainly include swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, speed gates, tripod turnstile gate, and full height turnstile gate, which can be used for the access of management personnel on the construction site. However, because its functions are different, the choice should be made according to the actual situation. So how do we choose?

First, let’s have a general understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various turnstile gates:

Swing turnstile gate: it is beautiful, fashionable, and highly plastic in appearance. It is shared by people and vehicles, with fast traffic speed, good safety performance, and convenient traffic. But it’s not suitable for the outdoor. It is mainly used in office buildings, government agencies, and other occasions.

Flap barrier gate: fashionable, fast, and convenient. It’s not suitable for the outdoor.

Tripod turnstile gate: good safety performance, impact resistance, good anti trailing effect, one person at a time, convenient maintenance, suitable for outdoor, and the price is relatively cheap. When passing, the personnel in and out need to swipe their cards and push the gate rod before entering the passage, and the speed is lower than the first two.

Full height turnstile gate: it has the best safety performance, impact resistance, good anti tailing effect, one person passes at a time, the cost is relatively high, and it is also suitable for outdoor.

construction turnstiles

After understanding these commonly used turnstile gates, let’s talk about how to choose the turnstile gates according to their own characteristics on the construction site.

First of all, we should consider the flow of people. If the flow of people on the construction site is large, it is more suitable to choose the swing turnstile gate or flap barrier gate with faster traffic speed. If it is an open-air revenue and expenditure port, we should build a rain shelter.

If the flow of people is small, the construction site is more suitable for the tripod turnstile gate. The tripod turnstile gate can form a channel in the case of a single one, which can save cost, which can not be achieved by flap barrier gate and swing turnstile gate.

The tripod turnstile gate also plays a good role in limiting the pedestrian passage. It can accurately count the number of people in and out of the construction site. The outdoor waterproof function is also higher than the flap barrier gate and swing turnstile gate. The tripod turnstile gate is made of 304 stainless steel, which has a good effect on waterproof and rust prevention.

On the other hand, if the construction site needs a higher safety level, the full height turnstile gate can only be selected. The full height turnstile gate can also have a single lane and double lanes to choose from. If you want to know more about full height turnstiles, please check out our other article: what is a full-height gate.

To sum up, we will suggest that the tripod turnstile gate be selected for the general construction site access control. In case of large passenger flow, several channels can be added to eliminate the problem of slow traffic. If there is a special construction site or the construction site has high requirements for safety performance, the best choice is the full height turnstile gate on the construction site. Of course, we can also customize construction turnstiles according to your specific construction site needs. If you need to customize a construction turnstile, please contact us.

Why need construction site turnstiles?

On the construction site, we generally install construction turnstile gates, which can not only ensure the safety of the construction site but also prevent accidents.

The construction site has always been a dangerous place. When workers work, they are easy to be injured if they pay little attention. Therefore, the safety of the construction site is gradually concerned by people, which promotes the development of the access control turnstile gate on the construction site. Therefore, for the personnel safety management of the construction site, most construction sites choose to install the construction turnstile.

In the previous construction site, workers entered and left the construction site at will, and outsiders did not know whether they were workers. When outsiders entered, some people did not know which range was dangerous and which range was safe, which increased the injury rate of the construction site. Therefore, the construction turnstile is now introduced.

Construction sites can be seen everywhere. However, the construction site has always been a dangerous place. Personnel access is also relatively intensive. If the attendance, registration, security, and other functions of personnel are not well done. So, for the construction site, it is a very dangerous signal, and these functions can be realized through the construction site turnstiles gate, which is why the construction turnstile gate needs to be installed.

The construction turnstile gate used on the site is generally a tripod turnstile gate and full height turnstile gate because its design is very suitable for the site. The tripod turnstile gate and full height turnstile gate on the construction site can not only prevent the entry and exit of foreign personnel but also be equipped with an attendance system to record the attendance status of workers. Only one person can pass through the tripod turnstile gate and the full height turnstile gate at the construction site at a time, which can also prevent accidents due to congestion.

When a major event occurs at the construction site, the administrator will cut off the power to the access control turnstile gate at the construction site, and the construction turnstile will be opened so that pedestrians can pass by themselves, so as to speed up the evacuation of the crowd.

construction turnstiles

Advantages of construction turnstile


Through authorization, the user card can be used for “one card” management such as parking, attendance, access control, patrol, and consumption, so as to easily realize the multi-purpose of one card.

Save Cost:

The equipment wiring cost is low, which greatly reduces your expenses. It is recommended to use the tripod turnstile gate and full height turnstile on the construction site.


Easy installation, simple wiring, full Chinese interface of the software, and convenient operation.


The construction turnstiles can realize 7*24h continuous safe operation, reliable performance, and support dual computer hot backup of management software.

IC card radio frequency induction, stable and reliable, with its own judgment and thinking ability. Economical and practical, safe and confidential, convenient and fast. It has the advantages of easy installation and configuration, simple and popular use, unified network management ability, and easy maintenance.


The construction turnstiles can flexibly set the access control personnel authority, time period control, cardholder effectiveness, blacklist loss reporting, card addition, and other functions. Daily attendance information is displayed through an LED large screen.


The construction turnstile adopts the intelligent modular design idea. The mechanism components of the gate adopt the international advanced DC brushless servo motor, which has many advantages such as low noise, long service life, and low power consumption. It has passed the inspection and certification of the most authoritative en12650 in the world, far ahead of the quality of other products in the same industry.


It can be combined with visitors, access control, ladder control, and alarm system to improve the intelligent application level of the construction site.


The construction turnstile gate adopts multi-pair infrared radiation technology, which can effectively play the role of anti tailing and anti-clamping. At the same time, the motor part of the system is also designed with an emergency braking function to prevent someone from rushing in without causing personal injury.


Provide different types of products according to different use environments, so as to give full play to the performance advantages of products.


The construction turnstile gate can provide a variety of interfaces, which can easily expand the system without damaging the original system structure.

Easy maintenance:

The construction turnstile has simple installation and configuration functions, simple and convenient use, unified network management ability, and easy maintenance.

construction turnstiles

Functions of construction turnstile:

Personnel access control:

Support IC card, ID card, QR code, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, finger vein recognition, and other authentication methods, and support the combined authentication configuration of the above authentication methods.

Personnel attendance management:

Support card swiping, fingerprint, card-swiping + fingerprint, card-swiping + password, fingerprint + password, card-swiping + fingerprint + password, door opening button, and other authentication methods to complete access control and attendance actions. The system can flexibly set attendance rules, generate and export reports to facilitate attendance management.

Personnel capture identification:

The construction turnstile can be equipped with an HD camera. The card swiping action of personnel can be captured by the linkage camera to capture the images of the incoming and outgoing personnel and archive them for later event tracing, and the card number and type of work are displayed on the image for retrieval.

LED screen information display:

The attendance card of the workers on the construction site. After swiping the card successfully, the construction turnstile will be opened, and the swiping prompt speaker will prompt “attendance is successful. Please wear your safety helmet when entering the construction site.”

Emergency escape function:

The personnel passage has the function of emergency escape. In case of an emergency such as a fire, the personnel passage has the function of automatic opening and release, which will not hinder the emergency evacuation of personnel.

Fast pass function:

During rush hours, in order to ensure the rapid passage of personnel and avoid detention events. The personnel channel can be kept normally open. Employees swipe their cards as attendance records. If they don’t swipe their cards, audible and visual alarms will be given.

Face recognition construction turnstile

Construction site safety has always been widespread concern of society. Many countries and relevant organizations have also issued a variety of treatment schemes, such as the real name system of construction workers, to ensure the safety of the construction site. However, every year, there is still much similar unrelated personnel breaking into the construction site, unexpected accidents, loss of construction materials, and other problems. How to deal with these problems? Face recognition construction turnstile has become an important choice for the construction site.

In the final analysis, the above situation on the construction site is due to the lack of safety and the poor handling of entrances and exits. Therefore, in order to better ensure the safety of the construction site, it is necessary to strengthen the handling of entrances and exits. Manual processing has been proved to have various disadvantages, so it is very necessary to add scientific and technological elements on the basis of manual processing. The safe processing mode of manual processing + face recognition construction turnstile is the best choice.

Why is face recognition construction turnstile better?

Different from the general workplace, the construction site has many requirements and restrictions on the application technology of construction site identification.

First of all, there are many workers and chaotic personnel on the construction site, which can not ensure the safety of equipment and materials on the construction site. Second, assuming that nonprofessional operations will lead to accidents, special work of tower cranes and construction sites is necessary. Otherwise, because the workers on the construction site must do a lot of heavy physical labor by hand, the fingerprints will be seriously worn, and their hands will often become a little dirty.

Therefore, using face recognition technology, face recognition construction turnstile can not only orderly deal with workers on the construction site but also effectively avoid and curb security problems such as theft.

construction turnstiles

With the face recognition construction turnstile to manage the entrance and exit of the construction site, outsiders can no longer enter and leave the construction site at will, effectively avoiding the potential safety hazards caused by entering the construction site by mistake. As for the outsiders who need to enter the construction site, they must register on the visitor machine and verify their identity before entering.

The workers on the construction site only need to input face information in the system in advance, and then they can directly brush their faces and open the gate in the later stage, which not only ensures the safety of the construction site but also standardizes the access order of the construction site and makes the passage of the construction site more convenient, More intelligent entrances and exits. It has become an important method of construction site safety management.

MairsTurnstile is a professional security enterprise and a professional developer and manufacturer of turnstile gates. Our face recognition construction turnstile has been widely used in many construction sites to help the construction site realize safety management and intelligent manufacturing.

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