Full height turnstile installation manual

full height turnstile installation

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Download full height turnstile installation manual:

How to install a full height turnstile gate? Full height turnstile installation manual from Mairsturnstile, including detailed introduction and points for attention.

The installation of a full height turnstile is particularly important, especially for mechanical products, which directly determines whether customers can install the product smoothly. Many customers are concerned about the installation issues of the full height turnstile gate.

We often encounter many customers asking questions like this? Does your company have a corresponding full height turnstile installation manual? Of course, yes, each type of turnstiletripod turnstileswing turnstileflap barrier turnstilefull height turnstilesliding turnstile, and speed gate turnstile) from Mairs is equipped with detailed instructions for use and installation. our company attaches great importance to the customer’s product experience and after-sales service. If you have full height turnstile gate usage and installation requirements, please download the PDF document below.

pdf MairsTurnstile Full Height Turnstile Installation Manual

Full height turnstile installation:

The installation of a full height turnstile gate plays an important role in its usage and life and plays an important role in whether the user can pass through the channel quickly and effectively and the personal safety of the user himself. The main components of the full height turnstiles are integrated by electronic, microprocessor control, and mechanical identification technology, and the compatibility is very good.

It is convenient to use card reading identification equipment such as IC cards, ID cards, bar code cards, QR code, fingerprints, and so on. It is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel passage, Through the selection of various identification system equipment and the use of reliable security protection devices, a report Alarm device, direction indication, and so on, coordinate to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

So how should we install high-end full height turnstiles like this? How to reasonably install the full height turnstile access control system, and What should we pay attention to during the installation process, the following is a detailed introduction, Full height turnstile installation manual from Mairs.

About the installation of full-height turnstiles, we have also made a brief video description, which you can refer to. Of course, the most important thing is to show clearly how to connect the power cord in the last step.

The previous preparation steps may be somewhat different due to different environments and sites. Please complete them according to your actual situation. This is the most important part about the specific installation and wiring of the full-height turnstile. If you purchased our full-height turnstile, you can fully refer to the installation and wiring in the following video. Of course, if you didn’t buy our flap barrier turnstile, the process is similar, You can also refer to it.

First of all, the inner surface of our full-height turnstiles will be packed with soft foam, and the outer surface is a hard wooden case. When you receive the goods, please first ensure that the outer packing wooden case of the products is free of any damage, and that the information on the waybill is clear and complete.

If the outer case is damaged, please make sure to take a video as proof, and write on the waybill that the outer case is damaged, and reject the goods, In this way, we can be sure that we will have to pay the corresponding cargo insurance compensation. When you disassemble the product and each part is intact, we can start the installation.

Make reasonable solution before installation

Prior to installation, timely and complete communication with customers to understand the site environment to determine the plan:

Make the plan according to the environmental situation of the site. The installation site is open-air or indoor use, if open-air use, we should choose a full height turnstile gate access control system with a waterproof box, in order to prevent the corrosion of the circuit board by overcast weather. Depending on the working environment, the choice of waterproof box material is also different. In the north, an iron waterproof box and temperature control system should be used, while in the south, a plastic waterproof box and scattered temperature system should be used.

According to the width and length of the field channel, determine the number and shape of the full height turnstile gate with an access control system, such as the vertical full height turnstile gate access control system, or the bridge full height turnstile gate access control system, Vertical full height turnstile access control system shape size: in determining the selection, fully consider the gap between the gate equipment and the gate rod (the gap between the gate rod and the chassis is generally 50 mm), the area of each full height turnstile gate with an access control system, setting of body position.

Choose the wiring mode (whether it is a bright line or a dark line) and the communication mode of the controller according to the distance between the main control computer and the all full height turnstile access control system (the distance between the general computer and the all full height turnstile access control system is less than 800 meters). We recommend 485 communication, above 800 meters we choose TCP network communication (need to transfer).

Preparation before installation

Two plastic pipes of 6 charge to 8 charges should be slotted in the field before installation according to the actual size of the full height turnstile gate. The gap between the gate equipment and the gate equipment is 50-100 mm, which is convenient to open the top cover, adjust the gate equipment machine and maintain, and so on. One hose goes through the power line (strong electricity), the other hose goes through the signal line (weak electricity), the gate manufacturer can not take the power line and the signal line at the same time, which will cause poor communication effect and hidden danger of safety.

The pipe should be exposed to the ground 30-40 mm door the system should be good at the bottom of the middle of the machine, and the bridge type full height turnstile gate access control system should be good on both sides (because the middle bottom of the bridge type full height turnstile gate is closed middle is not convenient maintenance and safety risks, general power lines have aging years, to be overhauled once a year).

full height turnstile

Fixed adjustment

Fixed bottom with 4- M10x100 expansion screw fixed, can not swing, the whole machine appearance is the same,(before fixing had better use thin line pull straight line, vertical and horizontal consistent), the whole full height turnstile gate system adopts series mode, Adjust one by one until it can be used normally. The whole full height turnstile access control system should be placed horizontally with the ground so that the effect and the life of the whole access control system will be in the best condition.

Before installing the full height turnstile gate machine in the factory, we should prepare the tools to install the equipment, count the accessories according to the packing list, make clear the composition and working mode of the full height turnstile gate system, carry on the overall, prepare to start the installation, and installation process steps and points for attention as follow:

Wire pre-burial of full height turnstile gate

Set the position of the full height turnstile gate chassis according to the customer’s request. If you need to cast the concrete base in advance, bury or excavate the cable trench between the center point of the fixed position of the chassis and the control room or post, Buried wire pipe,3 x 1.5 square millimeter power line, and 4 x 0.5 square millimeter control line.

Fixed Chassis of full height turnstile gate machinery

Put the chassis of full height turnstile gate in the right position, open the door of the chassis, and loosen the butterfly nut of the fixed hat. Then mark the center of the screw hole in the bottom plate of the chassis and the edge of the base of the chassis, remove the gate, and drill the hole vertically with the bit on the marked screw hole, the depth of which should meet the length requirements of the expansion screw. Move the chassis to the original position, push the expansion screw and fasten it firmly.

Installation of full height turnstile’s rod

After the chassis of the full height turnstile gate is fixed firmly, the brake rod can be installed in the position of the rod handle, tightened with the equipped screws, and determined that the brake rod is not inclined. If you need to install the fork rod, after debugging the vertical and horizontal state, shake the brake rod to the horizontal position by hand, determine the installation position of the fork rod at the end of the brake rod, and fix the fork rod firmly with screws (no need to install the fork rod).

After all steps, carry on the related debugging, if correct, the installation is completed. These are the installation process steps of the full height turnstile gate, the information is for your reference only! Follow are a few more details to pay attention to.

Turnstile wiring diagram

The turnstile wiring diagram is the circuit diagram that needs to be connected between the turnstile mainboard and other accessories, other external systems, and access control systems during the assembly and installation of the turnstile gate. 

The turnstile wiring diagram is a very important and necessary step in the process of turnstile gate installation and commissioning. As a professional turnstile gate installer, he must ask the turnstile manufacturer for the turnstile wiring diagram of the corresponding style to complete the turnstile commissioning. Therefore, we list this part separately.

The mainboard of different styles and configurations of the turnstile gate is different, and the wiring diagram is also different. If you buy any type of turnstile from MarisTurnstile, each of our turnstile gates will have a corresponding turnstile wiring diagram and installation manual, so you don’t have to worry about the installation of the turnstile gate at all. We will also give you the corresponding turnstile wiring diagram.

For example, the following turnstile wiring diagram is for our swing turnstile gate mt356. The corresponding wiring diagram of each type of turnstile will be different. If you need wiring diagrams of other models or have any problems with the installation of the turnstile gate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In fact, I think the most important part of the turnstile gate installation process is the commissioning of the turnstile gate, which is also directly related to the success of the turnstile gate installation. If there are any problems in the turnstile commissioning, it indicates that there are some problems in the turnstile gate installation process, which must be found and solved again. Therefore, many installers must refer to the turnstile wiring diagram to ensure that each line is correctly connected, so as to ensure the normal operation of the turnstile gate.


1. Hammer  

2. Impact drill

Installation Method/Step:

Before installation of full height turnstile gate

Check whether the ground is horizontal, mechanism box space, channel width, and all size requirements can refer to the machine size diagram.

Toolkit (Customers need to provide for their own installation)

Includes: hammer, movable wrench, hexagonal wrench set, one big and one small cross slotted screwdriver

Prevent two channels from working at the same time

Machine installation

Mechanism box

For the convenience of mechanism box installation and later maintenance, the installation site from the ground to the roof of the house must be at least 2600 mm high.

Attention to installation


Conductors lead from the ground to the DB531, mainly connected to power or control lines or data lines

Note: all overhead pipes from top to ground can be used for wiring, preferably in a convenient place to connect the control board.

Underground cabling

Before wiring, check the field against the wiring diagram. We recommend 50 mm of metal wire with a diameter of 20 mm on the ground, which is mainly used for waterproof.

Two conductors are required for power lines and control signal lines, and the two must be separated (weakness and strong electricity). A peripheral is best connected with a multi-core wire, partial to later maintenance.

All wiring cross-cutting surfaces must be at least 0.5 m㎡ and reserved for 4 meters outside the line for standby.

full height turnstiles

Make sure to open the top cover in case of power failure.

Check the spring elasticity to ensure the normal operation of the gate. Check the normal performance of the damper (if installed), check the shaft for signs of wear, check the repair hole position. Check the switching power supply, check the effect of the whole system, and finally check that if all screws are tightened.

Standard Product Technical Parameters:

Direction: Left and right pass

Working mode: manual operation

Material: Chassis:304 stainless steel

Rotor: 304 stainless steel

Operation: power control, two directions through

Safety Assurance: Avoid passing through “dead zone”

Power supply:115/230 V AC 50/60 Hz

Rated power: standby or channel 50 Va (alarm 50 Va)

Voltage: DC 24 V

Power failure: in an emergency or isolated power supply, the rotary door can be configured with a free rotation fault prevention configuration or failure, that is, locked in the original position, any of which applies in one or two directions.

Operating temperature:°C 0-55

Ambient temperature:-25 to 55°C

Relative temperature: Maximum 95 percent

Circuit board, this part is very stable, do not need maintenance, as long as keeping clean, dust-free can.


The only adjustment is the tightness of the screw.

Daily care

Clean the rotary door regularly and wipe the anti-rust oil.

Daily cleaning: soap or mild detergent.

Methods: wipe with a water sponge.

Fingerprint cleaning: use soap, warm water, or organic solvents (acetone, alcohol)

Method: Clean with clean water if necessary

Stubborn stains and discoloration

Cleaning: mild detergent.

Methods: rinse and dry with clean water.

Oil, lubricant marks

Cleaning: organic solvents (acetone and alcohol).

Methods: after cleaning with soap, rinse with clean water and dry.

Clean: oxalic acid. Wipe the surface of the gate with a cloth stained with oxalic acid, keep oxalic acid on the surface of the gate for 15-20 minutes, and rinse off with clean water. It can also be cleaned with domestic detergents.

Methods: rinse and clean (acid solvent should be observed before use).

Surface scratches:

Cleaning: gently wipe and water clean spray paint and dry naturally.

Rust caused by deep scratches:

Cleaning: remove rust with a sharp knife. Anti-rust paint

Electronic control

Replace the fuse in case of fuse damage, others without daily maintenance.

Note: when changing the lamp board, make sure your fingers do not scratch your back.

Full height turnstile is a complex access control management equipment. Many customers often encounter such problems as how to install a full height turnstile, what should we pay attention to in the installation process, what are the technical characteristics of a full height turnstile, and so on. So a professional full height turnstile manufacturer must provide customers with detailed instructions and professional after-sales support. Mairsturnstile will provide professional technical support and after-sales installation support for each customer, so customers do not need to worry about any problems who cooperate with Mairsturnstile, we will solve all kinds of problems for our customers. This is our responsibility and obligation.

full height turnstiles

About is all content of full height turnstile installation manual, Mairs is a professional manufacturer specializing in security turnstiles gate, set R & D, production, sales. Products include face recognition system turnstile gate, fingerprint recognition system turnstile gate, QR code turnstile gate, tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier, swing turnstile gate, etc.

We can also customize all kinds of turnstile gates with card readers according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, please contact Mairsturnstile, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service. Mairsturnstile intelligent gate is mainly applicable to factories, construction sites, schools, residential areas, stations, hospitals, scenic spots, shopping malls…… Safety access.

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