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Full height turnstile installation manual:

How to install a full height turnstile? Full height turnstile installation manual from Mairsturnstile, including detailed introduction and points for attention.

The full height turnstile installation is particularly important, especially for mechanical products, which directly determines whether customers can install the product smoothly. Many customers are concerned about the installation issues of the full height turnstile gate.

We often encounter many customers asking questions like this? Does your company have a corresponding full height turnstile installation manual? Of course, yes, each type of turnstiletripod turnstileswing turnstileflap barrier turnstilefull height turnstilesliding turnstile, and speed gate turnstile) from Mairs is equipped with detailed instructions for use and installation. our company attaches great importance to the customer’s product experience and after-sales service. If you have full height turnstile gate usage and installation requirements, please download the full height turnstile installation manual PDF document below.

pdf MairsTurnstile Full Height Turnstile Installation Manual

Full height turnstile installation steps:

Step1: Planning and design

Firstly, plan and design based on the entrance and exit situation of the installation site and actual needs. Determine the number, location, and layout of full height turnstiles that need to be installed, taking into account factors such as traffic flow, safety requirements, and space limitations.

Step2: Preparation work

Clean and prepare the installation site for the full height turnstile. Ensure that the ground is level and stable, and take into account issues such as the fixation of the full height turnstile and power supply connection. Before starting installation, ensure that the necessary tools and materials, including screwdrivers, wrenches, screws, expansion bolts, etc., are ready.

full height turnstiles

Step3: Determine the installation location

According to actual needs, determine the installation position of the full height turnstile gate and mark it with a ruler or rope to ensure the accuracy of the installation position. Mark and drill holes

Step4: Assemble the full height turnstile frame.

Connect the top, left, and right guardrails, and support brackets with screws, paying attention to using hexagonal M8 screws. Assemble and fix the full height turnstile body. Ensure that the body is installed smoothly and vertically, and correctly connected and secured according to the installation guidelines provided by the full height turnstile manufacturer.

Step5: Connect power and signal lines

Place the power and signal lines through the wiring channel, connect the power lines side by side, and connect the signal line to the turnstile.

Step6: Install the rotary rod.

Align and fix the turntable, measure with a spirit level to ensure verticality, and then install the upper fixing ring of the turntable.

Step7: Install card reader or facial recognition.

If necessary, you can install a facial recognition machine and connect it to the main power and network cable.

Step8: Connect the access controller.

After the full height turnstile installation is completed, it is necessary to connect and set up the corresponding access controller. According to the controller and software provided by the turnstile gate manufacturer, connect the power and signal lines of the controller, and perform relevant settings and debugging. Ensure that the full height turnstile gate can accurately and stably perform functions such as opening, closing, and personnel identification.

For detailed steps on connecting the controller, you can refer to the following video:

Step9: Debugging and testing

After installation is completed, debug and test the full height turnstile. Ensure the normal operation of various functions, such as traffic control, alarm system, and safety protection.

Step10: Conduct training and acceptance

Conduct operational training on the full height turnstile to ensure that relevant personnel are familiar with the usage methods and precautions. At the same time, conduct acceptance work to check whether the full height turnstile meets the design requirements and safety standards.

It should be noted that the full height turnstile installation may require collaboration among multiple people, especially when flipping the vertical gate and fixing the rotating pole. Meanwhile, ensure that all screws and connections are properly tightened to ensure safety and stability.

Additionally, it should be noted that the full height turnstile installation is best carried out by a professional installation team or supplier to ensure installation quality and safety. During the installation process, relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines should be followed, and communication and coordination with relevant departments should be carried out to ensure compliance with local regulations and requirements. Of course, you can refer to the full height turnstile installation manual from MairsTurnstile.

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    Turnstile wiring diagram

    The turnstile wiring diagram is the circuit diagram that needs to be connected between the turnstile mainboard and other accessories, other external systems, and access control systems during the assembly and installation of the turnstile gate. 

    The turnstile wiring diagram is a very important and necessary step in the process of turnstile gate installation and commissioning. As a professional turnstile gate installer, he must ask the turnstile manufacturer for the turnstile wiring diagram of the corresponding style to complete the turnstile commissioning. Therefore, we list this part separately.

    The mainboard of different styles and configurations of the turnstile gate is different, and the wiring diagram is also different. If you buy any type of turnstile from MarisTurnstile, each of our turnstile gates will have a corresponding turnstile wiring diagram and installation manual, so you don’t have to worry about the installation of the turnstile gate at all. We will also give you the corresponding turnstile wiring diagram.

    For example, the following turnstile wiring diagram is for our swing turnstile gate mt356. The corresponding wiring diagram of each type of turnstile will be different. If you need wiring diagrams of other models or have any problems with the installation of the turnstile gate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    In fact, I think the most important part of the turnstile gate installation process is the commissioning of the turnstile gate, which is also directly related to the success of the turnstile gate installation. If there are any problems in the turnstile commissioning, it indicates that there are some problems in the turnstile gate installation process, which must be found and solved again. Therefore, many installers must refer to the turnstile wiring diagram to ensure that each line is correctly connected, so as to ensure the normal operation of the turnstile gate.

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