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qr code turnstile

Last updated on: October 26th, 2022 17:34 pm

What is QR code turnstile?

QR code turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate that uses QR code recognition to control the pedestrian turnstile to open the gate. In more detail, the QR code scanner is embedded in the pedestrian turnstile gate to open the gate. QR code turnstile uses the QR code scanning method to open the gate and achieve the purpose of controlling personnel access.

The security performance of QR code turnstile is very high, mainly because it can realize data management, every time you use it, the access information will be recorded effectively, making the data management easier and more accurate. This can not only reduce the pressure on staff, but also greatly improve the security level of scenic spots, subway stations, houses, office areas, and other application places, and the efficiency of opening the gate by scanning QR code is very fast.

In recent years, with the continuous demand of the security market, convenient carrying, and acquisition, QR code has quickly become one hot spot in the industry of turnstile gate recognition.

Ticketing system integrate with QR code turnstile

Can my electronic ticketing system integrate with your QR code turnstile?

If you have your own or a third-party electronic ticketing system that needs to integrate with our QR code turnstile gate, or you have other systems that need to integrate with our QR code turnstile, we can provide our SDK(software development kit) package and API interface board for you to connect. If you need us to connect for you, you can also send us the integrating protocol of your system, We will evaluate whether the integrating can be successful and let you know later. For more details, please contact us. Our professional sales staff will provide suitable solutions according to your needs.

If you want to know more about turnstile ticketing system, please check our another article: turnstile ticketing system

Next, let’s use a video to make a simple description:

This is a QR code turnstile, ticketing turnstile gate in the video. The clients have their own QR code generation platform. They will provide the QR code to their members. The members will take tickets with the QR code to operate on our turnstile gate. They have an API built out which can take QR codes and provide a response if the gate should open or stay closed. They provide the API of the system and QR code to us. Our IT people use the postman to test the API call.

After several tests, we called the API successfully. And our IT people do the integration of the client`s system with our ticketing board. This video mainly shows how the QR code system works with the turnstile gate.

How does QR code turnstile work?

Next, we are going to talk about how does QR code turnstile work? (The principle is not complicated)

QR code turnstile gate is opened by connecting QR code scanner embedded in the turnstile gate to the door opening signal of the turnstile gate. The personnel gets a QR code through software authorization, take the QR code and scan it on the turnstile gate to realize the door opening state. The QR code without authorization cannot pass through the turnstile gate. It is the same as swiping an IC card ID card, but the card is replaced with a QR code. The card reader was replaced with a QR code scanner.

If the RFID card reader and QR code scanner are added together on the turnstile gate, the scanning QR code and card swiping can be used together at the same time. If you want to know more details about turnstile gate with card reader, please check our another article: turnstile gate with card reader

In the related technology, in the campus, the amusement park, the subway station and so on management, in order to realize the personnel flow control, generally sets the turnstile gate at the entrance and exit, one kind of swipe card type gate, needs the magnetic card to carry on the identification, the magnetic card processing is complex, the cost is high, and carries inconvenient, easy to lose, has brought many inconveniences to the user.

qr code turnstile

In addition, the turnstile’s switch circuit of the existing gate is complex, the cost is high, and it is easy to break down, which affects the access of personnel.

In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, Mairsturnstile proposes a gate control system based on QR code turnstile scanning recognition, which is based on QR code information recognition. It solves the problems of high cost and inconvenient use of the existing swiping card turnstile ; 

The turnstile gate switch adopts an electronic switch, the circuit is simple, the opening and closing efficiency are high, it solves the problems of the before existing turnstile gate is complex, high cost and easy to break down.

The advantages of QR code turnstile:

1. QR code turnstile embodies intelligent visitor management: it not only simplifies the registration process, but also realizes a one-stop service.

2. Good visitor experience: the QR code turnstile verifies whether the ID card is unified, identifies the authenticity of the certificate, scans the code to verify the registered identity information, and opens the access control of the pedestrian turnstile gate, which is not only good for users, but also efficient and convenient.

3. Need to queue up for registration: you can scan the QR code without queuing for registration, saving time.

4. Data coordination of multiple entrances: data can be statistically stored, multiple entrances can be managed, and access records can be queried at any time, so as to improve work efficiency.

5. Create a high-end corporate image: intelligent QR code “Cloud Turnstile Gate” management, advanced technology, highlighting the high-end image of the enterprise.

6. Prevent unidentified persons from entering relevant areas to ensure environmental safety.

QR code turnstile classification:

A QR code turnstile is an ordinary intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate integrated with a QR code system. The turnstile gate is embedded with a QR code scanning module to realize the way of scanning code through the gate, which is one step smarter than the ordinary turnstile gate with card reader.

QR code tripod turnstile gate

The ordinary tripod turnstile gate with card reader integrated with the code scanning module realizes the identification mode of card swiping and code scanning to pass through the turnstile gate machine. It is generally used in high-end residential areas, scenic spots, and other occasions.

QR code swing turnstile gate

The QR code module is added on the basis of the ordinary swing turnstile gate with card reader, which can also be compatible with the face recognition system to realize the multi-functional recognition mode to pass the turnstile gate machine. The swing turnstile gate has various styles and stronger plasticity. It is generally used for the entrance and exit management of office buildings, office buildings, business buildings, and so on.

QR code flap barrier turnstile

The QR code scanning module is added on the basis of an ordinary intelligent flap barrier turnstile to realize card swiping and QR code scanning. It is mainly used in subway and other rail transit occasions with large passenger flow.

This QR code turnstile classification is just a general classification of turnstile manufacturers. If it is classified by model, there are many types of QR code turnstile, What type of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate needs to be installed for specific projects, and you can call us at any time for consultation on turnstile gate price, turnstile gate solution, etc.

Where to buy QR code turnstile?

If you want to buy a QR code turnstile, please check our products page as follow, if you have any question, please contact us, directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner or scan the QR code on the right to add my what’s app. We are always pleased to solve your problems.

QR code recognition:

At the present stage, the QR code recognition we usually touched is divided into the following several classifications, which is also distinguished from the output format of the signal:

 1. Wiegand signal output;

 2. Serial port signal output;

3. USB signal output;

Among these three kinds of output, USB output is more common in the application of two-dimensional code, Wiegand signal is less (Wiegand signal is often used for access control), the serial port signal output is widely used in embedded (professional hardware). So How does QR code turnstile work and what are the features of QR code turnstile?

The above is a brief introduction of QR code turnstile recognition, the specific principle of signal differentiation, we don’t offer too much explanation about this.

I noticed that actually, the QR code with Wiegand output which only in the access control industry has the application, in other industries application is very few. Why does this happen now?

Let’s take a look at the QR code turnstile access gate’s control panel.

A red circle part (WG1/WG2) in the picture is the Wiegand output signal because our swing turnstile gate is usually used for swiping card recognition.

Using QR code to identify is to modify the signal output of the QR code scanner to Weigand interface output. This scheme is very economical compared with the dedicated industrial control computer, but it involves a problem of QR code generation and distribution.

qr code turnstile

There is content in each QR code. How to generate the irregular QR code, print it or share it with the mobile phone, and then give them authority to open the gate, the problem of QR code generation and distribution. (This problem can be solved through secondary development docking at this stage.)

Looking back on the development of intelligent turnstile gate access control, the iteration of new technology gives birth to different forms of access control, from birth to now can be divided into password access control-card access control- biometrics access control-mobile phone access control-fusion access control. The emergence of mobile phone access control is a milestone recognized by the industry. It breaks the ability boundary of the original access control. Through the smart medium of mobile phones, the intelligence will be brought to the extreme, among which the most representative is the QR code access control.

Working principle of QR code turnstile:

In short, the QR code reader reads the QR code containing personnel identity information. The QR code reader will encrypt and convert the QR code into digital form and transmit it to the turnstile controller through the Wiegand protocol. At this time, the turnstile controller will judge whether it is an authorized person by comparing the previously entered personnel information. If the matching is successful, Then the turnstile controller will execute the unlocking command to open the QR code turnstile gate, otherwise, it is the opposite.

The QR code turnstile gate is to embed the QR code scanning head in the gate and use the QR code scanning to open the gate to control the staff. Like swiping IC card ID card, and If adding card reader and scanning head together, then can scan QR code and swipe IC or ID card together.

The park QR code turnstile intelligent gate is embedded in the QR code scanning head, combined with the QR code electronic ticketing system, the integrated scanning code ticket function module not only enriches the tourism service level but also improves the tourist experience. So that the park to achieve intelligent management has taken a big step forward.

Technical features of QR code turnstile gate:

 1. Machine core is composed of special high-speed motor, the door board with fast swing speed, low noise, smooth operation;

 2. Adopts the advanced decelerating motor + coding electric control positioning device, efficiently realizes the synchronism when the door board swings, the localization accuracy;

3. The best feature of QR code turnstile gate is speeding fast, the speed of opening/closing can reach 0.5 seconds ~ within 1 second;

4. Adopts the special ARM microprocessor as the core technology module electrical control system, the performance is determined and reliable;

 5. Has the RS232 standard protocol communication interface, through the computer management system realizes the remote control to open/close the gate machine, may network the operation, may also run offline, realizes the gate machine intelligent management truly;

 6. Has the-on self-check, fault self-check, and automatic reset function;

7. QR code turnstile gate has the traffic red/green light indication prompt function, causes the access to be quick, accurate, safe, relaxed;

8. Has strict anti-tail with alarm function and anti-reverse illegal traffic function to ensure the legitimacy and effectiveness of traffic;

 9. Has anti-clamping function, when the door board is in the process of closing the door, someone/object blocking/trailing / forced punching card is clamped by the door board, the door board will immediately force to open, prevent clipping personnel, and constantly sound and light alarm warning, Until the person/object leaves the passage, the door board will automatically reset to ensure the safety of passage;

 10. Has the fault self-check and alarm prompt function, causes the problem to solve becomes high efficiency, easy;

 11. A variety of mode options, the gate can choose one-way/two-way, swipe card in/out, swipe card out/free card in/out, fast pass/open function, and other modes, to meet the needs of various occasions;

12. After the card reading is valid, the door board automatically opens, and when the QR code turnstile gate detects that the person/object has passed the infrared sensing area, the door board automatically closes immediately;

13. Free passage after power off.

Features of QR code recognition

Follow we will check the features of QR code recognition, let’s go to know it again.

The accuracy of QR code recognition is 100%.

For face recognition access control system, it is synonymous with advanced technology access control in our general consciousness, but face recognition’s accuracy can not reach 100%. Because the face system is judged by comparing face features, because the face information collected through the camera can not be 100% the same, the system intelligence thinks that you are “very similar” to a face in the feature library. You will be judged to have access. Please note: I used the keyword “very similar” rather than “yes or sure”.

On the other hand, the QR code turnstile access control system, its recognition process essentially analyzes the QR code, which belongs to the digital picture of machine identification. The two colors of the QR code represent the “0” and “1” of the computer language respectively.

Therefore, the access control system can accurately identify the information on the QR code, once successfully identified, the accuracy can reach 100%. If the information of the QR code is incomplete because of the light reason or the QR code information, it will be indicated that it can not be recognized, but after the face recognition system is successfully recognized, it may appear that it is not himself.

The authority of QR code access control is flexible and controllable.

We know that there are two forms of QR code: static and dynamic. The content of the static QR code will not change. Dynamic is an editable QR code form. At the same time, it makes the dynamic code technology in-depth research and development further, through the unique technology, through the management platform can flexibly set the rights of QR code, such as access time, right of access to the entrance, ladder control rights, effective code scanning times, etc. This can maximize the security of QR code passage and the control ability of access personnel.

Remote Access right for Visitors.

For visitors, in addition to mobile access control, other identification methods can not achieve remote intelligent services, and QR code access control perfectly solves this problem. Through the direct application of the visitor’s mobile phone or the direct invitation of the internal personnel, the visitor will receive a short message containing the QR code passage certificate, through checking the QR code link can enter and exit the corresponding occasion.

At the same time, QR code access control also has the function to remote control door’s opening, through the mobile phone can remotely control access control, such as for friends, delivery guy open community access control.

turnstile ticketing system

The QR code becomes a building passport.

During working hours, stepping into the office you will pass through a number of entrances and exits: lobby gate — elevator hall — elevator — company gate — office — conference room — warehouse… If these access controls are card-controlled, then the manager will eventually fall into the lost card – make cards – lost card this vicious circle. If you go in and out of these scenes through face recognition, it may be expensive and unexpected, such as: one day because you are in a bad mood, no makeup, may lead to face recognition failure, make your bad mood worse.

The QR code access control is very suitable for the construction of the whole office entrance control system. A mobile phone can pass through the entrance and exit of the whole building, and visitors can also enhance the visitor experience by authorizing the corresponding entrance and exit authority. For example, visitors enter the gate by scanning the code, enter the elevator scan code to open the ladder permission, at the same time, the elevator button automatically lights up, send visitors to the destination floor, and finally sweep the code into the company, the mobile phone becomes a unified pass mark in the whole process.

About the video at the begging of the article, the first QR code displayed by our tester is an invalid ticket QR code. When the QR code turnstile gate recognizes this invalid ticket QR code, the turnstile gate displays no passage and will also send a voice prompt of an invalid ticket. Then the tester clicks it. This time it is a valid ticket QR code. When our tester swipes this valid ticket, the QR code turnstile gate displays normal passage, At the same time, it also sends a voice prompt of welcome.

This voice prompt video shows Chinese and can also be set to English. Of course, special language prompts can be customized according to the needs of customers, such as German prompts, Spanish prompts, French prompts, Polish prompts, Arabic prompts, Swedish prompts, Turkish prompts, and other special language prompts.

After testing the basic function and working principle of the QR code turnstile gate, the video then shows the details of the QR code turnstile gate, including the embedded QR code scanner, the sheet metal process treatment of the chassis surface, the workmanship of acrylic, and the detailed display of various components inside the turnstile chassis.

Above all is about how does QR code turnstile work and the features of the QR code turnstile gate. I don’t know if you have a good understanding of QR code turnstile? If you need a QR code turnstile gate, please contact Mairsturnstile which is a professional & reliable QR code turnstile gate manufacturer, and full height turnstile manufacturers.

Mairstursntile offers the best quality types of turnstile gates at affordable prices. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, please contact us, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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