How to install flap barrier?

flap barrier installation

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Flap Barrier Installation demo:

The previous preparation steps may be somewhat different due to different environments and sites. Please complete them according to your actual situation. This is the most important part about the specific installation and wiring of the flap barrier gate.

If you purchased our Mairs flap barrier turnstile, you can fully refer to the installation and wiring in the following video. Of course, if you didn’t buy our flap barrier turnstile, the process is similar, You can also refer to it.

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    Many customers do not know how to choose the proper flap barrier turnstile gate, do not know how many flap barriers do they need, and many customers also worry about how to install them after the purchase.

    As a professional security turnstile gate manufacturer, Mairsturnstile is not only simply to provide customers with high-quality products, but more important thing is to provide technical support and after-sales service. Therefore, we must provide each customer with detailed instructions for use and installation. Every customer who cooperates with us never needs to worry about any problems. Mairsturnstile provides professional technical support and after-sales service to every customer.

    Flap barrier installation Steps:

    Many people don’t know how to install a flap barrier. Let me tell you the method of installing a flap barrier turnstile. Reasonable and correct installation of flap barriers is related to maximizing their effectiveness and improving their service life. To ensure the normal use of the flap barrier gate, installation is of utmost importance. The flap barrier installation is mainly divided into five parts: determining the installation location, pre-embedded lines, fixed flap barriers, controller wiring connection, and debugging the machine.

    How to install a flap barrier? As a professional turnstile manufacturer turnstile supplier – Mairs makes a brief introduction for you. The installation of the flap barrier is divided into several parts

    Step 1: Determining the installation location.

    Determine the plan, site width, length, and How many machines can be installed? Determine the installation position of the flap barrier gate based on the on-site environment and conditions. It is necessary to consider the direction and flow of personnel flow to choose the appropriate channel width and height.

    When determining the location, full consideration should be given to the gap between the flap barrier turnstile and the blocking rod, the floor area, placement position, and wiring of each flap barrier turnstile ( whether to use open or hidden lines). Only when the position is determined can the installation be carried out correctly.

    At the same time, it is necessary to consider aesthetics and practicality, and install the flap barrier gate in a suitable position.

    Step 2: Pre-embedded lines.

    Based on the previously determined turnstile security solution, make clear the specific size of the flap barrier gate installation, do a good job of pre-buried pipe, leave a gap of 50-100 mm between the flap barrier, can open the upper cover to prevent adjustment machine, maintenance, etc., between gate and gate embedded 2 pieces 6-8 minutes of plastic pipe, one hose power line (strong electricity), the other hose signal line (weak electricity), power line and signal line can not walk a hose at the same time, this will affect the communication effect, pre-buried pipe to expose the ground 30-40 mm high, line vertical gate should be good in the middle of the machine.

    After all the lines are laid out, it is best to bury concrete after successful debugging.

    M Series Flap barrier turnstile 4

    Step 3: Fixed flap barriers.

    Firstly, power on the two flap barriers to move the baffles to the closed position, then align the baffles of the two flap barrier gates so that they are in the same straight line, with a distance of 3CM to 5CM between the two baffles. We need to test whether the infrared is aligned and wait for all functions to be debugged.

    Mark the center of the screw hole on the base and the edge of the chassis base on the ground, then move the chassis away and use a drill bit to vertically drill holes on the marked screw holes. The size and depth should meet the requirements of the expansion screw. Move the equipment to its original position, insert the expansion screw, and tighten the screw.

    Fixed bottom with expansion screw fixed, can not swing, keep the whole machine level, the appearance of consistent as a whole,(before fixing had better use thin line pull straight line, vertical and horizontal consistent), flap barrier and flap barrier adopt series mode, adjust one by one, a straight line can be used normally.

    Before powering on, carefully check the various wiring terminals of the main board of the turnstile to ensure that there is no looseness, the mechanical parts are not stuck, the operation is flexible, the equipment is reliably grounded, and there is no short circuit phenomenon. Only after confirming that there are no errors can power on be carried out.

    Step 4: Controller wiring connection.

    Connect the power and synchronization lines of the equipment according to the flap barrier wiring diagram, ensuring that the connections are firm and reliable, and avoiding looseness or short circuits. If the equipment needs to be equipped with other control systems (such as access control management system, fingerprint management system, consumer management system, etc.), the output signal line of the control system needs to be connected to the motherboard.

    If a manual button is needed to control the gate, simply extend the original small button wire from the factory.

    Step 5: Debugging the machine.

    After installation, debugging and testing are required to ensure that the flap barrier gate operates smoothly and smoothly. It is necessary to check the connection of power and signal lines, the action and induction of baffles, and conduct actual operation tests.

    Turn on the switch to check if the flap barrier gate can work normally. Ensure that the flap barrier gate can open, close, stop, and other functions normally.

    It is necessary to determine whether each pair of infrared lights is aligned. If they are not aligned, the turnstile can be moved to align them. All functional debugging and testing are completed, tighten the expansion screws, and fill the concrete.

    flap barrier turnstile

    Installation conditions:

    The conditions for installing flap barriers are multifaceted.

    Firstly, sufficient space is needed to install the flap barrier gate. The installation location should be a spacious and bright area, convenient for users to walk and pass through. The size of the installation site for the flap barrier gate must first be determined: the corresponding technical parameters of the flap barrier gate should be provided by the gate manufacturer, and the flap barrier gate installation plan should be provided according to the customer’s requirements.

    While clarifying the size of the flap barrier gate chassis, the width of the installation site should be understood, and the number of gate channels that can be installed should be estimated. After these calculations are completed, accurate installation dimensions should be provided, which will not affect the installation of the flap barrier gate in the later stage of the project, because the installation site size is too wide, The extra parts can be equipped with guardrails, but if they are too narrow, it will be difficult to install them.

    Secondly, there needs to be a stable power supply. The flap barrier gate relies on electricity to operate, so a reliable power access point is needed. It is crucial to communicate with customers whether they want to use open or dark lines. Generally, the length of the connecting line should not be too long, as the longer it is, the worse the communication effect.

    Thirdly, appropriate power protection devices are also needed to prevent the impact of power fluctuations or sudden interruptions on the flap barrier gate. In addition, suitable network access is also required. Flap barrier gate machines usually need to be linked with other systems or equipment, such as access control systems, card swiping devices, etc. So reliable network access points are needed to ensure the normal operation and data transmission of the flap barrier gate.

    Finally, it is necessary to have professional installation personnel and relevant tools and equipment. The installation of flap barrier gates requires professional technology and experience to ensure installation quality and performance. The installation personnel should be familiar with the operation and debugging of the flap barrier gate, and comply with relevant safety regulations and operational requirements.

    At the same time, appropriate installation tools and equipment are needed to ensure the smooth progress of the installation process and quality control.

    In summary, the conditions for installing flap barrier gates are sufficient space, stable power, good network access, and equipped with professional personnel and equipment. Only by meeting these conditions can the normal operation and safe use of the wing gate be ensured.

    widen flap barrier turnstile

    Installation precautions

    Although a series of tests have been carried out before the flap barrier turnstile machine leaves the factory and can operate safely and stably, the user must carry out correct installation and commission in strict accordance with the operation manual before the turnstile machine can be put into use. The manufacturer can refuse to bear any responsibility for any consequences caused by incorrect operation and man-made damage. Please pay attention to the following safety precautions before installing the product:

    Technicians without an electrician certificate or without electrical training are strictly prohibited from engaging in electrical connection operations such as strong current 220VAC.

    Without a proper installation foundation, it is not allowed to install the fixed gate.

    During the turnstile maintenance, please disconnect the system power supply except for the pedestrian turnstile gate (such as access control, guest system, turnstile ticketing system, etc.).

    It must have a leakage switch or other current control operating device.

    The wiring of the turnstile gate must be carried out in accordance with the wiring diagram in the annex.

    Before putting it into normal use, please ensure that the turnstile gate function test is qualified.

    Check the fastening bolts during maintenance.

    Do not touch the live parts, such as the switching power supply, motor reducer, resistor, lamp, etc. after the turnstile gate system is powered on, because the live parts may be hot and easy to burn the skin.

    Do not squeeze the turnstile gate with heavy objects, otherwise unnecessary damage will occur.

    Users are suggested to separate the power interface of the flap barrier gate from other devices, otherwise, the turnstile gate will be damaged due to the mutual interference between the devices.

    The equipment is not equipped with an explosion-proof device and is not allowed to be used in a flammable and explosive environment. Users can choose other gate styles if they need.

    During the installation process, special attention should be paid to safety issues, such as avoiding exposed and short-circuited power and signal lines, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

    It is necessary to consider future maintenance and upkeep issues to facilitate the repair and replacement of components.

    After installation, regular inspections and maintenance are required to ensure the normal operation and service life of the wing gate equipment.

    In short, the installation and construction of flap bararier gates need to strictly follow the prescribed steps, paying attention to safety and details. Only by following the correct installation and maintenance methods can the normal operation and effectiveness of the wing gate equipment be guaranteed.

    Above is all the content on how to install the flap barrier turnstile gate, if you have any questions during the installation of the flap barrier, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Mairsturnstile provides all kinds of high-quality turnstile gates for sale at affordable turnstile gate prices. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We are very pleased to offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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