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tripod turnstile

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What is tripod turnstile gate?

Tripod turnstile gate is the most basic and common access control turnstile with 3 rotating arms that stop or release by rotating 120° each time. Therefore, people also call it 3 arm turnstile. Usually, its height reaches people’s waist, so people also like to call it waist high turnstiles or waist-height turnstiles.

The components of a tripod turnstile gate include a turnstile chassis, turnstile mechanism, drive control board, motor, limit, direction indicator board, access control part, optional counter, etc. The metal arm (arm’s length standard 50cm) forms a spatial triangle as the blocking body. It is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to deform. The blocking and releasing are achieved by rotation.

Generally, the shape of the tripod turnstiles is made of a 304 stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and generous, rustproof and durable, and can resist external force damage.

The counting device can be added to the tripod-type turnstile to form a simple turnstile counting system, there are counting devices in each entrance channel and in each control direction.

The tripod turnstile can be combined with a smart card, fingerprint, bar code, and other identification system equipment to form an intelligent access control system; It is combined with a computer, access control, attendance, charge management, ticket system, and other software to form an intelligent access control management system, which can realize the functions of access control, attendance, consumption, ticket sales, current restriction and so on.

Tripod turnstile gate demo:

This is a classic tripod turnstile gate that adopts a high-standard manufacturing process, the chassis is made of brushed stainless steel with a sufficient thickness of 2.0mm, which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof, and durable. We can customize a special tripod turnstile gate according to your actual needs, including logo, size, appearance, material, and color……

Mairs tripod turnstiles have ultra-high cost performance and provide high-quality services, so our tripod turnstiles are very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Moldova, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA.

Tripod turnstile composition:

The tripod turnstile gate mainly consists of 3 rotating arms, an electric motor, a control circuit, and an outer chassis. Among them, 3 rotating arms are located on both sides and in the center. The central arm can rotate, while the arms on both sides are fixed. The motor drives the central arm to rotate through a transmission device, thereby achieving a one-way passage of personnel.

The tripod turnstile chassis is equipped with a direction indicator, read-write installation, infrared sensor, etc; The tripod barrier turnstile gate mechanism is mainly composed of a motor, frame, transmission shaft, and gate as the carrier.

The tripod barrier turnstile gate system is mainly composed of a card reader, main control board, infrared sensor, direction indicator, alarm, limit switch, transformer, etc.

triopd turnstile mechanism

Purchase suggestions:

With the rapid development of society and the widespread use of tripod turnstile gates for access control, how to choose a tripod turnstile? What is the best tripod turnstile price? What are the issues to pay attention to when purchasing a tripod turnstile gate? These choices are shared by professional tripod turnstile manufacturers – Mairs Turnstile with new and old customers.

1. Safety and reliability

The tripod turnstile gate should not be damaged frequently to avoid affecting the image. Our Mairs tripod turnstiles have a good use effect, stable product quality, power failure, rod drop, emergency evacuation function, and high safety factor with a guarantee. The power supply of the tripod turnstile gate is also a safety issue that cannot be ignored. It is necessary to have a stable working voltage, good voltage stabilizing ability, and strong anti-interference ability. Our Mairs tripod turnstile is equipped with damping glue, which makes very little noise when used.

2. tripod turnstile mechanism

The mechanism is inside the tripod turnstile machine and is often simply ignored by people. In fact, the tripod turnstile mechanism is also an important reason for determining the function of the gate. Our company adopts the power loss operation principle of electromagnetic clutch for mechanism, which can achieve 3 million fault-free tests.

The mechanism is located inside the turnstile gate, so many manufacturers will not display it or do not want to display it, but it is an important indicator to measure the quality of a turnstile gate. Our mairs mechanism and other accessories adopt the industry’s top quality, because we believe that quality is the life of a company, and we must wholeheartedly serve customers and produce products that meet their needs.

The surface of the tripod turnstile mechanism is plated with yellow dichromate to prevent oxidation; It has an automatically adjustable hydraulic shock absorber inside; During the operation of the tripod turnstile gate, there is no impact, no noise, and the blocking arms will automatically decelerate and return to their original position after pedestrians passing.

3. Materials for tripod turnstile

Material is an important factor in determining whether a tripod turnstile machine is solid and usable. Professional tripod turnstile manufacturers – Mairs selects all stainless steel materials, and the steel plate is a 304 # stainless steel wire drawing plate. Our 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of high nickel content (high brightness), low rust resistance, and good resistance.

4. Appearance of the tripod turnstile gate

With the improvement of everyone’s aesthetic standards, while pursuing perfect applicability, it is also possible to use its appearance as one of the reference specifications to complete the additional functions of a visual feast. A good appearance can bring high-end elegance and enjoyment, bringing vitality to the entire office building.

A good appearance will give a good first impression, so the first step in selecting a gate is to select a good appearance. Our company has a group of high-quality appearance planning personnel, based on many years of gate production experience, combined with advanced foreign concepts, to plan a number of streamlined ticket inspection gates, which has also won the common praise of new and old customers.

The complete machine has no edges and corners, which can avoid injuries to pedestrians during accidental collisions, ensuring safe passage and allowing one-way or two-way passage. The low base of the tripod turnstile is fixed with expansion bolts, which is very reliable.

5. Number of tripod turnstiles:

The number of people, length, and width determine the number of tripod turnstiles used, Generally, a tripod turnstile gate is selected as much as possible to avoid blocking. Too frequent use of the tripod turnstile gate can also affect the service life of the tripod turnstile.

tripod turnstile gate

6. Anti-destructive ability 

The tripod turnstile gate is a management device for maintenance personnel and safety, so the waist-height turnstile gate itself must be safe. On the one hand, a high safety factor refers to the hardness of the product or system software itself, which should ensure the safety of the tripod turnstile gate and the system during operation and the safety of its personnel. For example, the tripod turnstile should be heat-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, cold-resistant, anti-static, anti-interference, etc.

7. Waterproof function

The box body of the tripod turnstile is made of stainless steel or alloy aluminum and is made of rainproof material. The internal structure of the box has undergone anti-corrosion treatment, which will not cause oxidation and rust. It is durable, easy to control and maintain, and also convenient for management. Compared to other traffic equipment such as swing gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, speed gate turnstile, and full height turnstile, the tripod turnstile has a higher cost-performance ratio.

For outdoor ticket inspection sites, it is necessary for the tripod turnstile gate to have waterproof functions. The inside of the ticket inspection gate is filled with some electronic raw materials. Once water enters, it will lead to a short circuit and burning of the internal equipment, which will inevitably affect the operation of the entire system. Our company uses seamless welding and assembly techniques to assemble various components of the gate, and plans a separate water guide tank inside each assembly component, so that even if water enters, the water will be discharged from the water guide tank, This eliminates the risk of internal components being immersed in water.

8. Extensibility and rich interfaces:

With the widespread use of tripod turnstiles, it is required to complete the linkage operation function with system software such as the attendance system, safety alarm, consumption management, and online patrol inspection. Therefore, the system should have corresponding interfaces to support the expansion function.

It is proposed to manage 30000 registration cards, which can meet the storage requirements of most customers and facilitate the normal application and expanded use of attendance and access control statistical analysis. Key machinery and equipment should be modular and use excellent wiring methods. In the future, the expansion of system software can be completed based on hardware and software upgrades, without too much adjustment or modification to the system, in order to reflect the cost performance standards

9. Simple and convenient integrated panel.

When installing indicator lights, card readers, etc., it has a personalized installation interface, which can ensure that the installation of the device is very simple and convenient.

10. Adaptability to harsh temperatures.

Tripod turnstile gates often need to cope with harsh climatic conditions. In particular, in some countries with large differences in temperature and humidity between the north and the south, and in some countries and regions, the winter temperature is around minus 30 degrees Celsius, and too low a temperature can cause some electronic components to stop working. Middle East countries and African countries may encounter high temperatures, sandstorms, and other climatic conditions.

11. Easy maintenance.

The tripod turnstile gate should be easy to install and equip, simple and practical, and have a unified safety management ability for easy maintenance.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy a tripod barrier turnstile, please choose the appropriate style from our product page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly by clicking the online chat button in the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect turnstile security solution.

Tripod turnstile types:

The tripod-type turnstile is divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type, and full-automatic type from the mechanism control mode. From the form, it is divided into a vertical tripod turnstile and a bridge tripod turnstile. The vertical tripod turnstile gate has a small volume and is relatively easy to install; The bridge tripod turnstile gate has a longer channel and higher security.

Automatic tripod turnstile:

Automatic tripod turnstile is a kind of tripod barrier turnstile gate equipped with a fully automatic tripod turnstile mechanism, in which all operations of the turnstile machine are completed by the brushless motor. The automatic tripod turnstiles can be self-check automatically when powered on. In aging test mode, it will open and close automatically also. In card mode, once there is an open signal, it will open at 15 degrees and push slightly the arm, and the gates will fully open automatically.

tripod turnstile gate

At present, most of the tripod barrier turnstile gates in the market are semi-automatic. If you need a fully automatic tripod barrier turnstile, please contact us. We can also customize the fully automatic tripod arm turnstile according to your actual needs. The following is a video of our custom-made fully automatic tripod barrier turnstile. Please check it

Also known as an electric tripod turnstile gate, it is equipped with a motor. All the operation of the turnstile gate is driven by the motor. At the same time, the motor drives the blocking rod to rotate during power on, so as to realize automatic power on, which is very convenient to use.

Semi-automatic tripod turnstile:

One motor or two electromagnets are configured to control the locking and unlocking in and out directions. After the passage is authorized, the electromagnet drives the unlocking arm to unlock. The release-blocking rod can rotate in one direction, and the user can gently push the blocking rod through the passage. The semi-automatic tripod turnstile door is designed with an anti-reverse function, which can effectively prevent pedestrians from retrograding.

Manual tripod turnstile:

Pure machinery is not equipped with any electrical equipment. Users can pass through the channel by gently pushing the blocking rod without swiping the card. The automatic positioning and reset system can control the free passage in one direction, and the other direction is locked and prohibited.

Traffic mode of tripod turnstile:

1. Controlled access: controlled access is the default standby mode of the tripod barrier turnstile. When a legal door opening signal is given, the tripod barrier turnstile opens to allow pedestrians to pass. Its legal door opening signal is a dry contact door opening signal and communication protocol door opening command.

2. Free passage: pedestrians can pass freely.

3. No passage: when a legal door opening signal is given, the tripod barrier turnstile gate does not open the door, and pedestrians are not allowed to pass.

Working principle:

Tripod turnstile gate is a common access control turnstile device, whose main function is to control personnel entering and exiting a certain area. How does a tripod turnstile work? The working principle of the tripod turnstile gate is to drive the rotation of 3 rotating arms through an electric motor, so that personnel can only pass through in one direction. Below is a detailed introduction to the structure and working principle of the tripod turnstile gate.

When personnel need to pass through the tripod turnstile gate, they first need to swipe their card or enter a password for identity verification. After the identity verification is passed, the motor will start, driving the central arm to start rotating. At this point, personnel can only pass in one direction, that is, they can only pass through the central arm, and cannot pass through the arms on both sides. After the personnel pass, the central arm will automatically stop rotating and wait for the next identity verification.

Functions of tripod turnstile:

1. It has an automatic reset function. When the blocking rod is unlocked, it can rotate 120 degrees, that is, automatic reset, that is, locking. When there is no passage within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time and close automatically. The delay is adjustable in 5S, 10s, and 20s.

2. Anti-scour function: when the opening signal is not received, the blocking rod will be locked automatically;

3. Automatic pole dropping function after a power failure to meet the requirements of fire management; It can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment to receive relay switch signals;

4. One-way and two-way traffic function, which can control personnel access in one way or two ways;

5. The optical working principle is adopted, and there is no delay requirement for the input control signal, so as to avoid the phenomenon of several people swiping a card;

6. The external button can realize the left and right normally open functions; It can also realize the function of continuous electric rod dropping;

7. Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer;

8. The control board can be externally connected with the counting function to record the number of people present and realize the forward plus and reverse minus functions (customized).

9. The tripod barrier turnstile gate also has the functions of fault self-inspection and alarm prompt, which can facilitate user maintenance and use; It can also be connected with an external switch button or remote control to realize one-way or two-way traffic control.

Compared with flap barrier:

With the development of science and technology, pedestrian turnstile gates are more and more widely used in life. Among them, flap barrier turnstiles and tripod barrier turnstiles are widely used at present. What are the differences between a tripod barrier turnstile gate and a flap barrier turnstile?

To understand the difference between the tripod barrier turnstile and the flap barrier gate, we must first understand the purpose and main use places of the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier gate. The tripod barrier turnstile and the flap barrier gate are equipment for controlling the smooth flow of people.

As long as they are used to control the entry and exit of personnel, the tripod turnstile gate or the flap barrier gate will be used, which is equivalent to providing an orderly and civilized way for the entry and exit personnel, tripod arm turnstile, and flap barrier gate are generally used in a convention hall, hotel, club, gymnasium, wharf, subway, museum, station and other places.

Difference between tripod turnstile and flap barrier:

1. In terms of channel function, the channel of the flap barrier gate is very convenient for the towing of luggage, while the tripod turnstile gate is inconvenient for the towing of luggage.

2. In terms of working mode, the flap barrier gate is driven by a motor, while most tripod turnstile gates work by the combination of metal limit + mechanical reset + manual propulsion.

3. In terms of opening time, due to the different working mechanisms of the tripod turnstile gate and flap barrier gate, the opening speed is also different. The opening and closing time of the flap barrier is about 0.2 seconds, and the opening and closing time of the tripod barrier turnstile is about 1 second.

4. In terms of passage time, because the shapes of the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier gate are different, the passage time of the tripod arm turnstile and the flap barrier is different. The fastest passage speed of the flap barrier gate can reach about 55 people per minute, while the maximum passage speed of the tripod turnstile gate is about 25 people per minute according to the actual calculation.

5. In terms of cost, the tripod turnstile gate is an entry-level channel product, which can only be used for civil-level channels, while the flap barrier gate is an intermediate product, which can support high-flow place relations such as civil-level and rail transit.

6. In terms of performance, the tripod turnstile gate is the primary dissuasion equipment, which only plays a guiding role and does not have safety. The flap barrier gate has the functions of an anti-climbing alarm, anti-trailing alarm, anti-pinch electronic eye, and so on. It is a product with a relatively high safety level.

tripod turnstile

Why use a tripod turnstile

The pedestrian turnstile gate is the product of the development of a new era. It has been a popular access control management product in recent years. Among them, the tripod arm turnstile is a common pedestrian turnstile gate product, which is widely used in the import and export of stations, docks, tourist attractions, exhibitions, natatoriums, and other channels. So why use the tripod turnstile gate?

1. Diversified identification methods

The tripod turnstile gate can integrate IC cards, ID cards, fingerprint identification, QR codes, face recognition, and other functions. Only a simple card reader needs to be installed to realize personnel access management. The equipment response time is less than 0.1s and the passing rate is very high; It can also combine QR code scanning technology with RF technology. The tripod arm turnstile can realize arbitrary control, loss reporting and cancellation of personnel, control traffic time, traffic statistics, increase authority, etc. by adding software;

2. Good water resistance

In the open-air ticket checking place, the tripod barrier turnstile must be waterproof. There are some electronic components inside the gate. Once water enters, the internal components will be short-circuited and burned, thus affecting the normal operation of the whole system. The tripod barrier turnstile is spliced by seamless welding splicing technology, and another drainage ditch is designed inside the chassis, so that water can be discharged from the drainage ditch even if there is water inside, so as to avoid the risk of water immersion of internal components. The waterproof ability of the tripod turnstile is better than others.

3. Anti-tailing Technology

The tripod turnstile gate has a practical anti-tailing function. Compared with other turnstile gates, the structural design of the tripod barrier turnstile pays attention to the anti-tailing design; There is no need to add other auxiliary components;

The reason why it is called a tripod arm turnstile gate is that its three-roll design structure reflects its tail prevention characteristics, truly realizes one person and one rod, and eliminates the phenomenon of “trailing”.

4. Easy to use

Simple use, modular design, and simple structure. The access control administrator can work only after simple training; The maintenance personnel only need a few simple steps to find out the fault and solve the problem. The maintenance is simple and convenient. Visitors only need to place the smart card in the smart electronic sensing area and shake it gently to realize personnel access management. The response time of the equipment is less than 0.1 seconds, which is very convenient and fast to use.

The shape design of the tripod barrier turnstile makes it easy to guide the application of users. Because of its high popularity and simple structure, ordinary first-time users can be directly applied without learning.

5. High safety

The tripod turnstile gate not only has a fully automatic intelligent motor automatic driving mode, automatic deceleration, ruggedness, and durability but also has an internationally recognized wireless transmission channel, which has no radiation hazard to all kinds of organisms and is safe to use. The used safety is also high. Except for the connected 220V power supply, all internal lines are weak links and have no safety impact on the human body;

6. Economy

The cost of a tripod turnstile gate is lower than that of other types of turnstiles, and the purchase intention of customers is preferred; The wiring and installation cost of a tripod barrier turnstile is low, which can greatly reduce personnel construction and expenditure;

As an intelligent access control management equipment. Due to the location requirements of many scenic spots for the turnstile gate, the turnstile gate is located in an outdoor or semi-outdoor environment. Therefore, when selecting the turnstile gate, we must consider whether it can adapt to outdoor harsh environments such as strong light, darkness, rain, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, the large temperature difference between day and night, etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

As the most commonly used intelligent turnstile gate, the tripod turnstile gate is often seen in the talent market, scenic spots, construction sites, and large supermarkets. What are the benefits of tripod turnstiles? The reason why the tripod-type turnstile gate can be favored by customers and widely used is mainly due to its advantages:

1. The tripod barrier turnstile is convenient and fast to use: just place the smart card in the smart electronic sensing area and shake it gently to realize personnel access management. The equipment response time is less than 0.1 seconds, which is very convenient and fast to use; The Personalized installation interface and installation are simple and convenient.

2. The cost of a tripod turnstile gate machine is low, and a tripod turnstile gate can form a channel. Alloy aluminum or stainless steel rainproof chassis, compared with the same function of flap barrier, swing turnstile, and other channel equipment, the tripod barrier turnstile gate is more high-quality and cheap.

3. Versatility of tripod barrier turnstile: the tripod barrier turnstile management system adopts a non-contact intelligent IC card, which successfully realizes the functions of the IC card, such as multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation, greatly improving the practicability of the system and can authorize one card for many times, which can be used for application management in other aspects: attendance, consumption, parking management, patrol, and personnel management;

4. Safety of tripod barrier turnstile: it adopts an internationally recognized wireless transmission channel, which has no radiation damage to the human body and can be used safely; It can effectively realize single-person traffic, that is, only one person can pass at a time, with high safety and reliability.

5. Advanced technology: the most popular wireless network management system.

tripod turnstile

6. The tripod arm turnstile expansion is convenient and practical: the computer and intelligent management system adopts wireless communication mode, and the number of channels can be expanded at will. That is after the corresponding control system is installed if it is necessary to increase the number of intelligent access gates and elevator control equipment, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent access gates, and the software can set the new equipment;

7. Off-line operation of tripod arm turnstile: the intelligent turnstile gate adopts the wireless transmission mode of the Telecom base station and operates completely offline. The transmission distance can reach several kilometers according to the requirements, and the fastest data transmission can reach 100M / s, which is several times or even dozens of times the transmission quality of an industrial serial port;

8. Data transmission security: the transmission mode supports a two-way handshake protocol to ensure safe and stable data transmission. Encrypted information can be set freely during transmission to maximize your data security;

9. The tripod barrier turnstile is easy to maintain, economical, and practical: it does not need wiring, supports 24-hour real-time monitoring, and greatly reduces your expenses;

10. Management flexibility: you can freely set the access authority of personnel through the software, report the loss, log off, and increase the authority; the system can flexibly set the access control personnel authority, time period control, cardholder effectiveness, blacklist loss reporting, card addition, and other functions.

11. Tripod turnstiles are simple and easy to use: the existing access control management personnel can work only after simple training, and the maintenance personnel can find the fault through a few simple steps, which can be eliminated quickly and conveniently, and the maintenance is simple and convenient;

12. It has strong dust and water resistance and strong adaptability to the environment. It can adapt to various harsh environments(indoors and outdoors).

Having understood the advantages of tripod arm turnstile, let’s take a look at its disadvantages:

1. The passage width (the width that allows pedestrians to pass) of the tripod turnstile gate is fixed, and the passage position for personnel is relatively narrow, generally between 500mm and 600mm., generally about 510mm.

2. Because the tripod turnstile is one person, one lever, and only one person can pass, it is relatively slow in terms of traffic speed.

3. Due to the fact that the waist-height turnstile gate is three-dimensional in space, it is not suitable for people carrying large luggage to pass due to the shape of the closure.

4. The plasticity of appearance is not strong, and the aesthetics of most styles are insufficient.

5. Easy to climb, unable to intelligently detect, low-security level.

6. The mechanical and semi-automatic tripod turnstiles may encounter mechanical collisions and loud noise during operation, but the fully automatic tripod turnstiles do not have this problem.

Application site:

The tripod barrier turnstile gate is modern control equipment for the smooth flow of people. It is used where the entry and exit of personnel need to be controlled, provides an orderly and civilized way of passage for the person entering and leaving, and eliminates illegal entry and exit. Such as intelligent community, convention and exhibition, meeting hall, canteen, hotel, museum, gymnasium, club, subway, station, wharf, tourist attractions, convention and Exhibition Center, swimming pool, and other places.

The development of science and technology has improved people’s quality of life and made people’s lives more convenient. More and more people use the turnstile gate in their life. Now let’s briefly introduce what convenience the tripod barrier turnstile gate has brought to our life.

Railway tripod turnstile door: it is widely used in some transportation hubs with a large flow of people, such as subway, light rail, high-speed rail, and so on. These places are often in and out of chaos and difficult to manage. The intelligent tripod barrier turnstile gate can well solve the traffic problem.

Supermarket tripod turnstile gate: it is generally used for the import and export of supermarkets. It mainly plays a role in preventing congestion and traffic diversion, ensuring smooth passage of pedestrians. At the same time, the passage is spacious and people who can pass can also pass.

Community tripod turnstile door: in order to ensure the safe management of residential areas, locks have been installed in many residential areas, residents’ lives have become more stable, theft cases have been reduced, and some violators and salesmen have been prevented from entering residential areas to a certain extent.

Office building tripod turnstile gate: now many companies have also installed intelligent tripod barrier turnstile gates to facilitate employees’ attendance, which is used to count and monitor commuting time.

College library tripod turnstile door: it is mainly used in the import and export of university libraries. It enters the library for learning and reading by swiping a card or face. At the same time, it also establishes the management image of the library, standardizes the internal management system, and improves the level.

Dimensions of tripod turnstile:

Understanding the size of the tripod barrier turnstile gate is helpful in selecting the appropriate tripod arm turnstile and putting forward corresponding turnstile security solutions for specific applications. The size here includes the outer chassis size and channel size of the tripod barrier turnstile. the size of the tripod turnstile gate MT116 is 600*250*980 mm (can be customized).

The channel width is generally 0.55m. According to the specific project requirements, the channel width can be customized to other wider widths, so the size of the tripod barrier turnstile chassis may change accordingly. For example, if the width of the entrance and exit of a scenic spot is 1 m, and it is required to install a bridge tripod turnstile, you can choose waist height turnstile.

Because the width of the chassis is 0.28M and the width of the channel is 0.55M, the whole tripod barrier turnstile needs a position of 0.83 m, and the installation position is 1 m. Then a tripod turnstile gate is installed, and there is a gap of 0.17 m. In this way, stainless steel or glass enclosure can be used to fill this gap, If it is required to be perfect, the tripod barrier turnstile with a wider channel width can also be customized. For example, the channel width should be 0.65M, and the width of the whole chassis will change accordingly.

Therefore, the size of the tripod turnstile is not fixed but puts forward appropriate solutions according to the site requirements to change accordingly, rather than invariable.

Maintenance of tripod turnstile:

1. Maintenance of external equipment:

Most tripod turnstiles are made of su304 stainless steel. The surface is cleaned every week to remove rust spots. The surface of the main box is cleaned with a thin cloth and coated with an anti-rust agent. The newly coated anti-rust agent cannot be wiped by hand. Of course, it can be touched by hand after air drying for 3-5 hours, otherwise, the actual effect of surface anti-rust treatment will be damaged. If the surface is painted, wipe the dust on the lower surface, and if there are exposed scratches, repair them with paint of the same color.

tripod turnstile

2. Maintenance of mechanism:

The mechanism is the heart of the equipment and must be well maintained. It is usually repaired once a month. Open the top cover, cut off the switching power supply, clean the dust on it, clean part of the transmission system first, and then add butter or high-concentration automobile oil. Check whether the standard parts are loose, tighten each standard part, and check whether the parts are damaged.

There is a distance of more than 3mm between the precise positioning arm and the positioning plate. If there is a gap between the left and right, it shall be removed and replaced immediately. All normal gaps (1-1.5mm) and the relay valve core shall be properly filled with butter or automobile oil to make the relay move up and down to reduce friction resistance and get moistened. Do not add too much, Be appropriate.

3. Partial maintenance of the power supply line:

According to the previous application, check whether there is a problem with the motor control part. If there is no problem, check whether the switching power supply is wrapped at the exposed part, whether the cable is brittle, and whether the cable is removed and replaced. Refer to the operating instructions of the tripod turnstile gate to check the main parameters everywhere. If it’s not good, we should strip the cocoon, find out the root of the problem, and replace some electronic components.

Tripod Turnstile Installation:

The installation of a tripod barrier turnstile is an important issue that many customers will consider before purchasing, which also directly affects the use of tripod turnstile equipment in the later stage. The installation of a tripod turnstile is a very important link in the whole purchase process. Therefore, we also have a short video on the installation of a tripod arm turnstile, which introduces the various installation processes. We also have an article describing the installation details of the tripod turnstile in detail. Please check our other article: tripod turnstile installation

Tripod turnstiles video:

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