What is Turnstile Barrier Gate?

turnstile barrier gate

Last updated on: March 28th, 2024 11:31 am

What is turnstile barrier gate?

Turnstile barrier gate is a kind of intelligent access control management equipment that organically integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control, and various identification technologies, which coordinates and realizes the intelligent control and management of the passage by selecting various identification equipment, adopting reliable security protection device, alarm device, direction indication, and expanding friendly led counting display interface.

The turnstile barrier gate can be compatible with the use of IC cards, ID cards, bar code cards, fingerprints, and other card reading and identification equipment, provide a civilized and orderly way of passage for the entry and exit personnel, and effectively manage the entry and exit of personnel. It can be widely used in stations, docks, subways, factories, buildings, intelligent communities, hotels, clubs, enterprises and institutions, and other occasions where intelligent management of channels is required.

Mairs turnstile barrier gate has ultra-high cost performance. It provides high-quality services, so our turnstile barrier gate is very popular in many regions. It can be seen in many cities around the world, many cities in America, and Europe, such as Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, London, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA.

Mairsturnstile has always focused on one security access control product which is the turnstile barrier gate, making every effort to do it well, refined, and deep. We constantly update our own technology and timely integrate the technology of related security access control industries. Only when the technology goes ahead, then we can maintain the dominant position and competitiveness, provide better turnstile barrier gate products for users, and create more benefits for users.

Research and development of appropriate turnstile barrier gate technology for different application scenarios.

turnstile barrier gate

Where to buy a turnstile barrier gate?

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    Application of turnstile barrier gate:

    The turnstile barrier gate is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel passages, which is used at the entrance and exit of various scenes, just like a link between the outside and the inside, connecting people’s “entry” authority by scientific and technological means. In our lives, the turnstile barrier gate has spread to almost all application scenarios. With the rapid development of intelligent cities, the birth of big data, and the progress of artificial intelligence technology, the development of the security turnstiles gate industry is becoming more and more extensive, and security turnstiles gate technology is becoming more and more intelligent and advanced.

    Turnstile barrier gate products serve the world’s public transport, public security, commercial buildings, residential real estate, industrial plants, tourist attractions, and other important areas. The advantage of using a turnstile barrier gate in these areas is that they can create a safe and efficient intelligent entrance and exit management system and make people’s access more and more safe and convenient.

    The security turnstiles gate is often used in airports, subway stations, high-speed railway stations, office buildings, government, residential areas, scenic spots, factories, schools, hospitals, leisure and entertainment venues, and other scenes. The turnstile barrier gate of different scenes has different application characteristics, and the functions needed to be achieved by the security turnstiles are also different.

    Technology landing, successful application to turnstile barrier gate products.

    Mairsturnstile security access control products cover the whole category, including swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, and full height turnstile gate, which can meet the use of all scenes, help all kinds of scenes to achieve more efficient, safer, more intelligent pedestrian entrance and exit management. From different turnstile barrier gate products, you can see different special technologies.

    turnstile barrier gate

    Key Technologies of Turnstile Barrier Gate:

    Key technologies of the security turnstile barrier gate from Mairs are listed below:

    • Mairsturnstile core algorithm, independent research, and development is the “brain” of the turnstile barrier gate, the core of all parts, commands the action of all parts, including logical analysis, human/object recognition, behavior recognition, and distance recognition.
    • Photoelectric three-dimensional, mechanical, current triple anti-clamp technology, triple anti-clamp fusion can be more sensitive, accurate detection of pedestrian status, better ensure pedestrian safety. This technology has been successfully applied to the three types of gate, such as swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, and speed lane turnstile gate so that it has higher safety.
    • DSP ARM motor control technology, which is used to control the DC brushless motor, includes Mairsturnstile’s original motor control algorithm, which can realize accurate control and positioning of the block.
    • The design technology of the non-destructive core structure, DC brushless motor can effectively reduce the friction loss during the operation of the motor and ensure that the core has a longer service life. What’s more, our core has passed 10 million fault-free operation tests, and other ordinary gates in the industry are only 3 million ~5 million, and we are 1~2 time higher than ordinary gates.
    • Anti-overload and impact resistance technology, this technology provides more guarantee for high stability and ultra-high frequency use of the gate. This technology is particularly important in the subway, high-speed rail, customs, wharf, large factories, and other ultra-high-traffic scene turnstile barrier gates.
    • By using the combined double crank and connecting rod structure design, the flap barrier turnstile gate folding wing technology can guarantee the fluency of the motion velocity curve and acceleration curve, so as to realize the smooth, agile, and low noise of the movement core in the process of operation. To ensure fluency, but also to ensure the speed of movement, thus ensuring the high efficiency of the use of ultra-high passenger flow. The advantages of using folding wings are as follows: firstly, the width of the chassis can be reduced to realize the “slimming” of the wing brake, so as to reduce the occupied space; secondly, the width of the passage can be increased to be used as the passage for baby carriage, luggage, wheelchair, etc. At present, folding wing gate is mainly used in subway stations, bus stations, railway stations, and airport sites.
    • Mechanical power failure automatic door opening technology, Mairsturnstile original advanced technology, in the case of power failure, there is no need to UPS, through the pure mechanical structure to open the door, greatly improve the fire safety level of the security turnstile gate,  this technology can rarely be achieved by anyone.
    • Anti-shake technology  By optimizing the fixed structure of the blocking body and improving the precision of the parts of the core module, the anti-shake technology of the block body can reduce the vibration and deformation of the block body during the operation, so as to reduce the damage degree of the movement. Especially for the super wide and super high barrier, it is more necessary to achieve anti-shake, so as to maintain the longer service life of the turnstile barrier gate.
    • In the anti-violence collision technology, the impact force is effectively absorbed by self-buffering and repair, so as to protect the swing pendulum and mechanism. This technology is mainly used in outdoor swing turnstile gates to resist violent impact, and it is used in the scene of carrying non-motor vehicles, such as factories riding motorcycles and bicycles to and from work. In this case, the turnstile barrier gate will inevitably be impacted, without this technology, the mechanism may be damaged quickly, affecting the normal use of the turnstile barrier gate. We developed this anti-violent gate technology, even if the security turnstile gate is frequently hit by gravity, the core will not be damaged, and still can work properly.
    • Ultra-wide access and ultra-high-barrier technologies that optimize the core structure, load more, and can load ultra-wide ultra-high-heavy blockers, such as 2-meter-wide and 1.8-meter-high blockers, to meet the requirements of scenarios that require baby carriages, wheelchairs, large luggage, trolleys, bicycles, and high-security requirements that prevent pedestrians from crossing the drill-climbing machine.
    • Swing turnstile gate over force feedback control technology, which is a special technology to enhance the turnstile gate safety, many ordinary security gates do not have. On the basis of this technology, when the door swing pendulum is locked, it can withstand the impact force within the safe range. When it exceeds the safety range, the door swing pendulum can be pushed slowly, so as to protect the movement and pedestrians.
    • In industrial design technology, good appearance is a bonus, a good-looking design will make people happy. Not only the exterior design, but we also pay attention to the interior design. In the places you can’t see, we design carefully and make the interior orderly.

    For technology research and development, our strategy is to deepen and optimize the existing technology, and continue to develop new technology, so as to provide users with advanced security turnstile barrier gate products that meet the requirements of application and technology, Better help all kinds of scenarios of pedestrian entrance and exit management construction.

    The purpose of the turnstile barrier gate

    The purpose of choosing a turnstile barrier gate instead of manual management is to solve the management problems such as high labor costs, time-consuming, low efficiency, and inaccurate judgment, and to improve management efficiency and level. At present, the security turnstile entrance gate system is widely used in various industries, covering all kinds of fields of people’s life and work, people enjoy the benefits brought by the security turnstile entrance gate–intelligence, self-help, convenient entrance and exit management.

    turnstile barrier gate

    The security turnstile entrance access control industry has a particularity, due to application requirements and customer preferences, in many cases need to be customized. Customization needs to consume a lot of manpower and time resources. It is a great challenge for the turnstile company to meet the customization requirements of customers quickly and flexibly. It requires enterprises to have strong design ability and a system of rapid response.

    Due to the limitation of business direction and customized resources, most security turnstile entrance access control companies do not have strong customization abilities. In terms of flexibility and rapid customization, Mairsturntile is the best one in the security turnstile access control industry. Mairsturnstile has the ability to do all kinds of customization, ranging from a little change of the swipe cardboard to a complete redesign of a new product.

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