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Last updated on: November 8th, 2023 16:17 pm

What is swing turnstile gate?

Swing turnstile gate is one of the most widely used pedestrian access control turnstile gates, which is an upgraded product of an intelligent tripod turnstile gate. It is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel access control. The blocking body(swing arms) of the swing turnstile is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, blocking and release is achieved by rotating and swinging. The materials of the blocking body are usually stainless steel, plexiglass, and toughened glass, and some also use metal plates wrapped with special flexible materials (to reduce the injury of hitting pedestrians).

The swing turnstile is mainly used for channel entrance and exit management, usually only allowing personnel to pass through, and can also allow personnel carrying luggage and disabled people to pass through. Compared to flap barriers, swing turnstiles can achieve a wider passage width, and most of the swing turnstile passages can be mixed with non motorized vehicles such as pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, and disabled vehicles.

The optical swing turnstile can easily integrate the magnetic card, bar code card, ID card, IC card, and other RFID card readers on the equipment. We call it the turnstile gate with card reader. By selecting various identity recognition system equipment and adopting reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction instructions, etc., the intelligent control and management of the access control can be realized through the swing gate turnstile coordination, so as to provide a civilized and orderly way for the access personnel, At the same time, the swing turnstile gate can prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving; In case of emergency, ensure that the passage is unobstructed to facilitate the timely evacuation of personnel.

The common swing turnstiles are single-core swing gate turnstile and double-core swing gate turnstile: single-core swing turnstile is used for single lanes and multi lanes; Dual-core swing turnstile is used for multi lanes.

Swing turnstile demo:

This optical swing turnstile has a beautiful appearance and unique design. There are colorful indicator light strips on the front and both sides, and the logo on the baffle will also light up, making the entire machine high-end and stylish.

Mairs optical swing turnstile has ultra-high cost performance and provides high-quality services, so our optical swing turnstile is very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Canada, Spain, Moldova, Australia, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA.

Purchase suggestion:

1. The turnstile mechanism is the heart of all types of turnstiles(including tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, swing turnstile, speed gate turnstile, sliding turnstile, and full height turnstile, etc) and the main factor that affects the turnstile gate price. The mechanism is also related to the speed and quality of the entire gate operation. Our company selects the industry’s top mechanism, which makes the work more stable and noiseless. More suitable for use in places that require a quiet environment.

It is important to look at the mechanism of the swing gate turnstile, as the mechanism of the swing barrier turnstile is as important as the heart of a person. It is the core component of the swing gate turnstile and affects the operational stability of the swing barrier gate turnstile. When selecting and purchasing, do not listen to the manufacturer’s boasting that it is imported, because imported goods are not necessarily good and require factual evidence.

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2. Appearance materials:

As a type of turnstile machine with high appearance plasticity, the swing turnstile can be selected from a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel, iron spraying, acrylic, etc. The swing barrier turnstile gate can also be selected from a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, acrylic, PVC, etc. The prices of different materials may vary, and we can select suitable materials based on the customer’s budget.

The swing turnstile gate is a professional access control equipment for people and vehicles to pass through, with obvious external force effects. Therefore, the strength borne by the swing arm turnstile machinery is a key consideration for customers.

Considering that the swing gate turnstile is long-term operating equipment, it is recommended to select 1.5 to 2.0 Mm stainless steel materials as the material model. However, stainless steel is also graded. Many manufacturers now use 204 stainless steel to save costs. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to choosing 304 stainless steel, The material of the blocking barrier has the best flexibility and can effectively enhance the buffer space, ensuring the high-frequency use of the turnstile gate.

3. Reliability:

The reliability of the turnstile gate is based on the reliability of various components of the swing turnstile and the integration method. Choosing high-quality components is the foundation. It is well known that the operation of the optical swing turnstile is driven by a motor. In daily life, the turnstile gate is in constant operation. Therefore, the service life of the motor and deceleration machinery directly determines the operating life of the swing gate turnstile, which is a key issue to pay attention to when purchasing.

4. Safety:

The optical swing turnstile generally relies on infrared light to detect pedestrian flow. When detecting errors, the swing gate turnstile can hit pedestrians, causing unnecessary disputes. The number of photocells should not be too small. The rolling force of swinging the blocking barrier should not be too strong, otherwise, it will hurt people. In the closed position, the blocking barrier cannot be manually opened, otherwise, the basic requirements for access control will be lost.

The number of sensors also directly affects the safety of the product, infrared objects, can sense an object passing by. The amount of infrared radiation directly affects the safety, flexibility, and sensitivity of the gate.

Most gate suppliers use 4-8 pairs, while our MairsTurnstile uses more than 10 pairs of projectiles, which can feel and convey information for the first time within the range of the traveler, making it safer and more convenient. Some high-end gate manufacturers have now made the safety of the gate machine a top priority when producing the gate machine, such as increasing the number of infrared sensors and adding anti-pinch strips, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of gate machine pinch incidents. Then the danger of using the gate is reduced.

5. Intelligence:

one-way and two-way traffic, whether there are card readers, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and other systems, as well as later scalability, all affect the cost of installing swing turnstiles in pedestrian passages. More people also choose QR code recognition, for more, please check: QR code turnstile

6. Swing turnstile model.

The selection and purchase of swing turnstiles also need to consider the specific use environment. For example, in ordinary supermarkets, there is no need to conduct ticket checking for entry and exit. When selecting and purchasing, everyone needs to choose the column swing turnstiles and mechanical swing turnstiles without ticket checking functions; If it is necessary to identify places such as office buildings and banks, it is necessary to purchase automatic swing turnstiles with identification. If the requirements for appearance are high, it is recommended to choose paint-type swing turnstiles.

7. After-sales service.

Swing turnstiles are relatively professional equipment. If they are damaged in the later stages of operation, non-professionals cannot maintain and repair them on their own. Therefore, when purchasing, it is important to pay attention to whether the after-sales service guarantee system is sound.

When selecting and purchasing an access control swing gate turnstile, it is necessary to confirm whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer, as some manufacturers only sell it under the label and do not produce it themselves. Such turnstiles may not be of good quality and workmanship, so it is important to pay attention.

8. Choose cost-effectively

If the pedestrian optical swing turnstile is purchased in large quantities, how can we implement this substantial expense in detail? The standard is to list performance test plans before conducting comparative purchases. The sales market of face recognition turnstile gates is changing rapidly. We must always pay attention to the new reference price of face recognition turnstile to prevent damage caused by outdated information content.

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The swing gate turnstile is composed of a turnstile chassis, turnstile mechanism, swing arm, infrared photoelectric sensor, turnstile controller, alarm, counter, card reading controller, and other turnstile parts. The swing arm can rotate ±90°to dissuade or release. Its swing arm swings in both directions, so it is usually called an optical swing turnstile.

The swing barrier gate turnstile in high-end places is generally equipped with audible and visual alarm functions. In case of illegal intrusion, it can automatically turn on the alarm function, and the anti-collision function cooperates with the alarm function to achieve automatic locking and prevent the gate from colliding. It also plays a role in maintaining on-site orders and ensuring that the equipment is not illegally damaged.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy a swing barrier turnstile or a turnstile swing gate, please choose the appropriate model from our product page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, by directly clicking the online chat button in the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect swing turnstile security solution.

Our swing barrier turnstile models include the most popular and fashionable appearance. Of course, if these models still can not meet your needs, we can also customize the swing gate turnstile according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

Compare with flap barrier:

Now more and more communities, campuses, office buildings, stations, and other places will be equipped with flap barrier turnstiles and swing barrier turnstiles. Installing this safety equipment can strengthen management, improve safety, and improve the beauty and style of the place. Swing turnstile gates and flap barrier gates are widely used as two access control turnstile gates. What’s the difference between them?

Swing barrier turnstiles and flap barrier turnstiles are very common pedestrian turnstile gate equipment. The same thing is that they are used for the management and control of pedestrian flow, attendance, ticket check, and visitors at the entrance and exit. The main difference is that the door-opening methods are different. The blocking rod of the swing gate turnstile is swung back and forth to control the opening and closing, and the blocking rod of the flap barrier gate is shrinking to the chassis to control the opening and closing; At the same time, more importantly, their channel widths are different.

1. Different appearance

The plasticity of the swing gate turnstile appearance is stronger than that of all turnstile equipment. The material types of blocking bodies are rich, and the shape of the chassis body is also diversified, making it easy to design very beautiful shapes. Therefore, it is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs, and so on. The appearance of the flap barrier gate is relatively single and its plasticity is not strong.

We all know that swing turnstiles and flap barrier turnstiles belong to high-end series products with strong plasticity in appearance, but many people do not know that the appearance plasticity of swing turnstiles is much higher than that of flap barriers, making it easier to design beautiful products.

Swing turnstiles are more suitable for private clubs, high-end office buildings, and other places with high requirements for appearance. The appearance of the flap barrier gate may be limited due to its expansion and contraction in the box. Of course, flap barriers also have their own advantages. If you want to learn more, please refer to our other article: What is flap barrier

2. The channel width is different

The second difference between a swing turnstile gate and a flap barrier gate is the width of the passage. The blocking barrier of the swing turnstile is located on the outer side of the turnstile gate and swings back and forth, with a wide adjustable range of travel distance, allowing bicycles, luggage carts, baby carriages, etc. to pass. However, the adjustable distance of the flap barrier gate is relatively low and only suitable for pedestrian passage. The wide travel distance is the biggest advantage of the swing turnstile gate, which determines its indispensable position in many places when choosing the gate.

The wide range of optical swing turnstile channels is larger than that of all pedestrian turnstile gates, generally between 550mm-1000mm. Some high-end products can reach 1500mm, and non-motor vehicles can also pass, realizing VIP special channel. The channel width of the flap barrier gate is between the tripod turnstile gate and turnstile swing gate, generally between 550mm-990mm.

Therefore, in the high-speed railway station, the passing personnel generally pass with luggage, so it is more suitable to use a swing barrier turnstile to manage the passage because its passage is relatively wide, the subway uses a flap barrier gate with a large flow of people and a large number of people, so it is more appropriate to use flap barrier gate to save passage time.

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3. Different anti-tailing capabilities

Both swing gate turnstile and flap barriers have added pedestrian passage detection modules, which can effectively detect passage targets, and the anti-tailing ability is good. However, when used on occasions with large passenger flow, the anti-tailing ability of the flap barrier gate is stronger.

4. Different use environment

Due to its strong plasticity and various shapes, many different types of pedestrian swing barrier gate turnstiles are designed according to different use environments. Even outdoor, waterproof, and anti-collision, swing barrier turnstiles can be solved. The flap barrier gate model has insufficient waterproof and dust-proof ability and is only suitable for indoors, and its environmental adaptability is not as strong as the swing gate turnstile.

5. Different control methods

The fourth difference between the swing gate and the wing gate is the different control methods. It is obvious that the swing gate swings back and forth, while the wing gate is retractable, which may not be understood by many laymen. However, this proves that the movements of these two types of gate machines are different. The movement of the gate machine is the most important part of the gate machine, and the different movements represent a significant difference in the price of the gate machine, This is the biggest difference between wing brakes and swing brakes. Especially for those who are not in the gate industry, this may not be well understood.

When choosing these two types of turnstiles, we can choose a suitable one based on our actual situation. For example, if the budget is low, we can choose the swing turnstile, or if there is a lot of traffic such as luggage, bicycles, etc., we can choose the swing turnstile. If the budget is sufficient and a super quiet environment is needed, we can choose the flap barrier gate, which needs to be selected according to specific needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

1. There is no mechanical collision during the operation of the turnstile swing gate, and the noise is relatively low.

2. Compared with the tripod turnstile gate, the bridge swing turnstile adds a pedestrian passage detection module, which can effectively detect the passage target and has a strong anti-tailing ability.

3. The channel width is the largest among all turnstiles, generally between 550mm-1000mm. Some models can reach 1500mm, which is more suitable for pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, and can also be used as a special channel for people with mobility difficulties.

4. The plasticity of appearance form is the strongest among all turnstiles. The material types of blocking bodies are rich, and the form of chassis is also diversified. It is easy to design a very beautiful shape. Therefore, it is often used in office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs, and other occasions.

5. Smart card: the system adopts a non-contact smart RF card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation, and greatly improves the practicability of the system.

6. Convenient capacity expansion: the computer and swing gate turnstile adopt RS485 bus communication, which comes from the all-in-one card system. After the corresponding control system is installed, the number of swing gates can be increased as required, and the host system can manage and set the new equipment in the background.

Since the swing turnstile has advantages, there must also be disadvantages. We should also recognize the disadvantages so as to better utilize and use the product.

1. The product cost is high, especially for some special customized models, such as products with increased lane width and special materials, which need certain technology to produce.

2. The waterproof and dustproof capacity of some models is insufficient, which is only suitable for indoor use, and the environmental adaptability is not as strong as that of the tripod turnstile gate

3. Due to the limitation of its own structure and materials, the resistance of the optical swing turnstile gate is not so good. It is easy to damage the swing gate turnstile and mechanism when pedestrians pass through it forcibly and quickly.

4. The comprehensive requirements for turnstile manufacturers are relatively high, requiring turnstile gate manufacturers to have certain technical design capabilities. If the design is not good, the reliability of products will be greatly reduced, and the ability to prevent and prevent a collision from a personal injury can be reduced.

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The swing barrier turnstile can be divided into single-core swing barrier turnstile and double-core swing barrier turnstile according to different combination types of mechanisms.

Single-core swing barrier turnstile: only one single core is configured inside the chassis

Double core swing barrier turnstile: the chassis is equipped with a dual mechanism working independently.

Swing turnstiles can be divided into single-channel swing turnstiles and multi-channel swing turnstiles according to the number of channels.

Single-channel swing turnstile: it is composed of two single-core swing gate turnstiles.

Multi-channel swing turnstile: it is composed of two single-core swing gate turnstiles and multiple double-core swing gate turnstiles.

According to the control mode of the mechanism:

The swing turnstile is divided into a mechanical swing barrier turnstile and a full-automatic swing barrier turnstile.

According to the form:

It can be divided into a vertical swing gate, a bridge swing gate, and a cylindrical swing gate.

Working Principle:

The swing gate turnstile controls the operation and stops of the mechanism through the motor, and further controls the opening and closing of the swing arms(blocking body) by controlling the operation and stop of the mechanism.

The optical swing turnstile is driven by a motor. The motor used by the swing turnstile gate needs the cooperation of the joint controller and the control board. It mainly controls the orientation of its direction to prevent the swing arm instability of the turnstile swing gate. When the swing barrier gate turnstile swings 90 degrees each time and detects the passage of people and objects, it will automatically reset, or when there is no passage within the specified time, the swing turnstile will automatically cancel the permission of this passage and return to the initial position.

Because the swing turnstile gate has the function of guiding the flow of people, it can control the entry and exit of personnel in one direction or two directions through its own mechanical structure. In the process of resetting, it can automatically stop working in case of resistance, so as to achieve the design purpose of anti-pinch. At the same time, remote control and management can also be realized by means of computers. In the case of large passenger flow, the swing barrier turnstile can add an alarm and other functions to facilitate the role of security.

Chassis technology:

It has fine processing, complete functions, and high grade. The shape of the swing gate turnstile equipment is stamped with stainless steel plate, which is beautiful, elegant, rustproof, and durable, and adopts a standard electrical interface.

Application site:

As one of the most widely used turnstile gates, it is mainly used in communities, schools, and factories. It is used for employees to ride bicycles or electric vehicles, motorcycles, and other places that need to be controlled.

It is suitable for occasions with large requirements for channel width, including occasions with more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, as well as special channels for people with mobility difficulties.

It is also suitable for occasions requiring high aesthetics. For example office buildings, concert halls, libraries, exhibition halls, community schools, scenic spots, ports, airports, stations, intelligent communities, factories, docks, subways, scenic spots, exhibition halls, clubs, natatoriums, shopping malls, canteens and other places that need to control and manage the access personnel in an orderly manner.

It is widely used in oil fields, petrochemicals, banks, scenic spots, prisons, electricity, communications, mobile, and other fields. With the improvement of visual aesthetics, people will have higher requirements regarding the appearance of pedestrian turnstile gate equipment. In the increasingly competitive environment of entrance and exit control systems, it is believed that more beautiful, practical, powerful, and technical channel gate products will emerge on the market and bring users a more brand-new experience.

Mechanical system:

The swing turnstile mechanical system is divided into two parts: chassis and mechanism. As a carrier, the chassis is equipped with a direction indicator, a reading and writing device, an infrared sensor, etc; The mechanism is mainly composed of a motor, frame, transmission shaft, gate, etc;

Electric control system:

The vertical swing turnstile electric control system is composed of the card reader, main control board, infrared sensor, direction indicator, alarm, limit switch, transformer, etc.

Card reader (self-provided): after reading the information on the card and judging and processing, send an application pass signal (switch signal) to the main control board;

Main control board: the control center of the system, which receives the signals of the card reader and infrared sensor, logically judges and processes these signals, and then sends execution commands to the direction indicator, motor, counter, and alarm.

Infrared sensor: detect the pedestrian position and play a role in safety protection;

Direction indicator: displays the current status of passage signs and guides pedestrians to pass through the passage safely and orderly;

Alarm: when the system detects pedestrians entering the channel illegally, it will give an alarm;

Limit switch: control the position of gate rotation;

The extensible function:

1. Sound and light alarm functions, including illegal intrusion alarm, anti-pinch alarm, etc;

2. Counting function;

3. Infrared reset function;

4. Extended chassis, extended swingarm, etc.

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Of course, refer to the parameters of conventional products. You can also customize the swing barrier turnstile according to your needs.

Swingarm specification: Standard swing arm 600mm (can be lengthened or shortened appropriately)

Swingarm transmission angle: 180 degrees

Swing direction: unidirectional or bidirectional

Case Material: Standard 304 stainless steel or customized 316 stainless steel

Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% v, 50Hz

Drive motor: DC brushless motor 140W / 24V (or brush motor)

Motor speed: 1600 RPM (standard)

Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width > 100ms, and driving current > 10mA

Communication interface: RS485 standard

Communication distance: 1200 m

LED indicators: 2 or 4

Card reading window: 2

Traffic speed: 40 people/min (normally open), 25-30 people/min (normally closed)

Gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds

Time required to enter the traffic state after power on 3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Temperature: – 40 ℃ – 80 ℃

Humidity: 5% – 90%


Swing gate turnstile has now become the main product occupying the pedestrian turnstile gate market. Swing turnstile can not only pass quickly but also be beautiful and generous after installation, so it is recognized by the market. However, many customers do not know how to install it correctly after purchasing the swing barrier turnstile.

How to install the turnstile swing gate quickly and correctly? I believe many people have questions. Today we’ll answer them with you!

In fact, the installation of a swing barrier turnstile is similar to the installation of a tripod turnstile and flap barrier turnstile in terms of basic principles. We mentioned the installation of a face recognition turnstile, tripod turnstile installation, and flap barrier installation. Today we will introduce the simple version of the swing barrier gate turnstile installation tutorial.

How to quickly and correctly install the swing turnstile:

1. Prepare tools for equipment installation (impact drill, expansion screw, adjustable wrench, a set of Allen wrenches, screwdriver, wire stripping pliers, electrical glue, electric hammer, drill bit, adjustable wrench, cutting machine, pliers, screwdriver, and other tools required);

2. Determine the swing gate turnstile channel composition, determine the installation location, and make an overall plan for the installation wiring;

3. Arrange the ground for equipment installation;

4. The swing barrier turnstile shall be placed according to the sequence of box identification, the placing sequence shall be correct and the box shall be flush;

5. Mark the installation hole position of the expansion screw of the box fixing plate; And draw the route;

6. Remove the swing barrier gate turnstile machine, drill holes with an impact drill, and bury m10x100 or m12x100 expansion screws;

7. Excavate the wiring, bury the strong current and weak current wiring pipes respectively, 3 / 4 PVC wiring pipes, and thread the wires;

8. Open the chassis and connect the channel main machine and auxiliary machine according to the terminal identification, which must be connected one by one;

9. Connect 220V AC to the air switch;

10. Connect access control card reading equipment;

11. Power on to test whether the door opening and closing, card-swiping function, infrared alarm, and infrared anti-pinch are normal;

12. Confirm that all function commissioning tests are completed, tighten the expansion screws, and bury the concrete.

The installation tutorial and detailed wiring of the swing gate turnstile can be carried out according to the previous installation instructions of the tripod turnstile gate and the precautions for the installation of the flap barrier gate, or consult the engineering personnel. After the installation, the swing barrier turnstile gate can only be used after the state and function commissioning, and the one-way or two-way traffic mode can be set according to the actual needs. The cleaning and maintenance after the installation of the swing gate will directly affect its service life, Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain the swing turnstile regularly.

Installation tips:

1. The embedded conduit is made of a 6-point galvanized pipe, and the power line is the cable of national standards, which can be buried underground for ten years.

2. Communication line, switch control line, and network cable, one with eight cores can be connected to communication or switch.

3. When burying cement, pay attention not to move the wire pipe and wait for the cement to dry before wiring. The underground wiring of the swing turnstile gate must be tight to prevent water seepage from corroding the wire.

4. Conduit wiring is divided into strong current and weak current wiring. When buying a conduit with a swing barrier turnstile, you must buy an adapter, two-way and three-way.

5. After the swing gate turnstile is aligned, draw the screw hole position with a marking pen, and drill the hole with a 12-point punching depth of 10-13cm. Bayonet wrench for fixing screws.

6. After installation, be sure to apply glass glue on the extension of the gate to prevent water seepage.

7. Finally, check the operation of the swing turnstile gate and prepare for project acceptance.

8. For concealed wiring, the wire pipe head shall be flat with the ground (or one or two centimeters high), and 80-1.1cm shall be reserved for other wires to facilitate wiring.

swing turnstile

Installation precautions:

What should be paid attention to during the installation of the swing turnstile?

Technicians from MairsTurnstile listed several matters needing attention during the installation of the swing gate turnstile as a reference:

  1. When the swing barrier turnstile is used outdoors, attention must be paid to anti-skid and moisture-proof treatment to ensure the normal operation of the swing turnstile in a clean and dry environment, which not only increases the service life but also ensures the stable operation of the turnstile swing barrier;
  2. Do not add other equipment to the optical swing turnstile without the permission of technicians to avoid accidents and ensure the normal and safe operation of the swing gate turnstile;
  3. The swing barrier turnstile must be installed by professional technicians. First, open the chassis cover and safely connect the power supply. After all installation steps are completed, close the air switch and then start to use it. The technicians shall conduct trial operations for a period of time to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the normal operation of the system;
  4. When the swing turnstile gate is connected to the external control system, the signal output by the controller shall be determined before use; The installation of a security gate requires professionals to rely on professional knowledge. In case of technical failure, technicians should also actively carry out a correct repair.

Video From MairsTurnstile

At the end of the article, please check out the video of the optical swing turnstile.

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