What is swing turnstile gate?

swing turnstile

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What is swing turnstile gate?

Swing turnstile gate is one of the most widely used pedestrian access control turnstile gates, which is an upgraded product of an intelligent tripod turnstile gate. It is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel access control. The blocking body of the swing turnstile is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, blocking and release is achieved by rotating and swinging. The materials of the blocking body are usually stainless steel, plexiglass, and toughened glass, and some also use metal plates wrapped with special flexible materials (to reduce the injury of hitting pedestrians).

The swing turnstile can easily integrate the magnetic card, bar code card, ID card, IC card, and other RFID card readers on the equipment. By selecting various identity recognition system equipment and adopting reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction instructions, etc., the intelligent control and management of the access control can be realized through the swing turnstile gate coordination, so as to provide a civilized and orderly way for the access personnel, At the same time, the swing turnstile gate can prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving; In case of emergency, ensure that the passage is unobstructed to facilitate the timely evacuation of personnel.

The common swing turnstiles are single-core swing turnstile gate and double core swing turnstile gate: single-core swing turnstile is used for single lane and multi-lanes; Dual-core swing turnstile is used for multi-lanes.

Types of swing turnstile:

According to the control mode of the mechanism:

The swing turnstile is divided into mechanical swing turnstile and full-automatic swing turnstile.

According to the form:

It can be divided into a vertical swing gate, bridge swing gate, and cylindrical swing gate.

Where to buy a swing turnstile?

If you want to buy a swing turnstile, swing turnstile gate, please choose the appropriate model from our product page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect swing turnstile security solution.

Our swing turnstile gate models include the most popular and fashionable appearance. Of course, if these models still can not meet your needs, we can also customize the swing turnstile gate according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

Manufacturing technology of Chassis:

It has fine processing, complete functions, and high grade. The shape of the swing turnstile gate equipment is stamped with stainless steel plate, which is beautiful, elegant, rustproof, and durable, and adopts a standard electrical interface. For the chassis manufacturing process, please see our video below:

Advantages of swing turnstile:

1. There is no mechanical collision during the operation of the swing turnstile, and the noise is relatively low.

2. Compared with the tripod turnstile gate, the bridge swing turnstile adds a pedestrian passage detection module, which can effectively detect the passage target and has a strong anti-tailing ability.

3. The channel width is the largest among all turnstiles, generally between 550mm-1000mm. Some models can reach 1500mm, which is more suitable for pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels and can also be used as a special channel for people with mobility difficulties.

4. The plasticity of appearance form is the strongest among all turnstiles. The material types of blocking bodies are rich, and the form of chassis is also diversified. It is easy to design a very beautiful shape. Therefore, it is often used in office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs, and other occasions.

5. Smart card: the system adopts a non-contact smart RF card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation, and greatly improves the practicability of the system.

6. Convenient capacity expansion: the computer and swing turnstile adopt RS485 bus communication, which comes from the all-in-one card system. After the corresponding control system is installed, the number of swing gates can be increased as required, and the host system can manage and set the new equipment in the background.

swing turnstile gate

Disadvantages of swing turnstile:

1. The product cost is high, especially for some special customized models, such as products with increased lane width and special materials, which need certain technology to produce.

2. The waterproof and dustproof capacity of some models is insufficient, which is only suitable for indoor use, and the environmental adaptability is not as strong as that of the tripod turnstile gate

3. Due to the limitation of its own structure and materials, the resistance of the swing turnstile gate is not so good. It is easy to damage the swing turnstile and mechanism when pedestrians pass through it forcibly and quickly.

4. The comprehensive requirements for manufacturers are relatively high, requiring manufacturers to have certain technical design capabilities. If the design is not good, the reliability of products will be greatly reduced, and the ability to prevent and preventing collision from a personal injury can be reduced.

Application site of swing turnstile:

As one of the most widely used turnstile gates, it is mainly used in communities, schools, and factories. It is used for employees to ride bicycles or electric vehicles, motorcycles, and other places that need to be controlled.

It is suitable for occasions with large requirements for channel width, including occasions with more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, as well as special channels for people with mobility difficulties. It is also suitable for occasions requiring high aesthetics. For example office buildings, concert halls, libraries, exhibition halls, community schools, scenic spots, ports, airports, stations, and other occasions.

Swing turnstile mechanical system:

The swing turnstile mechanical system is divided into two parts: chassis and mechanism. As a carrier, the chassis is equipped with a direction indicator, a reading and writing device, an infrared sensor, etc; The mechanism is mainly composed of motor, frame, transmission shaft, gate, etc;

Swing turnstile electric control system:

The vertical swing brake electric control system is composed of the card reader, main control board, infrared sensor, direction indicator, alarm, limit switch, transformer, etc.

Card reader (self-provided): after reading the information on the card and judging and processing, send an application pass signal (switch signal) to the main control board;

Main control board: the control center of the system, which receives the signals of the card reader and infrared sensor, logically judges and processes these signals, and then sends execution commands to direction indicator, motor, counter, and alarm.

Infrared sensor: detect the pedestrian position and play a role in safety protection;

Direction indicator: display the current status of passage signs and guide pedestrians to pass through the passage safely and orderly;

Alarm: when the system detects pedestrians entering the channel illegally, it will give an alarm;

Limit switch: control the position of gate rotation;

swing turnstile

The extensible function of swing turnstile:

1. Sound and light alarm functions, including illegal intrusion alarm, anti-pinch alarm, etc;

2. Counting function;

3. Infrared reset function;

4. Extended chassis, extended swingarm, etc.

Parameters of swing turnstile:

Parameters of swing turnstile, of course, refer to the parameters of conventional products. You can also customize the swing turnstile according to your needs.

Swingarm specification: Standard swing arm 600mm (can be lengthened or shortened appropriately)

Swingarm transmission angle: 180 degrees

Swing direction: unidirectional or bidirectional

Case material: Standard 304 stainless steel or customized 316 stainless steel

Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% v, 50Hz

Drive motor: DC brushless motor 140W / 24V (or brush motor)

Motor speed: 1600 RPM (standard)

Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width > 100ms, and driving current > 10mA

Communication interface: RS485 standard

Communication distance: 1200 m

LED indicators: 2 or 4

Card reading window: 2

Traffic speed: 40 people / min (normally open), 25-30 people / min (normally closed)

Gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds

Time required to enter the traffic state after power on: 3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Temperature: – 40 ℃ – 80 ℃

Humidity: 5% – 90%

Difference between swing turnstile and flap barrier:

Now more and more communities, campuses, office buildings, stations, and other places will be equipped with flap barrier turnstile and swing turnstile gates. Installing this safety equipment can strengthen management, improve safety, and improve the beauty and style of the place. Swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate are widely used as two access control turnstile gates. What’s the difference between them?

Swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate are very common pedestrian turnstile gate equipment. The same thing is that they are used for the management and control of pedestrian flow, attendance, ticket check, and visitors at the entrance and exit. The main difference is that the door opening methods are different. The blocking rod of the swing turnstile gate is swing back and forth to control the opening and closing, and the blocking rod of the flap barrier gate is shrinking to the chassis to control the opening and closing; At the same time, more importantly, their channel widths are different.

1. Different appearance

The plasticity of swing turnstile gate appearance is stronger than that of all turnstile equipment. The material types of blocking bodies are rich, and the shape of the chassis body is also diversified. It is easy to design a very beautiful shape. Therefore, it is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs, and so on. The appearance of the flap barrier gate is relatively single and its plasticity is not strong.

2. The channel width is different

The wide range of swing turnstile gate channels is larger than that of all pedestrian turnstile gates, generally between 550mm-1000mm. Some high-end products can reach 1500mm, and non-motor vehicles can also pass, realizing VIP special channel. The channel width of the flap barrier gate is between the tripod turnstile gate and swing turnstile gate, generally between 550mm-990mm.

Therefore, in the high-speed railway station, the passing personnel generally pass with luggage, so it is more suitable to use a swing turnstile gate to manage the passage because its passage is relatively wide, the subway uses a flap barrier gate with a large flow of people and a large number of people, so it is more appropriate to use flap barrier gate to save passage time.

3. Different anti tailing capabilities

Both swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate have added pedestrian passage detection module, which can effectively detect passage targets, and the anti tailing ability is good. However, when used on occasions with large passenger flow, the anti-tailing ability of the flap barrier gate is stronger.

4. Different use environment

Due to its strong plasticity and various shapes, many different types of pedestrian swing turnstile gates are designed according to different use environments. Even outdoor, waterproof and anti-collision, swing turnstile gates can be solved. The flap barrier gate model has insufficient waterproof and dust-proof ability and is only suitable for indoor, and its environmental adaptability is not as strong as swing turnstile gates.

Flap barrier, flap barrier gate for sale - Mairsturnstile

Flap barrier is more widely used in subway

Why can’t swing turnstile be widely used in the subway? Subway is an essential public facility for many urban people to go out, which facilitates the travel of pedestrians. In addition, a subway is also a place with a large flow of people. Due to the high mobility, the traffic personnel is too complex. Therefore, this is also the place where hidden dangers are most likely to occur. Therefore, the subway cannot be managed by security personnel alone. At present, the tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate are more popular in the subway access control turnstile gate. But the flap barrier gate is the most used one. Why? Let’s make a simple explanation!

Of course, both of these two turnstile gates can be used in the subway pedestrian access control management, but the most used one is the flap barrier gate. If you want to know more about flap barrier turnstile, please check our another article: what is flap barrier

  1. It has the functions of automatic inspection and logical judgment in case of problems, which is more convenient for users to use and function debugging;
  2. There are dozens of sensitive dial setting devices with high performance;
  3. The mechanical and infrared have two layers of anti-pinch performance. When the retaining arm is blocked during reset, it will actively stop or rebound and send an alarm signal together;
  4. Various forms of alarm functions, including illegal intrusion, reverse direction tracking, single-use timeout alarm, etc;
  5. Impact resistance function: when the door opening signal is not received, the stop arm is actively locked;
  6. Turn off the alarm function for reverse intrusion. After swiping the card forward, when someone enters from the opposite direction, the wing will close quickly and give an alarm;
  7. Sensitive traffic indication performance, high brightness indicator, and more humanized prompt function make the channel more characteristic;
  8. The form of normally open and normally closed is adjustable, which can be easily controlled through code dialing or external manual buttons;
  9. Active detection and reset function. After opening the door, if no object is detected within the specified time (adjustable), the system will actively cancel the permission of this channel;
  10. In case of power failure, take the initiative to open it and meet the fire protection requirements;

It is precise because of these functions that the flap barrier gate is widely used in the subway.

swing turnstile

Precautions for swing turnstile installation:

What should be paid attention to during the installation of the swing turnstile?

Technicians from MairsTurnstile listed several matters needing attention during installation of swing turnstile as a reference:

  1. When the swing turnstile gate are used outdoors, attention must be paid to anti-skid and moisture-proof treatment to ensure the normal operation of the swing turnstile in a clean and dry environment, which not only increases the service life but also ensures the stable operation of the swing turnstile;
  2. Do not add other equipment to the swing turnstile gate without the permission of technicians to avoid accidents and ensure the normal and safe operation of the swing turnstile gate;
  3. The swing turnstile must be installed by professional technicians. First, open the chassis cover and safely connect the power supply. After all installation steps are completed, close the air switch and then start to use it. The technicians shall conduct trial operation for a period of time to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the normal operation of the system;
  4. When the swing turnstile gate is connected to the external control system, the signal output by the controller shall be determined before use; The installation of a security gate requires professionals to rely on professional knowledge. In case of technical failure, technicians should also actively carry out a correct repair.

Video of Swing turnstile From MairsTurnstile

At the end of the article, please check out our video of the swing turnstile gate.

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