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boom barrier

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Boom barrier definition:

The boom barrier(also called a boom gate) is a device specifically designed for managing the entry and exit of motor vehicles on roads. It is widely used in highway toll stations and parking lot systems to manage vehicle access and manage the entry and exit of vehicles. The main function of a boom barrier gate is to restrict the passage of vehicles and ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter and exit.

The boom barrier gate can be independently controlled by wireless remote control to achieve landing rods, or it can be automatically managed through the parking lot management system (i.e. IC card swiping management system). Vehicles can be released upon entry for card collection, and upon exit, parking fees will be charged and the vehicles will be automatically released.

The boom barrier gate adopts a special power outage manual and automatic pole lifting device, so that even in the event of a power outage, the boom gate barrier can be manually lifted without affecting the normal passage of vehicles. At the same time, the boom barrier gate has multiple control methods, supporting line control, remote control, communication protocol, and other control methods. Therefore, parking lot management personnel can use remote control to lift the barrier gate pole directly inside the booth.

Boom barrier component:

The boom gate is composed of a chassis, a chip, a motor, a control system, a force-balancing device, a gearbox, an electrical control unit, and a gate rod.

The basic structure of a boom gate barrier consists of the following main parts:

1. Chassis section: usually made of metal materials, responsible for carrying and supporting the entire barrier equipment.

2. Motor and transmission device: responsible for providing power and controlling the lifting motion of the gate.

3. Barrier arm: composed of straight rods, fence rods, or panels, used to block the entry and exit of vehicles.

4. Control system: including electrical control devices, sensors, controllers, etc., used to sense the entry and exit of vehicles and control the operation of boom gates.

Types of boom barrier:

According to the different boom gate rods, boom gates are divided into: straight rod boom barrier, folding rod boom barrier and fence boom barriers.

1. The straight rod boom gate barrier is the one we use the most, and it is commonly used in ground level parking lots, suitable for general parking lots such as residential communities, stations, hospitals, etc.

boom barrier gate

2. Folding rod boom gate is used in parking lots that require a certain height for takeoff and landing, such as underground parking lots. Ordinary straight rod boom gates are not suitable, and in this case, folding rod boom gates are needed.

3. Fence boom gates are suitable for some specialized parking lots with high management requirements, with the aim of preventing pedestrians from passing through car passages. Fence boom gates can be divided into single-layer fence boom gates and double-layer fence boom gates, and can be purchased according to specific circumstances.

How much does a boom barrier gate cost?

The installation of boom gates can improve the safety of the area, facilitate the management of vehicles, and improve the quality of the area. The price of a boom gate barrier varies depending on factors such as brand, material, and model, generally ranging from $200 to $1000.

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    Key purchasing points:

    When selecting a boom gate barrier, consideration should be given to the material, impact resistance, safety technology, remote management, and intelligence.

    1. Material: Select the appropriate boom barrier material based on actual usage scenarios and needs. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber. Excellent materials have higher durability and corrosion resistance, which can adapt to more harsh environments and prolong the service life of the boom gate barrier.

    2. Impact resistance: Considering the occurrence of traffic accidents, a boom gate barrier with high impact resistance should be selected. This can protect the stability and durability of the boom gate barrier, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

    3. Security technology: Select appropriate security technologies based on actual security needs. For example, intelligent boom barriers with functions such as license plate recognition, facial recognition, and intelligent intercom can be selected to improve the safety management level of entry and exit.

    4. Remote management: For convenience and speed, choose a boom gate barrier with remote monitoring and management functions. Through cloud platforms and smartphones, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and setting adjustments of boom barrier gates can be achieved.

    5. Intelligence: With the development of technology, intelligent boom gate barriers also have intelligent self inspection technology, offline operation technology and other intelligent technologies, achieving intelligent management of boom gate barriers.

    The advantages of boom barrier:

    1. Safe and reliable

    Installing a boom barrier gate as a vehicle entry and exit management system can effectively improve the safety of parking lots, communities, enterprises, and other places. It can prevent illegal vehicles from entering and ensure safe entry and exit through a sturdy and reliable mechanical structure and intelligent control system. At the same time, boom gates can also control vehicle flow within a reasonable range, avoiding safety issues such as congestion and vehicle conflicts. Due to the use of high-quality materials and related processes, the reliability of the boom gate barrier is very high. Even in busy traffic, road gates can quickly manage vehicles without frequent maintenance and have a long service life.

    2. Economically practical

    Due to the simplicity of the equipment, low wiring costs, favorable prices, and the ability to earn advertising fees through advertising barriers and doors, it is cost-effective. Suitable for any location, indoor including shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, etc. The lane gates used in parking lots not only effectively regulate the issue of vehicle entry and exit, but also ensure the safety of management personnel.

    3. Convenient and efficient

    Installing boom barrier gates can save vehicle entry and exit time and improve vehicle entry and exit efficiency. Through the intelligent control system of the boom gate barrier, vehicle entry and exit will become more automated and efficient. Boom barrier gates can usually be quickly controlled for vehicle entry and exit through remote control, card swiping, and other methods. Installing boom gates can also effectively reduce the cost and workload of manual management, and improve the efficiency of venue management.

    4. Reduce costs

    Installing boom barriers can to some extent reduce the management costs of enterprises, parking lots, residential areas, and other places. Intelligent boom gates can greatly reduce labor costs and management expenses. Compared with traditional manual management methods, boom barrier gates not only have cost advantages, but are also more reliable and efficient.

    5. Easy installation and low maintenance cost

    Easy to operate, no maintenance required, and requires minimal labor consumption. Compared to other equipment, the maintenance cost of the boom gate barrier is relatively low, only requiring regular cleaning and inspection, without requiring too much manpower and material investment.

    Overall, installing a boom gate barrier is a highly recommended vehicle management system that can improve site safety, efficiency, and save management costs. In modern urban management, boom gates will be an indispensable and important component.

    boom gate

    Working principle:

    The boom barrier gate senses the position of the vehicle through sensors, and then controls the motor to rotate to lift and lower the rod. The working principle of the boom barrier gate mainly involves the following aspects:

    1. Electric drive system: The opening and closing of the boom gate mainly rely on the electric drive system. By using motors, reducers, and transmission devices, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy to achieve the lifting and lowering of the gate rod.

    2. Control system: The control system of the boom gate barrier is its core part, mainly including sensors, controllers, and actuators. Sensors can sense the approach of vehicles or personnel and transmit signals to the controller. The controller determines whether to open or close the gate based on the received signal, and controls the operation of the electric drive system. The actuator controls the rise and fall of the barrier gate according to the instructions of the controller.

    3. Safety protection system: The safety protection system of the boom barrier gate is designed to prevent accidents and protect the stable operation of the equipment itself. Common security protection systems include infrared sensors, license plate recognition systems, facial recognition systems, etc., which can achieve recognition and monitoring of vehicles and personnel.

    4. Remote management system: With the development of Internet of Things technology, boom barrier gates are becoming increasingly intelligent. Through the remote management system, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and setting adjustment of the boom barrier gate can be achieved, improving the convenience and efficiency of management.

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