How to install speed gate turnstile?

speed gate installation

Last updated on: March 19th, 2024 17:58 pm

How to install a speed gate turnstile? Today we will provide a detailed introduction to the speed gate installation process, helping customers better understand this process and providing reference for practical applications.

With the development of technology and the acceleration of people’s pace of life, the intelligence and convenience of access control management equipment have become an inevitable trend in modern society. As a convenient and safe access control turnstile device that can provide people with convenient and safe passage, speed gate turnstile is widely used in various fields, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, and other places. Speed gate turnstile not only improve the efficiency of passage, but also enhance the safety of the venue.

Speed gate installation demo:

We have also made a speed gate installation demo video for our customers to refer to.

If you did not purchase our Mairs speed gate turnstile, You can also refer to it. The general steps and process are similar. If you have any questions during the speed gate turnstile installation process, please feel free to contact us

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    Speed gate installation tools:

    The installation tools for speed gate installation include electric drills, impact drills, angle grinders, expansion bolts, power cables, plugs, sockets, screwdrivers, rulers, pliers, rangefinders, and other tools.

    M Series Speed gate turnstile

    Speed gate installation steps:

    1. Determine installation location: Before installing the speed gate turnstile, it is necessary to first measure the speed gate installation location, determine the size and position of the speed gate turnstile, and determine the number of speed gate turnstile to be installed based on the width of the channel, the actual number of users, and the frequency of passage.

    2. Drill the hole: According to the dimension diagram provided by the speed gate turnstile manufacturer, draw fixed holes for specific placement positions and drill holes with an electric drill.

    3. Installation of the chassis: First, fix the chassis in the installation position to ensure stability and reliability. Then install the blocking body and other accessories. During the speed gate installation process, attention should be paid to the direction, position, and verticality of the chassis to ensure that it can be opened and closed normally, while also considering the overall aesthetics.

    4. Installation of control system: Choose to install access control systems such as card readers, facial recognition systems, or access control systems according to the actual situation, and connect corresponding power lines, signal lines, and control lines. The installation position of the access control system should be easy to operate and maintain, and it should not affect the normal opening and closing of the blocking body.

    5. Install the blocking body: Install the blocking body of the speed gate on the chassis, and then connect the motor and sensor. The blocking body is the main part of the speed gate turnstile, mainly used to block personnel from entering and exiting.

    6. Wiring: Based on the size diagram provided by the manufacturer of the speed gate turnstile, draw fixed holes for specific placement positions, and drill holes with an electric drill. After fixing the speed gate turnstile, ensure that the equipment is connected to the power supply and that the wiring is correct and secure. Check if all wiring is secure to avoid malfunctions during use.

    7. Debugging and testing: After completing the speed gate installation, debugging and testing are required. Check the status of the blocking switch, whether the control system function is normal, and whether the power and signal lines match. During the debugging process, attention should be paid to safety to avoid unexpected situations. At the same time, necessary adjustments should be made to the speed gate turnstile according to the actual situation to ensure its normal operation and effectiveness.

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    Speed gate installation precautions:

    Training operators: Train operators to become familiar with the operation methods and precautions of the speed gate turnstile.

    It should be noted that the installation plan for different types of speed gate turnstiles may vary, and the specific installation plan should be determined based on the actual situation. Meanwhile, during the installation process, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant specifications and standards to ensure the quality and safety of the speed gate turnstile. Additionally, it is not allowed to plug or unplug electrical appliances on the speed gate turnstile with electricity.

    Maintenance after installation: After installation, perform necessary maintenance and upkeep on the speed gate turnstile to ensure its long-term stable use. Regularly check the operation status of the speed gate turnstile, clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment, and maintain a clean appearance. At the same time, regularly conduct power on inspections on the speed gate turnstile to ensure that it is in good condition.

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