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Last updated on: June 25th, 2023 11:03 am

Where to buy turnstile?

For security turnstile beginners, many people don’t know how to choose a turnstile and where to buy turnstile, what types of turnstiles gate should I have? If you want to buy turnstile, please choose the right one from our products page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect turnstiles security solution.

When we get in and out of public service places, we usually see a variety of pedestrian turnstile access control gates, which are widely used in factories, government agencies, communities, scenic spots, and other places. In fact, it is also a very particular thing to choose and buy turnstile gate which is suitable for yourself.

The application range of security turnstiles is common in some public places, such as residential areas, cinemas, tourist classics, and so on, which plays a very good role in the safe passage. So how should we choose the right turnstile gate we need? From which aspects to consider the selection of the appropriate optical turnstile gate? Below Mairsturnstile lists the latest turnstile buying guide 2020.

How to choose turnstile?

When we buy turnstiles security gate, we must hope to play its role and realize its value. If we want it to give full play to its own role, we must make a reasonable choice, if we want to choose a suitable turnstile access control gate, we need to know some common sense, mainly from five aspects as follow:

1. Aesthetics: in the selection of turnstile access control gate, the appearance condition is often a big factor; What you buy must match your venue, in terms of color and size, so as to show the high-end and professional venues of the place.

2. Material: the pedestrian security turnstiles access control gate is used by people frequently. The working intensity of the equipment is very important. If it is to work for a long time, the material of the equipment must be durable;

3. Rotation life: the service life of the security turnstiles access control gate will have an inevitable relationship with maintenance, but its structure and working principle must be understood when selecting;

4. Practicability: the utility of the turnstile access control gate is mainly formed by various parts of the gate. It will be more convenient and safe to use the high-quality and high-performance gate;

5. Safety: the infrared photoelectric detection side of the security turnstiles access control gate can solve the problem of customers being pinched by the traditional dynamic wing gate. This is the most important aspect when you buy turnstiles security gates.

From the above five aspects, we can roughly determine what kind of security turnstiles access control gate we need, however, we still need to pay attention to some matters in the process of purchasing biometric turnstile gate, Precautions when you buy turnstiles security access control gate.

Buy turnstile according to the Demand:

  • Only to control the flow of people, the requirements are not high, you can choose the tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate ;
  • In order to control the flow of people and vehicles, it is necessary to select the swing turnstile gate;
  • It only controls the flow of people and requires a fast passing speed. Flap barrier gate can be selected;
  • The full height turnstile gate is usually customized according to the actual application.
  • When you buy turnstiles gate, Please carefully consider this basic demand.
full height turnstile installation

Buy turnstile according to application site:

  • For places that need to be authorized to enter, such as factories, canteens, golf courses, clubs, schools, hospitals, communities, etc., the corresponding intelligent gate can be selected according to the characteristics of the flow of people and vehicles, so as to realize intelligent access control and attendance check.
  • For public places that need to check tickets, such as scenic spots, venues, cinemas, stations and docks, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate and tripod turnstile gate can be selected, which can be used in combination with the ticket checking system, so as to realize orderly ticket checking and passing of pedestrians.
  • For places with strict security measures, such as financial units and electronic engineering anti-static control areas, intelligent flap barrier gate and intelligent tripod turnstile gate can be selected to realize intelligent access control and attendance; it can also be combined with face recognition and fingerprint identification to improve security measures. If you want to buy turnstile gate, Please refer to the instructions in this section carefully.

Specific Application Examples:

If the security turnstiles gate is applied to the office floor, then how should we choose? In particular, for the pedestrian access control equipment in the office building, the mairsturnstile preferred suggestion: speed lane swing turnstile gate and a flap barrier gate. Speedlane swing turnstile gate, the appearance is beautiful and elegant, which greatly improves the modern image of the place, and the function is more comprehensive in practical use.

The fast track can be used to pass the staff on and off duty, which can better control the personnel’s access in the building. The disabled or people with large goods can pass through the swinging door, which makes the use of the gate more humanized. The passageway can also be used as a VIP channel. When important customers or leaders come to visit, the swing door can be kept open, and the personnel can pass quickly without requiring customers or leaders to pass through the fast channel one by one.

1. According to the actual situation of the number of users, the flow of people, the frequency of use, and the service life.

2. Low noise.

3. Beautiful appearance.

swing turnstile

Emergency evacuation function.

Pedestrians in and out of the gate equipment have the characteristics of safety, fast and so on, is the pedestrian high-frequency access to the ideal management equipment, in the purchase should pay attention to the stability of the gate, economy, but also depends on the reliability of the gate, of course, the appearance of the gate is also very important, good-looking appearance makes people feel comfortable.

Stability: stability is the preferred principle for access to pedestrian access gate systems. Mature products in the leading position in the industry should be considered as far as possible. After many times authoritative certification and many typical users’ tests, it has been running normally for many years and has been highly recognized in the industry.

Economy: the main equipment of the security turnstiles gate should adopt modular design, realize the expansion of the future system through the upgrade of hardware and software, without making too much change to the system, and give full play to the economic principle. At the same time, the product should have a cost-effective advantage.

Excellent compatibility: it can integrate other recognition devices, support multiple reading methods, standard switch signal input, convenient external switch or bar code, IC card, ID card, face recognition, and other reading methods. In order to facilitate future upgrading, expansion, and anti-interference considerations, it is recommended to select terminal identification equipment that meets international standards, and the wider the non-compatibility, the better.

With the ability to prevent damage: the pedestrian access control turnstile gate is used for personnel access, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here should ensure the safety of equipment, system operation, and operators on the one hand. For example, the equipment and system itself should be able to withstand high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, antistatic, and anti-interference; on the other hand, the channel gate system should also have the function of preventing human damage, such as forced pedestrian intrusion.

Powerful software management function:

With the more and more extensive application range of security turnstiles access control gate, it is required to realize linkage control function with attendance management, visitor management, consumption management, security alarm, fare collection, campus card system, and other systems.

Easy maintenance

The security turnstiles access control system should be easy to install and configure, easy to use, and popular, with unified network management ability and easy maintenance.

Product appearance

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level, when pursuing the functionality and practicability of products, they often take the appearance as one of the reference standards, hoping to realize the additional function of visual enjoyment.

gym turnstiles

Security turnstiles gate is more and more widely used in our life, which brings us a lot of conveniences. It is very important to choose and buy turnstiles gates with reliable performance and a fashionable appearance. If you need to buy turnstile gate, please Please refer to the instructions above.

Mairs is a good faith-based turnstile gate manufacturer. Always adhere to high-quality products, as well as a customer-first service concept, while the appearance of the turnstile gate can provide customization, Mairsturnstile looks forward to cooperating with you.

Mairs is a professional security turnstiles gate manufacturers. Products include tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier, swing turnstile gate, full-height turnstile gate, etc. Mairsturnstile intelligent security turnstile gate is mainly used in factories, construction sites, schools, residential areas, stations, hospitals, scenic spots, shopping malls……

Mairs engaged in all kinds of turnstile gate production and research for nearly ten years, with perfect system solutions, mature after-sales service system. Mairsturnstile is committed to providing excellent service and technical support. In order to relieve the worries of customers, in terms of service assurance, our company provides two-year after-sales service, lifetime maintenance.

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