Tripod Turnstile Maintenance 2023

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Last updated on: February 24th, 2023 18:21 pm

Tripod turnstile maintenance

How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the tripod turnstile? Like the basic style of pedestrian security turnstile access control gate, the tripod turnstile gate is widely used in a variety of projects, from the subway gate to the community passage, from the construction site to the supermarket entrance, covering almost all the life scenes.

Many customers will reflect some small problems with the tripod access control turnstile to us. After verification, it was found that many users had little or no maintenance at all. Only when the machine broke down, then did they think of the manufacturer of the tripod turnstile gate to replace the parts. This is often a small loss, if you do not do a good job in maintenance work, accumulated over time, will cause a lot of trouble, so dear new and old customers must recognize and understand the importance of tripod turnstile gate’s daily maintenance.

We know that the machine will produce more or less some losses in the process of use, in addition to the operation should be strictly in accordance with the operation process of the correct and reasonable use of the instrument, the maintenance of the machine is also very important, because the standard maintenance can ensure that the instrument in use stable, smooth, idle can avoid or slow down corrosion, rust and other adverse factors on the machine.

The maintenance of the tripod turnstile gate directly affects the service life of the tripod turnstile gate, so the timing maintenance and maintenance of the tripod turnstile gate should not only be done but also done well according to the requirements. Many users have neglected or failed to maintain the machine since they started using the tripod turnstile gate.  As a result, some parts can’t run normally because they can’t get timely lubrication and replacement. They only replace the parts and repair the machine after the machine stops running.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of community and park security, the application of security turnstile gates has been expanded from the original small scope to more fields, and the rapid development of market demand has made the maintenance of security turnstiles gate more important. Therefore, the tripod turnstile gate manufacturers teach you how to maintain the gate equipment, in accordance with the requirements of regular maintenance, maintenance needs to be carried out in accordance with the following three points:

External maintenance of tripod turnstile gate

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External maintenance is very important, the tripod turnstile gate is made of SU304 stainless steel, this material has the characteristics of rust prevention, ruggedness, and durability. Cleaning frequency can be set as once a week: mainly clean appearance, remove rust spots, polish the appearance of the chassis with a soft cloth and fossil powder, apply antirust oil, do not wipe the newly coated antirust oil by hand, Wait 3-5 hours to dry naturally can hand contact, otherwise will destroy the surface rust-proof effect. If it is painted tripod turnstile gate, the same color antirust paint can be used to repair the surface paint layer after scratching.

Mechanism maintenance of tripod turnstile gate

The internal mechanism of the tripod turnstile gate can be said to be the heart of the machine, which is related to the core of the gate operation. Generally maintain once a month, open the upper cover to cut off the power supply, clean the dust above, clean the transmission part first, then add butter or high concentration oil. To check whether the fasteners are loose, tighten the fasteners, check the wear of the easily damaged parts, replace the positioning arm and the positioning disc with more than 3 mm, in time, normal clearance (1-1.5 mm), proper butter or oil in the solenoid valve core.

Internal Circuit maintenance of tripod turnstile gate

Internal Circuit maintenance, needs to pay attention to the case of power failure, first according to the previous use, to see whether there are problems in the electronic control part. If there is no problem, you can check whether the power supply is exposed to bandage, wire to be arranged, wire aging, to be replaced, refer to the tripod turnstile gate instructions, check the parameters. If there is a problem, find the root of the problem and replace individual electronic components.

Specific maintenance content of tripod turnstile gate :

  1. Cleaning of shell, rust removal of the turntable, and rotating rod.

2. loosening and fastening of fixing screws and rotating rods.

3. internal mechanical structure lubrication, refueling.

4. electromagnet, proximity switch thrift check.

5 circuit board dust removal thrift check.

Maintenance method of tripod turnstile gate:

1. Fastening: check all fixed mule nails to see if there is loosening, fasten all screws.

2. Cleaning, lubrication: check if the gate is clean, dust, and another dirt removal. Check whether the moving parts are astringent and carry out necessary lubrication and maintenance.

3. Rotating rod check: move electromagnet moving iron core, rotate rotating rod; check whether the rotation is flexible, the fixed screw is fixed.

4. Proximity switch check: turn the rotating rod to see if the limit switch can receive the signal normally, and whether the rotation angle of the rotating rod that causes the opening and closing is reasonable: if the limit switch can not switch normally or the rotation angle is unreasonable, please adjust it.

5. Circuit board cleaning: clean the dust on the circuit board with a clean brush.

6. The appearance of the chassis maintenance, with a soft cloth with stainless steel maintenance agent wipe, so that the appearance of the chassis bright.

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Maintenance Tips:

1. Required maintenance work must be carried out on time, quality, and on time.

2. Every maintenance work must be in place, comprehensive.

3. All screws must be fastened one by one, strictly thrifty, and must not be omitted.

4. The rotating part, the contact friction part must be refueled.

5. Circuit board part shall not be cleaned with water, strict penetration-free short-circuit phenomenon.

6. Ensure the good environment and working condition of the equipment.

Possible faults in the use of tripod turnstile gate

The tripod turnstile gate does not open the gate after reading the card, but the manual or shake control can open the gate. The first reason for the fault is that the connection between the card reading equipment and the gate control board is broken or the reading head is broken.

The direction indicator of the optical turnstile gate does not appear after electrification, and can not read the card fault. This kind of fault occurs first is the equipment power supply system has the question, should carefully check the gate equipment main controller’s safety pipe is not damaged, the connector is not loose, the power cord is not broken and so on condition;

When the security turnstile gate is powered on or in use, the gate rod can not be firmly fixed, the fault is mainly the electromagnet damage, or the control program is out of order, the electromagnet should be replaced and the control program should be checked in time;

The security turnstile gate can not read the card normally. The fault is mainly caused by the loosening of the connection between the card reading equipment and the main controller or the damage of the card reading equipment. When the card reading equipment is replaced, the function test of the equipment should be carried out.

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Above is all the content about daily maintenance of tripod turnstile, Mairsturnstile is a professional tripod turnstile manufacturer, provides a variety of tripod turnstile gates, can also be customized according to customers’ requirements. Special attention should be paid to the fact that in order to ensure the standard, safe and meticulous maintenance of the tripod turnstiles, special personnel must be assigned to take charge of the maintenance of the gate, especially the maintenance of the electric control part. Trained professionals should fully understand the principle of electric control before they can work. Maintain the tripod turnstile, so that the equipment can work more safely and stably, and serve the managers.

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