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kindergarten turnstile

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Kindergarten turnstile

Considering the safety factors, the security turnstile gate is more and more widely used in various situations. At present, in order to ensure the safety of kindergartens, more and more kindergartens have set up access control security turnstile gate systems at the door. However, the kindergarten security turnstile gate has more safety considerations than the ordinary turnstile gate, so it needs to be carefully considered when choosing the access control security turnstile gate.

Nowadays, the use of pedestrian turnstile gates in various scenes is becoming more and more common. In order to ensure safety and orderly entry into the campus, more and more kindergartens have installed pedestrian turnstile gates to manage access control. But the kindergarten security turnstile gate has more targeted safety considerations than the ordinary turnstile gate.

The functional condition of kindergarten turnstile

For the sake of safety, the kindergarten pedestrian turnstile gate should have the following functional conditions:

1. You must swipe your card or get permission to get in and out. (swing turnstile and soft wing flap barrier are good choices)

2. Must have an anti-pinch function. (because kindergarten children are usually picked up by the elderly, hand in hand. The swing gate can avoid the phenomenon of pinch and so on. It is suggested to use a swing turnstile gate in kindergarten. )

3. The gate of pedestrian passage in kindergarten should have the function of fault self-check and alarm, which is convenient for the administrator to maintain and use;

4. The gate of pedestrian passage in kindergarten should have an automatic alarm function for illegal entry;

5. The gate of pedestrian passage in kindergarten should have the function of anti scour, and the telescopic arm will be locked automatically when the opening signal is not received;

6. Infrared/mechanical dual anti-pinch function, when the telescopic arm of the gate in the kindergarten pedestrian passage is blocked in the process of reset, it will automatically rebound or the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time, and the force is very small, and the sound and light alarm signal will be sent out at the same time;

7. The gate of pedestrian passage in kindergarten should have the function of automatic reset. After the pedestrians read the valid card, if they do not pass within the time specified by the gate system, the gate system of kindergarten will automatically cancel the permission of pedestrians;

8. The unified standard external electrical interface can be connected with a variety of card readers, and the remote control and management can be realized through the management computer;

9. The gate of pedestrian passage in kindergarten should run smoothly with low noise. The swing gate is a good choice.

turnstile ticketing system

For the special environment of kindergarten, the above functions are the ones that the kindergarten turnstile gate should have. It is suggested that users can customize the swing of the kindergarten pedestrian turnstile gate. The safety of children’s going to and from school is the concern of parents and teachers.

This turnstile security solution is a gateway system installed in the kindergarten, which is used for children’s access in the kindergarten. The access control turnstile gate adopts automatic mechanical equipment. After swiping the card, the block is opened automatically or manually, and the equipment is closed automatically after the personnel passes through. This system adopts the combination of intelligent software and hardware, which can effectively solve the problems of children’s pinch injury caused by automatic closing.

To solve three problems existing in common turnstile gate

1. Machine pinches people

There is no mechanical anti-pinch function for the swing turnstile in the market, and the machine often pinches people or hits children. There are huge security risks.

2. Machine crash

Passing people will inevitably be hit by cars and people so that equipment and people will be injured!

3. The child went to the door

There is a big gap under the ordinary swing gate. Naughty children are easy to escape from school through the machine.

Function Introduction for Kindergarten Turnstile

1. Attendance management

When parents and students go in and out of the school, they swipe their cards and take photos, and other relatives and teachers can receive students’ pick-up/attendance in real-time; teachers can query students’ attendance in real-time, so as to realize the intelligent management of students’ attendance.

2. School bus management

When students get on and off the school bus, they can take photos and push them to their parents. Parents can arrange their departure time according to the location information of the school bus; teachers can query the information of students’ getting on and off the school bus, so as to avoid students’ detention.

3. Visitor management

Visitors read the information of the second generation ID card, take photos and push it to the staff/students’ parents. After confirmation, the security personnel will release it, so as to further standardize the visitor registration system.

4. Notice notice

Teachers can send one-to-many notices efficiently to save time and effort, improve the overall work efficiency of the school and reduce the communication cost.

5. Home Contact Book

The one-to-one communication between parents and teachers enables parents and teachers to know the situation of students at home in time, so as to achieve the goal of home school co-education and provide an effective guarantee for the healthy growth of students

6. Weekly recipes

Parents can query the school’s weekly recipes online to understand the students’ diet in school; the school can edit the weekly recipes to realize the intelligent management of students’ diet.

7. Baby album

Parents and teachers can upload students’ pictures and videos, record every moment of students’ growth and leave memories for students.

8. Home interaction

Parents can leave messages to the director and teachers at any time to strengthen the communication between the school and parents.

9. Face recognition

Face recognition system is an intelligent system for kindergarten parents. After the parents enter the photos, they can brush their faces to pick up and send them, which is safer and more convenient without a pick-up card. The teacher can verify the identity of the student online through the system to improve the efficiency and security of the student transfer.

10. Live video

Parents can observe their children’s lives in the kindergarten at any time through the videos shared by the kindergarten. Children can feel more at ease when they study and live in a kindergarten. Users can easily view the real-time videos of the places they pay attention to through the school webcam added on their mobile phones.

kindergarten turnstile

According to the special environment of kindergarten, the above function is the basic function of the kindergarten turnstile gate. It is suggested that the turnstile gate should be customized according to the actual situation. The safety of children in school is the concern of parents and teachers. Swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate have some advantages in quality, applicability, and safety.

Product Description of kindergarten turnstile

Structure: the whole product shape sheet is made of A3 steel, the paint is strong and durable, the equipment is simple to use, no special maintenance required

Size:1000 long ×260 wide ×1000 high (mm)(can be customized)

Weight:35 Kg

Gate length:500(mm) (can be customized)

Brake steering: One-way, two-way (optional)

Working environment: indoor, outdoor

Standard function of kindergarten turnstile

Infrared/physical dual anti-pinch function: the automatic physical anti-pinch function is safer and more reliable when the gate is running;

The electronic control is driven by a super motor, which is stable and reliable with a low failure rate;

Awesome brilliant traffic indicator function: the route indication adopts very bright Brought light style, making the indicator much more eyesight-catching;

Breakthrough alarm function: when the pedestrian does not swipe the card to enter the channel, the equipment alarm prompts the pedestrian to swipe the card;

Retrograde alarm closing function: after the pedestrian swipes the card, the device will alarm and close the gate at the same time;

Anti tailing function: when the first person swipes the card to pass, the second person does not swipe the card to give an alarm at any time;

A variety of control functions: by setting, the gate can be set in a special period of time to open mode, to meet a large number of people;

Mode of passage: in order to meet different traffic requirements, it can be set up as a two-way credit card or one-way credit card plus free passage;

Various control functions: external button, remote control, bar code, IC or ID, and other reading and writing equipment;

Remote control function: can be connected by computer RS232/RS485 card or TCP turn RS485 remote control gate;

Automatic reset function: if the gate fails to pass within the specified time after swiping the card, it will be locked again to cancel the passage. The time is adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds.

Extension function of kindergarten turnstile

Anti-collision function: when the gate is impacted by external force in the closed state, you can select the function that the gate rod cannot be opened after the collision or the gate rod can be opened after the collision and return to its original position automatically.

3. technical parameters

1) operating voltage: V,50HZ 10 percent

2) motor power:50 W/24V

3) operating ambient temperature:-15 OC -70OC

4) relative humidity: relative humidity ≤90%, not condensed

5) input interface :12 V level signal or pulse width >100 ms 12 pulse signal, drive current >10 mA

6) communication interface: RS485 electrical standards,

7) width: mm 600-800

8) gate opening and closing time: 2 seconds

The child safety problem is a very important part of the whole society’s safety work. It is directly related to whether children can grow up safely and healthily, and to the happiness and peace of thousands of families and social harmony and stability.

Now the requirement for safety is more and more important, children’s safety awareness of this society is relatively weak,  Mairsturnstile kindergarten flap barrier gate is a professional product for kindergarten safety development, bridge paint swing turnstile gate is commonly used in swing gate, swing turnstile gate has voice swing turnstile gate and anti-collision swing turnstile gate, customers can according to the requirements to choose, Voice swing turnstile is to upgrade the swing turnstile movement and electric control, heat treatment of the movement to improve the service life.

face recognition access control

The voice real person prompt enhances the swing turnstile gate motherboard processing ability. Make the swing turnstile synchronization good. LCD screen operation, easy to use. The anti-collision swing turnstile gate includes an ordinary anti-collision swing gate and a high-end anti-collision swing gate. The ordinary anti-collision swing gate is the link between the movement and swingarm and mechanical flange. It uses spring pressure to realize anti-collision and manual reset after impact deflection, so as to improve the service life of the swing gate and avoid bending the swing arm and damaging the movement.

The high-end anti-collision swing gate is a high-end product in the swing gate, with an encoder and solenoid valve clutch It has a high degree of intelligence. At the same time, it has a memory function, which greatly improves the service life of the swing turnstile. The quality of the whole machine is stable, the price is preferential, and it is easy to use. It is highly praised by users. It is a product trusted by the majority of consumers. Of course, we can customize all kinds of security turnstile gates according to your requirements, and our engineers will customize the perfect turnstile security solutions according to your requirements.

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