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Train turnstile Security Solutions

As a train travel family, the train turnstile gate is one of the necessary equipment for every train station. Because the manual operation is easy to make mistakes and slow, so the train station turnstile gate is very popular.

Train turnstile gate can be divided into import and export and ticket checking machine according to its function. According to the requirements of users and the use of the train station turnstile door blocking device can be divided into open door types and rod types.

Train turnstile gate is to achieve automatic ticket check and access control; highly reflect the quality of service and management level; can make ticketing, accounting system management more rapid and accurate, to eliminate the omission of manual ticket check; The use of train station turnstile gate and AFC system, achieve the joint operation and management of ticket sales, service and so on.

Features of train turnstile:

Mairs Intelligent offers a special solution for face recognition access control system and human identification recognition system of pedestrian turnstile gate. Next, let’s introduce the functions and characteristics of the train station turnstiles: the train station turnstile door has the following characteristics:

1. Effective control of the channel in and out behavior.

2. The gate of the train station passage can set the passage mode (two-way, one-way, normally open, and normally closed) according to the passenger flow.

3. Multiple information display (channel indication, ticket information display, alarm sound, and light prompt).

4. The train station turnstile door has the functions of self-detection, self-diagnosis, automatic alarm, microcomputer control, and fault code display.

5. It imitates the subway style and is made of stainless steel and plastic, with a beautiful appearance.

6. The overall modular design of the train station turnstile door is convenient for maintenance and installation.

7. Humanized traffic direction indication, one-way and two-way traffic directions can be selected, and the direction indicator light of Metro gate displays the current traffic status of equipment;

8. Have reliable safety protection measures;

9. The whole system of the train turnstile door has the advantages of smooth running, low noise, and good stability;

10. It has an alarm function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

11. The whole machine of train turnstile door is made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate and plastic mold;

12. It has a strong ability to analyze the data of anti tailing, and the train turnstile door can effectively calculate whether there is tailing when passing, so as to prevent unauthorized personnel from following authorized personnel through the gate;

13. The high brightness traffic indicator light of the train turnstile gate is suitable for the outdoor environment;

14. Train station turnstile gate has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

15. The system adopts the real-time data acquisition mode, and the Metro turnstile gate ensures the timely transmission and processing of data.

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Train turnstile security system

Understand the functions and characteristics of the train station turnstiles gate, let’s learn how to manage the train turnstile security system:

1. The principle of people-oriented. “People” is the main body, the system design should be closely around the actual requirements of people, on the basis of practicality, simplicity, economy, and security, to meet the requirements of tourists of different cultural levels and different ages, reflect the “tour” this specific use function.

2. Principles of feasibility and adaptability. Combined with the reality of the district, the train turnstile system should make use of advanced technology to meet the needs of the development of local tourism.

3. The principles of practicality and economy. The System construction should always carry out the policy of “facing application and paying attention to practical results “, and carry out construction according to the requirements of practicality and economy.

4. The principle of reliability and stability. Considering the advanced and open technology, we should also start from the aspects of system structure, technical measures, equipment performance, system management, manufacturer’s technical support, and maintenance ability, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the system operation and achieve the maximum average failure-free time.

5. The principles of security and confidentiality. In the system design, we should not only consider the full sharing of information resources but also pay more attention to the protection and isolation of information. Therefore, the system should take different measures for different applications and different network communication environments, including system security mechanisms, authority control of data access, and so on.

6. The principle of advanced nature and maturity. System design should not only adopt advanced concepts, techniques, and methods but also pay attention to the relative maturity of structure, equipment, and tools. Not only can reflect today’s advanced level but also has the development potential, can guarantee to occupy the leading position in the next few years.

7. The principles of openness and standard. In order to meet the needs of the cooperative operation ability of the technology and equipment selected by the system, the long-term effect of the system investment, and the continuous expansion of the system function, it is necessary to pursue the openness and standardization of the system.

8. The principles of scalability and maintainability. In order to meet the requirements of system change, it is necessary to fully consider the most simple method and the lowest investment to realize the expansion and maintenance of the system.

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Advantages of train turnstile:

The flap barrier gate from Mairs is brushless motor technology, using ARM control technology, more powerful, better expansion; Faster speed, switch up to 5 S; A smaller voice, up to ≤20 decibels; more stable operation, that is, no shake, no echo. At the same time, the flap barrier gate for train station staff is also better managed. So what are the advantages of flap barrier gates from Mairs?

  1. Mechanism design is reasonable and reliable, Low noise, the internal hydraulic device automatically buffers, Smooth operation, Long service life.
  2. With the power off rod function, the remote control can also be added to the rod drop control, easy to manage and deal with emergencies.
  3. Have direction prompt LED lamp.
  4. Can set “with memory” or “without memory “(when set to” with memory “), Can be used in the scenic spot to brush a group ticket to too many people occasion).
  5. Has automatic reset function, That is, after obtaining the gate authority, No gates in the set time, The three-roll gate automatically cancels this permission, Return to lock state.
  6. Waterproof, Sunscreen, cold, high temperature.

Working principle of train turnstile:

No matter what occasion the turnstile gate is used, we should know the working principle of the turnstile when we choose to install it. First of all, let’s take a look at the introduction of the principle of the train turnstile gate: train turnstile is generally used flap barrier gate, because the train station is a relatively close place, relatively large flow of people, and flap barrier gate speed is also relatively fast.

  1. Turn on the power supply and enter the working state after 3 seconds.
  2. When the card reader reads the valid card, the peak ringing will make a pleasant sound and prompt the pedestrian to read the card successfully. At the same time, the information read from the card is judged, processed, and the application signal is sent to the main control board.
  3. The main control board receives the signal of the card reader and infrared sensor, and after comprehensive processing, sends out the effective control signal to the direction indicator and the motor to turn the direction indicator into the green arrow passage sign. Limit switch controls motor rotation angle, gate open (motor does not move when open mode), allowing pedestrian passage.
  4. Pedestrians in direction The indicator sign indicates that after passing through the passage, the pendulum infrared sensor senses the whole process of the pedestrian passing through the passage, and continuously sends a signal to the main control board until the pedestrian has completely passed through the passage.
  5. If pedestrians forget to read the card or read the invalid card into the passage, the system will prohibit pedestrian passage (for normal mode, the gate will be closed; normally closed mode, the gate will not move;) and will issue an alarm until the pedestrian exits the passage. Read the valid card again.
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Mairs is a professional manufacturer which focuses on types of security turnstile gates. Products include face recognition system turnstile gate, tripod turnstile gate, full-height turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, etc. Our turnstile doors are mainly applicable to: factories, construction sites, schools, residential areas, stations, hospitals, scenic spots, shopping malls… All types of turnstile doors from Mairs can be integrated with IC/ID card or face recognition system, If your security project needs any of the turnstile gates, please contact us, our sales representative will show you the perfect turnstile security solution.

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