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Last updated on: November 8th, 2023 14:29 pm

What is automatic ticketing turnstile?

Automatic ticketing turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate equipment with an automatic ticket checking function, which is used to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. A QR code scanner is embedded in the automatic ticketing turnstile to realize the ticket checking function. It can not only evacuate the crowd, but also have the function of ticket checking. The automatic ticketing turnstile mainly realizes the function of ticket checking by installing a QR code scanner or RFID card reader on the pedestrian turnstile gate.

Automatic ticketing turnstile is mainly used in subway gate systems, electronic ticketing systems, scenic spot ticket systems, etc. its core function is to pass only one person at a time, which can be used at the entrance passage of various charging and access control occasions. Automatic ticketing turnstile is a specific application of pedestrian turnstile gate combined with an electronic ticketing system.

Automatic ticketing turnstile is widely used in scenic spots, amusement parks, subway stations, high-speed railway stations, railway stations, airports, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, docks, and other places that need ticket inspection and charging. Its general function is to pass by scanning QR code, brushing face, ticket inspection, and certificate inspection.

Automatic ticketing turnstile has received good feedback in many countries and regions, especially in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain, Germany, Spain, and other countries.

Automatic ticketing turnstile is generally made of 304 stainless steel and designed according to the international specifications for moisture-proof, dust-proof and waterproof; On the basis of standardized design, the box has laser blanking, hole opening, one-time forming technology, mechanized wire drawing process, modular docking, easy loading, unloading and maintenance, and a high degree of interchangeability.

With the more and more extensive application range of access control turnstile gate, it is required to realize linkage control function with other systems such as attendance management, visitor management, consumption management, security alarm, fare collection, Campus All-in-one Card system, so the system software shall have video interface and support expansion function.

Ticketing system integrates with a turnstile

When the customer’s paper ticket platform is successfully connected with the ticket board, the QR code scanner of the turnstile gate will read the QR code information and directly transmit it to the QR code platform for verification. After verification, the turnstile gate opening instruction will be issued to the ticket board to verify that the gate is opened effectively, and the gate will not be opened if it is invalid. If you want to know more details about QR code turnstile, please check another article: how does QR code turnstile work

The ticketing system integrates with a turnstile, can my electronic ticketing system integrate with your ticketing turnstile?

If you have your own or a third-party electronic ticketing system that needs to integrate with our ticketing turnstile gate, or you have other systems that need to integrate with our ticketing turnstile, we can provide our SDK package and API interface board for you to connect. If you need us to connect for you, you can also send us the integrating protocol of your system, We will evaluate whether the integrating can be successful and let you know later. For more details, please contact us. Our professional sales staff will provide suitable solutions according to your needs. If you want to know more details, please check: turnstile ticketing system

turnstile ticketing system

Where to buy automatic ticketing turnstile?

Our turnstile gates can be integrated with corresponding QR code scanner or RFID card reader modules to realize the function of tick checking. If you need to purchase these automatic ticketing turnstiles, please click the link below to learn more.

How to select an automatic ticketing turnstile?

With the development of social science and technology, in order to improve the ticket checking efficiency, improve the tourist experience, and save the cost of ticket checking window construction and ticket checking personnel, many places have used the combination of intelligent electronic ticketing systems and pedestrian turnstile machine, which is gradually popularized. The traditional manual ticket selling and security screening have been replaced by intelligent automatic ticking turnstile equipment. Security screening and traditional manual ticket selling can be realized through automatic ticketing turnstile, which greatly reduces the labor cost and makes the security monitoring more reliable. However, there are still some people who do not know how to select automatic ticketing turnstile.

At present, there are many kinds of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gates on the market, such as tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile, full height turnstile gate, etc. What type of turnstile gate should be selected? Let’s just make a brief introduction. If you want to know the details, please check another article: how to choose a turnstile

Tripod turnstile gate and flap barrier gate are widely used for automatic ticketing turnstile, but they also need to be determined according to the customer’s own situation and the application of various turnstile gates. Relatively speaking, the cost of the tripod turnstile gate is the lowest, and it is also suitable for the outdoor environment. If your budget is relatively low, you can choose a tripod turnstile gate.

The cost of swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate is relatively high. The channel width of the flap barrier gate is relatively wide and the traffic speed is the fastest, but it is easy to damage the hardware equipment. The swing turnstile gate has the widest channel width. The swingarm length can be customized. It is suitable for one-way and two-way control of pedestrian flow. It has a beautiful appearance and complete functions, but the traffic speed is general.

Sliding turnstile has strong safety, low noise, and fast traffic speed. It can be shrunk into an obstacle-free channel in case of emergency. The cost is also relatively high, which is suitable for indoor and not suitable for outdoor places such as scenic spots.

The above is the most basic and simplest basis for selection. I hope it can help you buy. Of course, according to the specific situation, you must choose the automatic ticketing turnstile suitable for you according to your actual situation. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

In addition, if the pedestrian turnstile gate is used alone, it will bring little change to the scenic spot, and it also needs to be matched with an electronic ticketing system. The combination of software and hardware can effectively improve the image of the scenic spot, improve the efficiency of the scenic spot and provide a better service experience for tourists.

Mairs is a professional turnstile manufacturer that has produced and sold security turnstiles for many years. At present, Mairs has ticket checking turnstile gates such as flap barrier gate, tripod turnstile, anti-collision swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile, and half-height turnstile, which can be used with an electronic ticketing system and fare collection system. If you need this automatic ticketing turnstile, please contact us.

Ticket checking principle of turnstile

How does the automatic ticketing turnstile check tickets? What is the ticket checking process of the turnstile? What’s the principle?

Automatic ticketing turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate with a ticket checking function in scenic spots and amusement parks. A QR code scanner is embedded in the automatic ticketing turnstile. During ticket checking, the electronic QR code purchased by mobile phone or the paper QR code on the ticket face is brushed on the scanning window of the automatic ticketing turnstile. After successful verification, you can pass through the turnstile gate. This is the simplest ticket checking process.

There are many ways to check tickets for automatic ticketing turnstile, such as card swiping, face recognition, QR code, fingerprint, ID card, and so on.

The new automatic mobile payment turnstile gate makes use of bar code identification technology, Internet of things, and other scientific and technological means, adds a QR code scanner in the automatic turnstile gate, integrates the functional characteristics of bar code identification, acquisition, and transmission, embeds the mobile phone “code swiping payment” and “code swiping ticket checking” and other functional modules, and then interfaces with the mobile phone app.

turnstile ticketing system 1

Features of automatic ticketing turnstile:

The automatic ticketing turnstile is mainly used to verify whether the ticket is legal, control whether the audience can pass through, and transmit data with the server. Therefore, the automatic ticketing turnstile shall have the following characteristics:

1. It has two alarm prompt functions and one monitoring linkage output interface. Convenient for users to maintain and use;

2. It has a variety of network communication interfaces: RS485 / RS232;

3. With high brightness LED display function and waterproof design, the system can be used in outdoor and semi outdoor environment;

4. Humanized traffic direction indication to show pedestrians the current status of equipment traffic and prohibition;

5. Reliable safety protection measures; There are many ways to drop the rod, which can work through the built-in system in case of network or server failure;

6. It has a unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected to a variety of card readers such as bar code and RFID at the same time, and can achieve remote control and management the turnstile through the center computer;

7. It adopts mechanical movement and DC brushless motor. It runs stably, has low noise and good stability.

Ticketing turnstile and ordinary turnstile

What is the difference between ticketing turnstile and ordinary turnstile?

The performance of the access control pedestrian turnstile gate can be very low. This is because the access control card swiping is not strict. Even if there is no response after swiping, you can swipe the card for the second time. As long as the door is opened, but the automatic ticket checking turnstile is completely different. Before ticket checking, the turnstile gate is required to be in good condition. If the turnstile gate is in bad condition, such as someone is checking in the opposite side and standing in the alarm area, the fee should not be deducted, and give corresponding prompts.

The interface of ticketing turnstile is generally the communication interface of RS232 and TCP / IP protocol, which is controlled by command or turnstile development package, while the access control turnstile gate is generally controlled by level signal; Secondly, the ticketing turnstile can generally be equipped with two-way LCD to display ticket information, while the ordinary turnstile gate can not be required, and even the indicator light can be omitted.

In addition, the switching speed of ticketing turnstile responds quickly, while the ordinary turnstile can be relatively slow. However, there are also those who transform the ordinary turnstile into ticketing turnstile. Some need to add an intermediate conversion board, and some need to replace the controller. Generally speaking, do not convert the ordinary turnstile into the ticketing turnstile, as it is poor stability, time-consuming and material-consuming.

Advantages of automatic ticketing turnstile

1. Ticketing turnstile replaces manual verification, which will make the information more accurate and strict and provide work efficiency;

2. The automatic ticketing turnstile of the scenic spot is combined with the electronic ticket checking and scenic spot ticketing system to realize the opening and closing of gates and effective and rapid ticket checking, so as to improve the user experience;

3. Prevent unauthorized staff or personnel without tickets from entering at will;

4. It can prevent people from using it for others, because the automatic ticketing turnstile in the scenic spot has the function of face recognition. After collecting the portrait, the gate will record the information. When it is lost or lent to others, the gate can be identified. If you use it again, you can’t enter the scenic spot.

turnstile ticketing system

Installation process

Handling the automatic ticketing turnstile, bridge crossing cable preparation, power inspection, cable removal, locating the gate hole, preparing to wear new equipment cables, sorting out the internal cables of the new machine, power on commissioning and completing the installation. If you are interested in how to install the turnstile gate, please check out our other article: turnstile gate installation

Precautions for use

1. Stand outside the yellow safety line during gate check-in.

When you pass through the gate with a paper ticket or a QR code ticket, please keep order. One person has one ticket, hold the ticket with your right hand, and insert the ticket face up at the green light slot on the gate. If the ticket checking conditions are met, the confirmation display appears on the display screen, the green light or yellow light is on, and the ticket pops up from the ticket outlet. After pulling out the ticket, the gate will open.

2. Do not forcibly impact the rod wing or hit the ticketing turnstile gate

During ticket check-in, please do not follow the previous passenger to cross the plane forcibly, otherwise the gate wing will be deformed and broken; Do not slap the shell of the ticketing turnstile, which will lead to looseness of the shell, deformation of the upper cover, falling off of the display screen and other faults. Please be civilized and orderly before entering the station through the ticketing turnstile to avoid potential safety hazards to subsequent passengers.

3. Please insert the ticket that meets the gate check

Please do not forcibly insert folds, red tickets, manual ticket checking and tickets of non current train into the gate, otherwise ticket card failure will be caused.

4. The ticketing urnstile opening time is limited

Due to the limited opening time of the turnstile gate, passengers with children must take their children through the ticketing turnstile gate immediately after the door is opened to avoid accidental injury.

Integrated with the electronic ticketing system

How is the automatic ticketing turnstile integrated with the electronic ticketing system?

Generally, it is rare for the automatic ticketing turnstile to work alone. Generally, it can work only after it is connected with the ticketing system of the scenic spot.

According to the design principle of the automatic ticketing turnstile, it is generally divided into two types:

Built in intelligent control unit and without intelligent control unit (called pure bare metal).

1. For the gate with built-in control unit, the control unit manages the card reader, action mechanism, display unit, etc. internally, and is connected with the system externally. There are two connection modes:

1) TCP / IP network interface, which has high speed and large amount of information, is a very common way to connect through network cable or optical fiber; The investment in optical fiber communication is slightly larger. The distance of ordinary network cable can not be too long, generally less than 100m.

2) Serial communication interface, common ones are RS485, RS422 and RS232. RS485 is half duplex communication, with a communication distance of 1200 meters and few communication wires, but the communication speed is slow, which may lead to slow ticket inspection speed of the gate; RS422 is full duplex communication, with a communication distance of 1200 meters and fast communication speed, which meets the requirements of gate ticket inspection speed, but the communication wire is expensive; RS232 and RS422 are full duplex communication, but the communication distance is only 10m.

2. The gate without intelligent control unit generally has two connection modes:

1) Switching value interface: the card reader signal is uploaded through the serial interface, and the control signal is downlink through the switching value. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance. However, due to the small amount of information, more information collection and display cannot be realized.

2) Serial port server: the main unit inside the gateway is connected to the serial server, and then the serial server is connected with the system through TCP / IP interface. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and high reliability.

qr code turnstile

Common faults and solutions

The ticket gate machine is specially used for intelligent ticket checking system, and can support various ticket checking forms such as pole drop check-in and gate check-in. It is also suitable for one ticket for one person and one ticket for multiple people. The maintenance cost of the gate system is low, which can effectively improve the experience of passing personnel. Next, let’s introduce the common solutions to the faults of AGM.

1. The brocking rod cannot be lifted after power on:

A common type of ticketing turnstile is the tripod turnstile gate, which sometimes fails to lift the blocing rod after power on. The staff can try to press the blocking rod down to the bottom and then lift it; Open the gate cover plate to check whether the snap ring on the falling rod electromagnet device falls off; Or check whether the electromagnet is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it in time.

2. After ticket checking, multiple people pass continuously:

The common use mode of ticketing turnstile is one ticket and one pole, but sometimes there is a fault that it can pass through multiple people continuously after card swiping or ticket inspection. At this time, the staff should check whether the proximity switch and the sensing screw on the proximity switch support are in normal contact with the sensing proximity switch. If it is not abnormal, the staff can focus on checking whether there is foreign matter inside the electromagnet, and the electromagnet can be reset normally after immediate cleaning.

3. The ticket turnstile gate cannot pass after swiping the card or checking the ticket:

Please check whether the electromagnet is normal. If the voltage of the electromagnet in the control part is output and the voltage is normal, but the electromagnet cannot be sucked up, replace the electromagnet. It is also possible that when swiping the card or checking the ticket, the passing personnel butted the blocking rod of the turnstile gate and stepped back to enter.

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