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Last updated on: March 13th, 2024 18:50 pm

What is airport turnstile?

Airport turnstile is a kind of pedestrian access control management turnstile gate, which is used at the entrance and exit of the airport to control passengers in and out in combination with an airport ticket checking system.

Selection of airport turnstile gate: swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, speed gate turnstile, tripod turnstile gate.

We have years of experience in the production of security turnstile projects and have participated in and produced multiple turnstile projects. We can customize airport turnstiles according to the actual needs of the projects. If you have any requirements for a airport turnstile project, please contact us and we will definitely cooperate with you to complete such a project and solve your worries.

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    Airport turnstile demo:

    This airport turnstile gate is designed and customized by us specifically for one Singapore customer, and the functions and identification of door-opening methods that customers need to implement are customized according to their actual needs. The entire airport turnstile machine is made of 2.0mm thick stainless steel and equipped with a servo brushless mechanism, ensuring stable and noise-free operation of the entire system.

    The door opening method is equipped with facial recognition, which is customized according to the actual needs of customers. For example, customers need to wear masks to pass through, and the facial recognition device also has temperature measurement equipment. Only when the test result is within the normal range of human body temperature can normal passage be achieved. You can check: turnstile gate with card reader, qr code turnstile, turnstile gate with face recognition.

    In addition, this airport turnstile is also equipped with a QR code door opening method. And also according to the actual needs of customers, a screen is equipped on the airport turnstile to display the recognition results of the QR code. It can also display advertisements or company promotional content on the screen according to customer needs. QR code is a very popular and convenient recognition method, widely used in airports, train stations, and other places.

    In terms of the export direction of the airport turnstile, the customer has also customized a button to open the door according to their needs. In this way, it is convenient for outbound passengers to open the door.

    Why use airport turnstile?

    Airport flow is very large, only relies on manual management, very difficult, especially the management of entrances and exits. If the intelligent QR code turnstile gate and face recognition turnstile gate are installed at the entrance and exit of the airport, it can not only make the entrance and exit management simple but also improve the management level of the airport.

    Airport turnstile security solutions:

    Airport Turnstile Security Solutions? Mairs has the rich industry experience and deep technology accumulation, providing customers with airport turnstile security solutions, office turnstile security solutions, factory turnstile security solutions, subway turnstile security solutions, residential turnstile security solutions, school turnstile security solutions…

    With the development of economic globalization and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s communication and contact are becoming more and more frequent, the demand for the civil aviation industry will continue to grow, and airport security prevention and management will also face more and more challenges.

    Mairs airport access control turnstile security management system with a certificate approval system, face recognition technology, QR code technology, anti-following turnstile gate, and other equipment, can quickly complete the airport staff access to the security zone authority audit, create a convenient, efficient airport security protection system.

    There are self-service boarding passage, self-service clearance (self-service boarding) passage, one pass clearance passage, VIP hall passage, staff passage, and so on. Different regions’ turnstile security gates have different application requirements, Mairs adapts to local conditions, designs comprehensive airport turnstile security solutions. The airport turnstile gate of this solution has high verification efficiency, fast speed of passage, accurate identification, ensure the unity of person and card, prevent forgery or false use of other people’s identity card or boarding certificate, give passengers a good travel experience, reduce the workload of staff, and improve the management level of the airport.

    Features of self-service inspection channels:

    Compared with the traditional manual inspection, the boarding passage is faster, the passenger flow is more orderly, and does not rely on human judgment, which improves efficiency and reliability.

    A variety of biometric turnstile gates are generally used, and the types of turnstile gates generally swing barrier gates, flap barrier gate, and face recognition turnstile gate.

    Excellent machine EMC performance, very suitable for airports and other very sensitive to electromagnetic interference occasions.

    The delicate and dexterous fuselage design can adapt to the narrow space gate.

    Reasonable gate passage width and height, suitable for a variety of posture passengers, support carrying small luggage through.

    The intelligent security airport turnstile gate is equipped with an industrial bar code scanner and LCD screen, which can quickly and accurately read the boarding pass information of passengers and display customer identity and boarding information.

    The airport turnstile gate makes full use of various advanced biometrics Other techniques to ensure the identity of the passer is accurate: fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, gait recognition, iris recognition, retinal recognition, QR code recognition.

    turnstile ticketing system

    Real name verification, that is the integration of ID card and ticket — the ticket gate can be seamlessly connected with the face recognition system, ID card verification system, and ticket checking system. Passengers enter the face recognition area and brush their ID cards and tickets. The system will compare the scanned face and ID card photos, and compare the information of ID cardholders and boarding personnel. If the system judges the two kinds of comparison results, the system will make a comparison between them If they are all consistent, the gate will be opened to allow passengers to pass through.

    DC brushless motor, fast opening speed and stable operation, multiple anti-pinch means, improve the comfort of passengers.

    CANbus technology is widely used in the high-end industry. Each function module is mounted on the bus independently, which is convenient for customization, expansion, installation, and maintenance.

    VIP Hall passageway

    The staff access gate is installed inside the airport, and the staff enters the office area, which can improve the security performance, make the staff access more orderly, efficient, and convenient, and enhance the image of the office area.

    Beautiful and generous fuselage design, unique tailor-made, so that the intelligent channel gate is well integrated into the surrounding office environment.

    The integration of the staff access gate with the existing access control system can quickly and accurately identify the identity of the passer-by and avoid irrelevant personnel entering the office area.

    Make full use of a variety of advanced biometric technologies to ensure the accurate identity of passers-by: fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, gait recognition, iris recognition, retinal recognition, QR code recognition.

    Hardware solution of QR code module

    Speaking of the QR code module, few people will know it, only professionals in the industry know its use. It is not difficult for ordinary people to understand it. It can be applied in many places around us, such as code scanning for riding in the subway system and public transportation system, code scanning collection or collection in self-service counter and intelligent express cabinet. Today we are going to talk about the hardware solution of the QR code module – based on the airport turnstile security solutions.

    Several problems faced by traditional airports:

    1. Generally, passengers need to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, and must go through the whole process of “queuing at the counter to get the boarding pass, queue up for security inspection, affix security seal, enter the waiting passage, wait for boarding pass inspection and boarding”;

    2. With the rapid development of the air transport industry, at present, more and more people choose to travel by civil aviation. The complicated process is likely to cause queuing or even miss the plane;

    3. Printing paper boarding pass requires a lot of paper waste, which is not only environmentally friendly but also cost high;

    4. Due to the high operating cost of the airport, a large amount of manpower is required, and the boarding process is complex and cumbersome. Manual ticket checking is not only easy to make mistakes, but also inefficient, which is not in line with the new experience of intelligent life in the future.

    tripod turnstile

    QR code module hardware solutions:

    1. Self-help upgrade through the turnstile gate, using MainlandEM20 new code scanning module, which integrates the functions of bar code recognition, acquisition, and data transmission, and integrates the functional modules of WeChat or Alipay’s scan code payment. The electronic QR code boarding pass generated by passengers after purchasing tickets can be identified at the QR code scanning identification gate. After passing the verification, they can enter the waiting hall. It is obvious that the use of QR code to scan the gate can effectively relieve the pressure of boarding pass at the counter and speed up the flow of basic passengers.

    2. The manual counter window is equipped with a QR code scanning platform: the manual counters system is connected with the Alipay and WeChat payment interface; in hardware, the mobile phone payment scanning platform is made up of RD4100 mobile phone, which provides a fast channel for mobile payment for passengers, and also achieves effective diversion of the value and selection of personnel at the counter at rush hour.

    Application value of QR code module hardware:

    1. Extremely fast nuclear body, the efficiency is extraordinary: it solves the contradiction between the demand for fast-growing passengers’ air travel and the unbalanced supply of basic aviation services. It only takes a few seconds to scan the code.

    2. Scene optimization, cost-intensive: save the input of airport manpower and material resources, will realize the whole process experience of self-help flight, self-help security inspection, and self-boarding.

    3. Intelligent service, considerate and convenient: through face recognition and scanning code payment, it realizes boarding reminders, scanning code payment, scanning code verification, and other personal services, which greatly improves customer satisfaction.

    4. Comprehensive control and risk reduction: it solves the problems of uneven utilization of resources and huge security monitoring tasks.

    The important function of the QR code scanning module embedded in the airport turnstile gate is to expand the QR code ticketing inspection, which is initially selected in the high-end residential district and subway station project. In recent years, it has been gradually introduced into the urban public transport service industry, such as scanning QR codes by bus and subway stations. In the future, it is more hopeful to be applied to intelligent airport turnstile security solutions. The service management of brushing mobile phone QR code to board is opened, and the paper boarding pass is farewell, which promotes the service management process of paperless boarding.

    Intelligent airport scanning QR code boarding reconstruction solutions, using the NLS-FM30 mobile phone QR code scanning module (that is QR code identification equipment) embedded in the airport ticket gate and self-service check-in machine, combined with its QR code automatic identification, acquisition, and data transmission characteristics, and then expand the “QR code electronic boarding pass check-in” service management.

    The QR code scanning module, as the “electronic eye” of the ticket gate and self-service check-in machine, is actually connected with the QR code ticketing system and Alipay / WeChat Pay interface. Automatically read the QR code data, decoding and data transmission on the electronic boarding pass by the QR code module, After receiving the QR code ticketing system and the mobile payment system, and combining with the face recognition equipment to verify the personal identity, the gate machine is opened.

    Advantages of the airport turnstile solutions

    The implementation of this scheme is based on the QR code automatic identification technology under the Internet of things. By using the integrated selection methods such as QR code scanning module, face recognition module and self-service ticket checking terminal can not only improve the passenger’s high-efficiency travel experience, but also promote the circulation of airport personnel, reduce the printing of paper boarding pass, and play an immeasurable role in promoting green travel in the city and enhancing the digital operation of the airport.

    speed gate turnstile

    Many customers do not know how to choose proper airport turnstile gate, do not know how many airport turnstile gates do they need, many customers also worry about how to install after the purchase, this is a real problem, as a professional security turnstile gate manufacturer, not only simply to provide customers with high-quality products, More important thing is to provide technical support and after-sales service. Therefore, we must provide each customer with detailed instructions for use and installation. Every customer who cooperates with us never needs to worry about any problems. Mairs provides professional technical support and after-sales service to every customer.

    Above is all the content of airport turnstile security solutions, if you have any questions about the office building turnstile security solutions, please contact us to discuss. Mairs provides high-quality security airport turnstiles for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the airport turnstile according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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