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Last updated on: March 27th, 2024 14:11 pm

What are supermarket turnstiles?

The supermarket turnstiles are a type of pedestrian access control device used for supermarket entrances and exits or checkout areas.

The supermarket entrance turnstiles are mainly used for managing personnel entering and exiting supermarkets, improving the security of supermarkets, preventing theft of goods, and optimizing the flow of shoppers. Supermarket turnstiles are usually equipped with identity verification systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the supermarket or specific areas.

The supermarket turnstiles have become an indispensable part in today’s busy commercial environment. As an important access control device in shopping malls and supermarkets, supermarket entrance turnstile can not only achieve security monitoring and access management, but also improve service efficiency and provide a convenient shopping experience. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the functional characteristics and application advantages of entrance and exit gates in shopping malls and supermarkets.

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Customzied Supermarket Turnstiles:

The design of supermarket turnstiles needs to consider the convenience of shoppers, the safety of entrances and exits, and the needs of supermarket operations. Therefore, these systems are usually customized according to the specific situation and requirements of the supermarket.

Supermarket turnstiles are different from ordinary consumer goods. According to this place with a large flow of people, they are particularly unique, such as whether inspectors carry goods out of the supermarket, self-service shopping and checkout in unmanned places, and saving shoppers’ time by combining scanning payment. Therefore, according to the different needs, appearances, and functions of different places, MairsTurnstile will propose reasonable turnstile solutions based on specific projects.

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    Types of supermarket turnstiles:

    Supermarket turnstiles are usually divided into manual turnstiles and automatic turnstiles.

    1. Manual supermarket turnstiles

    Manual supermarket turnstiles generally only provide pedestrian access control for one-way free rotation channels. In this way, tourists can enter and leave from one area without anyone controlling them, thereby maintaining stable crowd control and helping to prevent theft, etc.

    2. Automatic supermarket turnstiles

    The operation of automatic supermarket turnstiles does not require manual intervention. It can be fully operated using built-in infrared sensing, and as long as the visitor is within the infrared sensing detection range, it will open and close within a specific time period.

    The advantages of this wireless radar electronic automatic turnstile include no need for manual detection, high efficiency, speed, safety, and good service.

    Functions of supermarket turnstiles:

    The supermarket entrance turnstile has improved the management efficiency of the supermarket and ensured the safety and shopping experience of customers through an automated access control system. It has the following functions:

    1. Entry control: The supermarket entrance turnstile can control the entry and exit of the supermarket, and only customers holding valid shopping cards or other admission documents can pass through.

    2. Card swiping/QR code access: Customers can use card swiping, QR code scanning, or other identification methods to access, and the supermarket entrance turnstile will automatically verify their identity and open the gate.

    3. Automatic recognition function: The supermarket entrance turnstile is equipped with an automatic recognition system, which can quickly identify customers through their cards, QR codes, or faces.

    4. Two-way passage: Supermarket entrance turnstiles usually support two-way passage, making it convenient for customers to enter and leave the supermarket.

    5. Safety protection function: The supermarket entrance turnstile is equipped with anti-pinch and anti-impact safety protection devices to ensure the safety of customers entering and exiting.

    6. Checkout control: In the checkout area of the supermarket, the supermarket entrance turnstile can restrict only customers who have completed checkout to pass through, to prevent theft and illegal entry and exit of goods.

    7. Access control period control: The supermarket entrance turnstile can set the access control period according to the supermarket’s operating hours, controlling the entry and exit time of customers.

    8. Data statistics and analysis: Supermarket entrance turnstiles can record the entry and exit of customers, conduct data statistics and analysis on supermarket passenger flow, consumption habits, etc., and provide a reference basis for supermarket operation.

    9. Alarm system: The supermarket entrance turnstile is equipped with an alarm system, which can promptly alarm and record any abnormal situations.

    10. Humanized design: The design of supermarket entrance turnstiles takes into account the convenience and comfort of customers, and usually adopts a humanized design, such as touch screen interface, voice prompts, etc.

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    Why use supermarket turnstiles?

    1. Excellent safety performance, protecting the safe and stable operation of shopping malls and supermarkets

    As a crowded place, the safety of shopping malls and supermarkets is undoubtedly one of the most concerned issues for businesses and consumers. The supermarket entrance turnstiles have become an important tool for ensuring the safe and stable operation of shopping malls and supermarkets due to their excellent safety performance.

    Firstly, supermarket turnstiles adopt advanced technologies such as facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm print recognition, etc., which can accurately identify the identity of personnel and prevent illegal intrusion.

    Secondly, supermarket turnstiles are equipped with multi-level protective devices, such as electronic induction systems, sound and light alarm devices, etc., effectively preventing the occurrence of safety incidents such as damage and escape.

    Thirdly, according to the requirements of supermarkets, the supermarket turnstile can be set to automatic induction opening mode. When customers approach the turnstile, the turnstile induction opens, allowing them to enter and exit freely. In addition, there is an emergency opening device inside the gate to ensure the safety of personnel in emergency situations.

    2. Convenient and practical, improving the efficiency of business beyond entry

    The supermarket turnstiles not only ensure safety, but also bring great convenience. Compared to traditional manual inspection methods, the automated entry and exit management of turnstiles greatly improves the efficiency of supermarket entry and exit.

    The supermarket turnstiles adopt advanced automatic recognition technology, and users only need to verify their identity in the designated authentication area to complete entry and exit operations such as facial recognition and card swiping, without the need for additional manual intervention, improving traffic speed. During the passage process, the gate can also accurately count the number of people entering and exiting, making it convenient for businesses to manage the pedestrian flow and make operational decisions.

    3. Intelligent operation, real-time monitoring of supermarket data

    The supermarket turnstiles not only bring safety and convenience, but also provide valuable data information for businesses. Through the intelligent operation system of supermarket entrance turnstile, merchants can monitor the situation of incoming and outgoing personnel in real-time, understand the trend of personnel flow and hot areas, and provide a strong basis for the business decision-making of shopping malls and supermarkets.

    In addition, the intelligent recognition system of supermarket turnstiles can also analyze the shopping preferences and behavioral habits of users, providing merchants with user profiles and personalized marketing references. Merchants can use the data obtained through turnstiles to accurately target audiences and improve advertising effectiveness and sales conversion rates.

    4. Future trends and continuous improvement in intelligent evolution

    As one of the important equipment in shopping malls and supermarkets, supermarket turnstiles are gradually evolving towards intelligence and personalization with the continuous development of technology.

    In the future, supermarket turnstiles are expected to be deeply integrated with fields such as artificial intelligence and big data, providing more intelligent and comprehensive services. For example, a supermarket entrance turnstile can be equipped with a facial payment function to achieve fast payment and cashless shopping, further enhancing the shopping experience.

    5. Fast passage:

    Supermarket gates are usually designed for fast passage to accommodate the flow of people during peak hours in supermarkets. Fast traffic speed helps reduce user waiting time and improve the overall shopping experience.
    Prevent product loss: By effectively controlling personnel entry and exit, supermarket gates can help reduce the risk of product theft. Only shoppers can enter or leave after identity verification, reducing potential product loss. Some supermarket gate systems integrate the detection function of product anti-theft labels to further improve the security of products.

    6. Data statistics and analysis:

    Supermarket gate systems are usually equipped with data recording and statistical functions to record user travel information, such as travel time, frequency, etc. These data help supermarket managers better understand user behavior, conduct operational analysis, and make decisions.

    7. Shopping Basket/Cart Control: Some supermarket gates integrate the control function of shopping baskets or shopping carts, which can only be obtained or taken out by shoppers after identity verification, thus avoiding the detention or abuse of shopping carts.

    8. Special access settings: Supermarket gates usually support special access settings, such as special access permissions for the elderly and disabled, providing more considerate services.

    supermarket turnstiles

    In addition, supermarket entrance turnstile can also be connected to the product management system and membership points system of supermarkets, providing merchants with more comprehensive operational solutions.

    In summary, supermarket turnstiles have become an essential tool for shopping malls and supermarkets due to their excellent safety performance, convenient and practical use, and intelligent operation. With the advancement of technology, the intelligent and personalized development of gates will better meet the needs of shopping malls and supermarkets. I believe that in the near future, supermarket turnstiles will bring consumers a more convenient and safe shopping experience.

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