Turnstile Access Control System

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Turnstile access control system

Now the use of the turnstile access control system is more and more, like the airport, customs and other occasions, and residential areas, kindergartens, all walks of life will be involved in security, of which the speed lane security turnstile door is a very important part, but no matter where it is installed, some customers are the first time to meet with the turnstile access control system, and everyone is very eager to know what the turnstile access control system is?

How to use the turnstile access control system and what’s the principle, Let’s make a brief introduction about it, so as to facilitate the customers who use the turnstile access control system for the first time to have a simple understanding of how the security turnstile gate controls the passage of personnel and how the turnstile gate system manages the passage and personnel.

Technology drives the development of the times. The construction of smart scenic spots, smart schools, and smart buildings promotes the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence. These new technologies are applied in the turnstile gate installation at the entrance and exit of the building. The intelligent visitor management system and intelligent turnstile door system are adopted to realize the intelligent experience of visitors’ senseless visits.

3 Non-inductive modes of the system:

There are no more than three types of pedestrian access control turnstile gates in the intelligent era building: face recognition turnstile gate, smart card swiping turnstile gate, and mobile phone QR code scanning turnstile gate. These three commonly used turnstile gate types generally adopt three kinds of senseless access modes: face recognition access, traditional skilled smart card swiping access, and tangible and intangible QR code access. They use any one of face recognition, certificate and mobile phone. You can easily enter the business building and enterprise building.

Face recognition mode:

Face recognition gate recognition method: face recognition.

Visitors can enter the face recognition system by the advance line concern about the official account number, then visit the site, confirm the identity, and confirm the information to the respondents. Visitors can then go through the brush lift through the elevator hall face recognition gate, after the process of comparison and acquisition, and then enter the meeting room and meet with the respondents. This access method is not only convenient in and out, reduces the cumbersome process, but also greatly improves the security and building management and control.

one way swing gate

IC / ID card identification mode:

Identification mode of smart card swiping turnstile gate: IC / ID access card.

To reduce the tedious process of paper registration, visitors can confirm their certificates at the visitor machine on site. The visitor machine can issue the pass card to the passers-by and the turnstile access control system authority in the background. When visitors pass through the smart card swiping gate, they only need to take out the authorization card and swipe the card in the card swiping area to pass. The problem of data management and backup is solved so that the historical data is no longer lost and the efficiency is improved Efficiency of visitor management.

QR code identification mode:

Mobile phone scanning gate recognition mode: paper or electronic QR code.

Visitor’s scan codes and subway scanning code gate machines are the same principle but do not need to download APP, just pay attention to the “public building” official account, click scan code access, confirm receipt of electronic two-dimensional code. When entering the gateway of the building, the mobile phone can brush the QR code to get through. The modern office smart building enables employees and visitors to experience new Internet technology achievements from entering the gate and opens a more convenient and comfortable innovative smart office environment for everyone.

The security turnstile gate system of pedestrian passage is mainly composed of computers, intelligent turnstile gate, authorization cards, and management software. It can be connected with various systems and realize multi-function. It can run online and offline. It can be more convenient for people’s life and work.

After talking about the three non-inductive access modes, let’s talk about how to select the appropriate turnstile gate for the system.

How to select a suitable turnstile gate?

What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing turnstile doors?

In the design of channel control, the key equipment that usually needs to be selected is the security turnstile gate which can communicate with the controlled person directly. The types of turnstile gates available are usually: half-height revolving gate, fast track three roller gate (also known as a three-roller gate), full-height turnstile gate (also known as full-height revolving turnstile gate, revolving gate) swing turnstile gate. How to choose the right security turnstile gate products within the right budget, so as to achieve the effect of a turnstile access control system? Generally speaking, the following points should be considered in the selection of turnstile gate for traffic control equipment:

1. Site use environment of the turnstile gate;

2. User requirements;

3. The number and flow of people passing through the gate;

4. Special functions to be realized.

How to choose the right turnstile gate for the turnstile access control system? When choosing the security turnstile gate, you don’t have to choose an expensive one, you should choose the most suitable products within the appropriate budget.

Let’s illustrate the problem with a specific practical case we have completed. The customer is the manager of a large factory. He needs to purchase safety management access control equipment for the factory to achieve the purpose of personnel access control safety management. At the same time, he hopes to save costs for the factory.

Take this factory as an example to take the tripod turnstile gate as the channel control equipment. Tripod turnstile gate should be selected according to the following conditions to explain how to select turnstile gate products. The specific environment of the turnstile gate is listed below.

factory swing turnstile gate

The security turnstile gate is installed at the entrance of the factory

There are 3000 people in the factory. 1000 people per shift

All the buses will arrive within 10 minutes

Consider the speed of use.

Prevent the phenomenon of waiting for a long time when commuting.

1000 people per shift. 100 person-times per minute; all pass within 10 minutes.

The speed of the tripod turnstile gate is 15-25 people/min. According to 20 people/min;

The actual time depends on the usage habits and the response time of the turnstile access control system.

Ensure that there will be no conflict between the people in and out of the shift. Five tripod turnstile gate machines are needed at least. The use frequency of tripod turnstile gate is close to.

Consider the use frequency of the turnstile gate.

The turnstile gate of the scenic spot will be used at all times of the day. The difference between the factory and the scenic spot is in the use frequency of the gate; the factory gate is used frequently when going to and from work.

The frequency of use in rush hours will be close if 5 sets of tripod turnstile gates are used.

If you use frequency machines. However, if 40% frequency equipment is used, five devices can meet the requirements. More than 13 sets are required;

Play an appropriate role.

Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and renewal in the future.

Consider the service life of the turnstile gate.

Suppose five devices are used. About 400000 times a year;

Select the equipment with a service life of fewer than 1 million times. In less than one year, there will be a large area of major component failure, and the overall service life will be 2-3 years. It needs to be replaced;

Choose the equipment with a no-fault working frequency of 3-5 million times. The overall service life is more than 10 years, and the main parts can work 5-10 years without failure.

Consider the appearance of the turnstile gate.

The tripod turnstile gate with common shell information and spray paint should be used carefully. The imported or higher grade is better; at least AISI304 stainless steel.

Internal anticorrosion treatment

Data thickness. Water chestnut treatment. Wire drawing treatment.

optical turnstile installation

There is a large flow of people. In the case of not meeting the requirements, the space of the tripod turnstile gate is not enough. Fast lane speed turnstile gate can be considered. Compared with the tripod turnstile gate, the fast lane speed turnstile gate is more beautiful, faster, safer, and more convenient. Although the price is more expensive, there are obstacles in the wide application because of the price problem. But the concept of more advanced foreign factories, fast lane speed turnstile gate is destined to become more and more respected products, play an important role that tripod turnstile gate can not replace.

Good fast lane turnstile gate products have advantages in speed, service life, and frequency. In pedestrian security turnstile gate products, it is incomparable with other products, so it becomes the main control product of large / super-large factories or high-rise office buildings. Even in rush hours, it can be handled freely without setting it to the normally open state, which greatly improves the safety and overall efficiency. Above is all content of the turnstile access control system, if you have any questions, welcome to contact us.

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