Turnstile access control system

turnstile access control system

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Turnstile access control system

Turnstile access control system is a common access control system that integrates the hardware equipment of the pedestrian turnstile gate, which can more conveniently and intelligently manage the channel. The turnstile access control system is actually based on the same principle as a regular access control system, except that the hardware of the turnstile gate is added. The common way to use an identification card is to use an identification IC or ID card, which is equivalent to a key. Its main function is to manage personnel entry and exit, improve the safety of entry and exit places, and also ensure internal safety.

The turnstile access control system gives a signal to open and closes the door based on the permission of the card. If there is permission to pass, the swing arms of the turnstile will open back and forth or the gate barrier of the turnstile will retract inward, allowing passage. If there is no permission, the swing arms and wing of the turnstile will not move, and pedestrians will not be able to enter or exit. The information on the turnstile access control system can be added or deleted at any time.

The turnstile access control system is very common in our daily life. It is a combination of authentication system software such as intelligent turnstile gates, identification equipment, and security inspection equipment. It is mainly used to manage the entry and exit of personnel and monitor them in real time. It also has security and anti-theft functions, effectively preventing suspicious personnel from entering, and is suitable for various occasions such as office buildings, schools, factories, customs, scenic spots, exhibition halls, supermarkets, government agencies, etc.

The pedestrian turnstile gate rarely works alone, and most of them have to be connected to the computer processing system to work. TCP / IP network structure is adopted for communication between the computer and the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate. The communication distance can be expanded infinitely.

The extension functions of the turnstile access control system include facial recognition function, fingerprint recognition function, iris recognition function, and QR code recognition function. These functions can also be implemented and used in a dual combination. They can not only be used for attendance, but also for visitor visits, ticket sales, and other functions. If combined with other extension functions, they can also achieve backend data analysis functions.

A single computer can connect any number of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gates. The intelligent turnstile gate can operate both online and offline. It can connect with various systems to realize multi-function. It can be used in combination with attendance, charge management, ticket system, and other software to realize the functions of access control, attendance, consumption, ticket sales, current restriction, and so on. It can facilitate people’s life and work to a great extent. It is set at the passageways of the community, factory, intelligent office building, and canteen, which can complete various management functions such as employee card access control, commuting attendance, dining, and so on.

The turnstile access control system combines advanced IC/ID cards, fingerprint identification technology, face recognition technology, and software management to manage the personnel entering and leaving the fixed place through the automatic identification of the turnstile controller. It can achieve access control, attendance, current limit, and other functions, as well as a charging function. It has various functions such as personnel access control, real-time monitoring, security, and anti-theft alarm. It mainly facilitates the orderly access of a large number of internal personnel and prevents the random access of external personnel. It not only facilitates internal management, but also enhances internal security, so as to provide users with an efficient and economical working environment.

tripod turnstile

Basic composition:

The turnstile access control system is mainly composed of access control controllers, card readers, access control terminals, sensors, turnstile gate equipment, and alarm systems.

Turnstile equipment: The pedestrian turnstile gate equipment is the main equipment used to achieve channel opening, closing, and blocking functions. The main types of products are tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap turnstile, sliding turnstile, and full height turnstile.

Access control controller: It is the central control application of the entire turnstile system, responsible for verifying personnel passing through and controlling turnstile gate equipment.

Card reader: It transmits card information to the access control controller by reading the information of identification cards (such as IC cards, ID cards, QR codes, etc.).

smart card: Smart cards can be roughly divided into three categories: ID, IC, and CPU cards; Different cards can be selected according to different functional requirements.

Access control terminal: refers to a modern operating terminal that includes basic functions such as a screen, microphone, speaker, and keyboard light; The access control terminal can provide multiple input methods for identity verification, such as passwords, fingerprint scanning, etc.

Sensor: Refers to sensors, coils, and other devices used to detect the entry and exit of personnel, one-way, two-way traffic, and other states.

Alarm system: It is the foundation of comprehensive safety measures for the turnstile gate system, including sound and light alarms, video monitoring, etc.

Common identification methods:

Nowadays, many places have installed turnstile access control systems, such as schools, enterprises, factories, government agencies, and so on. Regarding the turnstile access control system, the key lies in the identification method. With the continuous innovation of computer technology, various identification technologies have emerged, and some of them have been applied to the access control system. Next, we will talk about common identification methods in the turnstile access control system.

Password recognition

Password recognition, as the name suggests, is the recognition of entry and exit permissions through the correctness of the input password. The advantage is that it is easy to operate, does not require a card, and is also a common recognition method in the turnstile access control system. The disadvantage is that passwords are easily leaked, security is not high, there is no record of entry and exit, and can only be controlled in one direction. The buttons are easily damaged and malfunctioning.

Card recognition

Card recognition identifies entry and exit permissions through card reading or card encryption, which includes magnetic cards and radio frequency cards. The advantage of magnetic cards is low cost, one person per card, average security, and a record of opening doors. The disadvantage is that the card has wear and tear on the equipment, has a short lifespan, and is easy to copy. Card information may become invalid due to the loss of external magnetic fields. The advantages of RF cards include contactless devices, convenient and safe door opening, long service life, high safety, and the ability to achieve bidirectional control with door opening records. The card is difficult to copy, but the disadvantage is the high cost.

QR code recognition

Combining the characteristics of QR codes, this type of access control recognition system will send valid QR code credentials to incoming personnel, making it easy to scan the QR code for the reading machine, making it easier to manage personnel entering and exiting.

Biometric recognition

Biometric recognition is the process of identifying entry and exit permissions through the detection of personnel’s biometric features, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, vein recognition, etc. Among them, the facial recognition turnstile access control system is a gradually popular system in recent years. The advantage is extremely high security, without the need to carry cards. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the recognition rate has requirements for the installation environment and users.

Where to buy?

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Basic functions:

Usually, when there are no special requirements, the access control system functions of the turnstile gate are integrated, which can be said to be the most basic functions. Today, we will learn about the basic functions and principles of the turnstile access control system.

The turnstile access control system is widely used in various places, mainly to manage personnel entering and exiting these places, provide site security, office efficiency, and so on. The main functions of the turnstile access control system include the following:

1. Accurate personnel management: Verify personnel identity through card swiping, facial recognition, QR code scanning, and other methods to ensure the safety of personnel management and re-entry and exit of the gate access control system. Effectively manage and control channel access permissions.

2. Flexible permission management: you can set which channels a person can pass, or all channels a person can pass. The setting results can be arranged by channel or person. Users can clearly see who can pass through a channel, or which channels a person can pass through. It is clear at a glance and can be printed or output to an Excel report.

The time period permission management function can set a person to enter a channel, the day of the week, and the time to enter the channel every day.

3. After uploading the software settings for offline operation, the controller will remember all permissions and record all information. Even if the computer software and computer are turned off, the system can still operate normally offline, and the power failure information will never be lost.

4. Real-time monitoring: the photo display channel status display function can monitor the card swiping and access of all channels in real time, and can display the photos pre-stored in the computer by the card swiping person in real-time so that the security personnel can check with themselves.

5. Real-time extraction function users can automatically extract the records in the controller while monitoring in real time, and upload one to the computer database after brushing one.

6. Function of the forced closing channel and forced opening channel: if some channels need to be opened for a long time, they can be set as normally open through software. If some channels need to be closed for a long time and do not want anyone to enter, they can be set as normally closed.

7. Illegal card swiping alarm: also known as invalid card swiping alarm. That is, if someone tries to swipe the card with an unauthorized card, the system will give a red prompt alarm on the monitoring software interface and drive the computer speaker to remind the personnel on duty.

8. It can be connected to the fire signal output, automatically open all doors of the controller after receiving the fire signal, and generate a fire alarm record for later queries.

9. It can control illegal intrusion alarms, doors not closed for a long time alarm, forced entry alarms, door opening linkage output, invalid card swiping alarms, fire alarm linkage, etc.

10. Security guarantee: When someone attempts to enter the entrance area without authentication, the alarm system will issue a prompt, using sound and light to prevent unsafe situations from occurring.

11. Accurate statistics: The time slot management of channel entry and exit users. The turnstile system can not only record the number of times of entry and exit, but also calculate the working hours of employees through terminal programs, effectively grasping the time rhythm and personnel records of enterprise dining and other situations.

12. Convenient for big data analysis: The data of turnstile gate users can be saved, queried, analyzed, and processed. The data collected by the turnstile system can be used for data analysis, providing an effective decision-making basis for enterprise operation and management.

turnstile access control system

In short, the turnstile access control system is not only a necessary facility for public place channel management, but also a basic equipment for modern enterprise internal management. It can help enterprises improve safety, personnel management efficiency, and information technology level, and promote enterprise development.

The function of the intelligent turnstile access control system shall meet the actual needs and shall not be flashy. If the one-sided pursuit of the leading potential of the system will lead to excessive investment and deviate too far from the actual needs. Therefore, the practicability of the system is the first principle that should be followed first. At the same time, the front-end products and system software of the system have good learnability and operability. In particular, operability (convenience) enables managers with primary computer operation levels to master the operation essentials of the system through simple training and reach the operation level of completing duty tasks.

System Advantages:

Pedestrian turnstile access control system is an intelligent system developed by using non-contact intelligent technology, which is different from other systems, Compared with the system, its advantages are:

Smart IC card: the system adopts a contactless smart card, also known as an RF card, It successfully solves many problems, such as one card multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation, and greatly improves the practicability of the system.

Convenient capacity expansion: the computer and intelligent turnstile gate adopt TCP / IP network communication, so the capacity expansion is convenient. When the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent turnstile gates needs to be increased as required, the hardware only needs to be increased and add the corresponding intelligent turnstile gate, and the software can set the new equipment.

Offline operation: the intelligent turnstile gate can not only run together with the computer and network, but also work alone. According to the parameters downloaded by the system, the intelligent turnstile gate automatically judges whether the IC card is valid, determines whether to open the gate, and stores the opening record in the memory.

The intelligent card reading part can be used at will, and the rotation of the rotating shaft is controlled by the optical principle. There is no requirement for the received signal delay, and it will be reset immediately after turning; Power off rod drop / manual rod drop is optional.

System Features:

Convenient and fast: read the card in and out at one stroke. With the authorized IC card, you can complete the gate opening release and charge recording by swinging in front of the intelligent turnstile gate reader/writer. The card reading has no direction, and the reading and writing time is 0.1 seconds, convenient and fast.

Security and confidentiality: the communication between IC card and IC card reader/writer adopts triple authentication technology for mutual confirmation, digital technology, key algorithm, and authorized issuance, that is, IC card can only be applied in this system and is secure and confidential.

Reliability: IC card RF induction, stable and reliable, with the ability of judgment and thinking.

Flexibility: the system can flexibly set the access control personnel authority, time period control, cardholder effectiveness, blacklist loss reporting, card addition, and other functions.

Versatility: through authorization, the user card can be used for “one card” management such as parking, attendance, access control, patrol, and consumption, so as to easily realize the multi-purpose of one card.

Simplicity: easy installation, simple wiring, full Chinese interface, and convenient operation.

turnstile gate access control

System usage process:

The personnel hold the sensing card to the sensing range of the turnstile gate card reader and brush it gently. The turnstile gate reads the card information and uploads it to the server;

The server automatically checks whether the card has access authority, and automatically records the information of the card reader and the card swiping time;

If the check is successful, the turnstile gate will open automatically, the personnel will pass, and the turnstile gate will close automatically.

The system can be linked with fire control. When a fire occurs and the system receives a fire signal, the turnstile gate will automatically open for pedestrians to pass through.

Working principle:

So how does the turnstile access control system work? The turnstile access control system consists of a CPU processor as the core controller, supplemented by information collectors and electronic locks, forming a complete control network. Complete the automatic control system for the turnstile gate based on the loading and reading of information content.

The traditional turnstile access control system usually uses ID and IC cards for management. With the development of technology, RFID card verification, QR code verification, facial recognition verification, and other methods have been added to the entire turnstile access control system. Combined with import and export management methods such as tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap turnstile, and full height turnstile, the intelligent management of the access control system has been improved.

Specific workflow:

1. Users register valid permissions in the turnstile access control system and verify their effectiveness through verification devices installed on the surface of the access control turnstile chassis, such as a reader, password reader, fingerprint verification, etc.

2. After the verification device sends data to the turnstile access control system for verification, the turnstile access control system then sends permission data to the channel turnstile gate.

3. After receiving instructions from the access control system, the turnstile gate will make corresponding switch actions and prompts.

At present, many public places, such as office buildings, stations, tourist attractions, manufacturing factories, etc., have initially adopted turnstile access control system software for employee management. The important reason is that the turnstile is unique, durable, and has strong impact resistance.

When the flow of people is very high, the turnstile gate can reasonably manipulate the flow of people, making it less prone to group accidents caused by crowding. Especially at subway entrances, metal detection doors at subway stations can be linked to the software of the turnstile access control system. This external identification can replace the previous human resource inspection method for verification, not only saving money allocation, but also providing more accurate verification results, effectively avoiding incidents.

The above are the basic functions and principles of the turnstile access control system. Due to different usage scenarios, most turnstile gate manufacturers will customize the relevant functions of the system based on the actual situation and needs of customers. This requires turnstile manufacturers to have a certain level of development and customization capabilities. If there are customer friends with relevant customization needs, please communicate with our sales personnel.

System design characteristics:

Characteristics and principles to be considered in the design of turnstile access control system

Before developing a turnstile access control system, it is usually necessary to design it based on usage scenarios and business processes to ensure the normal operation of the access control system in the later stage. Therefore, the design of the turnstile access control system is important. Today, we will introduce the characteristics and principles that need to be considered in the design of the turnstile access control system.

Characteristics to be considered in the design of the turnstile access control system

1. Product stability: The products used must be reliable, and the product brand must be known to oneself or have been used before.

2. Security and other functionalities: It should have functions such as security, confidentiality, and upgradability, and meet the user’s usage needs. It can be determined based on what function the user wants and in which aspect it is used.

3. Convenience: whether it is beneficial for users to use, whether the product wiring is reasonable, and how much cost is required.

4. Compatibility: whether it is compatible with old cards, what type of card to use, etc.

Design principle:

When the access control card comes into contact with the sensor, the card reader can read the intelligent information of the card reader, which is then converted into an electrical signal and sent to the access control controller. The controller determines whether the card is valid based on software to allow entry into the turnstile door and completes unlocking, locking, and other tasks based on the judgment results. At present, access cards can be divided into password recognition, card recognition, and biometric recognition based on their entry and exit methods.

1. Password recognition: Determine entry and exit permissions by verifying whether the entered password is correct.

2. Card recognition: Determine the permission to enter and exit the door by reading the card or adding a password.

3. Biometric identification: Verify the biometric characteristics of entry and exit personnel through fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition, and verify entry and exit permissions.

turnstile access control

Turnstile & access control

Today, Mairs Turnstile will teach you about the differences between an access control turnstile and an access control system. Let’s learn about the working principle of the access control turnstile gate machine together.

What is the difference between an access control turnstile and an access control system?

A Turnstile gate machine is a type of mechanical hardware that mainly includes various access control equipment such as tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap turnstile, sliding turnstile, and full height turnstile; The access control system, which refers to the access control system software, is a complete set of entrance and exit control management systems.

From this perspective, the access control system actually includes hardware such as turnstile gate machines and access control machines. The installation of access control turnstiles requires the matching application of turnstiles and access control controllers in order to achieve the goal of intelligent management of entrances and exits.

Simply put, the access control turnstile belongs to the category of access control system.

Access control turnstile

Access control turnstile is mainly a channel-blocking device used in combination with the access control system for entrance and exit management. Its most fundamental core is mainly channel management hardware, which is mainly applied in entrance and exit scenarios such as urban rail transit, office buildings, factories, etc. It has significant similarities with the turnstile access control system in terms of functional purposes and application scenarios. Therefore, many customers may confuse and question whether the access control turnstile is a turnstile access control system? What is the difference between an access control turnstile and a turnstile access control system?

The access control turnstile can be divided into tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, sliding turnstile, and full height turnstile according to the different blocking and blocking methods. According to the usage environment, there are indoor access control turnstiles and outdoor access control turnstiles.

With the progress and development of society, people’s way of life has undergone profound changes. Crowding in urban public places is one of the phenomena. Due to the lack of management of the flow of people, cities cause congestion and even chaos, which brings great inconvenience to people’s life. This inconvenience forces people to find high-tech and effective means to solve this inconvenience. Intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate is a high-tech product that meets the needs of this era, which can not only effectively solve the confusion caused by excessive flow of people and disorderly queuing and jumping in line, so as to achieve efficient management.

In addition, in terms of technology, its high technology matches other existing intelligent systems, has good openness, is easy to combine with other intelligent systems to form a more powerful integrated system, and complies with the advanced management of various integrated modes.

In the non-contact IC/ID card pedestrian turnstile access control system, when the cardholder enters and exits the place, the IC/ID card is scanned in the sensing area of the turnstile gate at the entrance and exit, and the RFID card reader reads the card and judges the effectiveness of the card. For effective face recognition or IC/ID card, the turnstile gate opens automatically and stores the corresponding data in the database. If the card reading is invalid when entering and leaving the site with an invalid IC/ID card, the turnstile gate will not open.

At the same time, the turnstile access control system has a powerful data processing function, which can complete the setting of various parameters, data collection, and statistics, manage various IC/ID cards issued by the card-issuing system, report the loss of lost cards, and print an effective statistical report.

Working principle of access control turnstile

The access control turnstile integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control, and various identity recognition technologies into an organic whole. By selecting different access control systems, visitor systems, biometric recognition systems, etc., it achieves multi-functional entrance and exit management requirements. The main working principle is to manually control the operation of the blocking body and stop the mechanical limit control mechanism. The semi-automatic type controls the mechanism and stops through an electromagnet, while the fully automatic type controls the mechanism and stops through an electric motor. By controlling the mechanism and stopping, it further controls the opening and closing of the blocking body.

When a person passes through the pedestrian turnstile gate, if the person does not leave, the infrared detector will sound an alarm and the door will remain closed. If an unauthorized pedestrian enters the detection area of the door when the door is opened, the gate of the access control turnstile will immediately close.

Common faults & solutions of access control turnstile

Most residential areas, schools, companies, and other places will install access control systems, and pedestrian turnstile gates are a key part of them. In daily applications and maintenance, access control turnstile may inevitably encounter some minor faults. So, let’s talk about common faults and solutions for access control turnstiles.

1. After the access control turnstile is authorized, one door can be opened, but the other side cannot be opened.

Solution: Check if the synchronous online cable is connected properly. If it is ensured to be connected properly, check again if the control motherboard on the side that did not open the door has received a signal. If there is no signal, it is necessary to check if the connecting cable has fallen off and if the plug-in cable on the motherboard is plugged in properly.

2. The access control switch is powered on but does not work

Solution: Check if the indicator light on the device is on and if the motor starts normally. If the motor does not start normally, first check if there is voltage output at the motor terminals. If all the above checks are normal, it may be due to the mechanism being stuck.

Firstly, connect the wires to reset the wing of the turnstile gate, and then manually test. If the action is smooth, there may be damage to the mechanism, which needs to be repaired.

3. The access control turnstile gave a signal, but the swing turnstile gate did not respond

Solution: Check whether the output voltage of the transformer is normal, whether the fuse is blown, whether the motor connection wire is soldered off, and whether the motor is damaged.

4. The direction of the access control turnstile indicator light is reversed, and there is an alarm when passing through

Solution: Check if the control signal wire of the swing turnstile gate motherboard is connected backward, and try exchanging the signal wires that need to be controlled.

5. When the access control turnstile is in the closed state, the swing arm can be manually pushed open

Solution: Check the mechanism for wear, damage to the slot plate, or excessive clearance. If any problems occur, contact the manufacturer for replacement in a timely manner.

6. After the access control turnstile swings and opens, the door does not close

Solution: Check if the infrared sensors on both sides of the swing turnstile gate are properly aligned. Ensure that the motherboard is in good condition without any issues, and conduct a pedestrian inspection to see if the working light of the infrared sensor on the control motherboard is normal.

turnstile door access control

Facial recognition system

Facial recognition turnstile access control system is a new choice for enterprise access management. In today’s office environment, a turnstile access control system is one of the devices that ensure security for enterprises. With the continuous progress of science and technology, traditional turnstile access control systems are gradually unable to meet the security needs of modern enterprises. Therefore, facial recognition turnstile access control systems have gradually become an important choice for enterprise turnstile access control management.

The facial recognition turnstile access control system is an intelligent turnstile access control system based on facial recognition technology. Compared with traditional turnstile access control systems, it has higher security and convenience. The system adopts advanced facial recognition technology, which can quickly and accurately identify the identity information of employees and complete the gate opening operation within a few seconds. It can effectively prevent strangers from entering the enterprise and achieve automated management of all staff attendance and employee attendance records.

Compared with traditional turnstile access systems, facial recognition turnstile access systems have the following significant advantages:

1. High security: Adopting facial recognition technology, it can accurately identify employees’ identities and prevent illegal intrusion and malicious damage.

2. Highly convenient: Employees do not need to carry access cards or other items, and only need to perform facial recognition to complete the door opening operation, saving a lot of time and energy.

3. Automated management: The facial recognition access control system can achieve automated processing of all staff attendance management and employee attendance records, improving management efficiency and accuracy.

In summary, the facial recognition turnstile access control system is a new-generation choice for enterprise access management, providing more efficient, secure, and convenient access control services. With the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, facial recognition turnstile access control systems will be more widely used in the future market.

The above provides a general introduction about the face recognition turnstile access control system., let’s take a look characteristics of the face recognition turnstile access control system

1. After the trailing pedestrian leaves the protection detection area, the first safety detection area detects unauthorized entry, and the door is closed, the alarm sounds, and the face recognition turnstile access control system has functions such as illegal intrusion alarm, reverse intrusion alarm, trailing alarm, and timeout alarm.

2. Equipped with a digital encoder, it automatically corrects the swing angle, and the synchronization performance of the AB swing door is strong.

3. LED directional traffic indication, indicating channel status, guiding pedestrians to pass quickly.

4. The face recognition turnstile access control system is equipped with mechanical and photoelectric dual protection and anti-pinch, and the damping transmission of the swing door is automatically separated.

5. The face recognition turnstile has zero noise, stable and durable performance, sturdy appearance, and is not easy to wear.

6. When the swing turnstile gate is impacted by external forces, the face recognition turnstile access control system can automatically buffer the deflection angle to prevent damage to the swing turnstile.

7. Pedestrians reverse and exit the pedestrian through the second safety detection area. Before the gate is restored to its basic state, the second safety detection area that has not issued a legal door opening signal once again detects someone entering, and the facial quick access door access control system alarms.

What are the characteristics of the face recognition turnstile access control system? After the above introduction, I believe everyone should be clear now. In recent years, facial recognition technology has been widely used on various platforms, and facial recognition turnstile access control systems have also been widely favored. If you have any related needs, please contact our online customer service.

Fault resolution

Nowadays, many places have used face recognition access control turnstile gates, and face recognition has also brought considerable convenience to users. In daily use, there may also be some malfunctions in the face recognition turnstile access control system. So, let’s briefly talk about common solutions to face recognition turnstile access control system malfunctions.

Common face recognition turnstile access control system failure solutions:

1. The possible reasons for the problem of the facial recognition machine not opening the door and the screen being stuck during verification include: the network signal line is not connected properly, the power supply cannot be supplied normally, the unlocking signal is not output during verification, and the supporting electronic lock is malfunctioning. The steps to solve the problem with the facial recognition machine are as follows: reconnect the signal line for testing, short circuit the GND/PUSH test, connect the COM detection signal, and it is recommended to replace it with a new electronic lock detection.

2. The issue of the device fill light being on for a long time, especially in enterprise office applications, can have a certain impact on the working environment. When purchasing a device terminal, it is necessary to communicate with the supplier clearly whether it is possible to choose to adjust the fill light on time or whether the device can automatically adjust the fill light brightness based on light changes.

3. The problem of misidentification on the device can be solved by raising the recognition threshold. Generally, the higher the threshold, the lower the likelihood of misidentification. However, it should also be noted that the higher the threshold, the slower the speed of facial recognition. Recognition rate and speed are a double-edged sword. To find the right balance, the above problems can be avoided. Those who can achieve this should be professional manufacturers of facial access recognition machines.

The above briefly introduces several common solutions to the failure of the facial recognition access control system, but it is still recommended that users should seek professional personnel from the manufacturer to handle the failure of the facial recognition turnstile.

Construction site system

The construction site turnstile access control system is a kind of ordinary turnstile access control system that integrates some functions suitable for construction sites. So what functions are integrated into the construction site turnstile access control system? The turnstile gate machine needs to be matched with different functions in different application scenarios. Construction sites are common application scenarios for price comparison, and the turnstile gate machine also plays a significant role here. So, what functions are integrated into the construction site turnstile access control system? Next, let’s have a simple popularization with everyone.

Common functions of the construction site turnstile access control system:

1. Alarm

When cardless personnel illegally pass through the passage, the construction site turnstile gate will emit an audible and visual alarm to remind management personnel, effectively preventing the entry of illegal personnel and eliminating hidden dangers.

2. Dual entry and exit

The construction site turnstile gate can enter and exit in both directions, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment. When personnel pass through, the system will automatically identify the direction of entry and exit, providing more accurate data for managers, and also preventing people from swiping their cards without actually entering.

3. Regional management

The construction site turnstile gate can be used to group and manage different construction sites. For example, before the A construction site and B construction site are connected, they can be divided into two independent areas. After being connected, they can be divided into the same area. Personnel can enter from A construction site and exit from B construction site, and the system can accurately calculate.

4. LED display

When personnel passes through the construction site turnstile gate, their names and identity information can be displayed in real-time, as well as the number of personnel present. You can also scroll and display welcome messages and other information on the LED screen.

5. Remote real-time data management

All data is transmitted in real-time, with intervals of less than 1 second, from personnel passing through to swiping cards, LED displays, and supervisory personnel seeing data through the network. Facilitate leaders to have real-time access to first-hand information.

6. Real-time statistical analysis

The construction site turnstile access control system will conduct real-time statistical analysis of the data of cardholders and non-cardholders present in each area, and quickly generate a list of cardholders present. Once an accident occurs, obtain first-hand information as soon as possible.

7. Data Query Statistics

The construction site turnstile access control system can perform statistical analysis on historical data, generate data on the entry of construction personnel, management personnel, supervision personnel, and visitors, and group and print them based on the data.

What functions are integrated into the construction site access control system ? Now everyone is clear about it. In order to better fit the application scenario, some functions need to be customized. Please feel free to communicate with our online customer service personnel regarding relevant aspects.

turnstile access control

Introduction of system software

No matter what kind of access controller you choose, it will be equipped with corresponding management software. The functions that software can achieve are basically the same. The system software has a friendly user interface, convenient and simple operation, hierarchical display of all English characters, window mouse operation, automatic disk recording, and various query methods. Because the system software adopts a database format, it can be compatible with other office software. Attendance and personnel management can be carried out.

Set pedestrian turnstile gate address

Initialize card machine, clear and sort card machine equipment

Check card machine time and date

Set the door opening and closing status of the card machine (including the setting of rest days)

Set the door opening section every day

Set the way to access the door

Set the access method, add and delete the user card of the device, and set the date period of the user card

Basic parameter setting of software (including password setting and personal basic parameters)

Initialization of software hard disk information (i.e. data initialization)

Database doctor is to sort out the tables of the software

Department input and setting

Query everyone’s personnel information

Extract and convert the punch in the information of the card machine

Carry out daily access data statistics and monthly data statistics

System software function

1. The operating system, configuration software, monitoring software, and other system software and application software meet the working requirements of the whole system and realize the functions of access control / environmental monitoring/video monitoring/alarm and management. Use management software to manage the system. The software is based on the WIN2000 or WinXP operating platform. The alarm location, regional data, and other information of the system can be displayed on the screen in time;

2. The management software adopts an English operation interface, adopts familiar windows, mouse, and keyboard operation, and has detailed instructions to help and prompt operators to operate, which is simple and convenient;

3. Have perfect database management function and powerful retrieval function; Support the loading of a large amount of data, with multi-clue screening method and clue priority screening method;

4. Monitor the entry/exit personnel in real-time, edit each door area, program the system, query all emergencies and personnel access data in real-time;

5. The software database adopts standard SQL server or access database, ODBC general access interface, and provides import and export functions in Excel file format;

6. The software can classify the storage system information and report the content for easy search.

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