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Of course, the development of turnstile gates cannot be separated from the development of turnstile technology. Turnstile technology also involves many other fields. Here we only introduce the following special turnstile technology. If you want to know more about turnstile technology, welcome to communicate with us.

Ultra-wide passageway turnstile technology

Ultra-wide passageway turnstile technology and ultra-high blocking barrier technology are always closely related and influence each other, Let’s explain it in detail.

Technical principle

Optimize the structure of the turnstile mechanism, increase the load, and be able to load the blocking body with ultra-wide, ultra-high, and overweight. For example, it can realize the blocking body with a width of 2 meters and a height of 1.8 meters, so as to meet the needs of those scenes that need to carry strollers, wheelchairs, large luggage, small carts, and bicycles, as well as the scenes with high security needs to prevent pedestrians from crossing the drilling and climbing turnstile gate.

The passage width of the pedestrian turnstile gate has always been an important factor limiting its application. The ordinary wide pedestrian turnstile gate can pass through small trolleys, luggage, wheelchairs, baby carriages, etc., but it can’t do anything for larger storage and turnover vehicles. At this time, the ultra-wide pedestrian turnstile gate is needed to realize.

What are the reasons for the limited channel width?

By comparing the blocking body structures of different types of pedestrian turnstile gates, MairsTurnstile found that the adjustment range of swing turnstile gate channel width is very large and has strong plasticity. If the horizontal size of the swing turnstile gate is increased, the purpose of increasing the channel width can be realized. If the channel width is designed too large, the following problems will easily occur:

1. The width of the channel and the length of the box should also be increased accordingly, which takes up more space and affects the overall aesthetics of the turnstile gate;

2. When the weight of the swing blocking rod increases and the inertia increases, it will become very difficult for the motor to control the turnstile gate to open and close the door, resulting in abnormal phenomena such as slow rotation, poor flow and the swing blocking rod cannot be aligned, and the stress distribution of the mechanism is seriously unbalanced, affecting the service life of the turnstile mechanism.

3. The horizontal dimension of the blocking rod is too large, which is difficult to control and easy to hit pedestrians, increasing the risk of personal injury.

So how to solve this problem?

Mairsturnstile is designed for outdoor swing turnstile gates to realize ultra-wide channels. Moreover, we redesigned the movement structure of the outdoor swing turnstile gate, adopted the international first-line brand DC brushless motor, high-performance reducer, and accurate positioning encoder, optimized the design of system control and anti-pinch, and realized the accurate control and rapid response to the ultra-wide swing blocking barrier.

turnstile mechansim

How to realize the turnstile gate with a super-wide passageway?

The ultra-wide channel turnstile mechanism designed by Mairsturnstile has a compact structure and larger load. It can load the blocking body (blocking barrier) weighing up to 10kg, and the service life of the turnstile gate is longer.

The elastic stainless steel pendulum originally created by Mairsturnstile is used to enhance the tensile stress of the mechanism and can withstand frequent violent pendulum impact. Within the limited travel range, it can withstand 200kgf external force pendulum impact, which has the characteristics of anti-violent brake impact.

The turnstile gate adopts an international first-line brand DC brushless motor and high-performance reducer, with strong load capacity. The single pendulum size of stainless steel pendulum can reach 1000L * 1500h (unit mm, length and height can not reach very large at the same time), which provides more guarantee for the stability and service life of the swing turnstile gate.

The encoder with accurate positioning can be used for 360 ° positioning, and the control accuracy is as high as 0.25 °.

The ultra-wide pedestrian turnstile gate has good safety performance. The current detection anti-pinch and infrared anti-pinch are combined to prevent pedestrians from being injured by pinch. so this is very important and practical turnstile technology.

The anti-violent impact turnstile technology

The anti-violent impact technology of swing turnstile is developed to solve the problem that the swing blocking barrier and mechanism are easy to be damaged after the swing blocking barrier is impacted.

Due to the diversified appearance and good adaptability of channel width, swing turnstile gate is widely used, but limited by its blocking structure, the swing turnstile gate is easy to be impacted by the front of the passing object, especially the outdoor swing turnstile gate used for bicycle or motorcycle. The impact force generated will be transmitted to the rotating shaft and movement, resulting in corresponding damage.

Traditional solutions

Strengthen the strength of the swing turnstile gate and the rotating shaft.

Defects of traditional methods

It is impossible to prevent the impact force from being transmitted to the swing turnstile gate mechanism. Although the swing turnstile gate and the rotating shaft are protected, the mechanism may be damaged first, and the risk of the impact of the swing gate and injury to the passing object is increased.

So how to solve this problem?

Mairsturnstile has specially developed the anti-violent impact blocking barrier turnstile technology. The blocking barrier is designed as a flexible structure to effectively absorb the impact energy through self cushioning and repair, so as to protect the brake pendulum and mechanism without causing any damage to the passing objects.

How to realize the anti-violent blocking barrier collision?

1. The connecting components of the blocking barrier are flexible. Most of the impact energy of the impact is absorbed by the flexible components and can quickly return to the original position. Therefore, it has the function of automatic repair.

2. The flexible component of the blocking barrier is also a polarity component. When the impact force suffered by the pendulum reaches the preset polarity, the pendulum and the motor shaft are misaligned and an alarm is generated until it returns to the original position.

3. The control unit inside the swing blocking barrier can quickly detect the impact force and bending angle of the swing blocking rod, so as to switch to the protection mode, adjust the frequency and current of motor braking in the way of PID control, and quickly release the impact energy.

4. The driving components of the swing turnstile gate, such as motor and reducer, are imported products with high performance. The motor has an excellent performance in withstanding the huge surge caused by instantaneous impact. The reducer is changed to a specially customized reinforced structure, which greatly increases the impact resistance.

Through the above four aspects, the anti-violent impact technology of the swing turnstile gate is realized, and the problem that the swing turnstile gate and mechanism are easy to be damaged after the swing turnstile gate is impacted is solved. Provide more favorable preconditions for pedestrian turnstile gate production.

turnstile gate technology

Single-core turnstile and double core turnstile

Before we understand this problem, let’s first understand what is turnstile mechanism? Here we are just making a brief introduction. If you want to know more, please check our article: what is turnstile mechanism?

The mechanism is the most critical part of the pedestrian turnstile machine equipment and the key electronic device for the operation of the control system. Like the human heart, it is composed of a whole of various mechanical parts (including driver motor, reducer, transmission gear, transmission belt, electromagnetic induction equipment, etc.), and uses the basis of mechanical design to control the opening and closing posture of the blocking body.

Among them, part of the drive motor is also divided into DC brushless and brushless. Of course, so far, the use of a Brushless DC motor is relatively excellent and stable. The application of ultra noise reduction and planetary reducer can reduce the speed ratio, improve the torque, improve the service life of the pedestrian turnstile gate, and the advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic induction equipment also endanger the rapid opening and closing of the pedestrian turnstile gate.

The difference between single-core turnstile and double core turnstile is a problem often mentioned by users. Today we will briefly explain:

1. The difference between single-core turnstile and double core turnstile is from the point of view that the pedestrian turnstile gate has several cores. From the literal meaning, single-core refers to the pedestrian turnstile gate having only one core, while double core refers to the pedestrian turnstile gate having two cores. To explain in more detail, a single-core turnstile has one turnstile gate equipment and one core controls one-way traffic, Double core turnstile is a turnstile gate with two mechanisms to control two-way traffic and share one turnstile gate equipment. Single-core is one-way traffic, and double core is two-way traffic. A single core turnstile is a single machine, and a double core turnstile is a machine shared by two mechanisms.

2. Both single-core and double-core turnstile gates contain common speed turnstile gates such as intelligent tripod turnstile gate, intelligent swing turnstile gate, and an intelligent flap barrier gate.

3. Two single-core turnstile gates form one turnstile gate channel, and one double core turnstile and two single-core turnstiles form two turnstile gate channels. Two dual-core and two single-core turnstile gates form three turnstile gate channels, and so on; If an installation place is designed in this way, the budget cost can be saved. However, if it is installed at two entrances and exits in the same office location and two channels are required, four single-core turnstile gate machines have to be used, and two are combined into one turnstile gate channel.

Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that in fact, the cost performance of double core turnstile gate is very high. Because the dual-core turnstile gate equipment is that two mechanisms share a turnstile chassis, and cooperate with the single-core access turnstile gate nearby to form two groups of channels.

In addition, it should be noted that in fact, the dual mechanisms turnstile is not only the difference of one mechanism turnstile. The internal turnstile gate control motherboard, infrared radiation, variable voltage power supply, card reader, and other accessories are composed of two groups. The emergence of dual-core turnstile gate not only reduces the installation area of turnstile gate equipment, but also reduces the cost of equipment procurement. The function is not discounted, the style is beautiful and the cost performance is high. The dual-core turnstile gate is the king of the cost performance of the intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate.

CE certification of turnstile gate

CE certification is required for the export of the pedestrian turnstile gate to the EU, which requires a low-voltage LVD directive and EMC directive. As a professional turnstile gate manufacturer and supplier, Mairsturnstile’s products must be CE certified.

CE certification standard for turnstile gate:

EN 62368-1:2020 + a11 mainly involves the sound pressure part, including the modification of the sound pressure term in Clause 3 and the change of the test requirements in Clause 10.6. On the basis of the previously accepted test methods (en50332-1 and en50332-2), an alternative test method is added, and the test of en50332-3 can also be accepted; Added 0-300ghz radiation from radiofrequency in non-ionizing radiation; Supplementary note Z1: update requirements of EU ROHS directive 2011 / 65 / EU.

Surface chromium plating turnstile technology

Why should the pedestrian turnstile equipment be chrome-plated?

The secret of intelligent swing turnstile gate equipment always looking shiny is its chrome plating. In fact, the chrome plating of intelligent swing turnstile gate equipment is not only for beauty. Let’s explain it to you today.

Chromium is a kind of silvery-white metal with slight blue. Metal chromium is very easy to passivate in the air, and a very thin passivation film is formed on the surface, which shows the properties of precious metals.

The chromium plating layer has high hardness, which can vary in a wide range of 400 ~ 1200hv according to the composition of the plating solution and process conditions. The chromium plating layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500 ℃, its luster and hardness have no obvious change. When the temperature is greater than 500 ℃, it begins to oxidize and change color, and when the temperature is greater than 700 ℃, the hardness begins to decrease. The friction coefficient of chromium coating is small, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is the lowest among all metals. Therefore, the chromium plating layer has good wear resistance.

esd turnstile gate system

The chromium plating layer has good chemical stability and does not act in alkali, sulfide, nitric acid, and most organic acids, but can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. In the visible light range, the reflection ability of chromium is about 65%, between silver (88%) and nickel (55%), and it is better than silver and nickel because chromium does not change color and can maintain its reflection ability for a long time.

After the pedestrian turnstile equipment is chrome plated on the surface of the chassis, it has the following advantages:

1. Because the surface roughness value is very small, the appearance of the chrome-plated swing turnstile gate is more bright and beautiful.

2. After chrome plating, the intelligent swing blocking barrier has good corrosion resistance.

3. The coating has extremely high hardness and wears resistance, which can prolong the service life of the swing gate;

4. It has uniform luster, good decoration, and good extinction;

Further chromium plating treatment is carried out on the basis of the original stainless steel plate, so that the intelligent swing turnstile equipment can be safely used in the hands of customers. Adhere to excellence, provide cost-effective quality, and grasp the way to success from the details. Moreover, the intelligent swing turnstile equipment provides a two-year warranty and door-to-door service, so as to enjoy the quality service at ease.

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