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Why is turnstile security so important?

No matter when and where security comes first, there has always been a lot of controversy about whether the turnstile gate is safe or not. Especially in the past few years, when the pedestrian turnstile gate technology is not very mature, the news about the turnstile security gate hurting people is also reported from time to time, and people have always had a lot of doubts about the security of the turnstile gate, Since engaging in this industry, we often hear customers ask questions about what kind of turnstile gate is the safest.

Is your turnstile gate safe enough? ” Alas, ~ ~ ” it hurts to be caught by the turnstile gate. When passing through the turnstile gate, we often hear people shouting. People come and go in the turnstile gate channel. We must always pay attention not to catch people, especially children. In case of power failure, the turnstile gate can still open door. Don’t hinder the entry and exit of the crowd. Especially in the case of an emergency disaster, it can’t affect the escape speed. “Di ~ ~ ~ ~ ~” someone broke in illegally. Fortunately, it was blocked by the turnstile gate. The turnstile security gate still plays many roles in helping safety management!!

The turnstile gate is a pedestrian access control management equipment. It is self-evident how important is the safety of the turnstile gate. The turnstile security gate itself is a kind of security access control equipment, which is to ensures everyone’s safety. Therefore, the security of the turnstile gate itself is the most basic requirement. In today’s society, safety comes first and safety is the most expensive.

MairsTurnstile has also been committed to improving the security of the turnstile gate and providing more traffic protection for pedestrians. Therefore, how to choose a turnstile? we must consider the following three basic aspects. If you don’t know how to choose a turnstile, you can refer to another article: how to choose a turnstile?

Turnstile Security

Turnstile security has always been a problem that the turnstile gate manufacturers have invested a lot of energy in research. With the rapid development of pedestrian turnstile gate technology in recent years, turnstile security has also been greatly improved. In this regard, Mairsturnstile will install anti-pinch strips for the flap barrier gate and increase the number of sensors, so as to more accurately sense the position and direction of the entrants and make a more accurate judgment, the tripod turnstile security gate is equipped with an anti-drilling alarm, and the swing turnstile is equipped with anti-collision cotton strips, etc.

These measures can effectively improve turnstile security. The seemingly simple operation actually contains a lot of logic, especially the installation of sensor pairs and the function of entering the alarm in the opposite direction.

We have an article that also introduces the types and characteristics of different turnstile gate machines. If you want to know more, please check the types of turnstiles. Flap barrier turnstile is generally used in indoor places, tripod turnstile gate and swing turnstile gate will be more suitable for outdoor places, and revolving turnstile gate will pay more attention to places with high confidentiality.

As for turnstile security, we mainly refer to the following three aspects to explain.

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Personnel security: security guarantee for personnel passage

The function of the turnstile gate is to regulate pedestrian access, through the mechanisms of personnel movement track and behavior identification detection, an anti-pinch mechanism for illegal entrants, emergency response treatment in case of emergency, etc., which are the basis for ensuring the high security of pedestrian access control turnstile.

The turnstile security gate is equipped with a certain number of infrared radiation detection points at different positions on the inner side of the channel. When people pass through, their limbs block the detection points. Multiple detection points form an effective identification of the movement track and ticket checking behavior of the passing people and make logical judgments through the central controller to drive the response action of the turnstile rod.

The high-end pedestrian turnstile security gate adopts LED high-density matrix infrared detection to judge the position, area, state, traffic direction, and the effectiveness of authorization verification of pedestrians in the passage, calculate and analyze, so as to make a corresponding judgment and protect pedestrian safety. When the turnstile is closed, the blocking rod will immediately become free after encountering the obstruction of objects, so as to prevent the passage personnel from being injured and ensure the personal safety of our pedestrians.

The pedestrian access control turnstile equipment shall reserve fire signals. When receiving fire signal warning or power failure and other special circumstances, the blocking rod will automatically fall off, forming an obstacle-free passage for emergency evacuation of people. Ensure the safe evacuation of pedestrians in case of emergency.

Mairsturnstile adopts a patented traffic detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric three-dimensional detection technology, which can sensitively sense the traffic behavior in the channel. It also has a triple anti-pinch of infrared, mechanical, and current detection, which is equivalent to three pairs of invisible “hands” controlling the gate at any time. When the pedestrian is about to be caught, the turnstile security gate operator immediately detects the behavior and notifies 3 to stop the gate immediately with both hands to avoid catching the pedestrian.

When pedestrians accidentally hit the swing rod, the swing rod will not be directly stuck, but can be pushed forward slowly for a short distance to buffer the impact force on the movement and the reversed impact force on pedestrians, so as to protect the mechanism and pedestrians.

Performance security: quality guaranteed turnstile gate

When purchasing the turnstile gate, you should understand the motor technology, fault reset time, personnel passing rate per unit time, normal service life, and other aspects of the pedestrian turnstile hardware.

In terms of ensuring reliability, the first is an important channel system. Ensure fast running speed, low mechanical loss, accurate positioning, and stable operation. The opening and closing time of the access gate is less than 1 second, so as to ensure the high traffic rate of 40 people per minute. The normal service life shall not be less than 3 million times.

In terms of fire safety, electric shock prevention is also very important, all electrical modules adopt safety voltage below 24V and are equipped with residual current protectors to prevent pedestrians from being injured by electric shock.

The original advanced mechanical structure. When the power is off, the system will automatically unlock the gate and manually push it into an open state to facilitate the evacuation of people.

Turnstile gate equipped with an emergency escape control device, so that the system can automatically open the turnstile security gate to facilitate the evacuation of people.

Safety and Security: basic requirements of access turnstile gate

It is necessary to understand the processing mechanism of pedestrian turnstile gates for detecting, preventing, and alarming illegal intruders, so as to prevent personnel from following and entering in reverse.

When authorized personnel pass through the turnstile gate and have left the safe area of the turnstile gate, the blocking bar will close automatically. However, if unauthorized personnel attempt to follow through the passage, the blocking rod will block the passage and send out audible alarm and indicator light alarm; When authorized personnel pass through the turnstile security gate but do not leave the safe area, there are trailing personnel trying to enter. Personal safety needs to be considered. If the blocking rod is closed, it will be pinched, so it will not be closed at this time, but the channel equipment will have an audible alarm and indicator light alarm to remind our staff of abnormal conditions.

In managing security, more efficient than manual management: compared with pure manual management, the turnstile gate can be on duty 24 hours and can record traffic data for linkage management with other systems.

Accurate identification and anti-tailing: it can accurately identify the identity of people coming and going and whether there is anyone following, so as to prevent irrelevant personnel from mixing in.

Orderly diversion: avoid congestion caused by excessive passenger flow in a single area and potential safety hazards.

turnstile security

Turnstile security measures:

1. Infrared anti-pinch: multiple pairs of infrared detectors are installed in the swing area near the turnstile gate, that is, the area to avoid being pinched. When the infrared detector detects someone or object in the anti-pinch area, the swing rod of the turnstile will actively stop the action, and the gate will not continue to swing until the person or object leaves the anti-pinch area.

2. Mechanical anti-pinch: when the blocking rod of the turnstile security gate is blocked in the process of movement, it will actively stop the action, and the impact force in the process of blocking rod movement is within the safe scale.

3. Current detection and anti-pinch: when the swing rod is blocked during movement, the system detects the abnormal change of current, and controls the motor to stop rotation or rotation to prevent the swing rod from hurting pedestrians.

4. The function of over force feedback control: when the blocking rod is locked, it can withstand the impact force within the safe scale. When it exceeds the safe scale, the blocking rod can be pushed slowly to maintain the movement and pedestrians, and the manual intervention and rear door pendulum can be canceled to reset actively.

5. With emergency escape function: equipped with emergency escape control equipment, the system can actively open the blocking rod to facilitate the dispersion of people.

Turnstile security precautions:

  • during a card reading, the user is forbidden to squeeze, lean, or push the swingarm before the traffic indicator turns green, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.
  • when the equipment is not in use, it is strictly prohibited to sit or lean on the wing arm to avoid unnecessary damage to the turnstile security gate.
  • it is recommended to build a 50mm ~ 100mm high cement installation platform at the installation place of the equipment,
  • do not directly use the equipment in the open air or in a humid and corrosive environment, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment due to rain, moisture or corrosive substances. When the equipment is used outdoors, sunshade and other rain shielding facilities should be added.
  • when passing, users only need to swipe their card to pass and do not strongly push the easy arm movement in the process of passing.
  • do not use this machine in case of lightning to prevent damage to the turnstile security gate.
  • ensure that the protective ground of the system is reliably connected to prevent accidents such as personal injury.
  • the shell of the equipment is 304# stainless steel, and the surface must be often wiped with soft fabric to keep it clean and bright. Do not wipe the surface with hard objects to avoid scratching and affecting the appearance. At the same time, it is forbidden to wash with water to avoid short circuits of the electric control system and damage the equipment.
  • regularly check the connection of all moving parts of the equipment. If loose nuts, screws, and other fasteners are found, they should be tightened in time to avoid gate failure caused by the long-term operation.
  • regularly check the connection of system protection ground to ensure its reliable access.
  • regularly check the connectors and wiring points of the connecting lines to ensure a reliable connection.
  • regularly check the connection of all moving parts of the equipment. If loose nuts, screws, and other fasteners are found, they should be tightened in time to avoid gate failure caused by the long-term operation.

As a professional turnstile gate manufacturer, Mairs will not ignore the system function, stability, and security of the turnstile gate while developing new models. Only when the products have security guaranteed, so as to provide users with a complete set of intelligent turnstile security solutions.

turnstile security

Our pedestrian turnstile gate adopts national standard 304 stainless steel and customized toughened glass code scanning window to effectively prevent scratching from affecting the recognition effect of QR code. It is equipped with QR code recognition and IC card recognition functions as standard and has good expansibility. It can expand face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and other modules. It can be connected to a variety of systems, with convenient maintenance and detection and longer service life. With the advantages of “high-end performance, high quality, and low price and high value for money”, it has accumulated project implementation cases of many famous scenic spots.

The pedestrian turnstile gates produced by MairsTurnstile have good performance in terms of security, which is also the basic requirement of our turnstile gates.

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