What are automatic bollards?

automatic bollards

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What are automatic bollards?

With the gradual improvement of our safety awareness and the continuous improvement of intelligent access control technology, automatic bollards are widely used in various places. Compared with the heavy road blocker, the automatic bollards are more flexible and safety is more guaranteed. So what are automatic bollards?

Automatic bollards are a kind of traffic safety equipment for controlling the passage of road vehicles and can be used together with the parking barrier gate access control system or separately, which are also called electric bollards, electric rising bollards, hydraulic bollards, automatic rising bollards, automatic retractable bollards, rising security bollards. Automatic bollards are widely used in road intersections, toll stations, government agencies High-grade residential areas, and other places with security requirements.

The automatic bollards are designed and developed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering the sensitive area, which has high practicability, reliability, and safety. Through the restriction on passing vehicles, the automatic bollards ensure the traffic order, that is, the safety of main facilities and places. It can not only be used together with the gate control system but also be used alone.

Automatic bollards can manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set boundaries and distinguish roads. When the automatic bollards cannot work normally or the internal components are damaged, and the motor cannot automatically power off, manually press the stop button and report for repair in time to prevent the motor from being damaged due to long-term operation. The daily maintenance, regular inspection, and maintenance of the electric bollards equipment are the basis and necessary to ensure that the equipment can be in good working efficiency.

The intelligent remote control system built in the automatic bollards will provide users with safer anti-collision protection.

Where to buy automatic bollards?

Our automatic bollards electric rising bollards can be customized according to your actual needs. If you have any questions about how to choose electric bollards or the number of products you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner or scan the QR code on the right to add my what’s app. We are always pleased to solve your problems. You can also directly click on the following products to learn more details.

Composition of automatic bollards:

The automatic bollards are composed of an underground foundation box, cover plate, and barricade pile, which can effectively intercept vehicles from outside, so as to protect the high-rise buildings inside from attack.

If we only rely on the appearance of anti-terrorism automatic bollards, it is still difficult to imagine its power. In fact, the automatic bollards we see are only a small part of the ground, and most of the others are buried underground, and the two parts are cast together.

When the car hits the automatic bollards, due to the physical effect, the huge kinetic energy generated during the impact is transmitted to the foundation by the automatic bollards, and the strong impact is dispersed and absorbed by the ground. In general, each of these automatic bollards can stop a fully powered truck on the spot.

The automatic bollards are mainly divided into three parts: column part, control system, and power system. The power control system is mainly hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical. The working principle of the main control system is as follows.

After years of development, the cylinder has developed into a variety of styles, and the power systems are mainly the following types

1. Pneumatic full-automatic rising bollards: air is used as the driving medium to drive the rise and fall of the column through the external pneumatic power unit

2. Hydraulic automatic rising bollards: hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control modes, i.e. driving the cylinder up and down through an external hydraulic power unit (the driving part is separated from the cylinder) or a built-in hydraulic power unit (the driving part is placed in the cylinder).

3. Electromechanical automatic bollards: the lifting of the bollards is driven by the motor built in the bollard.

Working principle of automatic bollards control system:

First, the main principle is that the signal input terminal (remote controller/button box) sends a signal to the control system. The control system processes the signal through the logic circuit system or PLC programmable logic control system, and controls the output relay according to the command, so as to drive the AC contactor to pull in and start the power unit motor.

The control system can be controlled by a relay logic circuit system or PLC. In addition to button box, remote controller and other conventional operation worry control equipment, it can also be linked with other entrance and exit management equipment and central management platform

After the motor is started, it drives the gear pump to rotate, compresses the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder through the integrated valve, and promotes the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is connected with the interception part of the lifting column to control the passage of vehicles.

automatic bollards

Why use automatic bollards?

With the continuous development, expansion, reconstruction, and social security management of urban roads, the public and related industries have an increasingly urgent demand for safety prevention. Although relevant institutions, governments, and industries have adopted various ways to strengthen the field of channel control, the effect is not ideal due to the differences of various industries and terminals.

Modern architectural design and projects have higher and higher requirements for vehicle access control. The traditional road barrier gate and telescopic door equipment are becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs of planners and users. The traditional road barrier gates and retractable doors are easy to damage the overall architectural style of the building complex and secondly can not obstruct the malicious conflict of vehicles. The fully automatic electric bollards are suitable for vehicles with high frequency and high safety.

In addition to replacing the traditional parking barrier gates and entrance gates, it can also improve the safety of the maintained places, improve the level and image of the maintained places, and its buried installation design will not damage the overall style of the building. It is applicable to government agencies, prisons, border defense, customs, stations, docks, airports, high-end community villas, pedestrian streets, banks, toll stations, parking lots, parks, and other checkpoints that need to be sensitive to control the entry and exit of vehicles. It can prevent vehicles from rushing through the customs unintentionally and ensure the safety and normal order at the intersection.

With the development of the times, the fully automatic rising bollards slowly appear in people’s sight. Now, its meaning has been expanded and often used to describe various means of managing pedestrian traffic, key infrastructure to protect personal and property safety, and facilities to delimit areas and distinguish roads.

So, what makes the full automatic rising bollards so popular? Next, MairsTurnstile will give you a detailed introduction.

Reasons for the popularity of fully automatic bollards:

1. Functional differences: there are various styles of stone piers on the market, including flat roofs, spherical, cylindrical, etc. Although the styles are diverse, they can only be fixed on the road due to a lack of power drive. The fully automatic electric bollards can be lifted automatically. It can be lowered when the vehicle needs to be released, and the vehicle traffic control is very flexible. In addition, the electric bollards are made of unmodified material, which will not cause deformation of the lifting column even if a large vehicle passes by.

2. Impact resistance: ordinary stone piers are made of granite or marble. Their hardness and quality are not as good as stainless steel, so they are easy to be smashed by vehicles. For the retractable rising bollards made of stainless steel, the thickness of the bollards wall can reach more than 8mm. Even if the vehicle intentionally strikes, it will not become crushed like a stone pier. The serious impact will only cause slight deformation of the lifting column, which will not affect its continued use.

3. There are many applicable places: the full-automatic retractable bollards have a wide range of applications. The full-automatic electric bollards can be used to control vehicles whether on highways, airports, or entrances and exits of institutions (such as schools, banks, etc.).

Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the fully automatic retractable bollards are more practical and convenient than the stone pier. What makes electric bollards so popular? You should also find the answer. If you are interested in the full-automatic electric bollards and want to know more about the full-automatic electric bollards, please contact the full-automatic electric bollards manufacturer – MairsTurnstile

Functions of automatic bollards:

I see that more and more places, communities, schools, relevant departments, organs, troops, and other entrance gates use electric bollards. So what is the function of the automatic rising bollards?

1. It is easy to operate and can realize the functions of conventional remote control by wire;

2. The electric bollards system is highly integrated into the plastic spraying box, making the whole more beautiful and coordinated;

3. Emergency release to prevent the column from falling in case of power failure;

4. There is no requirement for the distance between the control system and the lifting unit;

5. It can synchronously control the take-off and landing of multiple bollards;

6. Strong adaptability to the environment and can resist strong electromagnetic interference.

electric bollards

Advantages of automatic bollards:

1. All stainless steel manufacturing: all products are made of stainless steel raw materials, with longer service life, and are more durable.

2. Electrophoretic anti-corrosion treatment: anti-corrosion treatment is adopted for buried equipment to make it resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

3. Precision machining of CNC machine tools: all parts are processed by the CNC machine tool precision machining center to make its operation more compact and smooth.

4. Hydraulic integrated: convenient on-site installation and commissioning, and it is not easy to change the factory state during transportation and installation. The product lifting speed and time uniformity are better than other driving types of lifting columns, and the composition of lifting columns can be flexibly configured.

5. Diving power unit: it can work normally in the water without upper installation, and is vulnerable to rain and snow.

6. No oil circuit design: the power unit and lifting system are designed as a whole without an oil pipeline, so as to avoid corrosion and oil leakage of the oil pipeline, oil leakage of the interface, and oil leakage of oil pipeline quality.

7. Maintenance-free design: the hydraulic lifting column can be completely disassembled without special maintenance and complex operation.

8. Electroplated gold design: electroplated gold can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and avoid the fading of stainless steel after being used for a period of time.

9. The panel is made of stainless steel: the ground panel is made of stainless steel, which is more solid and improves the anti-collision performance.

10. Ceiling lamp warning and lighting: sealed led ceiling lamp warning lamp can greatly improve the warning effect and realize the lighting effect.

Advantages of automatic bollards installation:

1. The installation is convenient, firm, and durable, with simple structure, convenient switch, beautiful style, durable stainless steel material, and constant brightness as new; No need to lay the underground hydraulic pipeline, simple installation, and low construction cost;

2. There is no outdoor room with a hydraulic drive system on the ground, which is more beautiful as a whole;

3. Emergency release to prevent the column from falling in case of power failure;

4. There is no requirement for the distance between the column unit and the control system.

5. Multiple columns can rise and fall synchronously;

6. Single failure will not affect the use of other columns.

7. Implement the self-service management mode of one car, one parking position, and number matching parking; The parking of vehicles is orderly, neat, refreshing, unified, and beautiful;

8. Use to raise and lower the equipment. When the action is not completed, you can use the stop key to stop the action of the equipment. (optional according to different needs of customers, under normal circumstances, raising the road column can prevent vehicles from passing, and lowering the road column in case of fire events).

Principle of automatic bollards:

You can often see the figure of the electric bollards in the parking lot or at the entrance gate of the school. They have become an indispensable tool for maintaining public security order. What is the working principle of automatic bollards?

The principle of automatic bollards is the principle of cylinder piston. The roadblock automatic rising bollards are hydraulic or pneumatic pistons. The principle is the cylinder piston principle, such as needle cylinder, Jack, and hydraulic cylinder.

In the process of using the electric rising bollards, use pressure to make the blade column form power and make the piston of the hydraulic cylinder move up or down, so that the electric bollards can rise and fall freely. Its structure is more complex, with a base at the bottom and a barrier column blocked by lifting.

First, when rising, the vane pump will form the required pressure to make the hydraulic oil enter the lower part of the hydraulic cylinder through the oil filter, directional valve, and balance valve, so as to make the piston of the hydraulic cylinder move upward. Then the upper part of the hydraulic oil returns to the oil tank from the directional valve.

Secondly, when lowering, the piston will move downward, which is also called weight lowering. The hydraulic pressure passes through the reversing setting valve to the upper part. The oil at the lower layer of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the directional valve, etc.

Finally, in the route of up and down lifting, a balance valve will be set to ensure its circuit balance, pressure at a certain value, smooth lifting, and braking.

The automatic retractable bollards have many functions and simple use methods. No matter where it is, it can become a good hand in maintaining public security and order, so you will see more and more of it in your life.

rising security bollards

Application scenarios of automatic bollards:

1. State organs, government units, military, and other important units: install anti-riot automatic retractable bollards, which can control the lifting by electric, remote control, or card swiping, so as to effectively prevent the entry of vehicles from other units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles.

2. Pedestrian street: electric rising bollards are installed at the intersection of the pedestrian street. Usually, the automatic retractable bollards are raised to restrict the access of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leadership inspection, etc.), the hydraulic bollards can be lowered quickly for the passage of vehicles.

3. Road separation belt: in the non fully enclosed road separation belt, the automatic retractable bollards can be used to prevent the vehicle from turning left or turning around at ordinary times. In case of road construction, road obstruction, and other special circumstances, the rising bollards can be put down to divert vehicles.

4. Multipurpose Square: during the day, the automatic bollards are raised and vehicles are prohibited from entering the square. At night, the multi-purpose square is used as a temporary parking area. Put down the electric bollards and vehicles can enter and park.

5. Open park: automatic rising bollards are installed at the intersection of the open park. Usually, the electric bollards are raised to prevent vehicles from passing, and visitors can pass freely. In case of special circumstances, put down the electric bollards to facilitate the passage of vehicles.

6. In residential areas, banks, schools, and other places, automatic bollards can restrict the entry of vehicles and ensure the effective use of fire passages.

Types of automatic bollards:

After years of application and development, various styles of rising bollards have been expanded. Its main classification:

1. Pneumatic full-automatic rising bollards: air is used as the driving medium to drive the rise and fall of the bollards through the external pneumatic power unit.

2. Hydraulic automatic rising bollards: hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control modes, i.e. driving the cylinder up and down through an external hydraulic power unit (the driving part is separated from the cylinder) or a built-in hydraulic power unit (the driving part is placed in the cylinder).

3. Electromechanical automatic rising bollards: the lifting of the bollards is driven by the motor built-in the column.

4. Semi-automatic rising bollards: the rising process is driven by the built-in power unit of the column, and the descent is completed by manpower.

How to choose the automatic bollards

The automatic bollards belong to the equipment for controlling the passage of vehicles, which can be used together with the parking barrier gate control system or independently. Next, let’s see how to choose the automatic bollards.

At present, automatic bollards are not popular in many places, so ordinary users or integrators do not understand this product and cannot actively put forward relevant requirements. This situation gives some equipment suppliers the opportunity to recommend products to users. Often users only know the basic functions of the automatic bollards(in fact, the basic functions of products of different brands are similar, otherwise they can’t be called the electric bollards), and the information they really need to know is ignored. Therefore, a large number of users pay a high price and buy only functions, not performance. Therefore, if you want to pay attention to performance, you must care about the following contents and choose the electric bollards from the following aspects.

Of course, if you have any questions about how to choose products, you can contact our professional salesperson

1. Passageway width: the width of the passageway to be handled determines the number of equipment to be used. Generally, the center distance of the column shall not exceed 1.5m. Different application sites can control the distance and width according to their actual needs.

2. Traffic volume: this numerical value is one of the most important parameters for selecting products, which is often ignored. First, understand the total annual/monthly traffic flow and average daily traffic flow of the installation site.

3. Application frequency: we should know the short-term traffic flow in the peak period of the vehicle road in the application place. It is also one of the important parameters, and it is also a parameter that users often ignore. Users who buy products or suppliers who recommend products should know the short-term traffic flow in the peak period of the vehicle road at the place of use.

4. Lifting speed: users often care about this parameter.

retractable bollards

5. Security level of application site: Although all-electric rising bollards have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effect of civil products and professional anti-terrorism products on vehicles is really very different.

6. Group handling: whether users need to separate lane access or manage by Lane grouping determines the configuration and selection of the whole control system.

7. Rainfall and drainage: since the automatic bollards need to be deeply buried below the ground, they will inevitably be soaked in water. In case of heavy rainfall, high probability of rainstorm, poor drainage system, low terrain, or shallow groundwater, users must be careful when selecting equipment, because the product you choose may be soaked in water for a long time. In addition to the basic work of drainage, the structure of equipment and other factors should be considered. It is very dangerous when the waterproof property of the equipment is unreliable or when the equipment with high voltage electricity is directly immersed in water.

8. Complete maintenance function: the fully automatic rising bollards can complete safety maintenance through external infrared or vehicle monitor. Because the fully automatic retractable bollards are used to block the vehicles, the practice of a vehicle detector is more common. Because the automatic rising bollards are deeply buried below the ground, the placement method of the ground induction coil is different from that of packing barrier gate products.

9. Location of installation site: if the installation site is located in a remote area, when selecting equipment, we must consider whether the selected equipment is easy to maintain and whether the spare parts are convenient to purchase.

The high-quality hydraulic retractable bollards produced by MAIRS have the above advantages. If you need to buy hydraulic rising bollards, please contact us. I hope customers and friends must recognize the above parameters and conditions when choosing the hydraulic retractable bollards, and choose appropriate products that meet their own safety requirements.

Daily maintenance of automatic bollards:

Any goods will be damaged or broken down in the process of use, and so will the rising security bollards. Therefore, daily maintenance and regular inspection are the basis to ensure that the equipment can be in good working efficiency. What are the precautions for the daily maintenance of the electric bollards:

1. Check the working status of switches, buttons, indicators, and buzzers once a month;

2. The transmission mechanism and mechanical fixing mechanism of the equipment shall be fastened with conventional screws;

3. The screws on each wiring terminal and each electrical element shall also be checked once a month to see if they are loose;

4. Regularly conduct dust removal and maintenance operations on the surface of electric bollards equipment, electrical control system, and hydraulic control system;

5. In the process of electrical maintenance, the relevant power supply must be cut off in time, and signs such as maintenance and overhaul must be hung on obvious positions;

6. Stop working immediately and check the automatic rising bollards regardless of any abnormal phenomenon of the electric bollards. Only after the abnormal conditions are solved can it be restarted for work again;

7. Keep the drainage at the bottom of the electric bollards unblocked and the surrounding clean to ensure the service life, performance, and waterproof tightness of the electric rising bollards parts. In large ice and snow days, if there is serious ice inside the column, stop the lifting, and use it after freezing by heating and other methods;

8. Add lubricating oil regularly to ensure flexibility and no jamming during operation. During operation, the “squeaking” friction sound can be basically determined to be due to the lack of lubricating oil. Stop working immediately and find out the reasons. It is not allowed to operate forcibly, which is easy to cause unforeseen hidden dangers.

Interception mode of hydraulic bollards:

In order to maintain the order in front of the entrance and exit, anti-collision electric bollards are placed at the entrance and exit. As a traffic facility to prevent vehicles from forcibly entering, blocking, restricting, and dredging vehicles entering and leaving, the anti-collision electric bollards effectively strengthen the safety of important security areas.

Providing a safe and reliable defense line for people’s safety is the vision of every security guard. In our opinion, the most important role of security products is to prevent uncontrollable risk factors in the future.

1. Conventional interception: the electric rising bollards are usually in the interception state. When there is a vehicle to pass through, Only the control center gives valid instructions (after card reading, remote control, license plate recognition, smartphone, manual button of the person on duty, etc.), the electric bollards will be lowered to open the channel opening to allow the vehicle to pass; after the vehicle passes through, the anti-collision automatic retractable bollards will be automatically raised to intercept the channel opening after the vehicle is judged by the sensor, or the anti-collision automatic retractable bollards will be raised to intercept the channel opening through remote control, smartphone, manual button of the person on duty and other control methods.

2. Automatic interception of illegal intrusion: the anti-collision automatic retractable bollards are usually in the traffic state and are connected with the control center through the anti-collision column interface. When the vehicle with illegal intrusion and impact enters, the anti-collision electric rising bollards will rise automatically and quickly to intercept the vehicle timely and effectively.

hydraulic bollards

Generally, vehicles that need to enter the crossing must pass effective identity authentication and security inspection. Only vehicles that completely pass the security inspection and are allowed by the security inspection personnel or have effective identity authentication (such as card reading, remote control, license plate recognition, smartphone, etc.) can enter the crossing safely through the anti-collision electric bollards, When the vehicle entering the crossing attempts to pass by without the release instruction or invalid identity authentication(such as card reading, remote control, license plate recognition, smartphone, etc.), the anti-collision electric bollards will regard the vehicle as an illegal vehicle and automatically pop up the anti-collision hydraulic bollards for interception.

3. Perfect protection measures: the hydraulic bollards have perfect safety protection measures. The hydraulic bollards are designed with a variety of protection measures in the anti-collision area. When the normal vehicle passes above the anti-collision electric bollards, ensure that the hydraulic bollards will not bounce up automatically so that the normal vehicle can pass smoothly and safely.

4. Emergency system: after a power failure, the anti-collision hydraulic bollards can easily control the lowering of the anti-collision bollards through the central control system, or manually control the lifting of the anti-collision hydraulic bollards to close the channel in an emergency. The anti-collision hydraulic bollards can effectively manage the channel port whether it is powered or powered off.

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