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fingerprint turnstile

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What is fingerprint turnstile?

Fingerprint turnstile is a kind of intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate that integrates with a biometric fingerprint scanner or fingerprint reader in order to realize the security management of the pedestrian access control through fingerprint verification. It can be used as access control equipment for places requiring high-security entrance and exit. Its purpose is to effectively control personnel’s access and record all access details, Realize the safety management of entrances and exits. Fingerprint turnstile uses human biometric fingerprint for identity security identification, which is irreplaceable, non-reproducible, and unique.

The fingerprint biometric method is to identify the biometrics of the passing people, and its reliability is relatively high. Compared with RFID card/QR code identification, it saves the trouble of carrying these external media. But fingerprint is easy to collect and is more likely to be camouflaged, so there are certain vulnerabilities. Moreover, the passage needs the active cooperation of pedestrians to verify.

The fingerprint turnstile replaces the traditional key with fingers. When in use, you only need to place your fingers flat on the acquisition window of the fingerprint acquisition instrument to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple, avoiding the disadvantages that other access control systems (traditional mechanical lock, password lock, identification card, etc.) may be forged, embezzled, forgotten, decoded, and so on.

Where to buy fingerprint turnstile?

All of our types of turnstiles can integrate with fingerprint identification devices. We can also provide a variety of biometric devices, such as fingerprint scanners and face recognition cameras, and easily integrate these biometric devices into the pedestrian turnstile gate, Usually, there are special customized fingerprint scanner devices used on the pedestrian turnstile gate, which can better match and achieve more performance. In this way, it can also save space and look more beautiful. If you need to buy a fingerprint turnstile, please check our product page or contact us directly. Mairs can customize fingerprint turnstiles according to your requirements.

Advantages of fingerprint turnstile

The reason why fingerprint turnstile is used in access control management is that fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and their complexity is enough to provide sufficient features for identification;

Fingerprint identification is a kind of biometric technology, which was developed and applied earlier. As the biometric technology with the longest research and development history, it has the following advantages:

1. The fingerprint is the unique feature of the human body, and its complexity is enough to provide sufficient features for identification;
2. Everyone’s fingerprints are quite fixed and difficult to change;
3. Easy to obtain fingerprint samples, easy to develop identification system, and strong practicability;
4. A person’s ten-finger fingerprints are different, which can improve the security of the system;
5. The storage of fingerprint templates is much less than that of fingerprint images;
6. The fingerprint acquisition head can be more miniaturized and cheaper.

fingerprint turnstile

When reading fingerprints, users must contact their fingers with the fingerprint acquisition head. Direct contact with the fingerprint acquisition head is the most reliable method to read human biometrics. This is also a major reason why fingerprint identification technology can occupy most of the market; It can be seen that fingerprint identification technology is the most convenient, reliable, non-invasive, and cheap biometric technology solution at present, and has great potential in a large-scale application.

If we want to increase reliability, we just need to register more fingerprints and identify more fingers, up to ten, and each fingerprint is unique;

Fingerprint turnstile is mainly used to scan fingerprints fast and easy to use; It saves time and avoids the trouble caused by forgetting to bring the card or losing the card.

When people read fingerprints through the fingerprint turnstile, users must contact their fingers with the fingerprint acquisition head. Direct contact with the fingerprint acquisition head is the most reliable method to read human biometrics. This is also the main reason why fingerprint identification technology can be applied to pedestrian channel management.

The fingerprint acquisition head adopted by the fingerprint turnstile can be customized into miniaturization, which is easier to be embedded and used in combination with the turnstile gate.

Disadvantages of fingerprint turnstile

Some people’s fingerprints are difficult to image because they have few fingerprint features;

In the past, the use of fingerprints in criminal records made some people afraid to “record fingerprints”. However, in fact, the current fingerprint identification technology can ensure that it does not store any data containing fingerprint images, but only stores the encrypted fingerprint feature data obtained from fingerprints.

Every time the fingerprint is used, the user’s fingerprint marks will be left on the fingerprint acquisition head, and these fingerprint marks may be used to copy the fingerprint.

It can be seen that fingerprint turnstile is the most convenient, reliable, non-invasive, and cheap biometric technology solution at present, and has great potential for the application of all walks of life.

Principle of fingerprint turnstile

The internal structure of fingerprint turnstile and how to identify its operation

The principle of fingerprint turnstile is that the person places their fingers on the fingerprint reading head, and the fingerprint reading head compares the collected fingerprint with the registered fingerprint information. After identifying and confirming the legal identity, the integrated machine transmits the signal to the pedestrian turnstile gate, the gate is opened, and the person completes the access.

Fingerprint turnstile is more and more widely used, specially installed in office. Fingerprint turnstile belongs to the entrance and exit access control security management system, which is a new modern security management system. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures and involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology, and so on. It is an effective device to solve the entrance and exit of important departments and realize security management.

biometric turnstile 1

Characteristics of fingerprint turnstile

There are reasons for the popularization and application of fingerprint identification in biometrics. The main reason is that its four characteristics have produced technologies for the development of fingerprint identification applications. These four application technical characteristics make fingerprint identification products the primary position of access control hardware equipment.

  1. Detection speed and stability: using infrared sensing, users can reach out to realize fast scanning without actually touching the scanner. In addition, biometric authentication or scanner accuracy is recognized in most environments
  2. Convenience: most biometric scanners use full-screen design and integrate all controls in one touch screen display. The user interface is optimized for practicality and convenience.
  3. Security: Security is the most basic characteristic of the biometric turnstile because everyone’s fingerprint is unique. Under normal circumstances, it can ensure the security of the user’s environment and the user’s security. Fingerprint turnstile can also be combined with other biometric verification methods to improve the security level of the place.
  4. Integration: with the development of society, IP network technology is widely used. Through the combined application of biometric access control, alarm, video monitoring, and other systems, more functions can be realized and the safety of the place can be enhanced

Fingerprint identification turnstile technology

Fingerprint identification turnstile technology is high-tech integrating sensor technology, biotechnology, digital image processing, pattern matching, and electronic technology by using the uniqueness and stability of fingerprints. After nearly 10 years of slow natural growth, fingerprint identification gate technology is about to usher in a golden period of leaping development. The huge market prospect of fingerprint identification turnstile technology will have a great impact on the international and domestic security industry.

In the 1990s, fingerprint identification gate technology rose in the world. At that time, its application was limited to the field of criminal investigation. It can improve the case-solving rate of public security organs and save a lot of costs. However, fingerprint identification turnstile technology belongs to the use of “unknown subject” in criminal investigations. The “comparison” needs to be processed by the mainframe, and the cost of price and time is relatively large. Therefore, fingerprint identification is often only used as an auxiliary means of criminal investigation, which is not widely used and has a very limited market share.

Through the continuous promotion and application of fingerprint identification turnstile technology in the market, fingerprint identification enterprises find that the real market of fingerprint identification gate technology should be the civil market. Because the civil fingerprint identification gate technology is a “knowable subject”, the “comparison” speed is fast and the accuracy is high. It is entering our daily life with more and more electronic devices, such as PC, ATMs, access control systems, and so on.

From the trend, the civilian fingerprint identification gate technology will eventually replace the ID code and password with defective security and convenience to prevent unauthorized access. As the fingerprint identification gate technology is more popular for civil use than criminal investigation and has a larger market capacity, it has the basis for large-scale promotion. In western countries, fingerprint identification gate technology has entered the stage of large-scale civil use. Using the world’s first fingerprint identification system for relief payment; A security project based on fingerprint identification turnstile technology has also been implemented to enhance the security of transactions.

Due to the maturity of its technology and the reduction of its cost, fingerprint identification began to move towards civil use completely. Biometrics will form a super large market in the future, among which the security industry is one of the most important application fields, and the market space is very large.

Fingerprint access control system

At present, the more commonly used access control systems mainly include biometrics (fingerprint, palm shape, face, iris, etc.) and systems represented by the RF card system. Although the traditional access control system represented by the RF card can play some roles, in essence, it is to test the “things” held by people rather than verify themselves. As long as the validity of the “thing” is confirmed, the person holding the “thing” is considered to be legal. Therefore, the problem of this method of recognizing people with “things” is obvious. First, the loss of “property” will make the legal person unable to obtain legal verification; Second, the theft of “things” will make illegal people get legal verification.

With the continuous development of biometric technology and the continuous decline of price, people increasingly trust to prove their identity with their own characteristics that can not be replaced by others. Through this set of access control systems, you can clearly limit the authority of personnel. Whether internal or external personnel, you can clearly define the scope of free access through the setting of authority and record the access of personnel for query, which greatly liberates the pressure of personnel management, It can achieve the effect of saving manpower under the condition of improving safety. At the same time, the system also integrates a powerful attendance system, with access control + attendance.

biometric turnstile

System function overview

Diversification of authentication methods

The system can use fingerprint, password, and card swiping to open the gate, so as to avoid that the fingerprint cannot be recognized and cannot enter and exit normally.

Large storage space. It can store 1500 fingerprints and 50000 attendance records.

Can be run offline. The system can still be used without a network, and the gate opening information and attendance data are stored automatically.

Even if the power is off, the data will not be lost.  

Powerful attendance function. It includes all the functions of attendance products on the market.

Details to report function. Clock in/out data and attendance data can be customized to generate reports, which makes management more convenient.

In the environment of inconvenient network cable, you can use a USB flash disk to copy all clock-in information and attendance data.

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