Flap barrier access control system

flap barrier access control system

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With the vigorous development of high technology, intelligent management has entered into people’s social life. Intelligent buildings have sprung up one after another. In order to meet the requirements of the information era, as the building and working environment for cross century application, it is necessary to meet the requirements of now and future development in terms of function. The flap barrier gate system came into being as the times require. Let’s take a look at the flap barrier access control system from Mairs.

Flap barrier access control system

The induction IC / ID card revenue and expenditure handling control system (referred to as the access control system) has a variety of functions, such as portal revenue and expenditure control, real-time monitoring, security, and anti-theft alarm.

It first facilitates the income and expenditure of internal employees and prevents foreign personnel from entering and leaving at will, which not only facilitates the internal management but also enhances the internal security, so as to provide users with a working environment with economic benefits. It completes the communication automation (CA), work automation (OA), and management automation (BA) in function. Based on the inductive wiring system and taking the computer network as the bridge, it comprehensively completes the induction and management of communication systems and works automation systems.

As an advanced high-tech skill defense and management method, the electric flap barrier security turnstile system has been widely used in scientific research, industry, museum, hotel, shopping malls, medical monitoring, bank, prison, and so on in prosperous countries and regions. Especially because the system has the characteristics of concealment and timeliness, it is more and more widely used in many fields.

Why flap barrier gates are needed?

  1. Unremitting idle personnel disturb your normal work order during working hours
  2. The staff and workers leave their jobs privately during working hours.
  3. Unauthorized people rush into your unit.
  4. Unidentified people go Enter your unit and take away the main files on your desktop.
  5. The company has a lot of doors, you have to carry a heavy key.
  6. Unauthorized people use multi-purpose conference rooms and other occasions.
  7. Unauthorized people enter the financial room and other major occasions.

Where to buy flap barrier turnstile?

If you want to buy a flap barrier turnstile, please check our products page as follow, if you have any question, please contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems.

Design principles of flap barrier access control system

The practicability of the system:

The content of the flap barrier gate access control system should meet the actual requirements, can not be flashy, If the one-sided pursuit of the system’s advance, it is bound to cause too much investment, too far away from the actual needs. Therefore, the practicability of the system is the first criterion to be followed. Together, the front end of the system goods and system software have outstanding learnability and maneuverability. In particular, maneuverability, so that the person with the primary operation level of the computer can grasp the operation method of the system and reach the operation level which can finish the duty mission after brief training.

The stability of the system:

The stability of the system is particularly important because the flap barrier gate system is an uninterrupted and long-term operation system and is closely related to our normal days and operations. Request system must have more than 3 years of successful application experience, with the corresponding customer base and customer service system.

The security of the system:

All equipment and accessories in the flap barrier gate system should work safely and reliably together with the relevant safety regulations of our country or the world and can be used in a non-ambitious environment. Powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage function to fully ensure the safety of the user environment.

flap barrier access control system

Scalability of the system:

The skills of the extensible flap barrier gate system are constantly moving forward and the needs of users are also changing. Therefore, the planning and implementation of the flap barrier gate system should take into account the actual needs of the future expansion, that is, it can flexibly add, subtract or update the subsystems. In system planning, the functions that need to be accomplished are properly configured and can be modified even after the completion of the project, this configuration change is possible and convenient.

System software according to developers in accordance with the needs of different historical shopping malls for the corresponding promotion and improvement, free charge for the use of customers, and free software promotion. It can be expanded for the attendance system, meeting registration system, inspection processing system, dining processing system, and other card projects.

System Protection:

The protection of the flap barrier gate system should be as simple and easy as possible. The operation of the system can really do the operation, plug in the degree of operation. And the protection process does not need to use too much-dedicated maintenance.

The main function of flap barrier access control system:

Card function

Any newly added card must be registered. Registration through the network software card or offline technology card. After the card is issued, the card can be used in a useful period of time Each controller can issue up to 4 privilege cards and 3000 user cards.

Delete card function

when the card is lost or for some reason can not be used, the card can be published at any time. Click on the card number to delete the operating software to delete the card.

Record card reading information & control the door switch

when someone swipes the card after the controller according to the card number, time, and registration information to determine whether the card is useful, control unlock or not. At the same time, the card number, swiping card time, and other information were recorded down.

Real-time monitoring

The software of this system is set up to monitor the situation in real-time. Every time the card is swiped (if something else happens), the controller records the card number, the location of the card, and so on. In addition, the condition of the door (on or off) can also be revealed in real-time.

Extension function

This system can connect door button input, door magnetic check, and external card reader. TCP/IP converter can be used to complete LAN interconnection.

Offline works

One of the advantages of this system is the ability to operate unattended, the accounting machine can run offline, and the system is operated independently by the controller. Just open the accounting machine regularly to retrieve the records stored in the controller. The controller can store up to 2400 items to record, and the type of record is complete, which can reflect the actual operation of the controller.

High-security function

The high-security function can have a variety of open-door methods, power-down system after the original data will not be lost, with a variety of alarm checks, attack risk promised to open and close the door remotely.

Wide range of controls

The interval between each controller can reach 1200 meters, and the maximum number of connected controllers per serial port is 63 units. Simple installation for the network system, only a 485 converter can connect 63 controllers together, controlled by an accounting machine. User interface friendly, easy to operate simple system software interface friendly, easy to operate, strong function. Can update the version of the software in real-time, so that the controller function more strong and perfect.

flap barrier turnstile access control

The common structure of flap barrier gate system

One-way induction (card reader+controller+flap barrier gate)

The user shows the authorized induction card outside the door. After the card reader recognizes the legal identity, the controller drives the electric lock to release and records the entry time. Press the gate button, open the electric lock and go out directly. Applicable to the general security level environment can effectively prevent illegal entry of foreign personnel. It is the most commonly used method of handling.

Bidirectional induction(card reader+controller card reader+flap barrier gate)

The user shows the authorized induction card outside the door. After the card reader identifies the confession, the controller drives the electric lock to release and records the entry time. When the user leaves the controlled room, he must show the authorized induction card in the door. After the card reader recognizes the confession identity, the controller drives the electric lock to release and records the time of going out. Applicable to the higher security level environment, not only can effectively prevent the illegal entry of foreign personnel but also can query the person and time of the final disengagement, so as to facilitate the implementation of the responsible supply basis for a specific period of time, such as theft.

Card+Code type (card reader+controller+out button+flap barrier gate)

After brushing the card, it is necessary to enter the code, to open the door. Code is a personalized code, that is, one person one code. The benefit of doing so is that for safer situations, even if the card is picked up, it can not be entered, and the code needs to be entered. And can easily set up the method, for example, for the same door, some people need to card code to allow entry, some people can swipe cards, no code can enter, a specific person input code can be released.

Card+code+time period (independent access host+door button+flap barrier gate)

The method does not need to be connected with the card reader, and the card reader is integrated with the controller. The opening method of the flap barrier gate is divided into 1. card time period 2. Door code+time period 3. Card+Door code+Time period.

The basic component of flap barrier gate system:

Card reader: through the radio frequency induction principle, identify the induction card’s built-in encryption card number.

Induction card: stores the users and decrypted ID number.

Access control controller: store induction card authority and credit card record, and central processing of all card reader upload signals.

Responsible for computer communication and other data memory coordination, with the management software intelligent processing center.

Flap barrier gate: electric actuator.

485/232 Signal Converter: All data memory is networked and communicated over long distances. Management software: central management and monitoring of all units through the computer, corresponding clock, authorization

flap barrier access control system

High reliability & stability of flap barrier access control system

The system is reliable and stability is high.

ST series of non-contact smart card system main control products, all adopt the main control board equipment which conforms to the international industrial control standard, each point is equivalent to a set of industrial control equipment, the product stability is extremely high. The average failure-free time of the equipment can be as high as 5000 hours.

Large-scale data-processing capacity

The core equipment of the wing gate management system – the main controller of the wing gate. The Flash Jamp technology is used to realize the fast query of the large capacity card data. The card reading recognition time is not more than 0.2 seconds, and each controller can provide up to 10000 cards. At the same time, the data storage capacity of the controller can reach 50000 sheets.

The database has excellent performance, good openness

The database of this system adopts a standard MS SQL Server 2000 large C/S multi-user database and provides an Ole DB/ODBC general access interface. The database has the same performance, good openness and can automatically extract the basic information of the card from the card database through the network. And converted to their own wing gate system operation database, and updated according to user requirements, no manual input card information.

Good Confidentiality

The system provides a confidentiality guarantee from many aspects: all data are stored in the database of the data center and the local database of the main controller of the wing gate. Even if the employee card is lost, it will not cause any data loss. If the report is reported in time, the system will not have any impact, the system confidentiality performance is good.

All control boxes in the system adopt key to switch mode, only authorized personnel can open and close all control boxes in the system for maintenance and prevent malicious attacks.

System software can provide multi-level password protection (at least 5 levels), manage and restrict the use of central monitoring by different operators, and prevent the system from being used by non-related personnel.

The system provides an adjustable time switch. When the operator forgets the operating depth allowed by the micro password before leaving, the system automatically removes the operator’s password, so that the system continues to be protected by the password.

Rich and accurate information

For network conditions, system failures, and so on, there is detailed information, Relatively professional system anomalies, may record accurately in the log, the technical personnel may have the log to make the judgment to the occurrence fault. In the management of the flap barrier gate system, the user’s operation habits are fully considered, and three authorization methods are adopted. The user can complete the setting step by step according to the guidance prompt of the system.

Considerate alarm setting multi-level alarm mechanism can achieve no alarm, important event alarm, all events alarm and so on. The flexible and diverse alarm function can be set at any time (such as at night, holiday), but also in any door settings. It can be connected to a variety of alarm systems according to the needs of users, such as fire alarm systems, security alarm systems, printers, and conventional alarm devices, showing strong compatibility.

Fully graphical digital

The user can customize the graphical interface to reflect the distribution of the building’s door, can locate the main control and gate quickly, and then operate the gate directly.

The man-machine interface is friendly, easy to run and manage. With history, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, annual report, and other report output formats.

Flap Barrier Installation

In order to ensure safety and beauty appearance, it is suggested that all sensors should be concealed (excluding the gate points that can be entered and left by card reading encryption code) and embedded in the electric flap barrier gate. Set up a sign outside the sensor to indicate the position of the card reading. The controller is installed in a hidden room. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the system transmission and the wire cable of the system should be protected by PVC tubes.

flap barrier access control system

Simple and concise wiring

The wire from the card reader to the controller is recommended to use 8 core shielded twisted pairs (single-core cross-section area is more than 0.3 square millimeter), the distance is not more than 100 meters, and the data line is recommended to use one pair of twisted pairs wires.

Button to controller line is recommended to use two core lines (a single-core cross-sectional area greater than 0.3 square millimeters).

The electric lock to the controller wire is recommended to use two core power lines (a single-core cross-sectional area greater than 1.0 square millimeters), if you need to obtain the door state, add two cores. (Single core cross-sectional area greater than 0.3 square millimeters).

Controller to controller, and controller to computer layout 8 core shielding wire (single-core cross-sectional area greater than 0.3 square millimeter), with two pairs of twisted pair, the other two pairs of spare, shielding reserve.

The controller should be connected to the socket with ground wire. It is recommended that the chassis be well grounded to the building. Do not share a socket with other high current devices. It is suggested that the AC power supply of the controller be centralized.

Above is all the content of the flap barrier access control system, if you have any questions about the flap barrier access control system, please contact us to discuss.

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