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With the development of Internet of things technology, library management is constantly upgraded, from the initial swiping card technology, QR code scanning technology to the new face recognition technology application innovation, continuous innovation, and optimization, to bring convenience to all students, no longer need to run to the library queue early in the morning anymore. Students can easily and quickly realize online seat selection, and in and out of the library only need to bring “face” to recognition, The application of new generation technology has greatly promoted the application of turnstile gates in library access control systems.

Library turnstiles security solutions

At present, an access control system has become an extremely important part of the security system. In most libraries, an access control system is also an important part of it. The basic reason why access control system can stand out among many security products is that it has changed the passive security methods such as closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft alarm, and so on. By controlling the main passage, the criminals can be greatly prevented from invading the normal channel, and the scope of criminal activities can be restricted by controlling the passage door when the crime occurs, thus stopping the crime or reducing the loss.

The access control system can clearly define the authority of the personnel, whether internal or external personnel, can clearly define the scope of free access by setting the authority and record the entry and exit of the personnel. Can query the door record, thus defining the responsible person, greatly liberating the pressure of personnel management, and can save manpower under the condition of improving safety.

As an advanced high-tech technology prevention and management method, access control system has been widely used in scientific research, industry, museums, libraries, shopping malls, medical supervision, banks, and so on in some economically developed countries and regions. Especially because the system itself has the characteristics of concealment and timeliness, it is more and more widely used in many fields.

Design principles of Library turnstiles security solutions

System practical access control system content should meet the actual requirements, can not be flashy. If one-sided pursues the system’s advancement, it is bound to cause too much investment and deviate too far from the actual requirements. Therefore, the practicability of the system is the first principle to be followed.

At the same time, the front-end products and system software of the system have good learnability and operability. In particular, the operability enables the management personnel with primary computer operation level to master the operation essentials of the system through simple training, so as to achieve the operation level that can complete the duty task.

System stability, because access control system is an uninterrupted long-term work system, and it is closely related to our normal life and work, so the stability of the system is particularly important.

System security all equipment and accessories in the access control system shall not only operate safely and reliably, but also comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards, and can work effectively in a non-ideal environment. Powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage function fully ensure the safety of the user environment.

The technology of system expansibility access control monitoring system is constantly developing, and the requirements of users are also changing. Therefore, the design and implementation of an access control monitoring system should consider the actual needs of future expansion, that is, it can flexibly add or update each subsystem to meet the needs of different periods, maintain a long-term leading position, and become a model of intelligent building.

The system is easy to maintain. The maintenance of the access control and monitoring system in the operation process should be as simple as possible. The operation of the system can really achieve the degree that the power on can work and the plug-in can run. And there is no need to use too many special maintenance tools in the maintenance process.

From the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system and the configuration of the front-end equipment, the system reliability is fully and carefully considered, and the corresponding authentication is implemented. When we achieve the lowest failure rate of the system, we also consider that even if there is a problem due to unexpected reasons, we can ensure the convenient storage and rapid recovery of data, and ensure that the channel can be opened quickly in case of emergency.

library turnstile from mairsturnstile

Brief description of access control system

The two flap barrier turnstile gates are connected with the monitoring and management computer, and the monitoring and management computer can control and manage the two flap barrier turnstile gates. The monitoring and management computer is docked with a card server and a related server so that the flap barrier gate machine can read the information of the campus card and judge whether it is allowed to pass through.

Installation and positioning

According to the situation of the library, the flap barrier gate in the access control system will be installed at the entrance of the stack room on the first floor.

Two flap barrier gates are installed at the entrance of the stack room to monitor readers’ access to the library on the first floor. The two flap barrier gate machines adopt a two-way traffic mode, and readers can enter and leave from here with valid campus cards.

The function of an access control system in Library

Characteristics of Access Control System

1) Turnstile Gate Automatic Card Reader

The reader’s card is automatically read and recognized by the gate machine by swiping the card, and the validity of the card is verified by the gate and the access control management computer. If the card is valid, the gate will be opened and released; if the card is invalid, the gate will be closed and no access will be allowed.

The whole set of automatic access control systems (including equipment) is composed of two parts, one is physical equipment, that is, the gate machine swiping in and out, and the other part is the software product installed on the computer.

2) Identification of Campus Card

The gate can identify the barcode cards and IC cards. Its main principle is to obtain the barcode information of readers who swipe the card through the barcode reader of the gate, and then send the information to the gate monitoring computer through the serial line or network cable, and the gate monitoring computer can obtain the effective information of readers from the database through the barcode and timely feedback to the gate.

3)  Networking with Library Management System

The software product is divided into two parts, one is the gate monitoring software, which is installed on the library turnstiles monitoring computer, which is mainly used to set the working parameters of the gate, control the operation of the gate, pause, monitor the entry personnel and so on.

The other part is the software used to update the database information and carry out statistical reports. It is mainly used to update the reader information in the database, including adding, modifying, deleting records, and generating, printing reports, charts, and so on. All library turnstiles gates can be connected to the library automation management system. The data is managed centrally by the access control machine and fed back to the library automation management system in time.

Access Control System’s Workflow

1) Access Control system’s Physical Structure

At present, there are IC cards and bar code cards used in university libraries. The automatic access control system can automatically decide whether to release or not by reading the relevant data in the card and checking the reader’s data. At the same time, it can generate the record of readers entering the library and transmit it to the background main database. The access control system has the function of the emergency door opening when the background computer system can’t work normally.

2). Basic Structure of Access Control Software

The software system structure of access control is a client/server mode. The two software systems are based on a common background database, which can ensure the consistency and management of the data after updating and modifying.

The function of the Access Control System

1) Automatic identification

The library entrance is managed automatically by the gate machine, the gate machine automatically reads the card, checks the card, and releases, the access control computer is responsible for receiving the card reading data of the gate machine, checking the validity and generating, storing and querying the reader’s entry record.

2) Information Tips

The library turnstiles gate has perfect channel indication, traffic indication, sound, and light alarm to guide readers to pass effectively. After readers swipe card verification, there are various information feedback displays, such as “please pass”, “non-library readers”, “repeatedly swipe card”, etc., to give sound and light warnings to illegal intruders.

3) systems management

The system can make flexible parameter setting and operation mode setting, such as waiting time after card checking, repeat card checking time of the same card, exemption mode, emergency traffic mode and so on. The main control module of the gate adopts computer control, the performance is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

4) Information management

Real-time collection of personnel data into the library, produce detailed records into the library, according to the requirements (such as reader category, unit, time, etc.) to generate statistical reports and statistical charts, but also can be used as library staff attendance, the system has detailed management software.

5) Background Control

The background database is the control center of the whole system, which realizes the reliable working platform for the function of the whole system. The management computer sends the entry record to the background main database regularly. According to the user’s request, the background management software of the access control system can also be configured.

6) Management settings

The management computer can set the date and time of the gate, the passing time of the valid card, the interval time of repeated swiping card, the mode of the library turnstiles gate, and the running state of the turnstile gate, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the library turnstiles gate.

library turnstile security solutions

The common type of selection of library turnstiles entrances security solutions: swing turnstile gate and flap barrier gate

Composition of turnstile gate in the library:

Access control controller: it is an intelligent processing center that stores the permissions of induction cards and card swiping records, and processes the signals uploaded by all card readers in a central way, coordinates with computer communication and other data memories and cooperates with the intelligent processing center of management software.

Intelligent gate equipment: Channel management equipment to realize the function of forbidding or swiping cards to release. Such as flap barrier turnstile gate, swing barrier turnstile gate, etc.

Card reader: According to the principle of radiofrequency induction, identify the induction card’s built-in encryption card number.

Induction card: store the user’s card number which can not be copied and decrypted.

Management software: through the computer to control central management and monitoring the channel access, the corresponding clock, authorization, statistical management work.

Door opening button: it can be set to press the button to go out.

Power supply: a power supply that provides the system operating power supply and the executive structure of the electric lock.

The function of the library turnstiles security solutions:

According to the situation of different colleges and universities, turnstile gate manufacturers provide suitable solutions. Some campuses add face recognition turnstile gate passage on the basis of the original IC card turnstile gate passage. Some directly replace the original IC card turnstile gate, instead of a QR code scan or face recognition turnstile gate, However, no matter what kind of solutions, it is going to meet the different requirements and habits of students. Both the monitoring of teachers and students and the real-time statistics of the total number of personnel in the control area have been effectively managed. It has high security to prevent theft or other identity information leakage.

Therefore, the library turnstile access control solution ultimately needs to achieve the follows functions and requirements:

  1. Identity verification: after the reader swipes his card on the gate with his / her certificate valid, the gate will open the door and release it. Meanwhile, the library entry record will be stored in the access control system database and connected with the library database in real-time. Those without certificates or with invalid certificates are not allowed to enter the library. When the gate is in the degraded operation mode (the gate is in the state of network interruption), the system must automatically save the reader’s card reading record, and when the system returns to normal, the data will be uploaded automatically.
  2. Gate parameter setting: it has a flexible parameter setting functions, such as effective passing time after card checking, emergency pass mode, repeated card checking the time of the same card, maximum continuous card swiping number, closing time after a passing, inspection free mode, etc.
  3. It has the function of two-way card swiping in and out.
  4. Information statistical analysis: It can collect data in real-time and generate detailed library entry records. It can make corresponding statistical reports by campus, by reader department, by reader type, and by time. It can browse the corresponding information on any computer connected with the Internet according to different authorization.
  5. Use contact and non-contact card (must support the existing campus card) card reading mode, leaving a mobile card swipe card interface.
  6. The library turnstiles gate shall pass the product test of an authoritative security organization and meet the national security requirements. When the power is off, the door will open automatically. In case of emergency, the library turnstiles gate can be forced to open and become an obstacle-free channel.
  7. With the remote control function, the remote control can be used to open and close the inspection-free mode or emergency mode.
  8. The front and rear ends of the library turnstiles gate are equipped with high brightness LED indicators to provide perfect traffic indication and sound and light alarm functions. After swiping the card, readers will display various information feedback, such as “please pass”, “non-library readers”, “loss reporting card”, etc.: sound and light warnings will be given to illegal intruders.
  9. It has the functions of self-detection, self-diagnosis, and self alarm.

10. The library turnstiles’ appearance should be beautiful and generous, and the size should be consistent with the overall installation environment.

library turnstile gate from mairsturnstile

Above is all the content of library turnstiles security solutions, if you have any questions about the library turnstiles security solutions, please contact us to discuss. Mairsturnstile provides high-quality security library turnstiles for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the library turnstiles gate according to your requirements.

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