How to maintain full height turnstile?

full height turnstile

Last updated on: February 24th, 2023 18:55 pm

Full height turnstile maintenance:

How to maintain full height turnstile, especially in Winter? Full height turnstile manufacturers – Mairs shows you a brief introduction.

Along with the flowing population is increasing, and the full height pedestrian turnstile has been widely used in various places which used for management personnel to enter and exit. In the process of use, we should pay attention to its maintenance, so that it can be used for a longer time. Here is some knowledge about the maintenance of the full height turnstiles.

The pedestrian turnstile gate saves labor costs and improves safety management. Access control turnstile gate is usually used in combination with access control and visitor system, which is used to manage the entry and exit of external and internal personnel of the company and to master and manage the visitor dynamics of the enterprise. This will make the personnel go inside and outside with good management, greatly improving the safety level of the entire environment. So how do we maintain the full height turnstile gate in our daily life?

No matter how excellent equipment will also present mechanical shortcomings, this is inevitable. In the long term, timely maintenance can reduce shortcomings and save money, extending the service life of the equipment at the same time. Because different customers have different requirements, it is necessary for manufacturers to provide a variety of repair and maintenance plans, and thorough planning to meet all requirements.

Today full height turnstile manufacturers – Mairs explains how to maintain the full high turnstile gate in winter. Winter maintenance for the full height turnstile gate is very important, if not properly maintained, will directly affect the service life of the full height turnstile gate, regular maintenance is very necessary, a full-height turnstile gate is also getting a useful life, just like cars, quarterly maintenance, etc. Many users rarely maintain or even do not maintain.

Maintenance Process:

People want to reduce expenses or unnecessary troubles, usually, no maintenance for their machine or other equipment, a few small problems, a long time will cause a lot of trouble, so the majority of new and old customers must understand the importance of full height turnstile gate maintenance. General maintenance in winter need to pay attention to the following points:

 Core maintenance:

 1. Open the top cover of the full height turnstile gate, Full height turnstile gate from Mairsturnstile generally open the cover from the upper part, this will be favorable to a maintenance operation, open the upper cover can see the core and control board, the core is the heart of the machine, must be well maintained. Generally, maintain once a month, clean the dust above, clean the transmission part first, then add butter or high concentration oil.

To check whether the fasteners are loose, tighten the fasteners, check the wear and tear of the easily damaged parts, replace the gap between the positioning arm and the positioning disc more than 2 mm, in time, replace the normal gap (1 mm), clean the dust in the solenoid valve core with a brush or hairdryer Less resistance, a full release of magnetic force, do not add butter and other lubrication, otherwise will not pull, go down the solenoid valve installation must be to the original position, otherwise, the top can not open the positioning plate.

full height turnstile installation

2. The heating part of the machine to see if below 0°can continue to work, Heater is custom-made for full height turnstile gate, usually for the northern market, winter temperature is very low, the heater has two wiring modes, one is controlled by the gate 24 V, under minus 20 very cold weather, the wiring mode must be changed, must be changed to direct 220 power supply control heater, meaning forced heating, this is very good for the operation of the whole high gate, including access control system such as access control certificate, in extremely cold weather is also easy to freeze, resulting in not working.

If the weather is normal, change the original 220 V control to motherboard control. Otherwise, it will cause summer heating and so on.

Circuit part maintenance

Before the circuit maintenance, cut off the power supply to avoid short circuit failure, according to the previous use, see if there are problems in the electronic control part, no problems, check whether the power supply is exposed to bandage, wire arrangement, wire aging, shedding, skin, etc. If there is a problem, find the root of the problem and replace individual electronic components.

External maintenance

All Full height turnstile gate appearance is made of domestic SU304 stainless steel, clean the appearance once a week or 2 weeks, remove rust spots, polish the chassis appearance with a soft cloth and talc powder, apply antirust oil, do not wipe the newly coated antirust oil by hand, Wait 3-5 hours to dry naturally can hand contact, otherwise will destroy the surface rust-proof effect. If make an exterior painting, wipe off the dust of appearance, with no exposed scratches.

Pay attention to the above maintenance must have specialized person to do, especially the maintenance of the electronic control part, must be trained professionals, fully understand the principle of electronic control, can take up the post-operation.

Maintenance Tips from Mairs:

In addition to the full height turnstile gate, tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, and other installation must be with rubber paper or waterproof paper cover the bottom, so that water vapor can not come up, greatly improving the service life of the turnstile door.

full height turnstile

Be similar to cars, computers, air conditioners, and other daily necessities, the turnstile gate also needs regular maintenance. The good maintenance of the turnstile gate is not only an important guarantee to extend the service life of the turnstile gate, but also an important guarantee to reduce the daily breakdown. So what are the precautions for the daily maintenance of the pedestrian turnstile gate?

1. During card reading (swiping, fingerprints, etc), the personnel passes the passage gate, before the traffic lights turn green, it is strictly prohibited to squeeze, and brake rod, valve, swing arm push, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.

2. If the turnstile gate equipment is not used, it is forbidden to sit or lean on the wing or rod of the turnstile gate to avoid unnecessary damage to the gate.

3. Do not use the equipment directly in the open air or wet environment of corrosive substances, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment by rain, moisture, or corrosive substances. When the equipment is used in the open air, it should be equipped with rain shelters, such as solar sheds.

 4. Pass through the turnstile gate, please pass as soon as possible, do not stay in the working area of the gate.

5. when the turnstile gate is powered off, personnel shall not be in the working area of the turnstile gate to avoid falling off the lever or suddenly turning the swing arm to hurt.

6. When there is lightning, please try not to use the outdoor turnstile gate, so as not to damage the turnstile door.

 7. Pedestrian gate should ensure the reliable connection of the system to protect the ground wire to prevent personal injury and other accidents.

8. The body of the equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel. it must be scrubbed with soft fabric to keep the appearance clean and bright. Do not scrub the appearance with hard objects to avoid scratching and affecting the appearance. At the same time, water flushing is prohibited to avoid short circuits of the electrical control systems and equipment damage.

9. Regularly check the connection of the moving parts of the turnstile gate equipment. If nuts, screws, and other fasteners are found to be loose, they should be tightened in time to avoid gate failure caused by the long-term operation.

10. The system is regularly checked for secure ground connection to ensure reliable access.

11. Check the connectors and points of connection regularly to ensure a reliable connection.

full height turnstiles

Above is how to maintain the full height turnstile gate in winter and the maintenance tips from Mairs. If you do not understand any point about the maintenance, please contact us to communicate and discuss it together. I hope you can maintain the turnstile gate very well after reading this article.

Mairs provides high-quality full height turnstiles gate and service. We can also customize the full-height turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide a high-quality turnstile gate and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, please contact Mairsturnstile, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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