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turnstile gate with card reader

Last updated on: August 28th, 2023 23:13 pm

What is turnstile gate with card reader?

Turnstile gate with card reader is a type of pedestrian turnstile gate that integrates with all kinds of card readers. The turnstile gate with card reader is a very important access control management device. It can control the opening and closing of the pedestrian turnstile gate by reading the user’s card swiping information, ensuring the safety of personnel and property.

Usually, there is enough space inside the turnstile gate to install a card reader, but because there are various card readers available on the market, the size of the card reader used by each customer is also different. Therefore, when choosing a turnstile gate, it is best to confirm in advance that the size of the card reader can be perfectly installed inside the turnstile gate to avoid the situation where there is no space to install a card reader inside the turnstile gate after purchasing it.

Through the combination of this special card reader and turnstile gate, the access control management function is realized. It is a very common and practical access control identification management method. It can effectively reduce the mistakes and labor costs of manual access control management. Increase the security of the channel. It is widely used in access control security management.

Of course, there are other security turnstile solutions that are also widely used, for example, QR code turnstile and turnstile gate with face recognition, You can also refer to the video to learn more about these different security turnstile solutions. here we mainly learn about turnstile gate with card reader solution.

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Turnstile gate with card reader solution:

All of our turnstile gates come with a card reader cutout as standard(there is no card reader built-in, you need to install your own card reader or contact us to provide one with corresponding functions or the entire access control system). However, if you would like to mount a QR scanner, fingerprint machine, face recognition device, etc, we can also do the cutout as long as you provide the mounting drawing to us.

If you have your own RFID access control system, you can just mount your controller and reader on our turnstile gate. The card reader fixing bracket and control board hanging panel are pre-set in the turnstile gate.

If you don’t have cards, you can tell us what`s the chip and frequency of the reader that you are using, and we can provide the cards accordingly.

If you only have the access control board, you can tell us what`s the reader output of your control board, we will provide the reader and cards for you.

If you don’t have an RFID access control system, we can provide a full RFID system and mount it on our turnstile gates.

We also have a fingerprint and face recognition access control system that is compatible with our turnstile gates.

If you want to buy a turnstile gate with card reader, you can contact us directly. Scan the QR code on the right, add my What’s app, or directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner to talk with us directly. Our customer service is generally online. If not, we will reply to your message as soon as possible.

You just need to tell us what’s your needs, such as where to use the turnstile, how wide the passage is, what functions to implement, and whether there are other special needs, these basic requirements need to be clearly communicated before purchasing. Our sales experts will present you with a satisfactory solution according to your needs. It is our responsibility and motivation to make you satisfied. 

turnstile gate with card reader

Our security turnstile gates have ultra-high cost performance and provide high-quality services, so our pedestrian turnstile gate is very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Germany, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Moldova, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA.

Generally, it is common in places with a large flow of people, such as stations, entrances to scenic spots, factories, etc. There are many ways to open the turnstile gate. Now people begin to use more QR codes to open the turnstile gate.

Where to buy turnstile gate with card reader?

We not only provide competitive, high-quality, cost-effective turnstile gate with card reader, but also provide you with the entire solution, including the entire access control system, controllers, card readers, cards, connecting cables, and so on. You just need to tell us your requirements and let Mairs help you with the rest of the work. We are confident that you will spend the minimum amount of money to complete your access control security requirements.

MairsTurnstile is a professional turnstile gate manufacturer with the affordable turnstile gate price, 10 years of independent research and development of turnstile gate with card reader, to ensure the quality of turnstile gate with card reader, to undertake residential turnstile gate, automatic flap barrier turnstile gate, customized all kinds of turnstile gate with card reader at affordable price.

Why use a turnstile gate with card reader?

With the rapid development of biometric technology, more and more access control systems choose to use biometric methods. For example, fingerprint recognition and facial recognition. The security of the card reading method is not the highest, and there are also some inevitable defects, such as using an access card and carrying it wherever you go, which is easy to miss or lose. After losing it, you still need to pay for a replacement card. However, people are still willing to choose and enjoy a turnstile gate with card reader because they have the following irreplaceable advantages:

1. The card swiping method is simpler for inputting information, while facial recognition requires inputting photos, which is relatively more complex.

2. The card swiping method is simple to use, and the door can be opened by gently sticking to the card reading area, which is highly accepted by the public.

3. The card method is cheaper, while the face recognition method is more expensive

4. The card swiping method may have a slightly faster speed and a higher success rate, so the passage speed is fast, depending on the on-site usage situation

5. Card swiping is suitable for a wide range of people, and access control is basically installed according to the height of adults. Small children cannot use it, and some elderly people have certain difficulties using facial recognition.

Application of turnstile gate with card reader:

The turnstile gate with card reader is widely used in the entrance and exit management of public places and important places such as schools, hospitals, and enterprises. It can effectively control personnel entry and exit, prevent illegal personnel from entering specific areas, and ensure the safety of personnel and property.

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With the progress of the times, turnstile gate with card reader is no longer limited to the airport, subway, and other places for ticket checking, but are more applied to high-grade office buildings, libraries, cinemas, factories, exhibition centers, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc. 

A high-efficiency access control system and wire drawing stainless steel surface material create a beautiful appearance and meet the practical and beautiful requirements of most interior architectural designs. The unique design enables it to be suitable for various turnstile monitoring environments, can be installed in single-channel and multiple channels, and can be used with most access control systems.

Advantages of turnstile gate with card reader:

1. Strong security: The turnstile gate with card reader can control the entrance and exit by reading the user’s identity information, preventing illegal personnel from entering specific areas. Enhance personal safety, and strengthen industry maintenance.

2. High convenience: The card swiping machine can quickly read the user’s identity information and automatically recognize their identity without the need for manual intervention. To the entry and exit personnel real-time record useful control, found problems can be a timely query

3. Strong flexibility: The turnstile gate with card reader can be set according to different security needs, making entrance and exit management more flexible. Protect against potential hazards and turn the passive defense of other security systems into automatic control.

4. Save security costs: Entrance and exit management can reduce security costs.

At the entrance of some high-end office buildings, generally use swing turnstile gate with card reader which is one of the most common turnstile gate with card reader, and the swing turnstile gate with card reader is liked by the office building because of its fashionable appearance and reliable speed. In fact, the manufacture of pedestrian swing turnstile gate with card reader has experienced a strict production process, it is made of specification 304 or 316 stainless steel, so the box can be exquisite dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-damage, safe, and reliable, achieving the swing rod to provide a standard electrical interface for various occasions, recognition, and commissioning, supply standardized expansion requirements.

Function of turnstile gate with card reader:

What is the main function of a turnstile gate with card reader? The main function of the turnstile gate with card reader is reflected in whether to alarm if the card has not been swiped. If the card has not been swiped, it will continuously prompt for illegal entry and please swipe the card. Of course, in addition to the basic card swiping function, it also has the following basic functions that other pedestrian turnstile gate machines have.

1. Passage mode switching function: The entry and exit directions can be independently set to controlled passage, free passage, or prohibited passage.

2. Automatic reset function: when pedestrians brush valid cards, if not in the set time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s access rights.

3. Automatic adjustment function: When the turnstile gate needs to be readjusted due to mechanical wear, the turnstile gate control motherboard can be used for automatic adjustment, which is precise and convenient.

4. Access request memory function: When two or more legal access signals are given simultaneously (including in the same direction and in the opposite direction), the system will remember all access requests and complete each access action in sequence. The number of memories can reach up to 255.

5. Traffic indication function: Direction indicator: installed on the top of the chassis, indicating the legal direction of passage of the gate.

6. Emergency escape function: Equipped with an emergency escape control device, the system automatically opens the door wings to facilitate the evacuation of crowds.

7. Intelligent linkage alarm: Illegal passage events can be linked with other alarm monitoring devices, such as access control systems and video management systems.

8. Power on self-check function: After connecting to the power supply, the system conducts routine self-check and alarms, intelligently detects key hardware and functions, and discovers hidden dangers in the shortest possible time!

9. Power off and opening function: When the power is off, the system will automatically open the door wings, and the passage will be in an open state, facilitating the evacuation of people and meeting fire protection requirements.

10. Anti-pinch function and anti-tailgating function.

11. Turnstile gate with card reader unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected with a variety of card readers, and through the processing of computer to achieve long-distance control and processing;

12. Active opening and active closure of access after a power failure;

13. Can be linked to a variety of card reading equipment, receiving relay switch signal operation;

14. One-way or two-way access;

Basic components:

The turnstile gate with card reader mainly consists of a card reader, access controller, motor, and pedestrian turnstile gate(turnstile chassis, turnstile mechanism, turnstile controller, ). The card reader can read the user’s card swiping information, the controller judges and processes the read information, and the motor controls the opening and closing of the turnstile gate.

Card reader: identify and sense the built-in encrypted card number through the principle of RF induction.

Induction card: the ID number of the user that cannot be copied and decrypted is stored in the entrance and exit pedestrian turnstile gate. IC card or ID card is commonly used.

Access controller: the access controller in the entrance and exit turnstile gate is used to store the sensing card authority and card swiping records, centrally process the signals uploaded by all card readers, coordinate with computer communication and other data memory, and cooperate with the intelligent processing center of management software

Entrance and exit turnstile gate: tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, sliding turnstile, full height turnstiles, speed gate turnstile, and other different equipment types.

485 / 232 signal converter: networking and remote communication for all data memories.

Management software: central management and monitoring of all units through the computer.

Blocking body: all kinds of blocking bodies such as three rods, swing doors, and retractable doors on the entrance and exit turnstile gate

Embedded Card Reader

Nowadays, people using QR codes are more and more intensive, especially after the QR code payment function is online, more and more young people do not like to carry cash and only take mobile phones to go out. Because mobile phones are more convenient to use, many young people will forget to carry or lose their cards. In the future development trend of access control, QR code/IC card reader has a great development prospect.

turnstile gate with card reader

All of the turnstile gates from Mairs can be integrated with these special card readers to achieve the functions you need. If you need a turnstile gate with card reader, Please contact our sales representative.

Next, we make a brief introduction about the QR code/IC card reader, it’s a very important part of the turnstile gate with card reader.

To understand the turnstile gate with card reader, we must first understand the card reader. Please see the following picture. How does this special card reader integrate with the turnstile gate to realize access control management?

The card reader installed on the turnstile gate can use embedded and non-embedded two installation methods, customers can choose according to their own needs, in general, we choose an embedded card reader.

Introduction of card reader:

QR code/IC card reader for turnstile gate is a kind of access control card reader that focuses on the embedded installation of the turnstile gate. The device supports small program dynamic QR code identification, supports visitors’ QR code reservation and sharing operation according to time, and can read ID / IC card serial number and IC card sector data at the same time. The device can communicate with RS485. It is widely used in residential areas, security turnstile gates, access control, elevator control, and other scenes.

Working principle of card reader:

The access control controller and multi-functional access control controller are connected with the management center through Ethernet, QR code + IC card reader communicates with the access control controller through Weigen or RS232, Personnel in and out through the QR code small program production with the authority of QR code scanning door, and can also apply for QR code scanning door with the help of third-party system integration.

Functional features of card reader:

Metal-resistant design can be embedded in any metal environment, it is not recommended to cover the coil position with the metal plate.

It supports the user-defined configuration of QR code plug parameters on mobile web pages.

Support mobile app dynamic QR code recognition, Mifare card serial number + sector data, ID physical serial number, mobile NFC

Support the standard Wei heel output, support Wei heel 66 output.

With a complete description of the two-dimensional code docking protocol, it can be arbitrarily integrated with the third-party system to realize the two-dimensional code door opening function.

86 bottom box design, support embedded turnstile gate installation.

Working principle of turnstile gate with card reader:

The card reader is used to read the smart card information (card number), convert it into an electrical signal, and send it to the access control controller. Based on the received card number, the controller judges whether the cardholder is authorized to enter the turnstile gate during this time period, and completes the tasks of unlocking and maintaining locking based on the results of the judgment.

The working principle of the turnstile gate with card reader:

1. Swipe card recognition

When a user swipes a card, the card reader will read out the information on the card and then transmit the information to the controller for recognition.

2. Determine identity

The controller will compare the read information with the pre-saved information to determine whether the identity of the card-swiping user is correct.

3. Control the turnstile gate

If the controller recognizes the correct user identity, the turnstile gate will open and the user can pass through smoothly. If the identity is incorrect, the turnstile gate will not open, ensuring the safety of the entrance and exit.

Of course, different turnstile gate systems have different functions and principles, so you must choose according to your actual situation.

The above mainly analyzes the working principle of the turnstile gate with card reader. So what is the characteristic of the swing turnstile gate with card reader in the pedestrian access control system?

Main Features of turnstile gate with card reader:

1. Anti-clamp function;

2. Elastic arm synchronous function;

3. Active reset function

4. Can be linked with a variety of card reading equipment;

5. One-way or two-way control personnel in and out;

6. After the power is off, the turnstile gate with card reader has opened actively, and the power on is closed actively;

7. Sound, light alarm function: including illegal intrusion, trailing alarm;

8. Can realize remote control and management directly by managing computer;

9. Has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

10. Operation of programmable equipment through the built-in small press on the main control board;

11. Anti-flushing function, when the opening signal is not received, the swingarm is actively locked;

12. Multiple-identification airfoils, including face recognition, fingerprints, QR codes, etc.

turnstile gate with card reader

In cases of abnormal use:

1. When the door is closed, the reverse intruder enters the door body after the authorized door signal is issued. Before passing through a safe photoelectric detection band, if the reverse detection band detects someone entering, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will alert all the time.

2. When the door opens, the door closes immediately if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection area when the door is opened. As long as a protective detection band detects the presence of someone, the “aging” function does not calculate the time at this time. The door returned to normal when the person left the second detection area.

3. When the pedestrian leaves, the pedestrian passes through the second safety detection area. Before the door returns to the basic state, the second safety detection area detects the entry without the legal opening signal, and the alarm system alerts. But as long as the protection zone still detects someone, the door won’t close.

4. Close tail detects a pedestrian from a detector to the last detector he leaves a safety detection band, with a time of gap of about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves a safety detection band, a detection area detects a pedestrian (trailing), the alarm is ringing, and the door is still open.

Normal trailing pedestrians leave the protective detection area, an unauthorized person is detected in a safety detection area, the door is immediately closed, and the alarm is ringing.

Video of turnstile gate with card reader:

At the end of the article, please check out our video about the turnstile gate with card reader.

Above is all the content of the turnstile gate with card reader, I do not know if you have a good understanding of it after reading this article. You can also check the video of the turnstile gate with card reader, Mairs provides high-quality types of turnstile gate with card reader and services.

We can also customize all kinds of turnstile gate with card reader according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate with card reader, please contact Mairsturnstile, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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