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turnstile gate with card reader

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Turnstile gate with card reader:

A turnstile gate with card reader is a type of access control turnstile that is equipped with the capability to integrate with various card readers. By reading user card swiping information, a turnstile gate with card reader can effectively control the opening and closing of the turnstile gate, ensuring personal and property safety.

Typically, there is ample space within the turnstile gate to accommodate the installation of a card reader. However, given the diverse range of card readers available in the market, each with its size specifications, it is advisable to confirm in advance that the chosen turnstile gate can seamlessly accommodate the specific card reader. This prevents situations where there is insufficient space for card reader installation after the turnstile gate has been purchased.

It’s worth noting that there are alternative security turnstile solutions available, such as QR code turnstile and turnstile gate with face recognition technology.

Fixed and wired card readers:

Usually, there are brackets and screws equipped under the card-swiping panel of turnstiles to fasten the card reader. You just need to remove the bracket, install the card reader, fix the card reader with the bracket, and tighten the screws. Two card readers need to be fixed at each end of the turnstile gate to control entry and exit.

After fixing the card readers, you need to connect the card readers at both ends to your access controller, then connect the open signal wires to the corresponding ports on the access controller and turnstile motherboard, and then connect the controller power cable to the 12 V power supply configured inside the turnstile gate. This completes the installation and wiring of the card reader. You can also refer to: access control turnstile

Please refer to the turnstile wiring diagram provided by the turnstile supplier when wiring. If the operation is correct, your turnstile gate with card reader is already working properly.

turnstile gate with card reader

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We not only provide competitive, high-quality, cost-effective turnstile gate with card reader, but also provide you with the entire solution, including the entire access control system, controllers, card readers, cards, connecting cables, and so on.

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    Customize card reader panel:

    Our turnstile gates are equipped with a standard card reader panel, providing the flexibility for you to install your card reader. We can also customize panels according to your actual needs, such as appearance and size. Additionally, if you prefer to integrate other devices such as a QR scanner, fingerprint machine, or face recognition device, we can customize the cutout based on the mounting drawing you provide.

    Here are some options and considerations:

    Card Reader Integration:

    You can mount your access controller and card reader if you have an RFID access control system. The turnstile gate comes with a pre-set card reader fixing bracket and control board hanging panel.

    Card Supply:

    If you lack cards, inform us about the chip and frequency of your reader, and we can provide the corresponding cards.

    Access Control Board Integration:

    If you only have the access control board, let us know the reader output of your control board, and we will provide the reader and cards accordingly.

    Complete RFID System:

    If you don’t have an RFID access control system, we offer a full RFID system that can be seamlessly mounted on our turnstile gates.

    Biometric Solutions:

    We also offer fingerprint and face recognition access control systems that are compatible with our turnstile gates.

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    How does turnstile gate with card reader work?

    The working principle of a turnstile gate with card reader involves the interaction between the card reader, access control controller, and the pedestrian turnstile gate. Here’s  how a turnstile gate with card reader works:

    1. Card Swipe Recognition:

    The user swipes a smart card through the card reader. The card reader reads the information stored on the card, converting it into an electrical signal.

    2. Transmission to Controller:

    The card reader transmits the electrical signal, containing the card information (such as the card number), to the access control controller.

    3. Identity Determination:

    The access control controller compares the received card information with pre-saved information in its database. It determines whether the identity of the card-swiping user is correct and authorized.

    4. Turnstile Gate Control:

    Based on the results of the identity determination, the controller controls the turnstile gate. If the user’s identity is recognized as correct and authorized, the turnstile gate opens, allowing the user to pass through. If the identity is incorrect or not authorized, the turnstile gate remains closed, ensuring the security of the entrance and exit.

    Key components:

    The turnstile gate with card reader is a comprehensive security turnstile solution composed of several key components, each serving a specific role in enabling secure access control.

    Card Reader:

    Function: Identifies and senses the encrypted card number using RF induction.

    Description: The card reader reads the user’s card-swiping information, typically using ID cards or IC cards. These cards contain unique, non-duplicable, and encrypted ID numbers.

    Access Controller:

    Function: Stores card authority and card swiping records, processes signals from card readers, communicates with the computer, and collaborates with the intelligent processing center of management software.

    Description: The access controller is a crucial component in the turnstile gate system, responsible for managing user access permissions and recording entry and exit activities.

    Pedestrian Turnstile Gate:

    Types: Tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, sliding turnstile, full height turnstile, speed gate turnstile, etc.

    Description: The turnstile gate with card reader itself consists of various types, each designed for specific applications. The chosen type determines the form of the blocking body and the method of controlling pedestrian passage.

    485/232 Signal Converter:

    Function: Enables networking and remote communication for all data memories.

    Description: This converter facilitates the communication between different components of the turnstile gate system, allowing for efficient data exchange and remote management.

    Management Software:

    Function: Centrally manages and monitors all units through a computer.

    Description: The management software provides a centralized interface for overseeing and controlling the entire turnstile gate system, including user access permissions, activity logs, and system configuration.


    Compared with biometric recognition methods such as fingerprint and facial recognition, the card reading method in a turnstile gate offers some advantages, which contribute to its continued popularity:

    1. Simplicity of Inputting Information:

    The card swiping method is simpler for inputting information compared to biometric methods like facial recognition, which may require capturing and storing photos for identification.

    2. User-Friendly Operation:

    Card swiping is a simple and user-friendly method. Users can open the turnstile gate by gently swiping the card, a process that is easily accepted and understood by the public.

    turnstile gate with card reader

    3. Cost-Effectiveness:

    The card swiping method is generally more cost-effective compared to biometric recognition methods. The implementation and maintenance costs of card-based systems are often lower.

    4. Strong Security:

    The turnstile gate with card reader enhances security by controlling entrance and exit based on user identity information. This prevents unauthorized individuals from entering specific areas, promoting personal safety and reinforcing facility security.

    5. Speed and Success Rate:

    Card swiping may have a slightly faster speed and a higher success rate in certain situations. This can result in faster passage through the turnstile gate, depending on the specific usage scenario.

    6. Fashionable Appearance and Reliability:

    In high-end office buildings, the swing turnstile gate with card reader is a popular choice due to its fashionable appearance and reliable functionality.

    7. Standardized Electrical Interface:

    The turnstile gate with card reader provides a standardized electrical interface suitable for various occasions. This standardization facilitates easy integration, recognition, and commissioning, meeting the standardized expansion requirements of different environments.

    9. Wide Applicability:

    Card swiping is suitable for a wide range of people. In contrast, some biometric methods may have limitations. For example, access control systems designed for the height of adults may not be easily usable by small children, and some elderly individuals may encounter difficulties with facial recognition.

    The turnstile gate with card reader offers a combination of strong security, convenience, flexibility, cost savings, and a fashionable appearance. Its strict production process and use of high-quality materials contribute to its reliability and effectiveness in various settings.

    While card reading methods offer these advantages, it’s important to acknowledge that biometric recognition methods have their strengths as well, such as providing a more personalized and secure form of identification. The choice between card reading and biometric methods often depends on factors such as security requirements, budget considerations, and user preferences. Each method has its place in different access control scenarios based on specific needs and constraints.

    Main Functions:

    Card Swiping Verification:

    The turnstile gate with card reader ensures secure access by requiring users to swipe their cards for verification. Failure to do so prompts continuous alarms for illegal entry.

    Passage Mode Switching:

    The entry and exit directions can be independently set to controlled passage, free passage, or prohibited passage, providing flexibility in managing pedestrian flow.

    Automatic Reset:

    Pedestrians need to brush valid cards within a set time. If not, the system automatically cancels the user’s access rights.

    Traffic Indication:

    Direction indicators, installed on the top of the chassis, guide pedestrians in the legal direction of passage.

    Power On Self-Check:

    After connecting to the power supply, the system conducts routine self-checks and alarms to detect hardware issues quickly.

    Emergency mode:

    In the event of a power failure, the turnstile gate with card reader automatically opens the blocking barriers, allowing for an open passage and facilitating evacuation.

    Anti-Pinch and Anti-Tailgating:

    Safety features include anti-pinch and anti-tailgating functions to prevent accidents and unauthorized access.

    One-Way or Two-Way Access:

    The turnstile gate can be configured for one-way or two-way access, providing flexibility based on specific requirements.

    Programmable Equipment Operation:

    Built-in controls on the main control board allow for programmable equipment operation.

    Intelligent Linkage Alarm:

    Illegal passage events can be linked with other alarm monitoring devices, such as access control systems and video management systems.

    These functions collectively contribute to the security and efficiency of pedestrian access control in various environments.

    turnstile gate with card reader

    Application site:

    The turnstile gate with card reader finds widespread application in various settings where entrance and exit management, along with access control, is essential. Suitable for both single-channel and multiple-channel installations, allowing flexibility in adapting to various monitoring environments. Compatible with most access control systems, facilitating seamless integration into existing security infrastructures.

    1. Public Places:

    Used in public places such as libraries, cinemas, exhibition centers, and stadiums to control the flow of people and enhance security during events or gatherings.

    2. Educational Institutions:

    Deployed in schools and universities to manage access to campus buildings, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter specific areas.

    3. Healthcare Facilities:

    Implemented in hospitals and healthcare facilities to control entry and exit, maintaining a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

    4. Office Buildings:

    Widely used in high-grade office buildings for access control, providing a secure and organized entry and exit system for employees and visitors.

    5. Factories and Industrial Facilities:

    Installed in factories and industrial complexes to regulate access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter certain areas for safety and security reasons.

    6. Transportation Hubs:

    Historically used in transportation hubs such as airports and subway stations for ticket checking, these gates continue to play a role in managing passenger flow.

    7. Tourist Attractions:

    Applied in tourist attractions to control the flow of visitors, especially in areas with ticketed entry.

    8. Commercial Spaces:

    Used in commercial spaces like shopping malls and retail outlets to regulate access and prevent unauthorized entry.

    9. Government Buildings:

    Deployed in government buildings to enhance security and control access to sensitive areas within the premises.

    10. Entertainment Venues:

    Found in entertainment venues such as concert halls and sports arenas to manage the entry of ticketed individuals and prevent unauthorized access.

    The versatility of turnstile gates with card readers makes them a valuable component in access control systems across diverse industries and settings, contributing to enhanced security and streamlined entry and exit management.

    turnstile gate with card reader

    We can also customize all kinds of turnstile gate with card reader according to your requirements. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate with card reader, please contact us, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

    Please review our customized turnstiles with multiple functions for our customers.

    This type of turnstile is not only a turnstile gate with card reader, but also with a QR code, Face recognition, and manual button. Also according to the actual needs of customers, a screen is equipped on the airport turnstile to display the recognition results of the QR code. It can also display advertisements or company promotional content on the screen according to customer needs.

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