Turnstile gate with card reader

turnstile gate with card reader

Last updated on: September 29th, 2021 15:39 pm

What is turnstile gate with card reader?

Turnstile gate with card reader is a turnstile gate that integrates with special embedded QR code/IC card readers. Usually, there is a special card reader, which is specially developed for turnstile gates. Through the combination of this special card reader and turnstile gate, the access control management function is realized. It is a very common and practical access control identification management method. It can effectively reduce the mistakes and labor costs of manual access control management. Increase the security of the channel. It is widely used in access control security management.

The main function of the turnstile gate is to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. The basic core function is to pass only one person at a time. Generally, it is common in places with a large flow of people, such as stations, entrances to scenic spots, factories, etc. there are many ways to open the turnstile gate. Now people begin to use more QR codes to open the gate.

Nowadays, people using QR codes are more and more intensive, especially after the QR code payment function is online, more and more young people do not like to carry cash and only take mobile phones to go out. Because mobile phones are more convenient to use, many young people will forget to carry or lose their cards. In the future development trend of access control, QR code/IC card reader has a great development prospect.

All of the turnstile gates from Mairs can be integrated with these special card readers to achieve the functions you need. If you need a turnstile gate with card reader, please check the following content: where to buy a turnstile gate with card reader.

Next, we make a brief introduction about QR code/IC card reader, it’s a very important part for turnstile gate with card reader.

To understand the turnstile gate with card reader, we must first understand the card reader. Please see the following picture. How does this special card reader integrate with the turnstile gate to realize access control management?

Embedded QR code/IC Card Reader

QR code card reader installed on the turnstile gate can use embedded and non-embedded two installation methods, customers can choose according to their own needs, in general, we choose embedded card reader.

Product introduction of card reader:

QR code/IC card reader for turnstile gate is a kind of access control card reader that focuses on the embedded installation of the turnstile gate. The device supports small program dynamic QR code identification, supports visitors’ QR code reservation and sharing operation according to time, and can read ID / IC card serial number and IC card sector data at the same time. The device can communicate with RS485. It is widely used in residential areas, security turnstile gates, access control, elevator control, and other scenes.

working principle of card reader:

Access control controller and multi-functional access control controller are connected with the management center through Ethernet, QR code + IC card reader communicates with access control controller through Weigen or RS232, Personnel in and out through the QR code small program production with the authority of QR code scanning door, and can also apply for QR code scanning door with the help of third-party system integration.

Functional features of card reader:

Metal resistant design can be embedded in any metal environment, it is not recommended to cover the coil position with the metal plate.

It supports the user-defined configuration of QR code plug parameters on the mobile web pages.

Support mobile app dynamic QR code recognition, Mifare card serial number + sector data, ID physical serial number, mobile NFC

Support the standard Wei heel output, support Wei heel 66 output.

With a complete description of the two-dimensional code docking protocol, it can be arbitrarily integrated with the third-party system to realize the two-dimensional code door opening function.

86 bottom box design, support embedded turnstile gate installation.

Where to buy a turnstile gate with card reader?

With the progress of the times, turnstile gate with card reader is no longer limited to the airport, subway, and other places for ticket checking, but more applied to high-grade office buildings, libraries, cinemas, factories, exhibition centers, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc. Mairs provides you with a fast, smooth and efficient two-way access controllable turn style gate with card reader, with a competitive, high-quality, and safe traffic control system. Mairs’s turnstile gate with card reader price is affordable and competitive, all products get 2 years warranty.

What’s the best price for a turnstile gate with card reader and where to buy it? Mairs offers the best turnstile gate with card reader at an affordable price, if you want to buy a turnstile gate with card reader, please check from our products page:

A high-efficiency access control system and wire drawing stainless steel surface material create a beautiful appearance, meet the practical and beautiful requirements of most interior architectural design. The unique design enables it to be suitable for various turnstile monitoring environments, can be installed in single-channel and multiple channels, and can be used with most access control systems.

The main function of turnstile gate with card reader:

What is the main function of a turnstile gate with card reader? It’s a complicated question. It’s hard to say clearly with one or two sentences, so the following content answered this question very well.

1. Anti-trailing function: the infrared band detection area in the turnstile can adjust the switch state with software according to the customer’s precision requirement, and adapt to the application of different demand light bands to avoid the disadvantage of point infrared detector being easily polluted and affecting the reliability of judgment. Can effectively judge the trailing unread card. When the system determines that the trailing occurs, the system will react according to the position of the valid cardholder returned by the infrared detector. After the door signal is issued, there is still some abnormal use that will cause the alarm system.

2. Automatic reset function: when pedestrians brush valid cards, if not in the set time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s access rights.

3. Intrusion alarm function: when someone does not swipe the card to try to pass, the infrared sensor senses someone to break in, the buzzer will issue a continuous alarm.

4. Safety protection function: the channel is equipped with an infrared shooting probe when the gate is closed, obstacles are detected to block, the gate will automatically unlock the gate;

5. Identification function system supports active credit card, or active credit card, but also supports face or fingerprint, QR code, and other identification methods, no need to stay.

6. Video linkage function processing center can read all the video pictures on the scene; when the person enters and exits, take the initiative to capture the video pictures before and after entering and leaving the personnel.

turnstile gate with card reader

7. Use national standard high-quality 304 stainless steel, laser cutting, CNC planing groove bending, fine grinding texture fine slippery, beautiful appearance.

8. Has the active reset function, after opening the gate, in the specified time does not pass, the system will actively revoke the user’s permission to pass, the specification is 5 seconds after opening the active reset;

9. Turnstile gate with card reader unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected with a variety of card readers, and through the processing of computer to achieve long-distance control and processing;

10. Active opening and active closure of access after a power failure;

11. Can be linked to a variety of card reading equipment, receiving relay switch signal operation;

12. One-way or two-way access;

13. Has the function of fault self-checking and alarm warning, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

In cases of abnormal use:

  1. When the door is closed, the reverse intruder enters the door body after the authorized door signal is issued. Before passing through a safe photoelectric detection band, if the reverse detection band detects someone entering, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will alert all the time.
  2. When the door opens, the door closes immediately if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection area when the door is opened. As long as a protective detection band detects the presence of someone, the “aging” function does not calculate the time at this time. The door returned to normal when the person left the second detection area.
  3. When the pedestrian leaves, the pedestrian passes through the second safety detection area. Before the door returns to the basic state, the second safety detection area detects the entry without the legal opening signal, and the alarm system alerts. But as long as the protection zone still detects someone, the door won’t close.
  4. Close tail detects a pedestrian from a detector to the last detector he leaves a safety detection band, with a time of gap about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves a safety detection band, a detection area detects a pedestrian (trailing), the alarm is ringing, and the door is still open.
  5. Normal trailing pedestrians leave the protective detection area, an unauthorized person is detected in a safety detection area, the door is immediately closed, and the alarm is ringing.
Tripod Turnstile gate with card reader

Mairs is a professional turnstile gate manufacturers with the cheapest turnstile gate price, 10 years of independent research and development of turnstile gate with card reader, to ensure the quality of turnstile gate with card reader, to undertake residential turnstile gate, automatic flap barrier turnstile gate, customized all kinds of turnstile gate with card reader at affordable price.

Residential access control system is generally installed in the entrance and exit gate, underground garage entrance, unit door, and equipment room, most of the use of RS485 communication, some villas will also use TCP/IP communication.

Anti-following function: the infrared light band exploration area in the turnstile can adjust the switch condition with software according to the customer’s precision requirement. The application of different demand light bands prevents the spot infrared prospector from being easily polluted and affects the defect of judging reliability. Can be useful to identify unread card followers. When the system decision follows, the system will respond according to the location of the useful cardholder returned by the infrared explorer. After the announcement of the door signal, there is still some abnormal use that will trigger an alarm system.

Advantages of turnstile gate with card reader:

1. Enhance personal safety, strengthen industry maintenance

2. Entrance and exit management can reduce security costs

3. To the entry and exit personnel real-time record useful control, found problems can be a timely query

4. Protect against potential hazards and turn the passive defense of other security systems into automatic control

5. Upgrade the district level

At the entrance of some high-end office buildings, generally use swing turnstile gate with card reader which is one of the most common turnstile gate with card reader, and the swing turnstile gate with card reader is liked by the office building because of its fashionable appearance and reliable speed. In fact, the manufacture of pedestrian swing turnstile gate with card reader has experienced a strict production process, it is made of specification 304 or 316 stainless steel, so the box can be exquisite dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-damage, safe and reliable, achieve the swing rod to provide a standard electrical interface for various occasions, recognition, and commissioning, supply standardized expansion requirements.

Function Analysis of turnstile gate with card reader:

1. The anti-collision function of the pedestrian swing turnstile gate with card reader can not be driven by external force when the gate is locked, it can accept the impact force in the safe range. The configuration of the emergency escape control unit makes the scattered crowd very simple, enters the free passage mode, and makes the system unlock the door actively.

2. The traffic sign function of pedestrian’s swing turnstile gate: if installed, the top of the chassis indicates the status of the visit and the direction of the passage, and there are two or more legal traffic signals together, the system will remember all traffic pleas. And complete each traffic operation in sequence.

3. Pedestrian entry gate constraint function pendulum can restrain the flow through the software to satisfy the personnel handling under special circumstances. Through software, you can set up and debug multiple doors to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

4. Pedestrian swing turnstile gate with card reader compatibility: now, with the rapid development of pendulum configuration specification electrical interface, signal output, and biometric facial recognition system, the pendulum is compatible with various interfaces. Compatibility with new technology products is simple to guide the visit control controller, providing a platform for the diversification of intelligent processing. A solid, beautiful, expandable pedestrian access gate has been praised by common users.

5. The tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, and full height turnstile are all widely applied to gate equipment. In many equipment, swing turnstile gate, because its use is convenient, safe, efficient deeply loved by users.

6. The composition of swing turnstile gate: outer frame chassis, brake core, wing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment, and so on. Foreign mainstream configuration, more stable operation, less mechanical wear, longer service life, more stable braking.

So what is the characteristic of the swing turnstile gate with card reader in the pedestrian access control system?

tripod turnstile gate with card reader

Features of turnstile gate with card reader:

1. Anti-clamp function;

2. Elastic arm synchronous function;

3. Active reset function

4. Can be linked with a variety of card reading equipment;

5. One-way or two-way control personnel in and out;

6. After power off, the turnstile gate with card reader has opened actively, and the power on is closed actively;

7. Sound, light alarm function: including illegal intrusion, trailing alarm;

8. Can realize remote control and management directly by managing computer;

9. Has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

10. Operation of programmable equipment through the built-in small press on the main control board;

11. Anti-flushing function, when the opening signal is not received, the swingarm is actively locked;

12. Multiple-identification airfoils, including face recognition, fingerprints, QR codes, etc.

We have written a special article about the functions and advantages of the full height turnstile gate. If you are interested, please check: Full Height Turnstile’s Main Functions and Features

Above is all the content of the turnstile gate with card reader, I do not know if you have a good understanding of it after reading this article. You can also check the video of the turnstile gate with card reader, Mairs provides high-quality types of turnstile gate with card reader and services. We can also customize all kinds of turnstile gate with card reader according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate with card reader, please contact Mairsturnstile, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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