How to choose a turnstile?

how to choose a turnstile

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How to choose a turnstile?

How to choose a turnstile? The simplest and direct way is to contact us. Yes, contact us and briefly describe what’s your needs, such as where to use the turnstile, how wide the passage is, what functions to implement, and whether there are other special needs, these basic requirements need to be clearly communicated before purchasing.

You can contact us directly, just scan the QR code on the right, add my what’s app, or directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner to talk with us directly. Our customer service is generally online. If not, we will reply to your message as soon as possible. Our sales representative will customize a reasonable turnstile security solution according to your needs and present it to you. It is our responsibility and motivation to make you satisfied.

How to choose a turnstile? of course, there are a lot of factors to decide how to choose a turnstile, specific analysis of the specific situation. If you have any problem with these bases and factors, please scan the QR code on the right and contact us. Our experts will provide you with a perfect solution.

Compared with general consumer goods or standardized products, the pedestrian turnstile gate has unique features. First, the turnstile gate is a customized product, which can be customized according to different environments, different projects, different occasions, and different requirements of customers, including differences in appearance and function. Second, the turnstile gate belongs to security products, so the requirements for its quality, stability, safety, and after-sales service are very high. Third, due to these characteristics of the turnstile gate, the price is relatively high and the specialty is relatively strong, which increases the difficulty and risk of purchasing the turnstile gate. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn more about how to choose a turnstile?

With the rapid development of society and the progress of science and technology, more and more security turnstiles are used. They are commonly used in some communities, buildings, factories, leisure clubs, tourist attractions, and other public places. The use of turnstile gates has a good control effect on personnel passage and is also very convenient in use. So how to choose a turnstile gate in different places or different solutions? We can select the turnstile gate according to the demand, the function of the turnstile gate, and the application scenario. Today, Mairsturnstile takes you to know and select the turnstile gate that is most suitable for your needs.

automatic tripod turnstile

Before going into detail about how to choose a turnstile, let’s get a general idea about where to buy a turnstile?

Where to buy a turnstile gate?

If you want to buy a turnstile gate, please check our products page as follows, Of course, you can also customize a special turnstile gate according to your special needs, if you have any questions, please contact Mairs, We are always pleased to solve your problems.

Choose according to demand

How to choose a turnstile according to demand, In this aspect, we only give a simple explanation and choose the appropriate turnstile gate according to your actual needs.

  1. Only need to simply control the flow of people. There are no other requirements. Tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate can be selected;
  2. If people and motor vehicles share the lane, then should choose the swing turnstile gate;
  3. It is required to control the flow of people, but also to pass at a fast speed. flap barrier gate and speed gates can be selected;
  4. Security requirements are relatively high, full height turnstile can be selected, which is usually customized according to the actual application.

Choose according to function

At present, as long as the pedestrian flow is relatively large, there will be pedestrian turnstile gates, because the current pedestrian turnstile gates can well control the access of personnel. Turnstile gates are diversified products, complete functions, convenient use, safety, and reliability. It can be used with a variety of access control card readers and can be installed indoors and outdoors. How to choose a turnstile? When selecting, we can compare and select according to the functional characteristics of each pedestrian turnstile gate.

Tripod turnstile gate is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate, which is composed of the chassis, mechanism, and three blocking rods which stop or release by rotating 120° each time. It’s an intelligent control terminal equipment at the entrance and exit of the pedestrian channel. Tripod turnstile gate is a kind of turnstile equipment with the economy, strong anti-tailing ability, small occupied space, and low installation environment requirements. 

what is tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile gate is mainly suitable for occasions with relatively large passenger flow. The maximum channel width of the tripod turnstile gate can reach 550mm, so the tripod turnstile gate is only suitable for passing people, not for non-motor vehicles. The appearance of the tripod turnstile gate is monotonous, but its practicability can be said that compared with other turnstile gates, the tripod turnstile gate has the highest cost performance. Of course, the flap barrier gate and swing turnstile gate are also good.

Flap barrier gate is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel channels, which is suitable for use scenarios with large traffic; For example, flap barrier gates are commonly used in railway stations, subway stations, docks, airports, and other places with the largest passenger flow.

The flap barrier gate is mainly used in some places with high requirements for appearance. On some high-end occasions, the flap barrier gate can not be used alone. It must be composed of two or more channels. The maximum channel is 900mm. Generally, it can only pass people. If passing through wheelchairs or luggage, another extended telescopic soft flap barrier can also be used, Like the subway flap barrier gate, passengers can push wheelchairs and large luggage through. The flap barrier gate is sought after by customers because of its convenience and fashion. Its cost performance is relatively medium among the turnstile gates because its price is twice as high as that of the tripod turnstile gate.

The channel width of the flap barrier gate is generally less than 600mm. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of pedestrian flow, with fast traffic speed. The flap barrier gate has the characteristics of a fast opening, safety, and convenience. It is an ideal management and dredging equipment for high-frequency pedestrian access; It can cooperate with the smart card to realize the function of off-line ticket sales management system and form the unattended management of personnel access.

Swing turnstile gate is intelligent access management equipment for non-contact passage detection and control. It adopts the latest mechatronics control and driving technology, and multiple groups of sensors realize the control of entrances and exits. With the use of the access control controller, authorized legal personnel can pass smoothly without any obstacles, without having to accept individual inspection and refuse unauthorized access, so as to provide high-quality access control.

Swing turnstile gate is mainly used for passing people and non-motor vehicles in some communities or factories. The channel width of the swing turnstile gate is relatively wide, up to 1200mm. It is very suitable for narrow areas at the door of communities or factories.

In order to save local and traffic safety, one door is divided into motor vehicle channel and non-motor vehicle channel, Compared with the tripod turnstile gate and flap barrier gate, you will feel that the swing turnstile gate is the most suitable place for the community or factory, but otherwise, the swing turnstile gate has a large swing arm space, so it runs slower than the other two turnstiles, and the maintenance rate will be higher compared with the tripod turnstile and flap barrier.

The intelligent swing turnstile gate is mainly aimed at the scene where the personnel access channel needs to be relatively wide. The pedestrian channel shares the channel with bicycles and electric vehicles;

The speed gates are equivalent to the high-end swing turnstile gate, with fast response speed and adjustable quick pass, which is convenient for pedestrians to pass quickly anti-collision, automatic reset, and compound fire protection requirements. It belongs to the access control system and is one of the important components of modern entrance and exit control.

speed gates

In consideration of safety, the flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, and speed gates generally rely on infrared sensing personnel. Once there are no infrared or too few infrared sensors, the swing arm may hit pedestrians and cause unnecessary disputes. Therefore, the infrared sensing cannot be too few and the swing arm strength should not be too large, otherwise, people will be injured. In the closed position, if the swing turnstile gate or speed gate is selected, the swing arm cannot be broken manually, otherwise, the basic requirements of access control will be lost.

Choose according to the application site

How to choose a turnstile? The most commonly used purchase standard is to purchase according to the application place. Let’s see where the turnstile gate needs to be used in real life?

  1. For places that need to be allowed to enter, such as factories, clubs, office buildings, communities, etc.
  2. For places that need to charge for ticket inspection, such as scenic spots, venues, subways, cinemas, etc. 
  3. For places with high demand for security levels, such as financial units, electronic engineering anti-static control area prisons, etc. 

Next, we mainly discuss how to choose a turnstile according to different places in detail. Of course, the application range of the turnstile gate is too wide. We can not list all the application places. We can only analyze different places roughly according to the needs of previous customers, So if you have any special requirements or you want to customize turnstile gates for special places, please contact us, we will provide different security solutions according to your different requirements.

Before one article I have systematically introduced the classification of turnstile gates, here I will introduce how to choose a turnstile gate for different places.

Construction site turnstiles

How to choose a turnstile for a construction site? For more details, please check our another article: What are Construction Turnstiles?

The construction site has always been a dangerous place. When workers work, they are easy to be injured if they pay little attention. Therefore, the safety of the construction site is gradually concerned by people, which promotes the development of the access control turnstile gate on the construction site. Therefore, for the personnel safety management of the construction site, most construction sites choose to install the construction turnstile.

It is recommended to use the intelligent tripod turnstile gate for the construction site. The intelligent tripod turnstile gate is the main control equipment of the pedestrian channel and is used for places where various management function ports such as personnel entrance and exit, attendance, dining, personnel identity control, and so on need to be controlled. The use of an intelligent tripod turnstile gate can make the flow of people on the construction site pass through the channel orderly, which has many advantages, such as economy, practicability, flexibility, security, reliability, simplicity, and capacity expansion, and so on.

full height turnstile

Commercial office buildings

Now many high-end commercial office buildings, high-end residential areas, and some intelligent factories pay more and more attention to the needs of commercial security and personnel safety. So the turnstile gate becomes a very important and necessary basic tool to implement these different requirements. So how to choose a turnstile for different places.

How to choose a turnstile for a commercial office building? What kind of turnstile gate is good for office buildings? Many users ask such questions. The lobby of office buildings wants to install pedestrian turnstile gates, and the requirements are quite high. Let’s talk about what kind of intelligent turnstile gate is good for office buildings?

According to the above analysis of purchasing according to the turnstile gate function, I believe everyone knows which kind of turnstile gate will be more suitable for office buildings. There is a large flow of people in the office building during the rush hour, so it’s best to choose the speed gates for the lobby of the office building.

Of course, for the office building, tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, and swing turnstile gate are all good, but the speed gates are the best choice. Almost all the high-end atmospheric grades are accounted for. In general, the installation of an intelligent quick pass door in a word office building is the most suitable and beautiful.

Advantages of installing speed gates in office buildings:

1. Economy

Select a very suitable product model for each installation position of the office building, which greatly reduces the later maintenance cost and maintenance difficulty.

2. Applicability

The function and performance of the speed gates for the entrance and exit control system are completely based on the safety management and control requirements of the building office area to meet the actual needs of customers for security.

3. Stable reliability

The speed gates can fully meet the working requirements of 24 hours a day, with a service life of 5 million times, and has high reliability and excellent performance.

4, advanced nature

It adopts the most selected design idea and is the most advanced product in technology and design elements among the turnstile gate products at present.

Many high-end commercial office buildings have a large flow of people, high population density, frequent entry and exit for people who worked here every day. However, if using the access control turnstile gate for management, you can recognize people entering and exiting through their faces. This will not only convenient for the white-collar to enter or exit the building office, but also offer the companies from the building more secure.

MairsTurnstile provides such a solution system for high-end commercial office buildings, based on access control turnstile entrance gates, integrated management system with access control, attendance, visitors, strangers, temperature measurement, and other functions to achieve intelligent, efficient access to the entrance and exit personnel control management.

Because considering the complex traffic requirements of people entering and exiting the commercial office buildings, Mairs pedestrian turnstile security solution configuration IC card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and other advanced recognition methods, office buildings can be set according to their own needs.

Smart Residential Department

How to choose a turnstile for a residential department? The turnstile entrance gates of the department are generally installed in the open air, often wind and rain, so for waterproof, dustproof ability’s requirements are very strong. Mairs smart department turnstile entrance gates solution considering the application of each entrance and exit of the department and the use of bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and so on.

Mairs smart turnstile gate solution considering the application of the front door and side door and the use of pedestrians carrying bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, provides tripod turnstile gates, intelligent unattended AI gate post machines, swing turnstile gates, etc multiple choices, and integrates access control systems, visitor systems, etc., households and visitors carry on the division management, helps the property to establish a standardized, the science and technology management system, enhances the household to the community security and the happiness.

Then for the smart residential department, choosing the tripod turnstile gate is the best choice. Because the tripod turnstile shape is very simple, only through 1 person at a time, can not follow into, the safety is high, of course, in the cost is also more appropriate, the waterproof and dustproof ability is stronger, suitable for the following conditions: high requirements for dustproof and waterproof. General flow of people, small or irregular space.

flap barrier turnstile

Smart factory

How to choose a turnstile for a smart factory? Large intelligent factories have a lot of employees, the flow of people is the largest in these scenes, and factory workers are characterized by greater mobility, most of them go to work on bicycles, motorcycles, easy to collide with the passage gate damage. Of course, for smart factories, access authority division for the different areas is also very important, unrelated personnel is forbidden to access specific occasions.

According to the above situation, Mairs put forward a comprehensive smart factory turnstile entrance gate solution, including factory gate passage, workshop passage, office area passage, to help enterprises to build civilized and safe industrial plant areas.

The factory entrance gate is generally in the open-air environment, must meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof and dustproof, the column type of swing turnstile gate, can effectively prevent violent impact pedestrian gate, car and people sharing same passage, adapt to all kinds of outdoor harsh environment. The impact force it’s can be bear is several times that of the ordinary swing gate.

A turnstile gate usually needs to be installed outdoors to separate the factory area from the outside part. According to its special use environment, the column-type swing turnstile gate has the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, high temperature, and cold resistance, the whole machine is very strong, very destructive, and corrosion-resistant.

At the same time, the turnstile entrance gates can also be integrated with the visitor access control system to effectively manage the authority of foreign visitors. It can also be integrated with different biometric devices, such as QR code readers, face recognition devices, etc. if you have any needs in this respect, we can provide you with the perfect solution.

After reading all the contents above about how to choose a turnstile, I believe you can choose the right turnstile gates in different places. If you still have any questions about how to choose a turnstile for your security solution, or you have other special requirements for the turnstile gate or need to realize other special functions, you may need to customize a special turnstile gate. Please scan the QR code on the right or directly click the what’s app button below to contact us. Our experts will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Turnstile selection considerations

How to choose a turnstile? There are some basic considerations that we need to pay attention to. If we can pay attention to these points when we choose a turnstile, we will gate the products we are satisfied with. Let’s make a brief introduction from each aspect below.

Personnel safety: safe personnel passage guarantee

The most important point in purchasing the pedestrian turnstile gate is the safety of passing personnel. Whether the appropriate anti-tailing mechanism for illegal entry is safe enough and whether the anti-pinch mechanism can respond in time in an emergency, Mairsturnstile thinks these are the most important points in purchasing the pedestrian turnstile gate.

The anti-pinch protection function of the product is realized through the door unit and the passage detection system. In the process of pedestrian passage, any protection sensor is triggered and the passage will be open. When the passage door leaves are closed and blocked by objects, the door leaves will immediately change to a free state, so as to prevent people from being injured and ensure the personal safety of our pedestrians.

In case of an emergency, the pedestrian passage equipment will reserve fire signals. When receiving the fire signal warning or power failure, the door leaf will automatically unlock and become a free state, forming an obstacle-free passage for emergency evacuation, so as to ensure that no accidental casualties will occur. When the emergency function is enabled, the channel operation status can also be set and switched through the remote channel monitoring and management system.

Security: high level of security

It is mainly to understand the processing mechanism of pedestrian turnstiles for detecting, preventing, and alarming illegal entrants, so as to prevent personnel from following. The trailing detection function includes two detection methods: trailing entry detection and reverse entry detection.

The tailing behavior in the tailing detection function refers to the deception behavior that the personnel attempt to pass without legal authorization. When the authorized personnel have left the safe area of the channel after passing through the channel, the channel door will be closed automatically, but at the same time, when the unauthorized personnel attempt to follow through the channel, the door will block the passage of pedestrians, At this time, the channel will send out audible alarm and indicator alarm;

When the authorized personnel has not left the safe area of the channel when passing through the channel, the following personnel try to follow in. Due to the consideration of personal safety in the design, if the door leaf is closed, people will be injured. Therefore, the channel door leaf will not be closed at this time, but the channel equipment will have an audible alarm and indicator light alarm, To remind our staff of abnormal conditions, which reflects the security protection ability and personal safety protection ability of the pedestrian passage.

Performance safety: reliable and lasting operation capability

It is mainly to understand the motor technology, fault-free operation time, personnel passing rate per unit time, system maintainability, and so on.

In terms of ensuring reliability, the first is an important door unit system. The door unit drive motor of high-end pedestrian turnstiles adopts DC brushless servo drive technology. So far, the driving technology of servo motor is the most advanced. The vast majority of products in the market use ordinary DC motors, and the advantages of brushless servo motors are fast operation speed, no mechanical loss, accurate positioning, and stable operation. Generally, the trouble-free operation time of high-end pedestrian channel products shall not be less than 3 million times.

how much does a turnstile cost

Appearance and function coexist

The pedestrian turnstile gates made for different scenes should have different functions and shapes. Some scenes need people and vehicles to pass, some scenes need pedestrians to pass alone, some are used outdoors and some are used indoors.

When purchasing, we should select an appropriate turnstile gate with appearance and function consistent with the surrounding scenes according to the use situation. Turnstile gate is used for people’s passage, various external forces act frequently, and the mechanical strength is an important consideration; The long-term operation of the turnstile gate is also an effect of acting as a guard. It should be beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to select 304 stainless steel.

To sum up, how to choose a turnstile? the most suitable turnstile gate can be selected according to the flow of people, site conditions, budget, realization function, quality, and safety, etc. In specific projects, it may be necessary to flexibly adjust the selection requirements of the pedestrian turnstile gate according to the on-site use environment and installation environment. If you have any question about how to choose a turnstile, you can contact the business personnel or technicians of our company for more information and consultation.

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