Turnstile gate installation

turnstile gate installation

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The turnstile gate installation is an important component of building or venue security systems. It can not only effectively control personnel entry and exit, but also improve safety and management efficiency. However, for many people, the turnstile gate installation can be a challenge as it requires a certain level of professional knowledge and skills. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the turnstile gate installation steps and precautions, helping you better complete the gate installation work.

If you buy a turnstile gate from MairsTurnstile, you don’t have to worry about the turnstile gate installation, we have done most of the jobs before sending our turnstile gates. You just need to fix the turnstile gates with screws and connect power supply cables and internet cables. Of course, We will provide detailed installation instructions and technical support. A user manual will be delivered to you along with the turnstile gate.

It should be noted that different types of turnstiles may have different design drawings and pre-embedded circuits, and the installation process may vary. For different types of turnstiles, we will also provide detailed installation instructions.

Different types of turnstiles Installation:

As is well known, turnstiles are divided into many types, and common ones include: tripod turnstile, swing turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, speed gate turnstile, full height turnstile, and different types of turnstiles have some differences in installation steps and processes. If you want to understand the installation of different types of turnstiles in detail, please refer to the following article:

Tripod turnstile installation

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Swing turnstile installation

Speed gate installation

Full height turnstile installation

Turnstile Gate Installation Demo:

The following is a tripod turnstile installation video demo, for your reference only.

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    Turnstile Gate Installation Steps:

    How to install the turnstile gate? Do you have any questions about the turnstile gate installation? The turnstile gate installation usually requires following the following steps to ensure a smooth installation process and compliance with safety requirements:

    Step1: Determine installation location

    According to actual needs and design requirements, determine the installation position of the channel gate and ensure that it meets the requirements of safe and convenient passage.

    Step2: Preparation work

    Prepare the necessary installation tools and materials, including screwdrivers, wrenches, screws, expansion bolts, etc. At the same time, clean the installation location to ensure that the ground is flat and clean.

    Step3: Fixed turnstile gate

    Fix the chassis components of the turnstile gate to the installation site and correctly fix them according to the installation guidelines. Ensure that the body is securely and horizontally installed.

    Step4: Connect the power supply and access controller

    Connect the power cord, and SYNC cable of the turnstile gate, and connect the access control controller to the main board and the card reader of the turnstile gate. Pay attention to the wire sequence and polarity to ensure the correct connection. You can refer to the video above for this detailed step.

    Step5: Debugging and testing

    After completing the installation, debug and test the turnstile gate. This includes checking whether the power supply and control circuit connections are normal, testing whether the opening and closing actions of the turnstile gate are normal, and whether the sensors and indicator lights are working properly. Ensure that the turnstile gate can accurately and stably perform functions such as opening, closing, and personnel identification.

    Step6: Adjusting parameters

    Adjust the parameter settings of the channel gate according to actual usage needs, including opening speed, traffic mode, alarm settings, etc. Ensure that the settings meet practical needs and meet safety requirements.

    turnstile gate installation

    Step7: Install protective railings (optional)

    Install protective railings on both sides of the channel gate to ensure safety during passage.

    Step8: Final inspection

    After completing the installation, conduct a final inspection and confirmation to ensure that the channel gate is installed securely, operates normally, and meets safety requirements.

    During the installation process, it is essential to follow the installation guidelines and operating manuals provided by the manufacturer to ensure smooth installation and ensure installation quality and safety. If necessary, it is recommended that installation and debugging be carried out by professional personnel.

    Turnstile Gate Installation Precautions:

    The service life of the turnstile gate also has a certain relationship with the initial installation. Therefore, we should do it in a reasonable and compliant manner during the initial installation. We should pay attention to the following aspects:

    1. The installation of a turnstile gate is generally on the horizontal ground or the gate base. If the ground is uneven, the turnstile gate will be easy to shake during use, affecting the stability of the turnstile mechanism, and the service life of the turnstile gate will be reduced after a long time.

    2. During positioning, Make sure that the positions of each group of turnstile gates are consistent, horizontal, and vertical. Then draw it on the floor tile along the bottom of the turnstile gate with a marker pen, open the inside of the turnstile gate, and draw the screw hole position for fixing the gate, so as to facilitate the opening and fixing at the back.

    3. For the installation and wiring of the turnstile gate, it is recommended to use a 6-point galvanized pipe when embedding the conduit and select a formal national standard cable for connecting the power line, which can maintain a long service life when buried underground. It is also good for the service time of the turnstile gate.

    4. Before embedding the line pipe, be sure to check with the construction unit to see if the turnstile gate installation drawing conflicts with other existing pipelines on the site. The turnstile gate installation affects the beauty of other parts of the site. The best way is to also have the turnstile gate installation plan in the drawing. To get the final version of the drawing, determine the accurate position of the turnstile gate installation according to the final version of the drawing.

    5. During the installation of the turnstile gate, anti-skid, and moisture-proof treatment shall be carried out on the ground to prevent personnel from falling due to ground sliding. After installation, glass glue must be applied to the extension of the gate to prevent water seepage.

    turnstile gate installation 2

    6. After the turnstile gate is adjusted and aligned with the installation position, the hole position of the fixing screw shall be marked. It is more appropriate to drill with a 12-point ground drill with a drilling depth of 10-13cm. It is recommended to embed M12 anchor bolts or use expansion bolts to fix the screws during fixation.

    7. After the turnstile gate is installed and connected, it must be carefully tested. If the test operation is abnormal, it is necessary to re-install and debug the turnstile gate equipment.

    8. After the installation and commissioning of the turnstile gate machine, the start-up and operation test shall be carried out, and it can be put into use after passing the inspection and test by the on-site technicians.

    9. The most important thing for the installation of a pedestrian turnstile gate is the buried pipe wiring in the early stage. If the line is wrong, it will have a great impact on the later installation of the turnstile gate, which may lead to rework. It is best to install the pipe wiring under the guidance of the turnstile manufacturer. If it is not very clear, one or two more pipes shall be buried between each two turnstile gates, so that the turnstile gates can be connected with each other, In this way, there will be no problem in the later installation of the turnstile gate.

    Turnstile Gate Installation Conditions:

    As a piece of electrical equipment, the turnstile gate can only be installed in a standard discipline to ensure that there will be no problems in subsequent use. In reality, the installation of many turnstile gates is not very standard. They were installed before the installation conditions were met. Today, Mairsturnstile will introduce the installation conditions that should be met before the turnstile gate installation.

    1. Does the turnstile gate installation site need to be reconstructed? Is the ground flat? Unevenness will affect the fixation of the equipment. Previously, a full-height turnstile was installed by the customer under poor ground conditions, which made the equipment unable to be fixed. The equipment was completely fixed only after the key was changed in the rear site, so the ground condition is very important

    2. The passage distance must be confirmed, and the position must be reserved during slotting wiring,

    3. Before equipment installation, the wiring buried pipe must be handled well to facilitate equipment installation. The trunking shall be laid in advance according to the design drawings;

    4. The size, length, and width of the ground outlet hole are determined relative to the turnstile gate size, and the center point of the outlet position is in the middle of the turnstile gate.

    5. Reserve the ground outlet hole according to the correct position of the drawing;

    6. The marble laying on the ground within the installation scope is completed, and the outlet hole is closed correctly. There is no danger of falling hard objects in the area where the turnstile gate is installed;

    7. There is no pounding on the ground. An optical fiber (or network cable involved in some projects) each group of gate optical fiber shall be laid in place, and a length of 3m above the ground shall be reserved. The cable shall be labeled and the wiring routing table shall be submitted;

    8. After the turnstile gate is installed, the wiring unit can weld and connect the optical fiber and provide jumpers. The turnstile gate is equipped with its own optical fiber switch, and the interface is an SC port. According to different projects, single-mode or multimode optical fiber equipment is provided according to the contract gate. Each group of gate cables shall be laid in place, with a length of 3m reserved. The cables shall be labeled and the wiring routing table shall be submitted;

    9. Optical fiber and cable shall pass the test;

    10. Strong current cables shall be laid under each group of turnstile gate units, and the wiring shall be in place, with a length of 3m reserved above the ground;

    11. Provide the IP address table of the turnstile gate. Or the installation technology department shall modify it by itself during the general commissioning;

    12. Please provide 220V temporary construction power supply and three-level distribution box on-site for turnstile gate installation and single commissioning;

    13. Before mobilization and installation, cooperate to handle various mobilization procedures.

    14. Before turnstile gate installation, it is required to provide the final site construction plan drawing of the Design Institute for accurate positioning of equipment

    15. Cables between equipment are self-contained and laid during installation. The trunking for threading shall be reserved in advance. The outlet from the equipment outlet.

    Requirements for the storage location:

    Before the turnstile gate is installed, the customer will buy the turnstile gate in advance for a while. Generally, it will be stored for a period of time. The turnstile gate installation itself also takes a period of time. During the installation, the turnstile gate needs a place to be stored. The equipment itself is packed in wooden cases, but the storage location of the turnstile gate machine is still required to meet the following conditions:

    1. Close to the turnstile gate installation site and it’s on the same floor.

    2. It is required to be rainproof and there is no water on the ground.

    3. There is no danger of hard objects falling over the turnstile gate.

    4. It is close to the turnstile gate installation site for easy handling.

    5. Within the scope of security or security monitoring.

    The above are some precautions for turnstile gate installation summarized by us. In addition to careful attention during installation, turnstile gate maintenance is also very important. Let’s briefly introduce turnstile gate maintenance. For turnstile gate maintenance, you can view another article: turnstile maintenance

    turnstile gate installation 3

    For many customers who first touch the turnstile gate, the first question that may come to mind is if I buy this security turnstile gate from your company, how can I install such a big thing? Do you provide installation services after I buy from your company? This is the first question that many customers ask, but through the above content, I believe that most customers have mastered how to install the turnstile gate and have no such concerns.

    The above is all the content of the turnstile gate installation. Of course, this is only a general summary. If you can strictly follow the above steps to install, I believe it should be very simple to complete the turnstile gate installation. In addition, it must be noted that the products of each manufacturer should be differentiated, but a qualified product should be equipped with detailed installation instructions. Each of our turnstile gates is equipped with detailed installation instructions and use instructions. Of course, if you buy turnstile gates from Mairs, you can contact us at any time if you have any problems during the turnstile gate installation process, We will provide professional technical support.

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