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outdoor turnstiles

Last updated on: June 25th, 2023 15:16 pm

What is an outdoor turnstile?

Outdoor turnstile is a kind of pedestrian access control turnstile gate that can be used outdoors, different from an indoor turnstile, it has a waterproof and leakproof function and can be used in various harsh environments. It is mainly reflected in dust-proof and waterproof, shared by people and vehicles, anti-violence, and anti-sunlight interference. Various types of turnstiles (tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, sliding turnstile, full height turnstiles, etc.) can be made into outdoor turnstile machines.

It is mostly used at the gate of enterprise units, industrial plant areas, and high-end residential areas. There is semi-open air and full open air. How to ensure the normal use of the turnstile machine outdoors? The most important thing is to make the turnstile machine waterproof.

Mairs outdoor turnstiles are usually made of 304 stainless steel. Of course, if you have higher requirements for product materials, you can also ask us to customize special 316 stainless steel materials. 304 and 316 are classified as stainless steel. There is no difference in essence. They are stainless steel, but there are differences in the subdivision.

The quality of 316 is higher than that of 304. 316 steel is added with Mo element on the basis of 304, This element greatly improves the corrosion and wear resistance of stainless steel. Of course, 316 stainless steel is a little more expensive. We have customers in Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who have specially customized 316 stainless steel full-height turnstiles to adapt to more extreme weather and environments.

Mairs outdoor turnstile adopts a special “Three Prevention” design, that is, low-temperature prevention, moisture-proof and waterproof, so as to help customers deal with extreme weather conveniently and without worry. The equipment can not only meet the normal passage of pedestrians, but also the design of widening and lengthening the passage is convenient for users to carry automatic vehicles and trolleys through, so as to avoid the damage caused by the wheel hitting the door wing in the short passage; At the same time, the outdoor turnstile design appearance is more atmospheric, making it close to the volume feeling of outdoor space and coordinated.

Why need an outdoor turnstile?

We all know that the turnstile gate is suitable for various occasions such as units, shopping malls, buildings, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, construction sites, and factories. Some of these occasions are indoor and some are outdoor. Generally speaking, the outdoor environmental conditions are bad, so we must make the turnstile gate suitable for this outdoor environment.

In summer, it is inevitable that the temperature of the outdoor turnstile gate will be higher than that of other seasons, and the time of being exposed to sunshine will be longer than that of other seasons. It is a difficult time to test the resistance to high temperatures and strong light.

If the outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate wants to spend the “hot summer” safely and keep working normally every day, it must have an excellent ability to resist high temperature and sunlight interference.

Under the condition of long-term exposure, if the outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate has no excellent physical quality, and the following problems may occur.

If the temperature is too high, the lubrication effect of the turnstile mechanism may be affected, resulting in poor operation, and the components of the circuit board may be damaged, resulting in control failure.

When the sun shines directly, the infrared may give false judgment and false alarm under strong light.

No matter what kind of problem occurs, the outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate cannot work normally, which affects the traffic and even management.

How can an outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate withstand high temperatures?

The whole machine is made of high-strength materials with high-temperature resistance, and the high-temperature resistance is strengthened by its own materials.

A heat dissipation system is installed inside the chassis to cool the whole pedestrian turnstile gate, so as to avoid a continuous temperature rise of the turnstile gate due to long-term illumination.

How can the outdoor turnstile gate resist sunlight interference?

In the outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate, we have made the structural design to avoid direct sunlight and infrared, so as to reduce the interference of sunlight to infrared, so as to avoid infrared false alarms.

At the same time, the infrared with strong resistance to light interference is adopted to reduce the probability of light interference.

In order to better protect the outdoor pedestrian turnstile gate, it is recommended to add a sunshade for the outdoor turnstile.

In this way, it can ensure that the outdoor turnstile can still operate and work safely under the outdoor high temperature.

In cities with a poor outdoor environment around the world, such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Karachi, Islamabad in Pakistan, Mumbai, and New Delhi in India, London in England, and Hamburg in Germany, there are tenacious figures of Mairs outdoor turnstile.

Where can I buy an outdoor turnstile?

If you want to buy an outdoor turnstile, please choose the appropriate one from our product page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, directly click the online chat button in the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect outdoor turnstile security solution.

Selection criteria for outdoor turnstile:

At present, turnstile gates are used in many factories, scenic spots, government agencies, and other occasions, especially in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Turnstile gates are installed in the harsh environment outside the gate. Under the condition of wind, rain, and sun all year round, turnstile gates must be installed for personnel management and to improve management efficiency. At the same time, appropriate turnstile gates must be selected. So how to choose the appropriate outdoor turnstile? The selection of outdoor turnstile shall consider three factors more than that of indoor turnstile:

1. Environmental weather resistance

Outdoor turnstile often encounters rain. Therefore, outdoor turnstiles must have good water resistance. In other aspects, according to the environmental requirements of the installation site, the outdoor turnstile must have certain abilities of high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, sunlight interference resistance, condensation resistance, etc

2. Safety:

The outdoor turnstile must be equipped with infrared, mechanical, and current detection triple anti-pinch, over force feedback control (swing turnstile gate), and Anti-electric shock. Because it is in the outdoor environment, safety is particularly important. It must be ensured that the gate also shows better safety performance in the harsh outdoor environment. For example, in the rainy environment, ensure the normal and stable internal operation of the outdoor turnstile.

3. Stability:

The stability of professional outdoor turnstiles is very important. In fact, strictly speaking, the ordinary tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, and flap barrier gate are suitable for indoor use considering the later use stability. But now multiple outdoor occasions require the gate to be stable for a long time, and problems can not occur in three days or two. The selection criteria of other aspects are basically the same as that of the indoor turnstile. If you are interested, you can check our other article: turnstile buying guide

outdoor turnstiles

Advantages of outdoor turnstile:

1. The chassis body is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of ≥

2. Channel width can be customized:

3. The size of the stainless steel pendulum can be 1000mm (i.e. the width of the large channel can be 2m), but the length of the chassis may need to change accordingly.

4. The turnstile gate widens the channel to meet the common needs of people and vehicles (electric vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles)

5. The protection grade is 1p65, which ensures all-weather outdoor use, and the working temperature is – 40 ℃ to 70c ℃

6. Service life of gate: ≥ 10 million times.

7. Drive motor: imported DC brushless motor is adopted, and the motor has passed FCC certification/equivalent to FCC certification.

8. Positioning mode: encoder 360 ° positioning, accurate positioning

9. Door pendulum material: 304 stainless steel elastic pendulum. The door pendulum adopts an elastic pendulum, which can withstand frequent violent impact and pendulum. Within the limited travel range, it can withstand external force impact and pendulum of 200kgf.

10. Special processing technologies such as pre-countersinking, tapping, and bending after grooving are adopted to ensure that the surface of the chassis is flat and smooth, and the gap is small and uniform.

11. The pedestrian passage gate adopts a modular design, with a clear internal structure, neat and beautiful wiring, and convenient and fast daily maintenance.

12. The core components of the mechanism are processed by CNC machine tools, and the machining accuracy is guaranteed.

13. Advanced mechanism structure design ensures that the mechanism will not be damaged when the blocking body is strongly damaged.

14. The internal structure of the mechanism adopts a mechanical structure to completely lock the elastic pendulum when it is at the blocking zero position, so as to prevent pedestrians from breaking in illegally.

Types of outdoor turnstile:

Tripod turnstile gate, Flap barrier gate, Swing turnstile gate, these three types of turnstile gates can be used indoors, but not in any scene for the harsh outdoor environment. So which is more suitable for outdoor use? Let’s analyze it in detail:

  1. In terms of appearance, the swing turnstile gate shape is diverse in design, and the chassis changes, so there will be more appearance choices for users. At the same time, some large factories, enterprise parks, and other outdoor environments will face the invasion of rain, sunshine, dust, and other different weather. Therefore, from the perspective of durability, The design and production of outdoor swing turnstile gates with dust-proof and waterproof grade IP65 have strong high temperature and low-temperature resistance, which can meet the needs of unattended management and is comparable to iron man in performance.
  2. In the face of large personnel flow in and out, some users will put more emphasis on speed, so the flap barrier gate has become the first choice for these customers. For this kind of user who requires beauty and speed, we have also continuously strengthened the improvement of technology, designed and developed an outdoor flap barrier gate to meet the needs of diversified users.
  3. For outdoor users with low cost, they require both budget and performance. We recommend tripod turnstile gate, bridge tripod turnstile gate and vertical tripod turnstile gate are not many choices. Compared with bridge tripod turnstile gate, vertical tripod turnstile gate occupies a smaller area and saves space. Therefore, it is called the preferred choice for outdoor scenes such as swimming pools, communities, and workplaces. Bridge chassis is similar to outdoor swing turnstile gate, Therefore, the compatibility performance is greatly increased, and it is a perfect match for the use of ticket checking system, consumption system, and face recognition system.

To sum up, we will propose different solutions according to the requirements of different users for the use of outdoor turnstile, hoping to meet the needs of users to a greater extent and use better solutions to solve practical problems.

outdoor turnstiles

Installation of outdoor turnstile:

Pay attention to waterproof treatment when installing the outdoor turnstile, avoid placing it in low-lying places, and avoid being soaked by rain when it rains. If conditions permit, cement can be made under the outdoor turnstile gate (material: powdered hydraulic inorganic cementitious material) the waterproof platform can better protect the gate.

The outdoor turnstile gate must be fixed on the ground, otherwise, it is easy to shake during use, which will affect the stability of the movement. If the turnstile mechanism is unstable during use, the service time of the turnstile gate will be reduced. If the outdoor turnstile gate is not waterproof and water inflow is not done well, the outdoor turnstile gate accessories will be damaged due to water inflow.

It is best to use a 6-point galvanized pipe for embedded conduit, and it is best to select a national standard cable for the power line. It can be buried underground for ten years. It is better to use a network cable for the communication line and switch control line. One with eight cores can be connected to communication or switch.

Conduit wiring is divided into strong current and weak current wiring. When buying a conduit, you must buy an adapter, two-way and three-way.

For dark wire wiring, the wire pipe head shall be flat with the ground (or one or two centimeters high), and 80-1.1cm shall be reserved for other wires to facilitate wiring.

When burying cement (material: powdered hydraulic inorganic cementitious material), pay attention (do not move the wire pipe, wait until the cement is dry, and the underground wiring must be tight to prevent water seepage from corroding the wire rod.

After the outdoor turnstile gate is aligned, draw the screw hole position with a marking pen, and drill the hole 12 points with a drilling depth of 10-13cm. It is best to use a bayonet wrench for fixing screws. After installation, glass glue must be applied to the gate extension to prevent water seepage. Finally, check (inspect and test) the operation preparation works of the gate.

When selecting the turnstile gate for outdoor use, pay attention to the waterproof mechanism of the turnstile gate. The main shaft of the mechanism, the main shaft of the motor, the chassis, and the mechanism can be sealed with a sealant or sealing strip.

In addition, two aspects should be paid attention to in the installation of outdoor turnstile:

Although the turnstile chassis itself has a waterproof effect, waterproof and sunscreen treatment shall be done before installation. The joints of the turnstile chassis shall be sealed with glass glue, so as to prevent the intrusion of moisture in rainy weather. Waterproof boxes are used for the electric control part inside the cabinet of the outdoor turnstile, which will not affect the use of the turnstile gate even if there is water vapor intrusion. The infrared radiation of the detection part of the turnstile gate adopts strong light radiation, which can effectively prevent the interference of sunlight on the photoelectric switch signal of the turnstile gate.

outdoor turnstiles

During the installation of the outdoor turnstile, measures can be taken according to the specific conditions of the construction site, such as raising the original ground level by about 10cm and laying waterproof materials at the bottom of the turnstile gate, which can reduce the immersion of the turnstile gate into the water in rainstorm weather and avoid the damage of water vapor at the bottom to the turnstile gate. In addition, some potential safety hazards around the installation location of the outdoor turnstile shall be eliminated to prevent the turnstile gate from being damaged by heavy objects blown up in windy weather.

Videos of outdoor turnstile

At the end of the article, please check out our video of an outdoor turnstile.

At the beginning of this video, our colleagues are testing the function of the outdoor turnstile. The later video shows the details of the workmanship of the product in detail, from the surface to the interior of the product, showing our extremely rigorous production process.

Outdoor full height turnstile is a kind of full height turnstile gate that can be used outdoors. Outdoor full height turnstile has good waterproof performance. At the same time, waterproof design is also adopted inside the products, so that the outdoor full height turnstile can also show good functional characteristics in a harsh outdoor environment. Please check our other video of the outdoor full-height turnstile for a construction site.

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